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12 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners – Review

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Updated on the 23 July 2022

Elke here, and welcome to my website.

I have been in Affiliate Marketing for a while now. 

Today I’ll tell you which Affiliate Marketing Program is excellent for beginners.

Let’s dive right into it… 

12 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners 


Affiliate marketers focus on performance. 

Try numerous affiliate platforms for the most significant results.

These affiliate marketing programmes are great for beginners or pros.

Explore popular platforms to boost conversions and profits.

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1. Affiliaxe 

Affiliaxe LogoAffiliaxe helps advertisers reach several verticals.

A large assortment offers the most remarkable things and bargains.

If accepted, you’ll have your Affiliate Manager. 

He’ll enhance income by optimising traffic and bonuses.

Affiliate marketers love its easy-to-use platform. 


  • No hidden costs. 
  • You pay just for verifiable sales/leads/CPA/CPL. 
  • Global reach. 
  • Best tracking and reporting system. 


Accepts affiliates with a reasonable volume.

Principal benefits: 

  • They are experts. 
  • Affiliate managers and veteran accounts are helpful.
  • They assist You. 
  • Proactive advertising increases its effectiveness. Detectives. 
  • The company has an investigating team. 
  • Punctual payments. 
  • AffiliaXe always covers on time. 
  • Commission approval 100%. 
  • All major payment options.

2. Elementor 

Elementor's Affiliate ProgramElementor’s Affiliate Program can help you sell superior products. 

The famous WordPress website builder is a top-15 plugin.

50% commission, an affiliate toolbox, and enthusiastic employees may help.

Element is also viral among the affiliate community. 

Element Pros

  • Ease of use is a significant advantage. 
  • Functionality is the second advantage. 
  • Customisation is the third advantage… 
  • Price/Value is the fourth advantage. 
  • Capabilities for integration… 
  • Sixth, the responsive design supports mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.

Element Cons

  • Problems with performance and/or site speed. 
  • Significant updates have resulted in bugs and headaches for users.

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3. GlobalDFO 

DFO Global is a great affiliate network. 

E-commerce is monitored, safe, and brand-protected.

DFO Global’s data analytics and management help affiliate marketers.

DFO Global’s Pros

  • Worked with a global e-commerce pioneer. 
  • DFO experience and connections. 
  • Good company

DFO Global’s Cons

  • Nothing to report

4. eBay partner network 

Here’s how you tap eBay’s affiliate market. 

You may earn a commission by marketing eBay items online.

Easy eBay Partner Network sign-up. 

Hot trendy companies and daily deals are endlessly marketable. 

eBay partner network Pros

  • The EPN encourages novices and has a low admission barrier. 
  • World-famous brand 
  • Sales of 100 million goods 
  • You may give visitors more excellent value than Amazon here. 
  • Up to 70% sales commission 
  • PayPal allows payments.

eBay partner network Cons

  • 24-hour cookie — session-based cookie would be worse 
  • Their platform has several copies/knockoffs

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5. ShareASale 

The affiliate network ShareASale is enormous. 

Affiliates trust it after over 20 years.

User-friendly design, free sign-up, and many affiliates are highlights.

It contains 40 merchant categories, including brands.

ShareASale Pros

  • ShareASale sign-up and approval are more accessible than other networks. 
  • Now part of Awin, the investment ensures longevity. 
  • Their merchant portfolio has several hidden programmes. 
  • Finding the right affiliate programme (EPC, payment, etc.) is straightforward. 
  • Pay-per-call and two-tier plans are available. 
  • Publishers receive excellent tools like a banner maker.

ShareASale Cons

  • The affiliate dashboard/homepage is basic and untidy. 
  • Their customer service appears teen-made. 1997

6. GiddyUp 

GiddyUp finds you profitable businesses.

GiddyUp’s concept for performance-based relationships is Partner Marketing. 

Translation? Brands and you both win. 

You must be a super-serious affiliate to benefit.

If you qualify, apply. 

GiddyUp Pros

  • Small business with flexible hours, pleasant coworkers, and kind supervisors.

GiddyUp Cons

  • When business is slow, it’s challenging to find work.

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7. M4trix 

M4trix Network has deals in less-travelled areas. 

This global affiliate network might help you in non-saturated markets.

Con M4trix 


  • This company is behind many spam/scams for trash stuff.
  •  Such as cheap Chinese crap that sells for hundreds of dollars.

I included this company in my article to warn you not to get involved with them. 

There are no Pros to report.

8. Wealthy Affiliate Program 

Wealthy Affiliate is not only an Affiliate Product you can promote.

Learn product marketing with a free account.

Wealthy Affiliate’s education and community are the finest.

