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How to use Walmart Affiliate Program VS Wealthy Affiliates 12 Points

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Updated on September 15, 2023

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Affiliate marketing’s explosive growth in the competitive world of digital advertising means it’s now one of the best ways to make money online.

It’s no secret that Walmart’s Affiliate Program and Kyle and Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate are two of the most popular affiliate marketing communities online.

Affiliates can make a significant amount of money using these platforms, albeit in different ways.

As a seasoned affiliate marketer, I’ve grown to recognize the value of in-depth reviews for guiding one through this ever-changing industry.

They shed light on the inner workings of various platforms, letting you put your time and money where it will do the most good.

Knowing the ins and outs of both the Walmart Affiliate Program and Wealthy Affiliate can help you immensely in this endeavor.

One of the largest retailers in the world has an affiliate program whereby partners can promote millions of Walmart products in exchange for a commission.

The community-based approach to support and networking offered by Wealthy Affiliate sets it apart as a more comprehensive training platform than its competitors.

While both provide courses on affiliate marketing, their approaches and available tools are very different.

This post will compare and contrast the two platforms so you can make an informed decision about which is best for your affiliate marketing efforts.

This comparison of the Walmart Affiliate Program and Wealthy Affiliate will give you useful information, whether you’re an experienced marketer looking for new opportunities or a newcomer looking for help in this fascinating field of affiliate marketing.

Read on as we break down the differences between these two popular systems.

Let’s take a closer look Now. 

Walmart is Amazon’s North American rival. 

It’s large and powerful. 

It’s widespread. 

Sam Walton’s first store opened in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962. 

1980: 276 stores, thousands of staff. 

12 years: 1,928 stores, 371,000 employees. 

Walmart has 11,000 stores in 27 countries and 2.3 million employees.

Its business model was simple: always-low prices. 

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Consider Walmart 

Each affiliate sale earns a commission. 

This program is affiliated with 

Your visitors’ purchases earn you a commission. 

No Walmart in North America allows walk-ins. 

This program only applies to internet sales. 

Walmart’s Affiliate Program 

A Walmart affiliate marketer must register. 

Walmart evaluates your application. 

  • Applicant websites must be family-friendly. 
  • the active site at application time; 
  • The website must blog. 
  • Accepted apps get backend access. 

Here are your affiliate links to sell your website’s items. 

Walmart’s affiliate revenue structure shows considerable product overhead. 

Affiliates receive 1%–4% on all products, excluding contacts and checks.

Walmart’s affiliate program offers commissions in all popular categories. 

Affiliate marketers can connect to anything for a 1% commission. 

 Non-paying affiliates are

  • Tires
  • Sam’s
  • Club
  • Walmart Internet 
  • Gift Cards
  • Travel
  • Pharmacy 

Walmart sells a 3-day cookie over Target’s 2-day cookie. 

Create a Buy Now button in JavaScript or HTML. 

What can a Walmart affiliate promote? 

Walmart Affiliates sell hundreds of niche products. 

Categories include: 

  • Movies 
  • Music 
  • Books 
  • Remodelling 
  • Apparel 
  • Shoes 
  • Bling 
  • Baby stuff 
  • Sports equipment, etc. 
  • Table: Walmart commission rates

Walmart affiliates can make money. 

Walmart’s affiliate program offers small commissions. 

Walmart affiliate earnings are uncapped. 

Being consistent, industrious, and inventive helps boost daily sales. 

Your affiliate link earns you 4% of a $100 sale. 

Daily sales of 10 products earn $16. 

Affiliate marketing made Pat Flynn $2 million in a year.

Walmart Affiliates have limitless earning potential. 

High-ticket items improve Walmart affiliate revenue by 4%.

Resource: Keyword Tool Dominator because keyword research is vital.

Walmart money-making tips 

Walmart Affiliate Program affiliates have various sales-boosting opportunities. 

Increase sales and earnings with these Walmart tools. 

1. WalmartSDK 

Call-to-action research boosts sales. 

Walmart affiliates integrate product rights and a buy button. 

Affiliate links link to shopping websites.

This simplifies and boosts sales. Sales equal money. 

2. Walmart extension 

This Walmart tool identifies the best-selling goods. 

Marketing best-sellers is easy. 

3. Plugin Walmart 

Walmart’s WordPress plugin makes linking easy. 

This plugin allows keyword-based product searches. 

Walmart Affiliate Program promotion 

Once you join, advertise the Walmart Affiliate Program. 

Our affiliate program boosts your daily purchases. 

Earn a monthly commission by promoting Walmart’s affiliate program.

4. Walmart reviews 

Recommending a product helps a customer and increases purchasing. 

Keyword research can increase a blogger’s search ranking.

Sell the product’s perks and drawbacks, then watch people click Buy Now. 

