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How to make money with Amazon Affiliate 19 Tips

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Updated on August 15, 2023

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Let’s look at Amazon’s affiliate program.


Becoming an Amazon affiliate can be a lucrative way to monetize your website or blog.

There is a vast selection of products to advertise and earn commissions on because millions of them are on the marketplace.

Amazon affiliate

But to make money as an Amazon associate, you must do more than merely join the program.

Here we’ll review some fundamental techniques for making the most of Amazon Affiliate.

Prioritize your interests and areas of skill while deciding on a specialty.

Targeting a specific problem improves your chances of getting readers to click on your affiliate links and purchase.

Next comes search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

Do keyword research for the things you want to advertise and work those terms into your writing where it makes sense.

Doing this will boost your site’s search engine rankings and automatically attract more visitors.

Quality content is essential when marketing a product.

Create detailed analyses of products, emphasizing their strengths and redeeming qualities for the reader.

Give your readers honest opinions and helpful advice to assist them in making better purchases based on your written work.

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Incorporate visual components like photographs and movies to complement your written content.

With the right visuals, you can attract more potential customers and get them to click on your affiliate links.

Long-term success as an Amazon affiliate depends on earning the trust of your audience.

Clearly state that you may make commissions from qualifying orders made through your links and that this is your Amazon affiliate link.

Because of this openness, visitors will have more faith in the site.

Finally, keep tabs on how various things are doing in your online store.

Track how each affiliate link performs regarding clicks, conversions, and overall sales.

Using this information, you can zero in on high-performing goods and pinpoint areas for growth.

Implement these Amazon Affiliate best practices to make the most money possible from your website or blog.

Always ensure you comply with Amazon’s policies and standards by reading up on any changes Amazon may have made.

The Amazon Associates Program helps content producers monetize their visits.

Amazon Associates use link-building tools to direct readers to products.

Associates can earn money on other Amazon goods their readers buy. 

As an associate, you’ll access reporting tools to understand what readers like.

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Is Amazon’s Affiliate Program Good for Your Website? 

Exploring the Amazon Affiliate program. 

In this article, I’ll cover the pros and cons of the Amazon Affiliate program Reviews. 

1. Specialty sites 

Many affiliate sites rely on Amazon. 

Flippa and Empire Flippers offer a distinct category for Amazon affiliate sites. 

“Amazon affiliate site” sounds better than “Wayfair affiliate site.” 

Or maybe Amazon is so fantastic that it’s hard not to use it.

2. Amazon is a Well-known 

Amazon is well-known, straightforward, and perfect for many specialist sites. 

They’re known for being policy-hazy. 

Sometimes they’re hard to understand and handle. 

Amazon wields the ban hammer like a tall, blonde Avenger. 

We’ll determine if Amazon’s affiliate program suits your site best.

Amazon Associates is their affiliate program. 

In this review, both phrases mean the same thing. 

Amazon Associates helps you monetize your website. 

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Amazon might be difficult to work with, but there are many things: 

  • Commissions are excellent and user-friendly. 
  • Lots to review 
  • Competitive commissions  
  • Convenient 
  • Outstanding support 
  • It may not fit specific niches; 
  • Amazon’s Terms of Service are unclear, and assistance often gives conflicting information. 

3. A good readers

Amazon’s affiliate program has several rewards. 

Amazon’s affiliate program has valid concerns, but it also has benefits.

4. Many products to promote 

Amazon’s affiliate program may provide the widest choice of things to market. 

It fits several physical product areas. 

There’s virtually always an Amazon product tied to your site’s topic. 

Amazon’s affiliate program is an excellent way to monetize blog posts. 

5. Competitive commissions 

Amazon’s commissions are competitive. 

Cookies in a client’s cart are valid for 90 days.

Earn commission on everything someone buys within 24 hours of using your cookie. 

Amazon masters conversions and upsells. 

Amazon consumers may return a sewing needle with a lawnmower.

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6. User-friendly 

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SiteStripe simplifies affiliate integration. 

If you have API access (which I’ll explain later), Amazon will do nothing. 

WordPress has everything. 

Amazon makes tracking text links easy. 

7. Excellent support 

The group always helps. 

They’re kind and willing to help. 

Amazon has the most exemplary customer service, according to affiliates. 

Resolve problems and reactivate your affiliate account. 

8. Worst about Amazon Affiliates 

Let’s discuss Amazon’s weaknesses. 

Amazon’s affiliate program has many positives, but it also has several flaws. 

9. It may not fit some niches.

You may have superior options (best moving boxes) (furniture) in a competitive field.

Amazon is significant in some areas, but for yours, go elsewhere. 

You may find a better-paying, longer cookie, and higher-converting program

10. Confusing 

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Amazon’s Associate Terms of Service are ridiculous. 

