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How To Join the eBay Partner Network Now – Review

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Updated on the 26 July 2022

How To Join the eBay Partner Network Now

Welcome-LogoElke here, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Nice to have you; I’ll reply by Joining eBay’s Partner Program.

This question has been asked often, so I’ll answer it.

I have been an Affiliate Marketer for a while and joined eBay Partner Network. 

I find it easy to sell items on eBay Partner Network.

I want to help you with becoming an eBay Partner as well.

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Let’s get started…

eBay Partner Network produces affiliation links.

You will incorporate the links into your article so customers can click them.

You will get a commission if customers buy after clicking your link.

eBay is a global eCommerce firm. 

Customers can bid and buy at set pricing. 

Product categories included: 

  • Clothing
  • Accessories 
  • Electronics 
  • Collectibles of Motor Vehicles 
  • Stationery\sSupplements/Vitamins 
  • Diabetic Formula – I am the one who places this order.

eBay has offices in: 

  • North American 
  • European
  • Asian
  • Australasian operations 

Its eCommerce ecosystem has specialised sites. 

Pierre Omidyar founded eBay in 1995. 

Jamie Iannone C.E.O is in San Jose, California, U.S.A. 

  • EBAY symbol 
  • 1.5 billion listings 
  • 190 markets with 175 million active buyers 
  • eBay classifieds in 1,500 cities 
  • Top 10 retail brand

Resource: The Art and Business of Affiliate Marketing – eBook 

eBay Affiliate Program 

Referring consumers/customers to eBay can earn you money. 

Who Uses eBay Affiliate links?Question-Mark

  • Bloggers 
  • YouTubers 
  • Marketers 
  • Influencers  

Affiliates profit when customers use their links (or referral fees).

Consider a food blog that promotes toasters. 

You’d recommend toasters, create affiliate links, and blog about them.

Add links to your YouTube description. 

Many new bloggers and affiliate marketers first encounter E.P.N. 

eBay’s initiative ran for years. 

Since 2019, Impact has hosted the show. 

Affiliate Links 

Creating an affiliate link/hoplink takes seconds. 

Follow the Steps…

1. Sign in to eBay Partner Network. 

2. Home > Link Generation (CREATE A PROMOTABLE LINK).

The board can be enlarged. 

Choose a campaign. “Default Campaign” is my default. 

Campaign I.D.s organise by category, pages, keywords, or websites.

Create Twitter and website tracking campaigns.

4. The optional Custom ID field provides a granular transactional view. 

This field can accommodate 256 characters. 

Custom I.D.s help trace traffic across several campaigns. 

Custom I.D.s track homepage visits, not Campaign I.D.s.

5. Copy eBay’s URL. 

6. Click Generate Link. 

7. Select link type and action. 

8. Copy the link from the menu.

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Disclosures/policies eBay Partner Network has rules like most affiliate programmes. 

Follow the directions to stay on the programme. 

Disclosure and transparency underpin affiliate marketing. 

You must declare your links to comply with eBay’s rules.

Their network agreement states, “This site may gain a commission if you click and buy.”

The eBay Partner Network is an affiliate programme.” 

“(paid link)”, “#ad”, “#advertisement”, “#sponsored”, or “CommissionsEarned” are FTC-compliant disclosures.

It should be near any affiliate link or product review.

It shouldn’t be hidden

Top-level websites include disclaimers (review mine for an example).

YouTube description statements are widespread. 

Your affiliate marketing must be done honestly. 

E.P.N. prohibits cookie stuffing, typo-squatting, and domain parking. 

Finally, don’t market digital properties and sites. 


Gambling, kid-friendly sex, illegal goods, etc. 


Benefits Great affiliate landing page. 

eBay’s affiliate page is informative. 

Main menu selections include answers, resources, and programmes. 

The help centre has everything affiliates need. 

There’s a programme for high-volume publishers. 

Only major eBay partners can join.

Exclusive information, innovative tools, and speedy issue resolution. 

Perks include customising incentives and promotions. 

Resource: eBay Partner Network sign up

eBay pays out quickly. 

Over $10 accounts earn monthly commissions. 

Affiliates design custom banners. 

