What is SEO Affiliate Marketing – Detailed Guide

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What is SEO Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is growing

There are roughly 5 billion clicks and 170 million purchases annually in the US affiliate sector.

Affiliate marketing has a crowded field of participants.

Choose the right things to advertise if you want to make money online.

One of the hottest affiliate marketing niches nowadays is SEO.

SEO services and software may be quite lucrative.

Demand for SEO tools and monthly commissions from suppliers drive this.

In 2022, what is the best SEO software affiliate programme?

It’s challenging selecting among hundreds of SEO affiliate programmes.

Choose the ideal affiliate programme for your brand by considering the following considerations.

The finest affiliate programmes I have found are:

  • Shopify
  • ConvertKit\sLeadpages
  • Bluehost
  • Clickfunnels Clickfunnel - Quaderno Image
  • Affiliaxe
  • ShareASale
  • Rakuten LinkShare
  • MaxBounty\sPepperjam

Illustrations of Commission

Rate One of the primary differences between affiliate programmes is their compensation per sale.

It might range from 10% to 50% or higher.

Also, think about payment frequency.

Is it a one-off commission at increased rates?

Or a monthly subscription that pays less over time?

You must examine the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Cookie Timeout

Cookies help monitor purchases.

This is because cookies are active for 30 days once set up.

A 24-hour cookie is used by Amazon affiliate programmes.

In the SEO field, several provide lengthier terms.

Payout Streams

With all the fees involved, most SEO affiliate programmes support PayPal cashouts.PayPal

Payments via bank deposits or wire transfers should be confirmed with the company.

Affiliate Aid

They will not let you do all the labour when it is your “duty” to advertise their products.

Forums and online resources for certain products and niches are examples.

These aren’t required for success in affiliate marketing, but they help.

Reputation Your marketing tools mirror your brand.

Choose SEO software that adds value to your visitors.

Your readers should be protected from being cheated.

You don’t have to personally test every product you recommend.

5 STARS It also affects the program’s reputation.

What is the affiliate program’s policy?

Are affiliates supported?

Pay on time and simple withdrawal?

Other Qualities Some digital marketing software providers provide affiliates with unique codes.

The goods become more marketable when you give your fans and followers a discount.

Other affiliate programmes may include free SEO and marketing tools to help you promote their products.

They can set one affiliate programme apart from the rest.

Affiliate Programs for SEO Do you want to be paid to promote SEO tools to your readers?

The top 12 SEO affiliate programmes for 2022 are shown below.

#1. SEMrush Affiliate Programme Website

Few SEO tools have the name recognition and reputation of SEMrush in the digital marketing industry.


SEMrush Logo


Insight into your competitors’ marketing efforts with this all-in-one subscription package.

SEMrush’s affiliate programme is top-rated.

Obtaining advertising materials in nine different languages is available to affiliate marketers.


Up to 40% affiliate commision

Every two months if you meet the target Wire transfer and PayPal payments Become a SEMrush affiliate.

#2. Surfer SEO


Surfer SEO Logo

Surfer SEO homepage images Content marketing tools.

It improves over 500 on-page indications.

However, numerous affiliates have supplied promotional links and offers.

The Surfer affiliate programme pays a 30% commission with a 30-day cookie life.

Business+ subscriptions might bring in up to $195 monthly.

The reference ID also works throughout the domain.

Your ads will drive traffic to Surfer’s articles, courses, and Roast webinars.

Notably, the Surfer affiliate programme is closed, carefully reviewing applications.


Monthly 60-day cookie 30% profit margin PayPal Get paid to surf.

#3. Money Robot Affiliate Programme Page

Picture of Money Robot

Money Robot will automatically distribute your material to hundreds of websites, earning significant backlinks.

Your clientele will include webmasters, SEO experts, and small company owners.

Every software licence sold by Money Robot earns a $100 commission.

They also give you $20 if one of your followers signs up for a monthly membership.


Get 3 Case Studies that Tripled Web Profit!


$100 lifetime licence sold $25 signup bonus Promoting the tool training.

Become a Money Robot SEO affiliate! AMZ Watcher

#4. Page AMZ WatcherImage of AMZ Wather Logo

A broken affiliate link might cost you hundreds of dollars monthly.

Affiliate marketers may use the AMZ Watcher to check for broken Amazon links.

You may also find new affiliate programmes for things you currently sell.

This tool’s intended audience is other affiliates.

Amazon affiliate commissions are 20%.

You may make close to $20 each month from only one subscriber.


Commissions of 20% every month Monthly payment plan.

Dedicated affiliate support and resource access Start earning AMZ Watcher sales commissions.

#5. SEO Spresso Affiliate Page

Most individuals don’t have any expertise with digital marketing, but SEO Pressor makes it easy.SEO Spresso Affiliate Program

A quick content optimisation tool with a quality score.

You can also construct schemas, crawl directives, track links, develop sitemaps, and redirect URLs.

You may earn up to 50% monthly commissions on SEO Pressor subscriptions.

All affiliates receive logos, banners, and email marketing samples.


Monthly commissions up to 50%

Paid monthly Resources for email campaigns and media kits SEOPressor’s Affiliate Program

#6. SEO PowerSuite SEO Powersuite

Affiliate There’s also a site auditing tool in there.

