How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate 3 Terrific Ways

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Are you wondering how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate or what it is? You are in the right Place.

First, let’s find out what it is all about.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that gives members the tools, training, and support they need to start and run their own successful online businesses.

It provides a full range of services, including web hosting, SEO optimisation, content creation, and marketing campaigns.

Users can establish their own digital business from scratch or take an existing business to the next level with Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive package of services and support.

No matter your business experience, Wealthy Affiliate will help you reach your goals.

Wealthy Affiliate Comunity

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I love the community.

WA has excellent courses and training to establish a successful online business, but the community is the extra support we need when things become challenging.

Almost 800,000 international persons live in WA.

Everyone—parents, college students, grandparents—working for the same goal.

From rookies to seasoned bloggers, marketers, and businesses, everyone in this group can help.

Want to learn about Wealthy Affiliate and its community? Read my post:

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

These questions and more may be answered!

Other than Internet advertising, how can you earn money with Wealthy Affiliate?

So, I want to ensure you get started, so I’ll get right to the point and tell you the three ways you may make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

1. Create an Internet business.

Wealthy Affiliate helps you start an internet business and generate money.

How can they? Offering all the tools you need to develop a successful internet business.

Why running an online business is one of the best ways to generate money nowadays.

Over 4 million people use the internet to shop, research, and get advice.

Why most online businesses can flourish.

Why almost? Because you need the appropriate individuals to achieve any aim.

Any entrepreneur can start an Internet business.

Profitable Wealthy Affiliate Businesses.

These are ways to generate money on Wealthy Affiliate with your own business.


Wealthy Affiliate’s most popular online business is blogging.

For those who enjoy sharing their expertise, a blog is ideal.

Internet users want help. First choice! Insane, right?

What is a blog, and how can you generate money with one?

Just follow the instructions in WA, and you are on your way – The sky is the limit.

Online Store

Online Store

This is another type of Wealthy Affiliate online company.

Online stores let you sell your own or others’ products.

This option is convenient for retailers who sell in-store or online.

Online stores can reach more customers and make more purchases.

What if you have no things to sell? No worries!

You can still run an internet business and sell affiliate products.

See my post on Affiliate Programmes to learn more.


Any website can make money, not just blogs or online stores. Any website can make money.

If you’re an excellent reporter, you could create a new website. Websites may host anything.

Always responsibly. Earn money? With advertising! Website advertisers pay.

Are these three online companies free to start?

Learn more at WA Website.

2. WA Referral Program

The Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program is another option to make money.

Like other referral programmes, Wealthy Affiliate pays for referrals.

You get paid when someone you invited joins Wealthy Affiliate.

The commision is monthly, which is much better! Not once, like most reference applications.

Depending on your Wealthy Affiliate membership type, you can earn two commissions.

Starter members have free accounts, while premium members pay for extra privileges.

One benefit is a larger referral programme commision.

As stated above, Starter members can generate good money.

I will show you how much you can earn by account below.

Making money as a Free or Basic member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Because of the introductory offer for new members in their first month, you make $4.00.

After that, you’ll earn $11.75 monthly if you remain a WA member.

Please enrol me as a Basic Member.

Please note that the referral fee is only paid if and when the person you referred upgrades to a paid plan.

The Premium Member’s Guide to Making Money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Each person you invite who signs up for a free account and uses your referral link earns you $1.00.

Incentives for new members to upgrade to a premium account include $8 in monthly earnings.

Assuming the premium account holder continues to pay the $23 monthly fee after the first month, you will earn $23 monthly.

You’ll get $1 if the person you suggested buys a domain name.

How much can you make through the Wealthy Affiliate referral programme? See Tabel Below.

Commisions at WA

3. Create Training for WA

Next, I’ll show you how to create training and lessons on Wealthy Affiliate, the platform’s third revenue stream.

The primary objective of WA is to help its members realise their ambition of running their own successful online venture.