Before posting, customise your banner’s layout, theme, and content. 

Purchase standard banners. 

Deep-linking is supported. 


Affiliates can deep link to a merchant page.

A related article might replace the homepage’s affiliate link.

Search results, trends, events, and daily offers can be linked.

RSS, APIs, and Product Feeds exist. 

Smart Share is a Chrome add-on

Facebook, PinterestAs you browse, it generates eBay affiliate links. 

You can share on Facebook, Pinterest, or online. 


  • Bookmarklet Tool allows easy linking. 
  • It generates eBay affiliate links in any browser. 
  • Smart Links integrate affiliate monitoring in all past and future eBay links. 

It adds code to your webpage. 

Clever Placements deliver dynamic banners based on visitors’ surfing history. 

It uses customer-interest-based remarketing methods. 

Simple, error-free analytics and reporting. 

E.P.N.’s reporting dashboard shows traffic type, impressions, clicks, earnings, and conversion rates.

Affiliate Marketing can be a full-time job. 



Staff to help publishers speed up processes and show commitment. 

Contact eBay’s affiliate staff through their contact page. 

eBay is a leading eCommerce site with something for everyone. 

Millions of product listings are available. 

US, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia have localised web pages. 

eBay’s revenue comes from international sites.

Resource: Get Paid to Use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube 

Program downsides 

downsides eBay’s commission rate is only 1-5%. 

eBay’s affiliate programme underpays affiliates despite its popularity. 

Low commissions hurt even if you sell a high-ticket item.

Commissions are capped. 

Most transactions can make $550. 

Limiting affiliate commissions goes against the spirit of unrestricted revenue. 

Product category commission caps 


$225 (2.5%) 


2%-4 % 


2% of $550 electronics 

3.5%-5.5% $550 

Home, Garden 

$475 (4 per cent). 









100% land 


$550 (1%) 

Short cookie expiration date 

Limiting affiliate commissions undermines unconstrained revenue.

Because purchasers must buy 24-hour cookies, publishers struggle.

eBay defines a Qualifying Transaction as 



(1) 24 hours after clicking your ad, a consumer buys a “Buy It Now” item.

(2) End-user wins auction 24 hours after clicking your Promotional Content.

(3) An end-user buys your digital item through eBay’s API. 

Commission rates for Qualifying Transactions are listed below.

eBay Inc. loses money on some items and categories.

Therefore you’ll get little or no revenue share. 

Gift cards, charity products, and promotional discounts are examples. 

eBay’s Buy API Program pays once for each Qualifying Transaction.

North American, Australian, and some European markets are accessible to affiliates.

E.P.N. doesn’t access eBay’s Latin American and Asian markets. 

A single eBay portal would be helpful. 

Earning potential? 

Money OnlineCan E.P.N. affiliates earn four figures monthly? 

You won’t make much on eBay, a prominent eCommerce company.

Low commission rates and a 24-hour cookie hurt sales. 

The program’s weaknesses require a lot of traffic. 

What’s eBay’s role in your marketing? 

It’s unimportant. 

You can make money, but be practical. 

I’ve made some money but don’t expect recurring payouts.

Resource: Top High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programmes

E.P.N. membership worthwhile? 

I don’t endorse eBay’s affiliate programme. 

Many shops give 30-to-60-day cookies, which is better. 

Retail and eCommerce enterprises provide better commission rates. 


What’s eBay’s affiliate commission? 

Affiliates can earn 5% on eBay sales. 

Higher for high-performing affiliates.


  • Recognisable brand 
  • 300 product categories, billions of goods, affiliate tools and creatives 
  • Dashboard user-friendly 
  • The affiliate compensation threshold is one of the lowest for mobile app V.I.P.s.


  • Complicated commission structure
  • Commission cap
  • The 24-hour cookie duration is too short

 Conclusion Image

This eBay partner attribution programme evaluation should help. 

This partner network has a mobile app and a user-friendly dashboard.

Low commissions, 24-hour cookies, and earnings caps complicate matters.

EBay’s affiliate programme is a great Amazon alternative.

I hope this article was helpful. 

Please leave questions and comments below.Keep going Cat Running

Till Next Time