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Perpetual Income 365 Vs. Wealthy Affiliate What is Better?

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Today we will look at Platforms Perpetual Income 365 Vs. Wealthy Affiliate – what is better?

Wealthy Affiliate and Perpetual Revenue 365 are well-known online revenue generators.

Which platform helps people succeed financially?

Perpetual Income 365’s revolutionary passive income system has garnered attention.

Its “plug-and-play” model makes it accessible to internet marketing novices.

Promote affiliate items and earn commissions with pre-designed landing pages and email swipes.

Wealthy Affiliate provides thorough training and tools to develop successful online businesses.

It walks through niche selection, website construction, content generation, and SEO.

Wealthy Affiliate’s community offers assistance and knowledge-sharing.

Personal interests and goals determine the best platform.

Perpetual Income 365 may be better for individuals who want to start quickly without knowing much about web marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate attracts those who value thorough education and long-term business growth.

In conclusion, Perpetual Revenue 365 and Wealthy Affiliate each have qualities that meet various online revenue creation demands.

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Exploring and matching each platform’s characteristics to your goals will help you choose.

Let’s look in detail at Perpetual Income 365

Perpetual Income 365’s Features

Perpetual Income 365 has impressive features!

This revolutionary approach helps you create a passive income stream.

Perpetual Income 365 makes online marketing easy and profitable.

Perpetual Income 365’s automation is outstanding.

All this means you can set up your income streams once and let the system do the work—no more manual jobs or keeping up with algorithms.

Perpetual Income 365 enables you to relax as your income grows.

This system’s simplicity amazes me.

Start without technical knowledge or experience.

The simple design and step-by-step instructions make it straightforward to use.

Perpetual Income 365 makes passive income easy for entrepreneurs of all levels.

Still more! Perpetual Income 365 provides extensive training and assistance.

Video tutorials, instructions, and a 24/7 customer support team are available.

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 21.15.48

This feature gives you the tools and expertise to enhance your revenue.

Continuous Income 365 offers a unique chance to develop a constant income stream.

Its outstanding features will transform your finances.

This game-changing system unlocks endless earning potential!

Who created Perpetual Income 365?

Be amazed! Shawn Josiah created Perpetual Income 365.

He invented this revolutionary system.

He has established a platform that could change passive income generation with his experience and inventive approach.

Perpetual Income 365 reflects Shawn Josiah’s enthusiasm for financial freedom.

His attention to detail ensures that consumers can effortlessly navigate the system to success.

Shawn Josiah, a visionary entrepreneur changing lives one income stream at a time, runs Perpetual Income 365.

Perpetual Income 365 will take you on a fantastic road to success!

How much does Perpetual Income 365 Cost?

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 21.17.25

Perpetual Income 365 offers a $9, two-week trial.

You have two ways to keep access after that:
  • $47 monthly
  • $ 297-lifetime access

Three upsells options follow the two-week trial:

  • 5 Clicks Profit Activator—$197.
  • Adds landing page features to boost conversions.
  • Email ATM—$297
  • Promo emails for other top ClickBank goods-$127
  • Accesses all landing page templates instead of two.

Perpetual Income 365 provides landing pages, so you don’t need ClickFunnels.

The system requires mailing list software, though.

GetResponse is required for PI365 integration.

They provide a free 30-day trial but charge $15/month.

Finally, traffic costs money.

Shawn recommends DMing people in Facebook groups for free traffic in the training.

However, he spends a third of that video explaining why bought traffic is superior.

He advises Udimi and Traffic for Me for traffic.

At least $0.40 per click, or $40 for 100 clicks

Monthly premium clicks cost 100. PI365’s annual minimum cost:
  • $306 PI365 membership
  • $165+ for autoresponder (1000 or fewer).
  • $480 Traffic
  • One-year costs $951.

Without upsells and minimal traffic, that’s the best case.

Perpetual Income 365, is there a Discount?