Training, tools, a website, and mentoring attract 1.4 million members.

Free Starter Membership includes a Domain Name and Web Hosting. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s owners are Kyle and Carson. 

Affiliate marketing school WA has over 1.4 million members.

Wealthy Affiliate is a well-known internet business.

What is the Cost of it all? 

Wealthy Affiliate is free or $49/month ($19 for the first month).

$359 annually. It includes access to basic training.

Staying with the Free Account is OK.

You will still keep your domain name and your WordPress website. 

You can still promote the platform and get a commission.

The commission is a little less than with the paid account. 

Wealthy Affilaite Pros

  • Quick action is required. 
  • Affordable with no hidden fees or upsells 
  • Including all of the necessary tools. 
  • Live webinars and status updates every week 
  • A community that is both helpful and active

Wealthy Affiaite Cons

  • No refunds 
  • Some of the fundamental training needs to be updated. 
  • The promotion of WA is given priority. 
  • An excessive amount of information

Commission at Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate Commission Statement

9. Digistore24 


Digistore24 links product makers (vendors), sales partners (affiliates), and customers. 

We help product makers collaborate with sales partners. 

They don’t need to follow sales practices. 

Our system changes all product variables. 

Digistore24’s support team can quickly answer most customer questions. 

We monitor new legislation and update the system as needed. 

Customers, product vendors, and payment service providers trust Digistore24. 

PayPal, payment card companies, and banks utilise this tactic.

This lets us provide conventional and customised payment choices. 

Digistore24 Pros

  • Participation is free and simplifies affiliate ties. 
  • Automates sales procedures

Digistore24 Cons

  • Products with restricted availability 
  • In most cases, technical issues will develop.

10. ClickBank 

Two hundred million individuals buy ClickBank’s 6 million digital items.

This programme benefits from ClickBank’s consistent payments.

Frequent sales imply money and upsell chances.

Clickbanks’s Pros

  • Program promotion seldom needs approval. 
  • Affiliate marketing without a website’s most significant network. 
  • Top programmes average $50 per sale. 
  • You can promote recurring commission schemes. 
  • The merchant’s landing page pre-sells most products. 
  • Digital products work with email/social media 
  • Easy affiliate link creation

Clickbank Cons

  • The Marketplace is functioning but antiquated after 19 years. 
  • Programs with high refund rates

11. AffiliateCJ 



CJ Affiliate includes 300 companies, including the world’s largest.

The program’s commissions increased 43% year-over-year, making it attractive. 

You must have a lot of traffic to be a publisher.

The toolkit may be overwhelming. 

It’s great for affiliate marketers. 

AffiliateCJ Pros

  • Easy-to-use dashboard and interface for affiliate marketing newbies 
  • Direct display advertising (flat price and commission) possibilities 
  • Affiliate programmes are easy to locate. 
  • Support and tutorials simplify things.

AffiliateCJ Cons

  • This network has several big-name brands. 
  • Amazon-like learning curve.

12. PartnerStack 

PartnerStack LogoPartnerStack promotes products, including several popular apps. 

Channel partners sell 30% of software, says the company. 

If your audience is interested in software, you can capitalise. 

PartnerStack helps affiliate marketers and product owners track growth.

Affiliate marketers and programmes differ. 

Your audience, niche, and personality may favour other affiliate networks.

PartnerStack Pros

  • Find promotional graphics and banners. 
  • Here are referrals and success measures. 
  • Clean, user-friendly UI.

PartnerStack Cons

  • I couldn’t find old income statements.
  • Switching apps isn’t always straightforward.
  • The shipment log and other paperwork improvements.

13. Amazon’s affiliate programme

Amazon's affiliate programmeAmazon’s affiliate programme is one of the oldest. 

It covers all of their internet offerings. 

You may sell Amazon items and earn a part of the profit. 

There’s something for everyone, from books to bullhorns. 

Amazon’s affiliate network is easy to use, especially for beginners (s).

Amazon’s Pros

  • 385 million Amazon products for Associates to promote 
  • You profit from their client service. 
  • Easy link creation and administration 
  • Dashboard for affiliates

Amazon’s Cons

  • Amazon changes commission rates like underwear. 
  • 24-hour cookies are terrible. 

This is only the top of the affiliate iceberg.

Conclusion Image

This will help you sell digital products faster, making more money.

  • Use your blog to generate revenue.
  • Try not to attempt to complete it by yourself.
  • Be willing to pick up new skills.
  • The advantages of social media.
  • Avoid producing false material.
  • Cultivate connections.
  • Promote consumer-value-oriented products.

Start here for affiliate marketing practice. 

Thanks for reading! Post your thoughts and queries in the box below.

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