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How to Earn Money Blogging Successfully 29 Useful Hints

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Updated on November 13, 2023

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Learn how to earn money blogging with our expert advice. Learn how to monetize your blog, get a following, and earn money. Earn money from your passion Now!

How to Earn Money Blogging

I have been doing affiliate marketing for a while and want to answer the question, How to Earn Money Blogging Successfully: 29 Useful Hints.

As you continue reading, I’ll do my best to address this issues.

In the digital age, blogging has evolved from a personal hobby to a powerful way for  people to share their insights, connect with their audiences, and most importantly,  earn a steady income from there passion blogging.

If you’ve ever wondered how to turn your passion for writing into a  profitable business, this guide titled “How to Make Money Blogging” is the key to  unlocking your money.

making potential online. From content creation to mastering the art of monetization  strategies, let’s look at the key steps that can turn your blog into an income stream. 

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or just starting out, this guide is designed to  help you navigate the beautiful landscape of blogging and financial success.

How to Earn Money Blogging Successfully

Table of Contents

Blogging has become a viable profession in the age of the internet. It is a meeting place for people from around the world to exchange ideas and information.

Blogging not only allows you to express yourself creatively, but it may also be a lucrative career option. Have you ever thought, “How can I earn money blogging?” If so, you’ve come to the correct spot.

It is natural for a novice blogger to wonder how others make money from their writing.

After all, who would not want to be paid to do what they enjoyed?

Making money from a blog is not as easy as it seems. Patience, persistence, and diligent preparations are essential.

This all-inclusive manual delves deeply into 29 useful hints that will set you on the path for successful blogging. From the fundamentals of blogging to advanced techniques for monetizing your content, we will go all over.

If you are just getting started with your blog or want to increase its earnings potential, you will find some useful insights.

Keep in mind that the true key to earning money blogging successfully is not monetary gain, but rather the satisfaction of providing readers with the information they can use.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to turn your love for writing into a lucrative career.

Not so fast; hang on.

You should only quit your job if you are making the same amount of money you are earning at your job. Don’t quit your job to early.

If you earn more than working for someone else, that’s also an incentive to leave your job.

Let’s continue

Nowadays, 30% of all websites use WordPress as a publishing platform.

Profit online

How to Earn Money Blogging Successfully and WordPress.

WordPress Logo

Working from home at your own pace increases your earning possibilities. This blog post discusses making money blogging using WordPress.

This isn’t a quick-rich scheme. Getting rich online isn’t easy. To obtain all of this, you must work hard and be determined. Beware of showy cars and seaside offices.

Resource: How to Pick a Successful Niche for Your website Now – Guide


Any training you obtain from some platform/affiliate sites may be a scam. This isn’t another “make money online” piece about WordPress and blogging. Costs and time demands differ for each strategy. WA teaches you How To Earn Money Blogging so you can be a success.


Hard labour may be rewarded. You need a self-hosted WordPress blog to use these methods which Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with no cost involved.

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  • Including a Free domain name, hosting, and support.
  • Basic training included.
  • Chance of earning a Commission.
  • No credit card is needed.

How to repair a WordPress blog Any age can use this strategy. The article will help you start a blog.

When considering generating money by blogging, advertising is the first notion. Yes, you can monetize a WordPress blog using ads, but others are better.

Some effective methods:

1. Associate Marketing

Affiliate marketing pays if someone buys after clicking your link. To open a bank account, you’re an affiliate. This is a great way to learn how to earn money blogging.

It comes with a gift card or bonus.

There are affiliate programs for internet products and services.


Most industries have affiliate programs.

Consider what you use and what your audience wants.

See whether they require an affiliate program.

You May Like Those Resources:

Keyword Tool Dominator.

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Write Articles in minutes not hours with the Affordable Copy.ai

The following sites feature a limitless assortment of products:

  • Digistore24
  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Awin
  • AffiliaXe
  • GiddyUp
  • Impact

A plugin like PrettyLinks helps handle your affiliate links.

Incorporate links into posts, produce branded links, and auto-replace keywords.


Affiliate marketing lets you advertise many things and make money fast.

Affiliates may make money by suggesting items.

2. Google AdSense

Google-AdSense Logo

With Google AdSense, it’s easy to make money from your website.

Your site needs a Google script to show ads.

You’ll get paid when someone hits your ad.

It is the same with CPC advertisements.


CPC = cost per click.

You get paid for each click when you display Google AdSense CPC ads.

Advertisers determine the cost per click. (CPM rewards ad views, not clicks.)

“Cost per thousand.”

Here, CPM means “cost per thousand impressions.”

