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This is an in-depth study on the best Affiliate Program to make money in 2022

What is Affiliate Marketing all about?

This is what affiliate marketing and internet marketing are all about: selling online and generating money.

Blogging for fun is fine, but making money on the side is always a plus.

Some top bloggers make a passive income of up to $40,000 per year (some in a month) simply by marketing affiliate programmes. Pat Flynn is an example, and then some make much more.

Blog or Website?

If you have a blog or website or are thinking about starting one, why not use some well-established large companies to make some money as well?

If you are a novice wanting to establish a blog or website. I have created a thorough comparison of website hosting companies that make it simple to launch a blog.

But first, let’s look at several Australian affiliate programmes that might make you money.

Why are huge brands so appealing?

Because it’s simple to market, significant companies are well-known and have already earned that goodwill, so why not capitalize on it?

All you have to do is supply the information that the consumer is looking for plus a little more to differentiate yourself from the competition, and then add a good call to action (buy) and receive a sale soon.

Selling a Product

Of course, if the brand is unfamiliar, it makes selling a product on your blog website a little more complicated.

In this piece, I’ll cover some top brands that may help you generate money from your blog, as well as some advice on how to make money with these well-known businesses.

You don’t have to be a skilled affiliate or internet marketer to generate money from your website today.

All you need is an excellent blog with some traffic.

How to Join These Affiliate Programs

Many affiliate programme businesses gather together many top brand companies to advertise under their one programme. You may sign up with this company to promote many rather than signing up separately with each leading brand.

Prominent Affiliate Programme

Prominent affiliate programme firms representing top brands include Commission Junction (CJ), Share a Sale (, Maxbounty, eBay Network, and Peerfly.

Other smaller firms provide digital downloads and CPA schemes, such as Clickbank, Neverblue, and Offer vault.

The benefit of joining up with an aggregated publisher/seller programme like commission junction is that it is easy to sign up with just one account and receive authorisation to advertise several primary brand goods on their list.

Top Brand Website

Otherwise, you’d have to sign up with each unique top brand website to promote them.

Some big businesses continue to run their own affiliate programmes through their own websites, so you may still need to join up directly with the companies reseller/partner/affiliate programme.

I’ve had some success advertising items through an Australian associate programme website.

Still, I find the US-based Commission Junction and several other direct affiliate schemes far more valuable and competent in their customer care.

Wealthy Affiliates

This is a community of like-minded people who want to secede at building a lucrative online marketing business. When you join you get a FREE domain mane and Webhosting. There is ongoing expert training available.Wealthy Affiliate Logo

You also get a FREE Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy.

Wealthy Affiliates is the best training platform I have come across.

Australian Affiliate Programmes

Here are several Australian affiliate programmes, as well as some affiliate firms headquartered in the United States.

Because this list is about affiliate networks, you will find some of my affiliate links and direct connections to affiliate programmes or direct product websites on this page.

2019 Australian Partner Affiliate and Reseller Programs

“GrowthOps uses the Impact platform to manage affiliate programmes for major merchants such as Dell, Kogan, Agoda, and Rebel Sports.Kogan Logo

” There’s a vast selection of creatives accessible to assist you market, as well as nearly unlimited reporting tools to help you analyze what’s working.”

APD bought Commission Monster years ago, and GrowthOps bought them last year.


They have electronics, finance, websites, e-commerce businesses, and many more goods to advertise. Their user interface is unfriendly and appears to be outdated. Clixgalore Image


They provide an excellent selection of companies to advertise in various areas and a user-friendly interface for affiliates.

I joined them two years ago, and their member interface is spotless and practical.

They have a highly organized support page for WordPress plugins, Data feeder software, automatic plugins, and more to help you publish their offers and discounts on your website.

Individual Affiliate Programs

3. Deals Direct

I’m not sure if this is still available. I dislike firms that abruptly terminate their affiliate programme.

We now have to spend time changing all of the links, and if we don’t, they gain free traffic and purchases while we lose money due to their discontinuance.



They sell Fashion, Footwear, and Accessories.

Their default commission is up to 16 per cent (average basket value $120).

Top sales might get individual commissions and customized rates.


Because this is a travel firm, you may promote hotel accommodations, flights, auto rentals, package holidays, and local activity goods all over the world.


Is the eighth most popular domain in Australia.

