How to Make Money Affiliates | 15 SEO Tips for Affiliate Marketing Successfully Now

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Updated 09 December 2022

Welcome to Elke's Beginners GuideHello and welcome to my website.

Today I want to look at 15 SEO Tips for Affiliate Marketing

We all get confused at some point when it comes to SEO.

Then when we take Affiliate Marketing into the equation, it can be daunting.

SEO is a crucial part of the affiliate marketing equation.

It is the lifeblood of your site and the key to attracting customers.

The first step to SEO success is identifying your target audience and developing content that appeals to them.

Your content’s title, meta description, URL, heading tags, and body text must contain industry-relevant keywords.

Make sure your site is responsive and mobile-friendly.

This will ensure better rankings on mobile search engines like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

SEO affiliate marketing

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Growing affiliate marketing

US affiliates produce 5 billion clicks and 170 million transactions.

Affiliate marketing is popular.

Choose wisely to generate money online.

SEO is a popular affiliate marketing area.

Good SEO services and software are necessary to be a success.

9 Types of SEO are:
  • SEO-white-hat.
  • White-hat SEO refers to Google-compliant techniques.
  • Black-Hat SEO
  • Gray-Hat SEO 
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • International SEO
  • Local SEO

SEO tool demand and supplier commissions fuel this.

List of SEO Tools:
  • SEO Keyword Tool by Ahrefs.
  • The Google Search Console is the Best Search Engine Optimisation Tool.
  • To Promote Your Business With SEO, Use SEMRush.
  • Keyword Research Made Easy With KWFinder.
  • In other words, Moz Pro is an SEO tool.
  • Keyword Suggestion and Tracking using Ubersuggest.
  • Don’t Ignore the People: Use These Free Search Engine Optimization Tools.
  • Free Search Engine Optimization Tools from SpyFu.

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What’s the most excellent SEO affiliate programme?

Hundreds of are available.

Consider these factors while choosing a brand affiliate programme.

My favourite affiliate programmes are:
  • Shopify
  • ConvertKit\sLeadpages
  • Bluehost
  • Clickfunnels
  • ClickBank
  • Affiliaxe
  • Wealthy Affiliates
  • Digistore24
  • ShareASale
  • LinkShare-Rakuten
  • MaxBounty\sPepperjam
  • Commission-related examples


Pay-per-saleAffiliate programmes differ in their pay-per-sale structure.

10% to 50% or more.

Consider payment schedule.

Is it an up-front commision?

Or an ongoing monthly subscription?

Each has pros and cons.


Cookies track buys.

Set cookies that last 30 days.

Amazon affiliate programmes employ 24-hour cookies.

SEO offers more extended periods.

Resource: The Ultimate SEO Checklist – Best Practices Now Guide


CashflowDue to expenses, most SEO affiliate programmes use PayPal.

The corporation should confirm deposits and wire transfers.


They won’t let you do everything when it’s your “job” to sell their items.

Examples include internet forums and niche-specific resources.

Affiliate marketing success isn’t needed, but this assistance.

Marketing tools reflect brand reputation.

Choose SEO software that helps visitors.

Readers shouldn’t be deceived.

You needn’t test every product you promote.

The program’s reputation is affected.

The affiliate program’s rules.

Affiliates Support?

Simple, on-time withdrawal?

digital marketing softwareSome digital marketing software gives affiliates unique codes.

Giving fans and followers a discount boosts sales.

Other affiliate programmes may offer free SEO and marketing tools.

They can differentiate affiliate programmes.

Affiliate SEO Want to sell SEO tools?

Below are 2022’s top 12 SEO affiliate programmes.

#1. Affiliate Website SEMrush

Few SEO tools have SEMrush’s reputation in digital marketing.

All-in-one subscription to your competitors’ marketing initiatives.

Top-rated SEMrush affiliate programme.

Affiliate marketers may get ads in nine languages.