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 21.20.51

I have yet to discover a valid coupon code for the $9 trial’s checkout.

When I left the website, all three upsell pages offered discounts.

  • 5 Clicks Profit Activator—$50 off.
  • Email ATM—$100 discount
  • Perpetual Asset Multiplier—$30 reduction
  • Inside the program, all upsells were 20% off.
  • That seemed permanent.

Refund Policy

ClickBank offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on Perpetual Income 365.

You can also purchase Perpetual Income 365 through Digistore24, which offers a 180-day money-back-guarantee.

Find your signup email receipt to claim a refund.

A page link and content like this are there:

This page lets you print a PDF ClickBank receipt, reprint your order confirmation, modify your email address, or access your purchased product.

Request vendor support, cancellation, or refund. Select More Options from Get Support.

One PI365 member complained about getting a refund, but they didn’t use ClickBank.

Refunds through ClickBank should work.

Since you must buy paid traffic and autoresponder software from various companies, there are no returns.

Screenshot 2023 07 24 at 15.23.45

Lights green

Perpetual Income 365’s pros:

60-day refund.

  1. Sign up and try the program for cheap.
  2. Landing pages.
  3. Red flags

Some Perpetual Income 365 drawbacks:

  • Make sure pupils profit consistently.
  • MLM-y for me.
  • Many upsell.
  • Undisclosed training fee when joining.
  • Fake scarcity, etc.
  • PI365-only promotion training
  • Software bugs (my four landing pages never materialized)

Other things you should know

Perpetual Income 365 teaches you how to advertise itself, which is a drawback.

You will become nearly dependent if you follow the system and make money.

If Shawn Josiah stops selling his program—unlikely, but possible—your business is over.

Should you join Perpetual Income 365?

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 21.23.08

Perpetual Income 365 may frustrate young entrepreneurs who want to make money online quickly.

I have yet to see students profiting from the system.

The program’s dubious marketing is equally off-putting.

I would avoid Perpetual Income 365.

I rank this affiliate marketing program low.

Wasted money!

I have upgraded multiple packages for this course.

Solo advertisements brought over 875 visitors to my money page.

Zero sales and commissions! Support never responds.

They sent over 30 emails trying to sell me other courses.

Slick sales pitch. The course is a pyramid scheme that solely promotes itself! Save money. Don’t sign up!

Now let’s move on to two Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate will astound!

This fantastic internet platform welcomes ambitious entrepreneurs and digital marketers.

Who created this amazing thing?

Wealthy Affiliate founders Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim are amazing.

Kyle loudoun 1
Kyle Loudoun

These visionaries use affiliate marketing to help others succeed.

They developed Wealthy Affiliate to unite like-minded people to study, grow, and achieve financial freedom.

Kyle and Carson’s skills have impacted many lives.

Wealthy Affiliate can help you reach your full potential and join a supportive community.

Screenshot 2023 07 24 at 15.35.33
Carson Lim

These visionaries will motivate you as you enter internet entrepreneurship.

Wealthy Affiliate has unique features!

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Entrepreneurs and web marketers love this platform.

Wealthy Affiliate’s teaching is first-rate.

Their extensive lessons cover everything from developing websites to sophisticated SEO methods for beginners and experts.

Step-by-step tutorials, video training, live webinars, and interactive classrooms can help you succeed.

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 21.33.49

Wealthy Affiliate also offers cutting-edge website hosting.

Websites are safe with fast servers and robust security.

This fantastic platform integrates hosting services, saving you time.

Remember Wealthy Affiliate’s supportive community.

Join like-minded people who want success.

Share your thoughts, ask questions, and receive feedback from successful experts.

Wait, there’s more! Wealthy Affiliate gives you a competitive edge in online research.

These tools reveal market trends and help you choose a niche or keyword.

Wealthy Affiliate revolutionizes online business with its many features for success-driven people like you.