Making money online with Google AdSense is easy.

A new AdSense?

Consider Media.net’s big advertiser pool and remuneration.

Google AdSense earnings are restricted, but a WordPress plugin can help.

Ad-click profits vary.

3. Ad banner sales

Good banner advertisements may be sold on your website.

By negotiating yourself, you avoid a commision.


CPC and CPM ads pay per click or thousand views.

Most blogs charge a flat rate, not one of these methods.

Simpler than tracking views or clicks.

It’s more effort than AdSense.


Negotiate prices, establish a contract and conditions of service, and handle billing.

Using a WordPress ad plugin can help.

Both Google AdSense and your own ads may be managed.

4. Sponsored Blog Posts How to monetize a blog with ads?

Ad networks reduce website content control.

Ad blockers lower income since they upset specific viewers.

Resource: How to write a Perfect Article for Your Affiliate Website Now


Sponsorships can help monetize a blog.

A sponsorship works in sports, TV, and other areas.

You’re paid to promote and sell ads.


Screenshot 2023 10 20 at 16.11.15

Create a one-page media kit with your site’s traffic and following.

Approach businesses about sponsorships.

Disclosure guidelines for sponsored content must be followed.

FTC endorsement guides

US bloggers must follow FTC Endorsement Guides for paid articles.

This applies to sponsored posts as well.

In WordPress, utilize the sponsored post prefix.

5. Product Reviews Pay

5. Earn Money for Product Reviews Paid reviews are similar to advertisements.

An affiliate-linked review site offers a unique earning approach.

Be free product trials and get paid to evaluate them.

Consider evaluating relevant items.

You can self-request paid reviews.

On PayPerPost, you may find companies interested in your services.

6. Flipping Websites

Website Flipping for Profit Most individuals can’t instal WordPress.

Some company owners prefer premade websites.


How to earn money blogging Profit Image with upward arrow

You may then sell it and earn.

You must price and sell popular websites to do this.

Auction and brokerage businesses like Flippa sell websites.

7. Public Speak

Become a speaker and influencer.

Use your blog for advertising your business to acquire a following over time.

Get public speaking gigs with your reputation.

Bloggers may make money speaking at conferences.

You may advertise your blog and brand by speaking for free.

New odds:
  • Find new chances via networking and speaking.
  • To make money as a professional public speaker, follow these tips.
  • If you lack information or skills, start learning immediately.
  • Blog and use social media to promote your knowledge.
  • Make your availability known publicly or privately.
  • Public speaking gigs might be hard to locate.
  • Successful speakers often begin at free community gatherings.
  • To earn money blogging successfully is achievable with hard work.

Create a membership website

Join Us

Online moneymaking goes beyond ads and sponsorships. Another popular method is charging for content or site access.

Some tips:

8. Create member-only content

  • Your most devoted admirers may pay to read more.
  • Member blog entries, downloads, videos, and audio.
  • Work is needed to create premium material for paying subscribers.
  • As recurring income, they’re prized (subscriptions).
  • By creating member only content you can earn money blogging successfully.

Resource: 11 Ways to Make More Money from Your Website Successfully Now

WordPress Membership:

WordPress plugins make site setup easy. The best WordPress membership plugin is MemberPress. Start by using our step-by-step WordPress membership site instructions.

9. Private forum

Create a premium membership site with private forums. Users can ask questions on forums. Community members can also help one another. Moderating a forum pays well. To begin, build a website forum.

10. Most plugins have a Q&A community

Screenshot 2023 10 20 at 16.46.01

Stack Exchange and Quora are popular Q&A websites. They help build a solid online community. A large community takes time, like forums.


You may monetize it with banner advertisements, affiliate links, and more. Companies can sponsor and advertise on Q&A sites. So they receive a better bargain and perks.

Set up a WordPress directory site.  This is another approach to generating money with WordPress. Visitors can pay to join your site. Below are some directory suggestions.


Free Starter Account.

Free Domain Name, WordPress and Hosting.

Basic training included.

Chance of earning a commission.

No Credit Card is Needed.

11. Make a PPL

Web directories are dead, but pay-per-lists are still helpful. Local or niche directories may be more valuable than general ones. Best podcasts on a specific topic may be mentioned.

Our guide helps you establish a WordPress online directory. WordPress plugins let you charge for directory submissions.

Adding paid entries

A paid job board is another alternative for WordPress. Advertisers may pay you to post a job. Niche employment boards are easy to build. Then:

In that way, you may become the go-to site for job hunters. Suitable for specialized blogs. ProBlogger is known for its blog jobs board.

Making a paid job board using WordPress is straightforward.