40% commision

Become a SEMrush affiliate to receive PayPal and wire transfers every two months.

#2. Wealthy Affiliate

|Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing education, community, and environment.

Its 1.4-million-member network includes training, tools, a website, and mentorship.

I did include Wealthy Affiliate here because you can make Affiliate commissions by promoting the platform.

Click Here to Find out More.

#3. Digistore24

DigiStore24 (D24) is a vendor-affiliate marketing platform. 

The German-based corporation first targeted the German market. 

They’re well-established in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. 

Europe’s largest affiliate marketplace.

Vendors can offer physical and digital things. 

Affiliates can sign up to promote items. 

Free for vendors and affiliates. Digistore24 gets sales commissions.

#4. ClickBank

Clickbank and Digistore24Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace and digital content provider e-commerce platform. 

Clickbank will manage your product sales and checkout for affiliate marketers.

#5. SEO-surfer

Content marketing SEO homepage images.

Improves 500 on-page indicators.

Many affiliates have provided connections and deals.

Surfer’s affiliate programme gives 30% of revenue with a 30-day cookie.

Business+ subscribers may earn $195/month.

Reference ID operates domain-wide.

Your advertisements will benefit Surfer’s articles, courses, and Roast webinars.

Surfer’s affiliate programme is closed and processing applications.

Resource: Digistore24 Review – Scam or Legit? The Untold Story


Get paid to surf with PayPal and a 60-day cookie.

#6. Affiliate Program Money Robot

Money RobotMoney Robot distributes your content to hundreds of websites, generating backlinks.

Web admins, SEO gurus, and small business owners are your clients.

Money Robot generates $100 for each software licence.

If one of your followers joins, you get $20.


Get 3 Web-Profit-Triplining Case Studies!


$ 100 lifetime licence, $25 registration incentive, tool training promotion.

Affiliate Money Robot SEO! AMZWatch


A faulty affiliate link might cost hundreds monthly.

AMZ Watcher checks Amazon links for affiliate marketers.

You may locate new affiliate programmes for products you sell.

Affiliates use this tool.

20% Amazon affiliate commissions.

One subscription can earn you $20 each month.


Monthly 20% commissions.

Start earning AMZ Watcher sales commissions with dedicated affiliate assistance.

#8. Affiliate SEO Spresso

Affiliate SEOSEO Pressor simplifies digital marketing for non-experts.

A quality-scoring content optimisation tool.

Construct schemas, crawl directives, track links, create sitemaps, and redirect URLs.

SEO Pressor subscribers generate 50% monthly commissions.

Affiliates get logos, banners, and email samples.


50% monthly commision

SEOPressor’s Affiliate Program offers monthly email and media kit resources.

#9. SEO Powersuite

Affiliate There’s an auditing tool.

Over 500,000 individuals use it, including 13% of SEO experts.

Affiliates make $150-200 (33%) of each transaction.

Some affiliates claim $5000 per month from SEO PowerSuite alone.


33% up to $200 per transaction, 120-day cookie life.

SEO PowerSuite affiliates get marketing resources.

Write Reviews Like a Pro – Use Discount Code ELKE25 

Click Here to Find out more.

#10. Link Accuranker

Link AccurankerAccuranker is used by leading agencies and corporations globally.

Marketing giant HubSpot is for sale.

AccuRanker gives 20% commision.

Their most expensive bundle is approximately $2,000 monthly, so you’ll make a lot.

Like other SEO affiliate programmes, you’ll get advertising materials and a dashboard.


Get 3 Web-Profit-Triplining Case Studies!


20% comm.

Accuranker rewards you monthly via PayPal with a 120-day cookie.

#11. Affiliate ProRankTracker

ProRankTracker is a reliable ranking system.

This app sells to:
  • SEOs
  • Marketers
  • Webmasters
  • Businesses 
  • Entrepreneurs

PRT’s affiliate programme pays a 20% commision.

You earn $5 for a $25 monthly subscription.