The ultimate goal is not just to be business owners but to be financially successful.

WA members who develop any sort of training that aids in the achievement of these aims for others are rewarded monetarily.

How much money WA has for Training Creation?

Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer because it depends on the depth of the guidance provided by your instruction.

The success of your training may be evaluated by the number of
individuals who view it and the responses it receives in the form of
likes and comments.

In conclusion, your compensation will increase as your course gains in popularity.

That makes sense, don’t you agree?

So, you can make money on Wealthy Affiliate if your expertise in
blogging, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, social networks, or
any other tip you have can help someone establish their online business.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Require a Financial Investment to Generate Income?

Felling because its Free

No! You may sign up for Wealthy Affiliate without providing the payment information or a credit card number.

Free accounts provide you with two web pages to use as you choose.

If you’re a beginner member (free version), you can make money by referring others to WA.

As you can see, there is no cost to join Wealthy Affiliate and gain access to the tools and resources necessary to make money there.

Nevertheless, only Premium members may make money on Wealthy Affiliate by creating tutorials.

As a premium member, you can earn more through referrals than you would as a starting member.

You can make money online with Wealthy Affiliate, so why not try?

It really works!

You can start your own online business if you want to be your own boss. How do you feel about that?


  • Web hosting with unsurpassed stability, lightning-fast page loads, and many extras.
  • Recorded instruction totalling thousands of hours
  • Authentic weekly training with open Q&A
  • Around 1.4 million active users contribute regularly.
  • A keyword research tool, free training, and two free websites are provided.


Because of how interactive the community is, it has the potential to be engrossing.

Income stability may not be achieved for at least six months.


Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

Because most people want fast money, Wealthy Affiliate is not worth it.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam. After joining Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate marketing will take months, if not years, to make money.

Process, not event. Yet, Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate for that reason.


It tells you how to develop a sustainable online business in a few hours, not hundreds of dollars.

Q. How legit is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is respectable, but they would never pretend to teach you how to make money fast. Establishing a genuine online business takes time…

Wealthy Affiliate is all about communicating with other members, asking for assistance, sharing insights, and sharing your triumphs.

It’s a training ground.

It teaches Affiliate marketing success and failure.

Newbies assume they can make money by spamming affiliate links. No.

Q. How much does it cost to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate offers two pricing options:

Beginning membership costs nothing – joining, learning, and staying indefinitely is free.

Premium membership is $19 for the first month (if you take advantage of the 59% discount within the first 7 days of joining) and $49 for subsequent months.

Keep an eye out for 6-month and 12-month memberships with steep discounts and a Special Black Friday promotion in November each year that can save you up to 50% off your subscription.


No matter which method of making money on Wealthy Affiliate you choose, Wealthy Affiliate is an outstanding choice for anybody looking for a legitimate way to make money online.

I see you inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Free Domain Name, WordPress and Support.

Chance of Earning a Commision.

Basic Training Included.

>> Instant Access <<

Thank you for Stopping By


Till the next time



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  1. Hi Elke,

    Thanks for the information about Wealthy Affiliate – it sounds like there’s many ways to make money with this platform!

    Is the training easy to follow and is it suitable for beginners too?

    One issue I’ve had with other training programs is that there’s often other tools you need to buy in order to follow along. Is that the case with Wealthy Affiliate or is everything included?

    Thanks for your help

    Best wishes


    1. Hi John, Thank you for your comment

      I can put you at ease. Everything is included once you join.

      There are two accounts. The first is the Free Account with a Free domain name, WordPress and support.

      Basic training is included.

      You can say with the Free Account as long as you want.

      The second option is the premium Account, where the training is more detailed.

      Again once you joint the premium account, everything is included.

      Here is a price run down

      Starter – free. Premium – $19 first month, then $49 per month.

      Premium Plus – $49 first month, then $99 per month.

      It is a great way to learn affiliate marketing, and everyone is so helpful.

      I hope this helps.