12. WooCommerce:

Screenshot 2023 10 20 at 16.49.22

WooCommerce Paid Listings add-on. You may charge businesses for WP Paid Event Submissions. Paid event calendars can monetize local or speciality websites.

Boost local events

Boost local events, industry conferences, seminars, and live streaming. Details may be found in our top WordPress event calendar plugins guide.

13. WordPress sells digital items

Selling digital things on WordPress may generate income. Creating the product takes time, but maintaining it is easy. Here are some digital things to sell online.

14. PDF Store

eBooks are natural digital items for WordPress eBook Store. Easy to write and make. Your previous blog articles might be book chapters if you posted for a time.

Create PDF

Your eBook may be converted to PDF. A plugin lets you sell digital products on WordPress.

Digital Downloads

Screenshot 2023 10 20 at 16.52.02

Easy Digital Downloads has digital files. Everything you need to start an internet company is included.

15. Online Courses You may also sell online courses online.

Courses cost more than eBooks. Skill is respected.

Digital courses:

It includes lesson plans, presentations, checklists, templates, and other aids. A personalized course is optional. Some websites provide premium assistance and free versions without email.


Your course may be delivered utilizing a learning management system (LMS). Use MemberPress’ built-in course builder.

16. Webinars

16. Webinars are a terrific method to develop your audience and exchange knowledge.

Or earn money online?

Screenshot 2023 10 20 at 16.53.28

Unlike online classes, webinars contain Q&A. Accessible premium webinar hosting on WordPress. It’s crucial whether you host or promote a webinar.

Resource: How to Affiliate Marketing Successful Tips and Tricks – Guide

Sell services

Online money may be made rapidly by selling services. No upfront product development or inventory is required. Build a “hire me” page. Create a “hire me” page and seek clients.

A few ideas:

17. Gig Work:

17. As a blogger, you’re already a pro. As a freelancer, you may make money now. When joining gigs to earn money blogging successfully it is a win win situation because you do what you love and get paid as well. This is how you earn money blogging.

Freelancing is popular since no time or money is required. You can serve existing clients. Freelancers need a way to bill and be paid.


FreshBooks is a WordPress billing plugin. Top WordPress tools for freelancers, designers, and developers.

Consulting FirmProfit

Screenshot 2023 10 20 at 16.55.12

Profit from your knowledge by offering business advice. Consultants aid clients by offering guidance and strategy. Like freelancing, there’s no startup cost and its how to go about earning money blogging.

Start a consultancy company from your blog. Your users can request additional info using a form.

Resource: 30 Points How to Monetization your website


WPForms is a tool for developing mobile forms.

You might also become a coach.

Blog Guru

Blog coaches, writing coaches, etc., help set objectives and improve life. Coaching may assist you in helping your audience in any field. Your WordPress blog might have a booking form for coaching sessions.

You save time and your client’s benefit. Use WordPress to sell items online. Online moneymaking is most excellent with physical commodities. How to sell things using WordPress.

18. Do you have an eCommerce product idea?

Why not sell online?

Screenshot 2023 10 20 at 16.56.22

Making a shop is easy using WooCommerce. Managing an online business involves a significant amount of labour. Selling actual items isn’t simple, but it’s fulfilling.

Start a WooCommerce store by following our instructions. WooCommerce alternatives include Shopify.

19. BigCommerce

WordPress makes it easy to create a t-shirt business online. T-shirt wearers know any blog may be monetized. It encourages creativity and uniqueness. Print or ship

It’s easy to upload designs and have them printed or sent. You get a cut.

Resource: How to Print on Demand and Beyond Successfully Now


Using WP-Spread, you may build a t-shirt shop on WordPress. Shopify stores with dozens of t-shirt printers are speedier.

20. WooCommerce Dropship

This strategy eliminates inventory and transportation costs. Easy dropshipping, website, and client service Dropshipping services transport your orders to your customers.

An unseen third party, unknown to your consumers. Plugin WooCommerce Build a dropshipping store with WooCommerce. Unlock automation with WooCommerce Dropshipping.

Create a WordPress Amazon affiliate store Finding a dependable source is challenging, and substantial purchases are needed. This makes getting started without a significant investment difficult.

Setting up an Amazon Affiliate business is easy and costs nothing. Like many of these, it helps you focus. To beat Amazon, offer everything. A small niche might be unique.

21. Amazon Affiliate

Screenshot 2023 10 20 at 16.58.07

Set up an Amazon affiliate store using WordPress.

22. WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are comprehensive systems. Such a service can be sold on a blog or e-commerce site. Without selling anything, website users might generate passive income.

