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  1. Terrific article and it leaves so many things to consider for myself. Do you have other resources or books you could share on some of the topics you talk about throughout your article? For example, I really like the idea of learning how to sell a product online… where do you recommend I get some training on that topic? 

    Anyhow, tanks in advance and all my best,


    1. Thank you for your comment Teanna

      I suggest going to YouTube, You will get a lot of videos on how to sell products/services on line. 

      Just type into YouTube how to sell products online and you will be presented with lots of videos to choose from. 

      I go often onto YouTube to learn new things and how to make my website better and get training on how to sell my products.

      I am a member of ClickBank they have 100rds  of products you can promote and sell. 

      Then I go onto YouTube and watch a video on how to sell those products. It’s all free. 

      You can also download eBooks from the Google store or Apple store on how to sell products online. 

      You will have to pay for the eBook you download but there are lots of podcasts you can get for free on that subject also.

      One you buy the eBook it is forever your and you can listen to it again and again.

      Hope this helps you.


  2. Aubin Tshiyole says:

    Do you think that affiliate marketing is the perfect way to make money online from home? I have been doing it for a while now so I want to know if I am waiting my time or not. I will be sure to wait for your feedback so thank you for this.

    1. Thank you for your comment Aubin

      I think that affiliate marketing is a good idea to make money from home. Having said that it is not a quick-rich-scheme it takes time for your website to get noticed by Google. 

      It can take between 6 – 12 months before you make any sales. 

      The moto is to write and write some more to get as many blogs on your website as you can so you get indexed into Google and potential customers will notice you. 

      If you have about 200 – 300 blogs on your site things should start to happen. I know that we can get a bit down when we work hard and nothing happens but be encouraged affiliate marketing is not a waste of time.

      Hope This Helps