Unlock your potential and start a fantastic road to financial freedom!

How much does it all cost?

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 21.35.54

Three membership tiers are available in Wealthy Affiliate, which is as follows:

  • Starter Free.
  • Premium membership is $49 per month after the initial payment of $19.
  • Premium Plus costs $99 per month after the initial $49.

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Wealthy Affiliate Discount 2023

My Top Ways


If you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate through this link, you will receive a 59% discount on your First Month.

This means that your first month’s payment will be only $19.

You save $20 on the spot.

Get Your First Month for $19 immediately, or you will miss out!


I agree that joining Wealthy Affiliate is your best move ever.

Screenshot 2023 07 24 at 15.36.52

I propose that you go with the annual option, which costs $495 instead of $588.

You save $93, which equates to nearly two months of service for free!

Over time, individuals who give themselves ample time without stressing about monthly costs succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate discounts 38.95.

Insane. Right? Instantly save $299.


This deal is even more insane!

You’ll get a 53% Discount with the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Discount.

You only pay $299 for the entire year and build your online business with confidence.

That is only $0.81/day to make your online empire.

**Claim this deal now.**

How To Get a Refund from Wealthy Affiliate

Since Wealthy Affiliate is a digital product, they don’t issue returns.

Stop your Wealthy Affiliate billing before making any payments to avoid obtaining a refund.

Step 1

The first thing you’ll need to do is log into your Wealthy Affiliate account.

Step 2

Next, you’ll need to left-click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the screen & from the dropdown menu that appears, choose “Account Settings” (as shown below):

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 20.21.33

Step 3

Select “Subscription” from the left-hand menu on the “Account Settings” page.

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 20.24.04

Step 4

Scroll down and click “Cancel Billing” on “Subscriptions.” That will terminate your Wealthy Affiliate subscription and stop billing.

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 20.26.11

Avoid clicking “Delete Account” on the “Subscriptions” page.

Doing this will erase all your progress and permanently destroy your web pages.

If you click this button and return later (80%+ of people do), you must start over.

Accept Commissions Before Cancelling

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I regularly see new members sign up, develop a website, and then quit because they don’t have enough time or things aren’t moving “fast” enough.

They need to realize that even if they don’t work on their website, search engines will continue to trust it and rank it higher, potentially paying them money.

Trust is created through time, which we can never get back.

So even if you can’t work on your website or things aren’t occurring “fast enough,” keep your membership current and your website up.

That way, even if you come back to it 12, 24, or 36 months later, when you have more time, you will have an aged website that has garnered a search engine reputation and will put you in a better position to start earning cash sooner.

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 21.40.26

I did the same.

I established ten specialty websites during the 2020 blackout.

I knew I wouldn’t have time to work on them right away, but getting them up and keeping them active would put me in a better position when I did.

Anyway, I recently started working on them, and because they’ve accumulated a year’s worth of trust, practically all of my content has arrived on page 1 of a Google search.

I can attract traffic and make money faster. No waiting like with a fresh webpage.

If you’re considering canceling your Wealthy Affiliate membership because you lack time, please reconsider and keep your website live.

You’ll thank me in a year.

The ancient adage goes:

What if you forget? Is there a refund?

However, you must gently request a refund from Kyle & Carson via private chat.

Despite this, many customers still write a message saying, “Give me my money back now.”

I’m sure they’ll help if you explain your circumstance.

Here’s a link to Kyle’s profile.

You now know how to cancel your Wealthy Affiliate subscription and claim a refund.

Please leave any questions or comments below, and I’ll respond soon.

You now know how to cancel your Wealthy Affiliate subscription and how to claim a refund.


Screenshot 2023 07 24 at 15.26.16
  • Free domain name.
  • Free WordPress.
  • Free Basic training
  • Chance of earning a commission.
  • No Credit Card is needed to have a look.