Because this is an Australian website hosting and domain name firm, you can market website-related items.Crazydomains Logo .com

Get Paid a Commission on Referrals. Earn up to 40% profit on every transaction made through your referrals for the next 60 days.


Groupon offers a fresh bargain every day, ranging from spa and restaurant coupons to save on leisure, travel, beauty, and sports.

They appear to present a fantastic deal at a tremendous price of up to 70% off every day!

8% commission rates Cookie-Lifetime: 30 days

9. Ladbrokes

Their Standard Partner programme enables you to market a worldwide brand with cutting-edge technology and functionality. is fully licensed and regulated, and it covers all Australian racing and sporting events.

The commission is

From a 25% revenue share to a $75 CPA


Many US-based affiliate networks are popular among Australian bloggers because they provide a wider choice of items and cover vendors from

Australian marketplaces

CJ and Peerfly are two good examples.

10. Apple Affiliate & ITUNES programme

Apple is a well-known computer and gadget manufacturer, and they also offer an affiliate programme that rewards you for selling for them.

11. iTunes Affiliate

One of the most prominent online music shops is iTunes.

They also have applications and much more.

You can use their connections on your website or app to link to millions of tunes and thousands of applications.Apple iTunes Logo

They also sell books, movies, and TV series — and generate money for Apple and yourself.

Using their reporting data on their website, you can dig down all sales in a given country. Then download the report to find out which ads did the best during that period and promote them for commission.

12. Norton Anti-Virus Software and McAfee Security Software

Everyone needs to keep their computer secure, and Norton antivirus is a well-known name; get money by reviewing this software on your site.

You may join up with CJ for this. Other prominent antivirus and security product suppliers, such as McAfee, and more popular goods to market in CJ.


Education is a multi-billion-dollar industry with some highest CPC keywords on Google.

With the introduction of online learning websites such as UDEMY, Linda, and many more, online education has grown popular.

Promote Udemy with affiliate links and discount coupons to learn cooking, SEO, website building courses, languages, and so on, or Linda to learn online marketing, photography, video editing, Word, and Excel.

14. Google Apps for Work Affiliate

If you advertise Google Apps for Work, you will also receive a partner discount.

However, you must be allowed to promote the theme as a partner, and it is a little more complicated than other affiliate programmes because it is handled directly by Google. Google Apps Logo

With this software, you may advertise Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings, and other services.

15. Google Cloud Platform Partner Program

With this Google partner programme, you may sell cloud storage, App engine, big data, and networking.

Based on your partner level, you may gain customers to sell, create, deliver, support, manage apps and deploy solutions for clients on Google’s Cloud Platform products.


This is an accounting software website that you may market to small firms who seek a simple accounting solution to handle it themselves.

With their website, which is intended to accommodate most smart devices, you can conduct almost all of your accounting online and on the move.

Promo Material is accessible at CJ 19. Microsoft’s affiliate programme

By recommending Microsoft goods, you may earn substantial commissions on Office 365, Surface, Xbox, PCs, and Windows Store content such as

  • Applications
  • Games
  • Music
  • Movies
  • TV shows

It’s not too difficult if they’re giving comparable rates in your nation (not AUS)

The only drawback is that it only pays a 10% commission on qualified purchases.


Work hard, play hard.

Travelling will always exist, and there is a big market to be exploited.

Make money by marketing to this Logo

If you travel frequently, this should be simple with just providing honest evaluations of places you’ve visited or simply promoting the region you reside in.

Earn money by advertising hotel reservations.

Apart from, additional suppliers include, Agoda, Expedia (CJ), and others.


I need a quick job done for $5. It is possible.

On this website,, you will find anything from beautiful things that you won’t believe you can get done for $5 to some strangest things that individuals will do for you for $5.

Be warned: once you try it, you will become addicted.

19. Bluehost Web Hosting is number

If you want to run an online company or blog, you’ll need a website, and if you want a website, you’ll need website hosting.

With the rise of eCommerce and blogging, website hosting is a trendy commodity to advertise.Bluehost Webhosting Logo

Make money by advertising hosting.

Bluehost is well-known for its Webhosting services.

20. GoDaddy hosting

If you want to establish a website or blog, you will need a domain name, website hosting, and maybe additional items like an SSL certificate, a website builder, and so on from

They are among the leading domain name dealers on the internet.

GoDaddy used to operate its own affiliate programme, but now they have other affiliate networks, notably CJ, handling it for them.

