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  1. LineCowley says:

    Hi there, one can make money with affiliate marketing, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Most people that give up on affiliate marketing, expect overnight results and do not put in the time and effort required to get the results. 

    Do you think it is best to follow a training program?Is there a training platform that you would recommend? And how long do you think will it take before one start seeing results with affiliate marketing? Thanks. 

    1. I go on to YouTube there are a lot of training videos available and they are for Free. I success between 6 – 8 month before you see any results. The trick is too write as many blog posts as you can the more you write the better it is and the quicker you will see results. Yes,  you are right you do have to put in a lot of work. I try to write two new blogs a day if I can I write more. I do have two websites so it keeps me busy all day. I do not work which gives me an advantage I can dedicate a lot of time to my blog writing.

      I Hope this Helps

      Kindest Regards