  • Some of the most significant material must be updated and may even be deceptive.
  • Because of how out of date it is, it is no longer effective.

How thrilling! Let’s discover Wealthy Affiliate and its fantastic FAQs.

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What’s Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate offers fantastic training and resources for Internet business owners. It provides step-by-step training, a helpful network, and many tools to help you become an entrepreneur.

How can Wealthy Affiliate help me?

Oh, beware! Wealthy Affiliate has several advantages. It helps you start and build an internet company.

Learn niche selection, website construction, content generation, SEO, marketing, and more.

You’ll also have a dynamic network of like-minded people eager to help.

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 21.42.07

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners?

Absolutely! Wealthy Affiliate welcomes beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.

Simple instructions and examples make the training modules beginner friendly.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you succeed regardless of your entrepreneurial stage.

Q. Can Wealthy Affiliate make me money?

Prepare for this shocking surprise!

Make money online with the appropriate mentality, perseverance, and Wealthy Affiliate’s training modules.

Applying platform methods has helped many members succeed.

Q. What assistance does Wealthy Affiliate provide?

This is amazing! Support abounds at Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle and Carson, the founders, and live chat rooms with other entrepreneurs are available 24/7.

The community is also available for advice, support, and inspiration.

Wealthy Affiliate amazes! These responses merely touch the surface of this fantastic platform. Why wait? Join Wealthy Affiliate to succeed online.

Final Thoughts

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 21.44.03

Wealthy Affiliate Program benefits everyone.

Join Wealthy Affiliate as an accessible starting member if you are a complete newbie with uncertainties but want to attempt to make money online.

  • No Credit Card
  • Not sensitive information.
  • Email and name only.
  • Free domain name
  • Basic training included
  • WordPress is inclusive

Before taking the next step, free beginner membership lets you explore and experiment for as long as you need to decide if internet business is for you.

>> Get a free starter membership here.

If you’re in the middle, you’ve attempted different online income schemes like MLM (multi-level marketing) or opening an internet business as a direct distributor.

If you have an extensive network and the company’s products/services are excellent enough to keep people buying (e.g., Amway for a wide range of helpful and high-quality items, Young Living for essential oil), these programs may be developed quickly.

Otherwise, the more people you pull into the game, the more you will feel like you are “using” them to expand your business by selling a fantasy rather than genuine items to assist them, and your referrals will feel the same.

Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 21.46.25

You want to help people more practically and make sustainable money.

Or the program you joined is lovely and valuable, but you have to keep paying more to unlock the more complex tools/software to get to the next level, and you are bored of this never-ending unlock-paying system.

If that’s you, give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

Register as a FREE Starter member, check out their online training, try their tools, learn more about their facilities and capacity, talk in the community, and read real member experiences to see if you can get all the access they claim for the fixed price.

It’s genuine and straightforward, unlike what you’re doing.

If you’re an experienced internet marketer, you’ll adore Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE membership and upgrade to Premium since you know you’re receiving a lot for your money. Why, I understand.

I belong. I’ve worked in online advertising for over ten years as an account manager and media buyer/planner, helping customers operate and optimize online advertisements and managing third parties to monitor their websites’ progress.

Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership is fantastic since they thoughtfully choose all the practical items internet marketers require.

After reading their two basic online training course outline and the complete list of website hosting, server facility, default website plugin, website safety and optimization software, and other supporting tools I would have if I joined their premium membership, I upgraded almost immediately.

premium membership

Membership has no hidden fees. The expense exceeds the benefit.

Wealthy Affiliate remains a top program for long-term ethical online income.

I joined various fraud programs before Wealthy Affiliate. However, Wealthy Affiliate was a blessing in 2016.

My #1 suggested program for building an internet business that pays off with effort is still it.

Input equals output. That concludes my review.

Thanks for reading it all. My comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review should help you make an informed choice.

Thank you for spending the time to read my article

I hope this article has helped you; please leave questions and comments in the space provided.

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