5. E-commerce 

Similar to Walmart salespeople. 

Email marketing boosts sales. 

Email your target market a Walmart product they’ll like. 

If you have a review, others can see it. 

Social media presence 

Social media product review connections. 

A large social media following will boost your sales. 

Larger audiences boost sales. 

Social networking connections can replace affiliate links. 

Amazon is the most popular US retailer, surpassing Walmart. 

Its affiliate program supports newcomers and veterans. 

Affiliates can earn money on many products. 

Before making a commitment, weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

6. Wealthy Affiliate 

Start an internet home business with tools and training.

Professionals can teach, discuss, and answer questions. 

The course teaches how to make money online slowly.

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Wealthy Affiliate’s surprise 

Members like, share, and answer questions on Facebook rapidly. 

Community comments are also a nice feature. 

Wealthy Affiliate fixes websites with no comments or social engagement. 

Visit other members’ sites to “pay it forward.”

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for online business owners. 

It has a private network of 100,000+ internet marketers.

We can now answer, “How does Wealthy Affiliate work?” 

You’re likely researching Wealthy Affiliate online. 

Answering your questions will help you understand Wealthy Affiliate. 


Many dishonest marketers oversell Wealthy Affiliates.

Join unreasonable expectations to generate quick money. 

You’ll quit the program due to disappointment and frustration.

7. Difference 

I’m not after a quick buck like dodgy salesmen. 


Let’s explore Wealthy Affiliate’s operations. 

Here are Wealthy Affiliate’s four steps. 

I’ll outline the steps on this page, and then we’ll detail them. 

1. Niche down 

2. Site-build 

3. Visitorize your website 

4. Profit! 


8. Niche down 

The topic is your website’s focus. 

Choosing a specialization is necessary. 

Many people struggle with this despite Wealthy Affiliate’s advice.

Niche Selection Tips 

Wealthy Affiliate helps people develop internet businesses.

Consider it a long-term investment, not a rapid money-making scheme.

You have to put in the work to be successful. 

Online businesses expand slowly. 

If you’re determined and willing, hard work will pay off. 

Wealthy Affiliate Scam? 

Resource: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2022 Review

Premium Membership Scam? 

I wanted to investigate incognito and with a premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam? 

A year-long premium subscription costs less than $1/day.

Task-based teaching helped me build unlimited websites with hosting. Wow! 

I could also use private messaging with members. 

Owners included. 



They’ll reply? 

They answered unexpectedly. 

Wealthy Affiliate? 


The Wealthy Affiliate program astonished me. 

I think we’ve adequately answered the question.

Wealthy Affiliate fraud? 

After acquiring someone’s trust, scam them. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a top internet marketing program.

My premium subscription is excellent, but it starts free.

No credit card and no obligation. 


Wealthy Affiliate is legit. 

WA is a legal way to generate money online. 

A wealthy Affiliate won’t make you rich quickly. 

Many frauds teach you this. 

All scams. Have faith. 

Wealthy Affiliate builds internet companies. 

Online businesses require work.


You pay 0.00 dollars. No Credit Card is Required.

Why Wealthy Affiliate is a good investment. 

9. Wealthy Affiliate was founded…

Wealthy Affiliate has almost 200,000 members.

Many internet business owners have embraced this program.

Its members range from expert internet marketers to beginners. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a popular network for online businesses.


It offers excellent instruction with detailed, step-by-step lessons. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s weekly seminars offer internet business assistance.

These webinars are instructive and fun. 

Domains, training, and help to develop an online business

Has a website-building platform (SiteRubix) that’s easy to use. 

10. Affiliate Wealthy Owners

Owned by top-tier internet entrepreneurs 

Kyle and Carson

Wealthy Affiliate’s proprietors are Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. 

British Columbia entrepreneurs

These two visionaries are imaginative, inventive entrepreneurs. 

They’re passionate about helping people develop online enterprises. 

Kyle and Carson host weekly webinars.

This shows their willingness to help members. 

Wealthy Affiliate experts are informed, respectful, helpful, and professional. 

They own Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy, and Street Articles.

11. Wealthy Affiliate offers internet entrepreneurs up-to-date, helpful knowledge. 

750 training sessions and 155 system updates were made in 2020.

Wealthy Affiliate experts realize how adaptive digital marketing is.

Information is updated often to reflect current developments. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s four online business steps are realistic.

Here are Wealthy Affiliate’s four steps to developing a business:

Choosing an intriguing topic

Passion enhances the likelihood of success. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers step-by-step website-building guidance.

You’ll boost traffic and SEO after your website starts.

Your website’s traffic will require an affiliate network.

Unlike other online scams, this four-step process works.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free and upgrade if you like it. 

Wealthy Affiliate has no membership fees, unlike many scams. 

Unlimited lessons, 7-day owner support, and 30 monthly keyword searches.