21. Elegant WordPress Themes Program

Because WordPress is one of the most popular website software platforms globally, it is only natural for numerous WordPress website designers and firms to be present in this sector.

They are both premium high-end WP designs and themes and low-cost design firms.


A great site to find an extensive range of WordPress designs and plugins all in one location.

If you want to promote relatively cost WordPress themes, you may advertise Elegant Themes, which offers the most professional and reasonably priced membership for WP design pricing in this area.

Elegant themes are available for purchase, and subscription choices may be found here.

23. Template Monster

This website,, used to be a prominent distributor of website themes and Word Press designs.

Yet, due to the high level of competition in this area, they are not as noticeable online as they once were. They still offer a vast collection of website templates, designs, and add-ons. Template Monster Logo

It has fantastic items to market if you are into blogging or website development.

This list is not exhaustive, and there will be affiliate programmes that I have not covered.

I will most likely add to it as we go but do let me know if you have had any positive experiences with any affiliate networks — Based in Australia or the United States/United Kingdom

5 Ways to Succeed with Top Brand Affiliate Programs

1. Identify your market niche.

Even if you are marketing renowned companies, you will not have as much success unless your website is similarly linked to the subject you are promoting.

If you are marketing iTunes mp3s, you will have a greater chance of earning commissions if your site is about music and entertainment.

“Affiliate Blogger Pro”

I would recommend Rosalind Gardner, a super affiliate who has helped many people start their online affiliate marketing careers. She has two guides that she sells – one is called “Affiliate Blogger Pro”.Blogger Pro Logo

The other is an in-depth affiliate guide called “Super Affiliate.

These courses will undoubtedly show you how to get started earning money with affiliate marketing or how to enhance your current blog revenue.

2. Your blog entries must benefit your target audience and stand out or reach out to them.

3. You need focused traffic to the items you’re advertising. For example, if you’re blogging about songs and new albums, people should be searching Google, Bing, and Yahoo for new songs and new release albums and ending up on your site.

4. Your blog should appear professional or presentable.

The style of your blog or theme should be appropriate for your niche.

If it’s a recipe blog, get a professional-looking theme or design. Looks do matter.

5. Establish a personal relationship with your audience and talk directly to them, using (you), (I), and (them – affiliates) throughout your blog articles and posts.

6. Use similar sites to check what keywords your top brands are searching for and try to find similar but not identical phrases to rank for in search engines.

SEMRUSH, a premium software, is another well-paid programme for spying on other people’s websites and keywords.

7. Bonus -Don’t forget your call to action, even if it’s in a blog article.

Tools for promoting affiliate links:

Many major affiliate programmes include tools to help you promote their products, such as affiliate link builders, widget builders, RSS feed generators, and data feed APIs.

They also supply ready-made Banners in various sizes, as well as connecting codes that you can simply copy and paste onto your website or blog.


Coupons are a fantastic method to market a product, and many firms now provide discount coupons to make it simpler to promote certain goods to customers.

There are also bespoke plugins that make the process of putting links into a blog easier on your blog.

How to Link to Affiliate Program Links From Your Blog

Most prominent bloggers utilize WordPress plugins to connect to affiliate items.

While this is a beautiful strategy, it may frequently backfire because specific affiliate programmes do not allow it.

Before you do this, be sure to read the terms and conditions or verify with the affiliate network; otherwise, you might generate sales and forfeit the money.I recommend that you take an Affilorama online course.

Mark Ling, who founded this, is a fantastic Internet marketer, and if you want to practice affiliate marketing, the affilorama course will provide you with a good foundation.

Some popular WordPress plugins for handling affiliate links are:

1. Pretty link – lite There are both free and paid versions.

2. Thirsty affiliates

3. SEO ultimate plugin – It includes a good affiliate linking mechanism in their SEO plugin.

You may also utilize PHP redirects or add some code to your website to redirect affiliate links.

Use Google’s suggestion.

You may easily do not follow your affiliate links.

Here’s an example of a no-follow link.

Many prominent bloggers make a full-time living from passive revenue generated through affiliate networks.

You may do the same with your own site.

To be successful, you must increase targeted traffic to your product and create original and helpful content in that area.

If you believe I have omitted any valuable affiliate networks from this list, please email me or comment below.

I hope you enjoyed my article on Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money within 2022 Review.

Be so kind to leave your Comments and Questions Below.

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Best Affiliate Programs to make Money with in 2022 Review