Top High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programmes

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Imagine earning $1,250 per referral instead of the current $12.50? Isn’t it great?

High priced affiliate programmes allow you to do just that.

Affiliate commissions per transaction range from $100 to over $1,000.

Without encouraging anything that makes you want to shower.

Affiliates of super affiliates are active in various areas but never admit it.

Several real high-priced affiliate programmes are available.

Just know where to look for them

Here are 23 of the top high ticket affiliate programmes.

Let us begin with top high ticket affiliate marketing programmes.

Affiliate Programs for High Ticket Sales

1. Kinsta

2. Shopify

3. HubSpot

4. Cloudways

5. Luxe Card

6. Villiers Jets

7. Oceanscape Yachts

8. Click Funnels

9. Dream Cloud

10. Sucuri

11. Security

12. WP Engine

13. Thinkific

14. Liquid Web

15. Authority Hacker

16. Smart Proxy

17. BigCommerce

18. Capitalist Exploits

19. Plus500

20. STD Check

21. Embroker

22. Frontpoint Home Security


Kinsta Logo

Your blog may outgrow your current shared hosting plan.

Then it’s time to move on to the next best host.

Many businesses are choosing Kinsta for managed WordPress hosting.

Managed Hosting

The notion of managed hosting isn’t merely a platitude.

Kinsta delivers with lightning-fast load speeds and excellent customer service.

They can also grow with your company, so you never have to worry. Is this hosting cheap?

No. But it’s a plus. The Kinsta affiliate programme pays up to $500 for every transaction.

These high-ticket affiliate programmes provide the most excellent compensation.

Every month for the life of the consumer, you earn 10%.

One sale, life-long commissions?

Tempting—affiliate Kinsta’s scheme 60-day cookie life + $500 monthly commission


Shopify Logo

Shopify is a well-known name in e-commerce.

Its software is used by over a million online stores in 175 countries, including Gymshark and Pepsi.

It’s a significant thing. Shopify, like many high-ticket affiliate networks, is picky.

For a Shopify affiliate marketing career, you must:

• Create unique material such as online courses, blog articles, videos, or guides

• Have an established following

• Know commerce, entrepreneurship, Shopify, or other e-commerce platforms.

So, this isn’t beginner’s software.

A significant revenue stream awaits individuals who meet the qualifications.


Shopify gives a 200 per cent reward commission on each referral’s monthly plan.

Monthly rates range from $29 to $299, totalling $598.

With Shopify’s enterprise-grade solutions, you may make even more!

Affiliate programme for Shopify BONUS: 200% 30 days cookie


HubSpot Logo

HubSpot is a massive fish in the digital marketing world.

So much so that its creators invented inbound marketing (literally).

Over 113,000 clients in 120 countries use its solutions to generate leads, manage email lists, guide users through the buying process, and close sales.

Highest-paid Affiliate Networks

HubSpot has one of the highest-paid affiliate networks around.

Look at this commission plan:

• Basic/Starter: $250

• Pro/CMS: $500

• Business: $1000 per sale Cross-selling has several advantages.

You are paid twice if a buyer buys two items.

So, $250 + $500 for Marketing Starter and Sales Professional.

Assist your readers in clicking your affiliate links with free marketing materials from HubSpot.

Affiliate links for HubSpot Up to $1,000 commission 90-day cookie life



Cloudaways Logo

Cloudways is a hosting web service for individuals, SMBs, and businesses.

Over 250,000 websites and 60 data centres, it maintains a 94.7% customer satisfaction rate.

AWS and Google Cloud Engine are only two of Cloudways’ five industry-leading infrastructures.


It also offers two affiliate commission systems, allowing for even more flexibility.

The “Hybrid” model also offers a 7% recurring fee plus a $30 bonus, while the “Slab” model pays up to $125 in one-time bonuses (or even more for super affiliates who drive over 80 sales each month).

Cloudways affiliate programme 90-day cookie life + 10% recurring commissions + $30 bonus

Luxury Card

VIP Card We could have included credit card programmes in a study of high-ticket affiliate items.

With so much noise online, it’s difficult to distinguish between them.

But with Luxury Card, this won’t be an issue.

It’s a specialised card. You can even have it in 24k gold.

Luxury Credit Card

With this card, you may earn miles and use airport lounges.

Fortunately, there are several luxury credit card affiliate marketing opportunities available.

The high-ticket affiliate products. But how many spend $405 each sign-up?

Affiliate programme for Luxury Card

$405 commissions, 30 days cookie life.

Villiers Jet

Villiers Jet Flying

Villiers Jet-A private jet is frequently associated with the affluent and famous. That’s reasonable.

I’m sure everyone who has flown long-haul understands what I’m talking about!

I was the soldier. But Villiers is a global leader in private jet leasing.


10,000 jets at tens of thousands of places worldwide.

