How to make Money without a 9 to 5 Job

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Don’t work for “the guy”!

Many individuals have heard of someone becoming wealthy without working.

A basic income isn’t enough for those special people, so they make money doing what they love.

Passion and finance coexisting, the concept tends to remain around.


1. Time for a change?

Now let’s talk about earning money in 2022.

A Brief Overview:

To save time, I’ve summarised these instructions below.

Achieving financial independence without regular employment is achievable.

Believe in your ability to generate revenue. Decide and act.

2. Evaluate Yourself:

What Makes You Unique?

3. Always find anything valuable to help your business.

4. How do other unemployed individuals generate money?

(Please Note Disclaimer is under the Home tab on the website.)

What do you think you could do well in?

It’s hard to get rich working for others. Instead, start your own business.

5. Try Printify:

The business may be started quickly and without risk, allowing for easy scalability. Picture Printify Add Your Design

Budget-friendly, easy to use, and (possibly) rewarding.

Printify advertisers may connect with certain e-commerce platforms to reach customers.

6. How will the global public locate your items?

7. So, what will you sell in your Printify store?

Trends, product emphasis, subject focus, and print providers are all investigated.

8. Reach Out:

: Help others learn about your shop by reaching out.

Many good free choices complement paid advertising.

9. Get Rich:

Money comes in without extra work.

Get comfortable and check in often to ensure everything is running well.

A “regular” 9-5 job is reputed to pay well:

Suppose you don’t have one.

Those who are seeking official work used to be entirely out of luck.

Thankfully, such one-dimensional income constraints are a thing of the past!

This is a great time to be unemployed.

How to Make Money Without a Job?

Several obstacles must be surmounted before having access to other revenue streams, including:

1. Recognise the Chance Many aspire to break out of their daily routines.

Others prefer securing a passive income flow.

Whatever the reason, the ether universe is today awash in lucrative opportunities.

E-commerce, Digital Nomadism:E-Commerce written on Laptop screen

This is due to the rise of e-commerce, digital nomadism and other contemporary elements.

Technology’s present application has enabled anybody to profit from scenarios outside the traditional professions.

It was Kids:

It is doable. It pays too. It’s been done. It was kids.

The thought of taking those initial tentative steps down an unknown path is complex.

Even for experts in other disciplines, starting out is a risky proposition.

That one concept, clinging to the back of the mind, refusing to be shaken loose, is all it takes.

Unemployment in 2022 is a possibility.

Let’s look for them:

2. Make a profit decision A lot of individuals don’t realise this.

There’s more to it than that.

Ignoring their own professional viability (skills) or another reason to keep an incorrect career direction.

This is the stage to overcome the notion that the path is too difficult or beyond one’s skills.

Lot of Work:

It takes a lot of work to get a new business off the ground!

Even yet, many have gazed up to peaks, smiled, and begun climbing. In the end, it’s an internal choice.

Long roads are challenging to navigate at first.

Achieving actual situational change requires a lot of discipline. Success inevitably comes with doubt.

But there’s another:

After the terror has passed, radiant energy replaces the ice touch.Showing a display of Ice

Enriching one’s financial condition is powerful.

This option indicates that the ideological juices are flowing correctly.

Evaluate Your Situation:

3. Evaluate Your Situation We are all unique (duh).

Character, history, and life experience all include thoughts, interests, and preferences.

With each facet, a person’s individuality grows.

Any new company idea relies on these distinct characteristics.


Financing a realistic, relatable pleasure may lead to wealthy and rewarding careers.

Many people have constructed empires to assist others to understand their genuine motives.

So, inside, go. Examine your own fantastic oddity.

That leaves only figuring out how to weaponise such quirks financially.

Don’t worry about lacking:

Concentrate on the available resources and maximise their usage.

4. Consider Your Alternatives.

The first step is usually an online search, unless you’re going door-to-door giving out resumes

A few creative ways to generate money without a job quickly emerge.

The semi-employed, pseudo-employed, and jobless have a vast world full of choices.

Included in the list of options are:

5.People’s time, knowledge, and engagement in these data collection firms are valued by many investors.

It varies depending on the time and number of performed activities.

Writing Passion:

Writing Passion is all it takes to start this gift, frequently overlooked.cartoon with the Blog Image

From there, it’s a matter of monetising those eyeballs via a blog channel (or self-published article, pamphlet, book, etc.).

6. Affiliate Promotion Amplification of a social medium’s fan base is a paid service.

Building such foundations requires consistency and excellence.


7. YouTube A genuine video channel demands material that people can relate to, laugh at, and enjoy.

To engage with audiences and produce views, subscriptions, and likes, you don’t need expensive equipment.

Informal Tutoring A lot of individuals willingly pay for private coaching.

These under-the-table seminars are an excellent method to monetise new information, skills, and practices.

8. Own Your Career (BYOB) Create a business:

Self-employment Steer your destiny’s ship towards the shores of prosperity and fame.


There are various business concepts, each with merits and downsides.

The web is vast. There are many more alternatives.

9. Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) It’s safe to assume that everyone wants to grow rich.

Working for others isn’t the fastest method to establish an empire, but it isn’t impossible. Brilliant.

So, now for some mission-critical issues:

• What will the company do?

• How will the firm achieve its objectives?

• What tools will be used?

Conveniently, beginning alone business usually takes an initial financial out.

To be lucrative, even the best ideas must first get off the ground.

So, you must spend money to make money?

Never. Many modern businesses operate fully outside of this legislation.

Now that modern ways are accessible, almost anybody may start making money.Showing Lots of Money

Online companies aren’t all the same:

Do your homework before handing over sensitive data to any business.

@$8.89 Unisex Sweatshirt It is therefore advisable to develop a company that can grow without increasing people or costs.

In other words, investing in a proven company model is free to start, free to operate, and free to fail.

Yes. Print on demand is one of those:

Many individuals are also looking for ways to earn money in 2022 without a job.

10. Printify, you got it.

As a self-initiated start-up, this firm meets all the requirements mentioned above.

With some Initial Work:

With some initial work and care, it can become a clean passive revenue source.

A digital platform allows people to build their own store.

11. Print on demand (POD) and drop shipping are strategically used to achieve this goal.

After a buyer buys a product, it is made and sent.

Many company expenditures such as storage, sourcing, etc., are avoided by utilising Printify.

Correct Tool:

12. Correct Tool Use In other words, almost anyone can open a business without much hassle.

The registration process is quick and easy.

Entering the Printify portal reveals a nearly 300-product library.

Every item is available online as a blank:

A bespoke design will be printed on these plain pieces (making them super awesome).

Printify users may sell their finished versions to others on their own website at any price they like.

Make your own items Following posting a product, all that’s left is for someone to purchase it.


A profit is left after manufacturing and delivery costs are deducted.

These financial procedures are entirely open, transparent, and observable. Oh, and it’s free!

As for the premium option, it offers 20% off all items.

Most customers start with the primary programme then trade up to premium as the orders come in.

Printify is free to use, but it takes time to set up:

It’s easy to start selling after a few hours of experimenting with blanks, designs, and store concepts.Printify Logo

The company encourages consumers to create many businesses despite the (literally) low prices.

There is no need to choose between targeting a cat-specific audience or a more abstract, psychedelic altitude.

In 2022, you can earn money without a job:

13. Make the Right Links Onboarding is a dangerous concept.

The good news is that Printify can help you sort things out.

However, a Printify account must be linked with another firm to exhibit and sell items to the public.

Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce:

14. Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, and eBay.

Currently, supported platforms include Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, and eBay.

To maintain the process as efficient as possible, this is very important.

More tech-savvy customers can use the Printify API.

A Printify account may be linked to many marketplaces.

With so many possibilities, let’s compare two of the most popular:

Etsy Versus Shopify:

15. Etsy vs. A basic template design allows consumers to construct a comprehensive storefront on Shopify.

Customer tracking, synchronisation, and monitoring are also available.

As a result, the owner must market and advertise their Shopify website.

Add-ons and Upgrades:

It’s worth noting that while Shopify provides a variety of add-ons and upgrades, they do add to the monthly fee.

However, Etsy is structured differently.Etsy Logo on a wall

Etsy has several advantages, including the ability to sell fast after joining.

Like a grocery store, consumers find products on Etsy by searching for alternatives.

This site gets a lot of organic traffic because it is well-known.


With this partner, Printify users’ things will be shown alongside other digital store owners’ wares.

For example, transaction fees (5%) and payment processing (3%) limit revenues, especially when transferring large volumes.

They are used in place of a standard monthly fee, so each retailer must assess the declining return.

For a marketer to sell their items, they must select at least one partner.

This is a decision worth thinking about:

The factors listed above significantly affect business efficiency (and profitability).

16. Consider Product Orientation.

So now the Printify shop has an eCommerce platform (or two?).

So, things may be seen and bought… or will be once designed. But what should you produce?

To be successful:

To be successful in print-on-demand merchandise, you must first decide what things to manufacture (why).

This portion of the guide will cover trends, product emphasis, subject focus, and print suppliers.

17. Trends:

Examine which products are now gaining traction and which ones will likely fade away shortly.

A marketing trend analysis can help you reach today’s audience.

For example, Google Trends can show you how certain items have performed globally over the last few months, years, and even decades.

A relist of trendy and best-selling websites may be found here.

Online Visibility:

Online visibility means that products are no longer restricted to specific geographical locations.

The common themes include nationality and patriotism… Maybe a region-specific product is a brilliant idea.

The benefits of focusing on one product vs developing a more substantial subject-based firm are often debated by consumers (and perhaps others).

Focus on the Product:

How to launch a print-on-demand company?

To create variants of the same product, a corporation must, as predicted, put in the effort.

Product by Associating:

A product-focused owner may opt to produce several phone cases with different designs in phone cases.

This marketer would associate with the broader market instead of only targeting one subculture as an authority on the product (anime, thrash metal, horses, etc.). (cases).Picture of Phone Cases

Phone cases are hot right now, as you surely already know from the trend sites.