You’d think they’d include bullet points to help us skim. 

Instead, we’re given a preliminary operational agreement to follow. 

Amazon is ruthless when we fail. 

To comprehend Amazon’s TOS, do your study. 

Amazon’s murky policies make support ineffective. 

Amazon’s help crew is gorgeous. 

Support isn’t the issue. Amazon’s dilemma. 

Due to intricate policies, support employees may provide incorrect or inconsistent information.

When you ask three times about a compliance concern, expect two different answers. 

Amazon’s restrictions, not a lack of training, are to blame. 

Let’s look at who Amazon Associates works for (and doesn’t) 

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11. Physical product niches 

Amazon may be valid for physical goods categories on any site. 

This includes razor blades, frames, and outdoor decorations. 

You can probably market anything on Amazon for your site.

You should keep looking for affiliate programs in your profession. 

You may find better commissions elsewhere than on Amazon.

12. Product niches 

Amazon isn’t ideal for niche information products.

Amazon has a few movies, documentaries, and books. 

Check Clickbank or the ad networks AdSense, Ezoic, or Mediavine. 

13. Groups – Facebook, etc.

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  • Amazon doesn’t suit social-media-focused niches. 
  • There are constraints on using Amazon links on social media.
  • Control your social media profile. 
  • Include the social media outlet URL on the Associates’ Dashboard. 
  • Post on social media that you’re an Amazon Associate and will earn money from affiliate sales. 
  • If you’re promoting links on Twitter, be verified (you must have a blue checkmark)  
  • Ask your viewers to buy through your link to support your business; 
  • Hide Amazon links from readers. 

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14. Ask Yourself the question:

Before releasing this, I consulted the Niche Pursuits Facebook group (you should join). 

I requested Amazon Associates Program inquiries. 

Here are some questions I got. 

Changes in Amazon OneLink Revenue? 

Yes. OneLink sends visitors to the correct Amazon retailer. 

This enhances your visitors’ experience and lets them shop without switching sites. 

Jake, Spencer’s previous employee, added OneLink and made hundreds a month. 

Very nice for an hour’s work. 

FAQ Section Below.

If you get international traffic, use OneLink. 

15. Amazon Affiliate Tutorial 

This article explains how to use Amazon Associates.

We’ll cover integrating Amazon into your affiliate website and maintaining your account. 

It removes your foreign traffic. 

16. How do I join Amazon?

Amazon’s affiliate program is easy to join. 

Google “Amazon affiliate program.” 

To apply, click “Join Free Now.” Simple. 

Name, address, and phone number are required. 

Amazon wants Associates to achieve three transactions in 180 days. 

Google ranks sites after six months. That’s around 180 days. 

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17. – Pros and Cons Recap

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Before becoming an Amazon associate, there are a few things to consider. 

  • Amazon Associates has perks and downsides. 
  • Being an Amazon affiliate is easy. 
  • Register and start sharing affiliate links in minutes. 
  • Amazon dominates e-commerce.
  • Affiliates don’t need to pitch visitors to the retail giant’s website because it’s a trusted brand. 
  • Advertising various items. 
  • Affiliate connections are plentiful, with over 3 billion items for sale and services like Prime Video. 
  • Participants get money from other items, too. 
  • You receive a portion of Amazon’s 24-hour sales if you link to them.

18. Cons

  • Customers will likely add other things because Amazon is good at conversion and upselling. 
  • Some Amazon commissions are modest. 
  • Amazon Associates pays 1% for video games and 10% for premium cosmetics.

Members may violate the regularly revised Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement.

Creating an affiliate-friendly website involves time, labor, and maintenance.

19. Who should become an Amazon affiliate? 

You may become an Amazon affiliate without a blog or product review site.

You may add affiliate links to your website.

Your site may not be instantly profitable, but it can provide long-term income. 

Your YouTube channel can incorporate affiliate links in videos.

Affiliate links make videos more professional and add value to the user experience. 

Social media users may post Amazon affiliate links on Facebook and Twitter.

Linking doesn’t require a significant following. 

Friends and relatives may ask you for advice because you’re a trusted source.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the procedure for the Associate’s Program?

Connect to Amazon products and sign up for a free trial.

Q. How do you qualify for this program?

Bloggers, publishers, and content providers must have a website or mobile app.

This is how they promote Amazon Associates products through a unique link.

Q. How can I start making money with this service?

You gain from Amazon traffic, sales, and programs. 

Product categorization affects commissions and programs.

Q. When and how do I register for this service?

You can join the program by registering on this page. 

If you satisfy the requirements, we will consider your application for approval.

I hope this information helped you understand the Amazon Affiliate Program. 

Please leave comments and questions below, and I will answer them.

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