That means there are some relative bargains to be acquired.

How much can an affiliate marketer make selling private jets?

In addition to the one-time discount, affiliates earn 30% on every transaction.

An empty leg flight would earn you $541.50 in commission.

The affiliate programme for Villiers Jet is

30 % recurring monthly commission

365-day cookie life.

Yachts Oceanscape

Yachts Oceanscape

Most individuals can’t afford a luxury superyacht, save the world’s most prosperous.

Many billions. Oceanscape Yachts, for example, lets you “experience” owning one.

Sure, you and 3,000 others could purchase a luxurious trip.

A private superyacht in any place is much more appealing.

Pacific or Mediterranean

From the Arctic to Pacific or Mediterranean islands.

Affiliate marketing for yachts is a lucrative business opportunity.

Each transaction averages a $1,250 commission.

One of the best affiliate programmes we’ve seen.

Click Funnels

Anyone contemplating creating an affiliate marketing funnel will be acquainted with the Click Funnels brand.

Russell Brunson, a veteran in Internet and affiliate marketing, created it.

Create a sales funnel using this product.

This results in more paid leads.

Affiliate Schemes

Affiliate schemes like these have been done to death elsewhere.

Regardless of what we advise, some of you will launch an IM-focused site.

Email Marketing

Most email marketing specialists utilise Click Funnels’ high converting affiliate goods.

Do the other high priced affiliate schemes in this post stand up to this?

Affiliates earn 40% on a $97-$297 monthly package.

These goods are frequently upselling later in the customer cycle and payout $100 per lead.


Affiliate programmes for Clickfunnels $100 ad revenue 30 days cookie

Dream Cloudy

Dream Cloudy

Day People say that if you don’t stand up in one, you’ll lie down in the other.

That’s true

Astonishingly, mattresses are a high-ticket affiliate It’s a $15 billion business every year.

Luxury Item

Costly mattresses may cost upwards of $2,000, according to suppliers.

Making them a luxury item.

DreamCloud thinks good sleep shouldn’t be costly. As a consequence, their mattresses are cheaper.

365 days to try out your new mattress! So, how much money can you earn advertising these items?

The average order amount is around $1200. That’s high for a high-ticket affiliate product.


But you won’t earn a percentage of each sale. Instead, affiliates earn a fixed $150 per transaction.

1 mattress sale. Dream Cloud $150.00 commission 365-day cookie


Another high-priced item. Site security failures “…happen to others”.

I felt the same way until a Russian cyber team destroyed my affiliate marketing company.

They needed a simple file permissions oversight to steal my site and 90% of my revenue.

A service like Sucuri is practically helpful in this situation.


Non-technical people can repair a hacked website or blog once it has been infiltrated.

In case you need aid urgently, they even have an emergency hotline.

Unusual commission structure for a high-end affiliate programme. Let’s simplify.

“Agency” Packages

Affiliates get $100 on “Agency” sales and $210 on “Business firewall” sales.

While this expensive affiliate programme may pay off, it is exceedingly restricted.

Affiliate programme for Sucuri offers Up to $210 commission 30-day cookie life span

WordPress Engine

WordPress Engine

Initially, you won’t need to bother about hosting.

Simple hosting services are the norm.

A faster and more reliable WordPress host will be necessary at some time.

Now is the time to introduce WP Engine to your audience.

500,000 WordPress Blogs

Basically, they’re a premium web host.

In general, a single site costs $25 per month.

Even so, WP Engine hosts more than 500,000 WordPress blogs.

That their pages will load quickly, their site will be secure, and they can contact WP Engine for assistance.

For a $5/month web server, don’t expect lightning-fast Pagespeed, amazing customer care, and flawless uptime.

Web Hosting

Lastly, let’s compare this offer to our other high ticket affiliate schemes. Web hosting is a profitable affiliate niche.

They may earn up to $200 for each WP Engine signup (but the average payout is closer to $135).

WP Engine’s affiliate network offers a $1,500 price for referring 60+ new customers every month.

Affiliate programme for WP Engine Up to $200 commission 180-day cookie


Teachable Logo


I’m an affiliate marketer from the old school.

I recall when ClickBank was the place to go for the newest digital courses. But times change.

Instead, they utilise Teachable.

People like Pat Flynn

People like Pat Flynn, well-known in the industry, have switched.

It’s possible to locate courses from famous writers, affiliates, designers, etc.

Mark Dawson’s “How to Write a Best Seller” course is among these.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this isn’t precisely “Internet marketing expert” material.

Genuine Skills

Actual expertise is taught by genuine instructors on an actual educational platform.

Many free courses exist to pre-sell your audience.

Affiliates earn 30% of all paid course sales referred by their affiliates.

So, coaching or enhancing someone’s ability may earn you over $100 every transaction!