Distributors focus on concepts and themes rather than individual items in this strategy.

For example, an extremely dope yin-yang adaption will be shown throughout the owner’s style.

So that hypothetical marketer’s catalogue would be filled with circular symbols (maybe bags, shirts, mugs, etc.).


These gorgeous methods to display the same brand make people exclaim “Oooh, awesome” and buy whatever it’s on.

Would a sensible person buy your product?

Buying a peacock feather is absurd, right?

Caution is advised:

18. Extending Zoom Customers should be able to see the owners’ general direction.

Less confusion means less abandonment.

A marketer does not have to specialise.

A merchant can experiment with various items, designs, or whatever else they are pulled to at any moment.

Best-designed Product:

But, until it’s created, even the best-designed product is only a concept.

Provider of Printing:

Various print suppliers will appear when picking a product blank for customisation.

Their locations and strengths/weaknesses differ.Picture of Dollar sign

Determining product availability, shipping costs, and delivery schedules can be challenging.

Printify created a rating system based on product reprints, manufacturing delays, and customer feedback to make things simpler.

These rankings are updated daily to provide Printify users with adequate information.

Printify Store:

18. Act With a new Printify store, we can now sell items to targeted audiences.

Marketing is in order. The initial phase is normal.

Talk to friends, family, acquaintances, etc.

Any new enterprise needs these individuals to succeed. Escalation is usually a wonderful time.

These informal field studies can also observe the public response to various items.

Let it go if no one responds immediately away.

Art must Occasionally be Uneasy:

The consumer is always the most crucial consideration when evaluating how to generate money without a job.

They purchase. Always keep them happy.

Customer satisfaction leads to word-of-mouth marketing.

Organic spread is a great way to increase sales while strengthening existing relationships.

Personal connections alone won’t suffice in the long term.

Next, social media:

Plus, most of these apps are free.

Making content featuring your store’s designs would be a smart move, as customers are the key to selling.

It’s even better if you use a few.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: 

Then you must tell them you only use Instagram and Facebook and won’t give them your Twitter handle.

However, there are many ways to advertise for free.

How to sell your product?

19. Become wealthy Investing in a solid foundation pays off here.

When correctly assembled, the parts add up to a whole that is far greater than its parts.

Everything is in place:

Market research, targeted product development and promotion of the store’s overall popularity across multiple media.

Sales should be regular by now.

Loyal customers reorder, encourage others to buy, and purchase new items for their collections.

Money pours in with no extra work.

Enjoy the moment:

Have fun knowing that no matter how many sales you make, you’ll never need to hire more staff to handle them!

After the initial effort, it’s all about passive income now. Last of current events and public opinion.

According to the situation, products may need to be modified or removed.

Yesterday’s product remains yesterdays:

Expect the unexpected to avoid costly mistakes.

Adapt to new conditions and stay flexible.

Soon, you may have a successful Printify store with your name or logo.


A personalised brand on products, garments, and more.

Imagine pleased customers using your products.

This is conceivable. This is possible.

Earning money in 2022 doesn’t require a job.

Thank you for including us in your success story.

I hope you enjoyed How to Make Money without a 9 to 5 job.

Please Leave Questions and Comments Below and I will be glad to answer them.

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  1. Terrific article and it leaves so many things to consider for myself. Do you have other resources or books you could share on some of the topics you talk about throughout your article? For example, I really like the idea of learning how to sell a product online… where do you recommend I get some training on that topic? 

    Anyhow, tanks in advance and all my best,


    • Thank you for your comment Teanna

      I suggest going to YouTube, You will get a lot of videos on how to sell products/services on line. 

      Just type into YouTube how to sell products online and you will be presented with lots of videos to choose from. 

      I go often onto YouTube to learn new things and how to make my website better and get training on how to sell my products.

      I am a member of ClickBank they have 100rds  of products you can promote and sell. 

      Then I go onto YouTube and watch a video on how to sell those products. It’s all free. 

      You can also download eBooks from the Google store or Apple store on how to sell products online. 

      You will have to pay for the eBook you download but there are lots of podcasts you can get for free on that subject also.

      One you buy the eBook it is forever your and you can listen to it again and again.

      Hope this helps you.


  2. Do you think that affiliate marketing is the perfect way to make money online from home? I have been doing it for a while now so I want to know if I am waiting my time or not. I will be sure to wait for your feedback so thank you for this.

    • Thank you for your comment Aubin

      I think that affiliate marketing is a good idea to make money from home. Having said that it is not a quick-rich-scheme it takes time for your website to get noticed by Google. 

      It can take between 6 – 12 months before you make any sales. 

      The moto is to write and write some more to get as many blogs on your website as you can so you get indexed into Google and potential customers will notice you. 

      If you have about 200 – 300 blogs on your site things should start to happen. I know that we can get a bit down when we work hard and nothing happens but be encouraged affiliate marketing is not a waste of time.

      Hope This Helps


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