You can test the software before subscribing.

Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate have access to all services. 

Wealthy Affiliate is free for life if you want. 


Premium membership is $47/month. 

$359 yearly. 

The first week’s premium membership is $19. 

Here’s free instant access. $0.00 to you

12. Wealthy Affiliate’s training covers internet business essentials. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step teaching helps students succeed online. 

Step-by-step lessons on crucial topics

They’re easy to master. 

Each class should end with homework. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s training covers: 

This Course Teaches how to Create Site-traffic-boosting Films.

  • PPC advertising best practises 
  • Wealthy Affiliate 2021 has three joining options. 
  • 2021 will introduce Premium Plus. 

The starter membership is free and includes 1 website and training. 

What does it all cost, Recap? 

$19 for the first month, then $47 every month. 

This option saves $200 a year and costs $359. 

Premium Plus includes managed hosting and Jaaxy Enterprise. 

Premium Plus members get 200 classes. 

The first month is $49, then $99 per month. 

Annually, it’s $999. 

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free to discover whether it matches your needs. 

Anyone can upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus. 

Here’s free instant access. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers discounts. 

Want Wealthy Affiliate discounts? Discuss. 

This should be talked about further, so I did. 

What’s a FREE Starter Account? 

This is a common question. 

Free goods are suspicious, as expected. 

I have a better suggestion than free membership. 

In the video below, I start a free membership. 

Free Video Watch Now

YouTube player

Next, I’ll describe Wealthy Affiliate’s features.

In a few minutes, I’ll analyze Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership. 

Here’s Free instant access. 

Who Should Use WA? 

You’re here for Wealthy Affiliate reviews. 

Learn who Wealthy Affiliate is for. 

Wealthy Affiliate welcomes beginners. 

Beginners will benefit most from Wealthy Affiliate. 

My advice is – Start with the Free Account
The Best thing is that it costs you nothing—$0.00.

Who should use Wealthy Affiliate? 

  • Retirees seeking online income
  • Teens like internet work. 
  • Unhappy workers 
  • 9-5 rat race escapees 
  • Bloggers looking to earn more online. 
  • Online visibility for local companies. 
  • Anyone interested in free website building

How did I find WA? 

I was looking for ways to make extra money online.

I came across Wealthy Affiliate by chance.

When I checked out WA, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Everything I needed to make an income was in one place. 

The Internet and digital marketing are hot topics. 

You’ll receive emails, tweets, and network updates. 

No negative remarks on the show astonished me. 

For free access, I joined. 

Again, I was amazed that I could enroll for free without a credit card. 



When I saw the free training, I was blown away. 

Online training cost me hundreds. 

The friendly, helpful community surprised me. 


Without “shiny objects,” you can’t learn.

Who uses Wealthy Affiliate?

I’m no amateur. 

This field isn’t expert-driven. 

I wish I’d found WA sooner after years in affiliate marketing.

If available, I would have spent my time and money better.

Wealthy Affiliate’s community is diverse. 

Online marketers, from beginners to six-figure earners, are eager to help.

Here’s free instant access. 

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone. 

Wealthy Affiliate is not about quick money. 

Job losers and homeowners email me for financial advice.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t provide fast money. 

Warrior Academy is about building a real life, which takes time. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s tools and training 

Let’s start with Wealthy Affiliate’s review instructions. 

Rich affiliate university offer

Here’s a look at WAU’s courses. 

Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 comprises 10 tasks. 

There’s a written and video component before the following lesson. 

Lessons include: 

Screenshot 2023 09 15 at 14.49.16

You’ve developed a website and found keyword-based content ideas.

Every lesson is thorough. 

Each takes an hour. 

No online course has taught me as much in 10 lessons. 

Level 2

OEC Level 2 has 10 text- and video-based activities. 

Level 2 covers building a traffic-generating website and attracting visitors. 

Certification: Online Entrepreneur 3 

Level 3 is moneymaking. 

Online Business Level 4 

Level 4 has 10 social engagement courses (Mastering). 

Running an online business demands careful planning. 

Priceless lessons! 

The Business of Content Level 5 has 10 modules. 

Bill Gates once said, “Content is King.” 

Level 4

Level 4 addresses content development. 

See the diagram above to see the levels included.

More examples: 

Local, video, email, Wealthy Affiliate, and PPC marketing 


Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp includes 10 task-based lectures at every stage.

The Phases are: 

Content, Keywords, and Conversions 


  • Website’s social value 
  • See. Aesthetic. 
  • Increase referrals by knowing your audience 
  • Bing and Yahoo PPC scaling 
  • It teaches affiliate marketing. 

You can watch recorded live training on Friday nights. 

Advanced members share strategies for establishing an online business. 