Thinkific Affiliate programme for Teachable

30% commission

90-day cookie life


Thinkific Logo

What if your audience is more instructors than students?

People who wish to share a talent or message with the world but are unsure how. Not even digitally.

They might attempt to build their own platform, perhaps costing them a lot of money.

Or they might use Thinkific.

Payment Processing

It enables anybody to create, advertise, and support their own courses.

Payment processing is also built-in.

Plus, you don’t need to know a single byte of Thinkific is a digital publishing platform.

Lifetime Commission

If you suggest a new Thinkific client, you’ll get a 30% monthly recurring lifetime commission.

In any case, that’s a yearly cap of $1,700 per.

A monthly commission is an intelligent approach to increase your affiliate revenue.

Only sell once. Pay yourself twice

Affiliate programme for Thinkific 30 per cent commission Liquid Web 90-day cookie duration

Unbelievable how many affiliates would pursue the same old stale web hosting deals.

Only the compensation is considered, never the hosting quality.



LiquidWeb Logo

Promote LiquidWeb without concern.

This company was established in 1997 and has had an affiliate programme for nearly as long.

But they’re no ordinary web hosts.

For this reason alone, they do not provide shared web hosting.

Instead provides managed WordPress hosting and dedicated server clusters.

WordPress hosting starts…

“Those things are out of my customer’s pricing range”, you might say to yourself.

For a single site, their managed WordPress hosting starts at $19.

Even on lower accounts (e.g., $19 per month), you may earn a high referral commission of $150!

On the other hand, Liquid Web offers referral commissions of up to $7,000.

Even with the highest-paid affiliate schemes we’ve seen, that’s a large sum.

But only for a referral who pays thousands upfront.

Highest Paying High Ticket

This is the highest paying high ticket affiliate programme in this roundup.

Affiliate programme for LiquidWeb $7,000 per sale commission

Cookie life: 90 days

Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker Picture

Hacker of Power Who is Authority Hacker?

How did they get in here!?

So many affiliate marketing training courses exist.

Because we build and manage our own affiliate network, we are different.

Our business depends on it.

Google’s Wrath

We aren’t just regurgitating forum posts, either.

Because we only use white hat techniques, you should be safe from Google’s wrath.

And we re-design our courses annually.

So, you get the latest info on niche and keyword research, site structure, link building, etc.

Site-building Process

Watch as we build our own profitable affiliate websites.

It’s like having a sneak peek at our affiliate site-building process! Yes, we have a partner programme.

Money Well Spent

It also pays out $990 per sale in commission.

Promote a programme that can assist individuals to attain financial independence.

We love our logo. That is why we don’t accept every application.

Affiliate programme for Authority Hacker Up to $990 per sale commission Cookie life: 180 days

Smart Proxy

Data scraping and research are common uses for Smart Proxy Proxies. But that’s not all.

Global Internet geo-blocking is the height of stupidity.

So, if you’re travelling abroad, you’ll need to access content in other countries.

Proxy Solutions

Proxy Solutions Diagram

SmartProxy can help.

Prices start at $50 per month for residential and data centre proxy solutions.

Not your typical cheap proxy bundles. Their “products” work on all browsers and devices.

Your scraper or streaming service is unlikely to be blocked due to their massive IP pool.

So how much does this programme pay affiliates?

On all sales, this programme pays a 50% commission.

Each sale brings in up to $1,500! These packages start at $400/month.

One of the best affiliate programmes for a niche audience.

Affiliate links for SmartProxy 50% Commission 30-day cookie life span


BigCommerce Logo

Setting up an e-commerce store comes in two flavours.

1. Host, domain, and design your own website.

2. Purchase ready-made solutions other options exist besides Shopify for new online store owners.

BigCommerce simplifies the process of setting up an online shop and promoting your goods.

Ben & Jerry’s, Skullcandy, and Jeep

Like Ben & Jerry’s, Skullcandy, and Jeep, People already use them. So, you’re not alone.

To put it simply, you can create your own store instead of using a template.

As well as on mobile devices and laptops.

Pages Load Quickly

Plus, the background Google Cloud hosting ensures that your store’s pages load quickly.

Primarily because it can grow with your business.

So, no mid-stream e-commerce provider switching… and usually at the worst time.

What can you expect from this high-ticket affiliate programme?

200 Per Cent Commission

A simple 200 per cent commission on your referral’s first monthly payment.

If they choose the ‘Plus’ plan, you’ll earn $159.90.

Getting BigCommerce’s Enterprise package increases the commission to $1,500 per sale.

So, this could be a serious revenue stream with the right audience.

Affiliate programme for BigCommerce 200 % of the first month’s pay Cookie life: 90 days

Capitalist Exploits

One cartons telling money of the other

Who hasn’t thought, “I could do that?” after seeing “The Big Short?”