23. Online Shop

Users may purchase and sell on an online marketplace. WooCommerce assumes a one-vendor site. Multivendor-friendly

For multi-vendor WooCommerce, use WC Vendors. Then vendors can register to sell on your site. Each sale or vendor membership might generate money.

Resource: How to Get Started Selling on Amazon 2022


eBay is a popular online auction platform. Allow third-party sellers to list their wares on WordPress. Earn money by selling or listing stuff.

  • Users can bid on things on an auction website.
  • This helps vendors make money and buyers locate deals.
  • These WordPress plugins are needed for an auction marketplace.
  • Woo-commerce (for shopping cart and payment functionality).
  • Auction multi-vendor add-ons.

24. Jobs

A job board website charges each job posting. Fiverr and Upwork are major online employment sites. This is how to earn money blogging. Your job board may be for blogger micro-jobs.

A speciality helps your location stand out. Competition prevents users from using solid platforms. Fees might be charged for job listings or completed projects. More work means more clients and freelancers.

Fiverr Gigs

How to make a WordPress Fiverr. WordPress Designer/Developer Develop WordPress to use your IT skills. Starting is easy but more technical.

25. WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins add flexibility and power. Like applications, they expand and customize your WordPress site. Simple code updates to sophisticated software are plugins. You may construct a WordPress plugin with PHP. As a plugin developer, you can distribute in several ways.

26. WordPress.org

Anybody can submit a free plugin to WordPress.org if they fulfil the rules. As a WordPress plugin developer, this is good practice.

27. Sell premium plugins

Sell premium WordPress plugins when you’re ready. Before selling a plugin, ensure it fits user demands. Create a plugin to improve their WordPress site by asking them questions.

28. Digital Downloads

Screenshot 2023 10 20 at 17.01.08

You may sell the plugin on Easy Digital Downloads. If you like site design and development, sell WP themes. Needs technical and design capabilities.

You must know WordPress design and coding. Genesis can assist. Then build a child theme. If you like web design, sell WordPress themes.

Using an eCommerce plugin, you may sell graphics on your website. Online marketplaces let you sell photos. Finally, you may make money from your WordPress site by asking for donations

You may receive donations in several ways. A PayPal or Stripe donate button is excellent. WPForms designs donation forms with email marketing.

29. Donations

Because they’re ineffective, contributions are last. It’s typically more lucrative to give them something. WordPress helps blogs earn money successfully.

WPBeginner has helped many bloggers. We know everything. Newbies question us about blogging for business.

Resource: How To Earn Money Online for Beginner Now – Best Practice

1. Which approach should I use?

It depends on your interests and how you want to express them. A photography blog can use affiliate marketing, subscriptions, and ads. I try to provide helpful stuff for users. When you do what you love, money follows.

2. Can blogging pay? 


It relies on work and time. Many new bloggers lose interest.


It relies on traffic, monetization, and blogger work. Blogs may make six figures.

3. How long till blogging pays off?

Earn money successfully online isn’t a get-rich-quick plan. Any assertion otherwise is likely false. A blog requires time and effort to make money. When you make money, it’s hard to forecast.

Some bloggers earn little at first. Some have problems starting blogs. The opposite is true for those who work hard and follow a plan.

By reading this post you learn how to earn money blogging with our 29 useful hints.

4. What to do next?

With WordPress, blogging is easy. Use the best platform. Two versions of WordPress exist. WordPress.org is self-hosted, whereas WordPress.com is hosted.

5. Quick money

I recommend WordPress.org since you can make money instantly. WordPress.org requires a domain name and a hosting account.

Wealthy Affiliate

As said, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free domain, hosting, and professional help. Upgrade after seven days or join for free to gain basic lessons. Your free WordPress site, domain, and hosting remain.


Web hosting is $7.99/month, and domains cost $14.99/year. For a rookie, this is a lot.

Bluehost is an official WordPress hosting provider and a global leader. You may instal WordPress after buying hosting.


Q. So, how do most bloggers make money?

Monetize your blog with ads. As a blog publisher, advertising may provide cash. Advertisers want your audience.

Q.How can novice bloggers get their foot in the door financially?

Affiliate revenue is a common way for new bloggers to generate money.

Screenshot 2023 10 20 at 17.04.22


Companies pay active bloggers to promote their products.

Anyone may make money using WordPress with work.

Make sure you put the customer first. The money comes second.

Establish a brand name for yourself customers will then trust you more.

Write unique and quality articles, and Google will reward you so will your customers.

Wealthy Affiliate

To find out more

No Credit card is Required.

Chance to earn a Commission.

Basic Training Included.

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