WA Tools Review 

  • Wealthy Affiliate’s tools are great. 
  • WA’s site builder. 
  • I don’t use site builders. 
  • Wealthy Affiliate offers hundreds of WordPress themes. 
  • Wealthy Affiliate’s managed WordPress hosting is fast and secure. 
  • Wealthy Affiliate members get Jaaxy for free.

Try Jaaxy for Free

Site Content Writing Tool: Improve your writing and create captivating content with Rytr.Ai

Commenting on other sites can help you improve your own.

Wealthy Affiliate’s link tracking tool helps you track referrals. 


I love Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Comments. 

Uncommented websites are the worst. 

Like a wind sweeping, the vacant website is uncommented. 

It’s a sign of a new, low-traffic site. 

Enough! WA! 

Pay-it-forward credit is used. 

Comment on other sites to earn credits for your own. 

AND… We only accept original, helpful comments.

Screenshot 2023 09 14 at 16.25.23

Great problem-solving! 


Wealthy Affiliate offers unmatched support. 


I’ve found many answers by using a Wealthy Affiliate form. 

Others react quickly! 

One great way! 

What other Tool lets you Quickly Message Owners? 

I can ask the owner, Kyle, a question and get an answer in minutes. 

Where else can you communicate with the owner directly? 

Wealthy Affiliate also offers: 


  • Each classroom has a question-and-answer session. 
  • Live Chat for quick questions. 
  • Instant Website Feedback Platform. 

Finally, the best conclusion

I’ll help and answer questions throughout. 

How’s it? 

Wealthy Affiliate’s community is great. 

It is a network. 

You can join the Facebook Group.

We’re establishing web businesses and need aid.

Don’t look further than Wealthy Affiliate. 

You get all the help you need here.

Questions are answered in minutes. 

ClickBank Caton leaning on question mark

There are likes, shares, and comments. 


Ask a question without a credit card here. 

I promise a quick, accurate reply. 

Experiment! Non-binding. 

As you learn and improve, you’ll gain followers.

Incredible help and no “jerks.” 

Someone who makes obvious questions seem stupid.

One internet marketing forum full of them is intolerable. 

You know if you’ve been. 

initials, but WTF is better! 

Wealthy Affiliate only lets genuine individuals develop websites and help each other.

Click below to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate; no Credit Card is needed.

It’s extensive, so I think it’ll help you decide. 

Walmart vs. Wealthy Affiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate rivals Solo Build It.

I’ve suggested Solo Build It to many consumers. 

I can’t recommend Walmart since discovering Wealthy Affiliate. 

There’s no free alternative to Wealthy Affiliate. 

In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I compared the two programs. 

How Long Does Wealthy Affiliate Take? 

It’s too complicated to answer. 

8-hour workers will enjoy more success than 1-hour workers. 

Every success requires hard labor.

Pros & cons

Wealthy Affiliate pro/con 

I covered the Pros and Cons in my Wealthy Affiliate Review. 


  • Free membership requires no credit card. 
  • You can take 2 free websites with you if you leave. 
  • Excellent online training. 
  • Text- and video-based training. 
  • The community is helpful! 
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating a WordPress site. 
  • Instant help. Members answer your question. 
  • The founders are community-minded and helpful. 
  • Acting and following actions guarantee success. 
  • No upgrade pressure. 
  • Weekly live and classroom instruction. 
  • Pros and amateurs help you realise what’s possible. 


  • The group’s convivial atmosphere makes it hard to concentrate. 
  • The course’s information overloads beginners. 
  • Slowly absorb each instruction to avoid this.
  • Wealthy Affiliate positives, disadvantages. 
  • Over 4 years as a member, I’ve heard various problems. 
  • Some are justified, some aren’t. 

I’ll address Wealthy Affiliate concerns in a later post. 

Why WA? 

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? 

If you work hard, it’s worth it. 

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the tools and guidance to succeed.

Many folks want easy internet cash. 

No shortcuts exist. 

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a quick online moneymaker.

Work hard and master online business.

If you’re in this category, start sooner. 

>> Instant Access Wealthy Affiliate For Free <<

I hope this article was hope now you decide.

Please leave questions and comments below.

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  1. I was not aware that Walmart has an affiliate program. That is actually really interesting. I was about to join their affiliate program until I saw that you do not get much commission. I am currently working with Amazon and the commission you get there is 10% which is reasonable. I think 4% is a bit too little but it’s still a great affiliate program. 

    1. I did not know that Walmart only pays 1% commission either until I did some research. This is too little for the work you put into it. Amazon is better since the commission is higher I also advertise for Amazon through

      In you build Kits and get a link you can advertise when someone clicks they have the option to buy the product from Amazon. It is a good idea because you can build a Kit with more than one product and sell more than one product at a time. You can create kits for every niche the opportunities are endless.

      I hope this helps, good luck with building awesome Kits and making multiple sales with one click.