The product’s affordability helps market it.


20% lifetime referral commision.

Become a PRT partner for 45 days, $100 minimum, 90-day cookie.

#12. Mangools’ KWFinder

KWFinderKWFinder finds keywords.

Mangools, a firm with a strong SEO affiliate programme, makes it.

Lifetime 30% royalties on all Mangools products, not only KWFinder.

KWFinder affiliates earn $500 per month.

Access marketing resources and consumer guides/videos.


30% monthly conversion commissions

Unacceptable (auto-approval)

KWFinder payments via PayPal, $150 minimum

Try Jaaxy for Free (Included with Wealthy Affiliate Platform)

#13. LTP

Long Tail Pro helps find long-tail keywords.

SERP position and phrase value are tracked.

Monthly Long Tail Pro affiliate commissions are 30%.

Ten people signing up for the lowest option would earn $100 each month passively.


30% recurring conversions

One-year cookie shelf life (on ShareASale)

Post Affiliate Pro or ShareASale provides the Long Tail Pro affiliate programme.

#14. Outreach Ninja

Ninja OutreachNinja Outreach helps marketers locate essential partners.

Simple influencer marketing, lead creation, and business growth.

Ninja Outreach is an SEO affiliate programme.

Use the 50% lifetime commision rate.

PPC advertising can help you avoid competing with SEO affiliate programmes.


Get 3 Web-Profit-Triplining Case Studies!


50% off referrals

Six-month cookies

See Ninja Outreach in action!

#15. Affiliate Serpstat

Affiliate SerpstatSerpstat can audit your site and watch your rivals’ actions.

Use a keyword tool that shows the most popular searches.

You may make 30% on each sale.

Your 1.5x commissions can pay for Serpstat.

The business values $100 in Serpstat at $150.

30% per month.

Join Serpstat’s affiliate network for 30 days of cookie-life commissions.

SEO affiliate programmes are fashionable and profitable across sectors.

Significant monthly rates, extended lifetime value, and affiliate support are prefered.

What is SEO Affiliate Marketing?

SEO optimises web material for search engines’ organic results. 

Affiliate marketing SEO optimises affiliate pages so they’re seen when users search for related items.


& Recap

Affiliate marketing is selling a product online for a commision. 

Entrepreneurs or established companies may have digital or physical product catalogues. 

They give people a commision when they sell their stuff.

Don’t forget to give Wealthy Affiliate a Try.

You get Free Domain Name, Webhosting (WordPress) Training and Support.

You can also earn a commission with the Free Account.

You pay $0.00

No Credit Card is Necessary

Check it out Now, and decide – you have nothing to lose.

I’ll address questions and comments below.

Use this place to ask questions or make suggestions.

Till the Next Time


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  1. Hi there, thank you for this extensive list of affiliate programs in the SEO niche. I had never really considered that Search Engine Optimization could be a niche on its own. I just regarded SEO as an important part of my website and my blog posts. 

    But with so many bloggers and companies using SEO on a daily basis, it is important to also use the tools available to make tracking and research easier.  I will definitely be having a closer look at your suggestions. 

    1. Thank you for your comment and I am happy you got something out of the article.

      I am always glad when I can give some useful information for someone can use.

      Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions I can help you with.


  2. One of the best ways to make money from market affiliating is through Google adsense. I joined a couple of days ago and the money is already starting to come in. You have no idea how happy this makes me! You also need to ensure that you have a high SEO rating so that you can be ranked on Google 

    1. Thank you for your comment Aubin

      I also joined Google Adsence and I also earned some money already.

      I do look at SEO every time I write a blog, you are right to say it is very important.

      I only started on the 21 of  September last year and 14 of my articles are ranked number one in Google. 

      I know that is not a lot but I try to improve my SEO every time I write an article.

      It can be achieved as long the keywords are right and the SEO is good. 

      Thank you again for your comment

      Greetings from Australia