But you can’t… you’re not Dr Michael Burry.

Consider asking a group of experienced investors for advice.

The Capitalist Exploits newsletter precisely delivers that.

The experts on YouTube don’t just talk the talk; they back it up.

Their website isn’t just a sales page, which I like.

Several blog posts and a report are available for download.

It’s not free, but it’s not expensive either.

Purchased Via their Affiliate Link

It costs $1,999 annually. But it’s good.

They earn a 50% affiliate commission on any product purchased via their affiliate link.

Each referral who signs up for their newsletter could earn you $999.5.

Other high-ticket items, up to $3,499, are also being promoted.

Some offer a discount to those who sign up for their free email newsletter.

Affiliate programme for Capitalist Partners



50% Commission 365-day cookie lifecycle

Finally, the high-ticket affiliate programmes. Plus500 is a 2008-founded online broker.

It focuses on CFDs on over 2,000 financial instruments, not being a generalist.

A CFD pays out the instrument’s opening and closing prices for the day (Contract for Difference).

Cryptos, commodities, forex, and indices are all considered financial instruments.

Available in 50 Countries

The payout if their prediction is correct. However, Plus500 services are available in 50 countries.

Their minimal trading expenses and no commission protect them against negative balances.

For fear of losing their shirt…or their house… This programme pays $150 for each referral.

In a list of expensive programmes, this is the bargain.

But it’s still more than promoting a typical credit card offer.

Affiliate programme for Plus500 Minimum $150, maximum $600 per sale STD Check cookie life:

STD Checks

STD tested Invitation

Infertility affects thousands of women every year who fail to get STD tested.

We can’t see the disease, so it can’t exist.

To get an STD test, you must first overcome the psychological hurdle of making an appointment.

Most people simply do not want to deal with the process’s stigma.

100% Confidential Testing

So, they can use STD Check instead — 100% confidential testing in a local testing centre — instead.

Results are returned in two days. Statistically, several million people in the US alone have STDs.

Sadly, this is a market in flux. Each affiliate link you send earns you an average of $102.


Embroker Logo

40 % commission STD Check 45-days-c Trade routes and piracy precede personal insurance in our civilisation.

To put it simply, good business insurance can save owners from ruin.

But where can you find the best business insurance?

Embroker Since 2015

Embroker This firm has helped over 20,000 companies get insurance since 2015.

Their technical approach has transformed how to source, price, and market commercial insurance.

So why should affiliates promote it over other high ticket affiliate programmes?


Every new customer you refer earns you a flat $250 commission.

The correct affiliate and target market may make money from one of those programmes.

Affiliate programme for EmbrokerLots of Money

Cookie: 90 days

Commission: 250 per lead

Frontpoint Home Defence

Your front door should be unlocked at night. You do not live in an ideal world.

Security is a Breeze to Sell

Crime is on the rise, and criminals get away with most crimes.

So, promoting Frontpoint Security is a breeze. Home security is essential to people.

All year, they’re willing to pay for it.

This application may be used for personal security or smart home technologies.

But how much can website owners make by making people feel safe at home?

$125 per Referee

$125 per referee That’s more than many credit card affiliate programmes earn.

While this is a potentially lucrative affiliate programme, it is easy to overlook.

Affiliate programme for Frontpoint Security 1 lead = $125 commission Cookie: 20 days

Why Use High Ticket Affiliate Programs?

One of the most popular high-ticket affiliate programmes pays between $500 and $1,000 per referral.

The same traffic can generate far more affiliate commissions with little extra work.

A single sale can nett your thousands. So super affiliates prefer high ticket offers over low-ticket ones.

How To Begin High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

This depends on your existing audience and promoting high ticket affiliate offers.

A high-ticket product review will shock them if they are used to you reviewing $50 products.

Promote these Items

To promote these items, you must change your mentality.

You’re not selling on price. Instead, you’re touting ownership’s clout.

The reason people spend $1,500 on headphones is that they’re 30x better than $50 ones.

Audience’s Shopping Habits

So, everyone knows they spent $1,500 on a lifestyle item.

So, changing your current audience’s shopping habits could be a challenge. And rob you of some of your traffic.

High-ticket affiliate marketing is attractive because it requires massive traffic to generate revenue. It’s abundant.

For high ticket items, you need highly targeted visitors instead.

Expensive Goods

Creating a new site for a specific audience is sometimes easier.

Create content and community that encourages people to buy more expensive goods.

Up Next Our roundup of high-ticket affiliate programmes has concluded.

You don’t have to chase $10 commissions all day long with affiliate marketing.

Better Affiliate Programs

Contrary to popular belief, better affiliate programs/high ticket items can literally double your income.

Your niche and keyword research must be perfect from the start.

I hope you enjoyed reading Top High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programmes.

Please Leave Questions and Comments Below and I will be glad to answer.

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