It is used by over 500,000 people worldwide, including 13% of SEO specialists.

Affiliates get 33% of the sale, or $150-200.

Just with SEO PowerSuite alone, some affiliates report monthly earnings of $5000.


33 % up to $200 per sale Up to 120-day cookie lifespan.

Affiliate programme marketing materials and assistance Join SEO PowerSuite affiliates.

#7. Accuranker Affiliate Link

Accuranker Affilaite Link

Accuranker is an SEO solution utilised by hundreds of top agencies and companies worldwide.

For sale, go no further than marketing behemoth HubSpot.

AccuRanker’s affiliate programme pays out 20%.

You are likely to make a lot of money because their most costly package is nearly $2,000 per month.

You’ll get advertising materials and an affiliate dashboard, just like other SEO affiliate schemes.


Get 3 Case Studies that Tripled Web Profit!


Commission of 20%

PayPal monthly payment 120-day cookie life Accuranker pays you to promote their site.

#8. ProRankTracker Affiliate Program

ProRank Tracker Affiliate Program Image

ProRankTracker is one of the world’s most accurate and current rank reporting systems.

This application is readily sold to:

  • SEO Experts
  • Marketing Firms
  • Webmasters
  • Organisations, and small company owners

PRT’s affiliate programme provides a 20% commission on sales.

Considering that the cheapest monthly membership is $25, you get only $5.

But having several options for different budgets helps sell this product.


Conversion rates high 20% lifetime referral commission.

After 45 days, payout via PayPal, $100 minimum 90-day cookie Become a PRT partner.

#9. KWFinder by Mangools Longtail

Keywords are found using the KWFinder SEO tool.KWFinder by Mangools Longtail

It’s also made by Mangools, a company with one of the greatest SEO affiliate programmes.

Earn 30% lifetime royalties on all Mangools products, not only KWFinder.

In comparison, the typical KWFinder affiliate gets approximately $500 per month.

Gain access to their marketing materials and customer guides/videos.


Conversion rates high monthly commissions of 30%

Absence of approval (auto-approval)

Payments via PayPal, minimum $150 Publicise KWFinder on your site.

#10. Long Tail Pro


Long Tail Pro can help you locate competitive long tail keywords.

Your SERP position is tracked and the financial value of a phrase is calculated.

Long Tail Pro affiliates get 30% monthly affiliate commissions.

That’s $100 per month in passive income if ten people join up for the lowest package.


Conversion rates high 30 % reoccurring

Affiliate support from a single source 1-year cookie shelf-life (on ShareASale)

The Long Tail Pro affiliate programme is available through Post Affiliate Pro or ShareASale.

#11. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach

Website for ninja outreach Marketers utilise Ninja Outreach to find and connect with influential partners.

Multiple influencer marketing campaigns, lead generation, and business expansion are all simple.

Ninja Outreach is one of the best SEO affiliate programmes.

So, you may take advantage of that 50% lifetime commission rate.

If you want to avoid competing with other SEO affiliate programmes, you may use PPC advertising.


Get 3 Case Studies that Tripled Web Profit!


50% on referral purchases

Tracking cookies for 6 months

Promote on search engines Marketing tools and affiliate resource centre See Ninja Outreach in action!

#12. Serpstat Affiliate Page

In addition to tracking your SERP position, Serpstat can audit your site and monitor your rivals’ activities.

A sophisticated keyword research tool that provides insights into the most frequently searched queries.

You may expect to make 30% on each sale in the sector.

Your Serpstat subscription may be paid for with your commissions multiplied by 1.5.

So, $100 in Serpstat is worth $150 in the shop.

30% monthly commission.

30 days cookie life Commissions to pay for your subscription Join Serpstat’s affiliate programme.

Conclusion As a result, SEO affiliate programmes are trendy and lucrative across all industries.

The best is a sizeable monthly rate, a lengthy lifetime value, and generous affiliate support.

I hope you have enjoyed reading What is SEO Affiliate Marketing.

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  1. Hi there, thank you for this extensive list of affiliate programs in the SEO niche. I had never really considered that Search Engine Optimization could be a niche on its own. I just regarded SEO as an important part of my website and my blog posts. 

    But with so many bloggers and companies using SEO on a daily basis, it is important to also use the tools available to make tracking and research easier.  I will definitely be having a closer look at your suggestions. 

    • Thank you for your comment and I am happy you got something out of the article.

      I am always glad when I can give some useful information for someone can use.

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  2. One of the best ways to make money from market affiliating is through Google adsense. I joined a couple of days ago and the money is already starting to come in. You have no idea how happy this makes me! You also need to ensure that you have a high SEO rating so that you can be ranked on Google 

    • Thank you for your comment Aubin

      I also joined Google Adsence and I also earned some money already.

      I do look at SEO every time I write a blog, you are right to say it is very important.

      I only started on the 21 of  September last year and 14 of my articles are ranked number one in Google. 

      I know that is not a lot but I try to improve my SEO every time I write an article.

      It can be achieved as long the keywords are right and the SEO is good. 

      Thank you again for your comment

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