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Best Affiliate Programs to make Money with Now 30 tips Guide

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Updated 13 July 2022

Best Affiliate Programs Now

Welcome-hand-shakeMy name is Elke, and I’m glad you stopped by my website.

Today I want to share the Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money with Now – 30 tips.

I also included 11 Pro Tips to get you started.

This is an in-depth look at the top Affiliate Program Now.

What’s affiliate marketing? 



Affiliate and internet marketing include selling online and making money. 

Blogging for enjoyment is lovely, but side income is better. 

Some top bloggers make $40,000 annually (some in a month) via affiliate marketing. 

Pat Flynn is one, and others make more. 

Website or blog? 



Why not employ well-established firms to generate money with your blog or website? 

If you’re new to blogging or website creation. 

I compared blog-friendly website hosting firms. 

But first, let’s look at some Australian affiliate programmes. 

Resource: How to write a Perfect Article for Your Affiliate Website Now

Why do big brands appeal? 

Why not leverage the goodwill of well-known, easy-to-market companies? 

Give the consumer a little extra, and they’ll buy.

1. Product-selling 

Unfamiliar brands are harder to sell on a blog.

This post recommends companies that can help you monetise your blog.

Your website may earn money without affiliate or internet marketing.

Just have a popular blog. 

Affiliate Program Joining Instructions 

Affiliate programme companies market well-known brands.

Sign up with this firm to market numerous top brands instead of individually. 

2. Affiliate Program Leader 

  • Commission Junction (CJ)
  • Share a Sale 
  • Maxbounty
  • eBay Network 
  • Peerfly represents notable brands. 
  • Clickbank
  • Neverblue 

And Provide vaults that offer digital downloads and CPA programmes. 

In commission junction’s publisher/seller arrangement, you require one account.

3. Top Site 

Otherwise, you’d have to join each top brand’s website. 

Some large corporations have affiliate programmes, so you may need to enrol.

I’ve had success with an Australian affiliate website. 

Commission Junction and other US-based affiliate programmes enjoy better customer service.

Resource: The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint – eBook

4. Wealthy Affiliates 

This is a network of internet marketing entrepreneurs. 

Join for a free Now domain and Webhosting for life. 

Basic training with Free Account. 

FREE Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy – 30 Searches with Free Account. 

Jaaxy lite included in paid Wealthy Affiliate Membership. 

Wealthy Affiliates is my favourite training platform. 

5. Affiliates in Australia 

Here are Australian and US affiliate programmes. 

This list is about affiliate networks. 

Here are some of my affiliate links and direct product links.

Australian Affiliate and Reseller Programs 2019 

GrowthOps runs Dell, Kogan, Agoda, and Rebel Sports affiliate programmes on Impact.

“Marketing creatives and reporting systems assist you in understanding what’s working.

GrowthOps purchased APD’s Commission Monster last year.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business A – Z

6. Clixgalore 

Their outdated user interface promotes electronics, banking, the internet, and e-commerce.


They offer affiliates a wide variety of advertisers and a user-friendly interface. 

Their member interface is clean and practical. 

Their support page has WordPress plugins, Data feeder software, and automated plugins.

8. Affiliate programmes 

I don’t know whether it’s still available. 

I hate when firms terminate their affiliate programme.

We must change all the links. 

They receive free traffic and sales while losing money if we don’t. 

Fashion, Shoes, and Accessories are sold. 

Their default commission is 16% ($120 basket average). 

Top sales may obtain commissions and special rates. 

9. Travel Niche

You may sell hotels, flights, cars, vacation packages, and local activities worldwide as a travel company. 


Australia’s eighth-most-popular domain. 

You may sell website-related things at this Australian hosting and domain name company. 

Earn 40% commission on referrals over the following 60 days. 


Groupon provides daily deals on spas, restaurants, travel, beauty, and sports. 

They offer up to 70% discount every day. 

Cookie-Lifetime: 30 days 

12. Ladbrokes 

Their Standard Partner programme allows you to market cutting-edge technologies.

Ladbrokes.com.au covers all Australian racing and sports events.

From 25% to $75 CPA 

US and international affiliate programmes 

US-based affiliate networks provide more items and merchants to Australian bloggers.

13. Aussie markets 

Example: CJ and Peerfly. 

14. Apple Affiliate & ITUNES 

Apple’s affiliate programme pays you for selling its computers and gadgets. 

15. Affiliate iTunes 

iTunes is a popular online music retailer. 

Plus, they have apps. 

You may link to millions of songs and apps through their website or app. 

They sell books, movies, and TV shows, making Apple and your money. 

Their website offers nationwide sales, reports, and commission-based push top advertising.

Resource: Powerful SEO Tips and Tricks to Boost Traffic Now – Review

16. Norton Antivirus and McAfee Security 

Norton antivirus is well-known; evaluate it on your blog to get money. 

You may promote antivirus and security products like McAfee on CJ. 

17. Education Udemy, etc.

Education has some of Google’s top CPC keywords. 

Online education has gained popularity with UDEMY, Linda, and others. 

Udemy and Linda affiliate discounts for cooking, SEO, and more.

18. Google Apps Partner 

You’ll get a partner discount for promoting Google Apps for Work. 

Because Google administers it, it’s more complicated than other affiliate programmes.

This software promotes email, online storage, shared calendars, and video meetings.

19. Partner Program Google Cloud 

Google’s partner programme includes cloud storage, an App engine, big data, and networking.

You may sell, produce, distribute, support, manage, and deploy based on your partner level. 

20. Accounting Software

You may offer this accounting software website to small businesses.

You may complete all your bookkeeping on their mobile-friendly website.

21. Microsoft’s affiliate programme is CJ 19. 

You may earn commissions by promoting Office 365, Surface, Xbox, PCs, and Windows Store products. 

You can also promote: 

  • Applications 
  • Games 
  • Music 
  • Movies 
  • TV

Comparable rates in your country make it easy (not AUS) 

Only 10% of qualifying acquisitions are commissioned. 


Work hard, play hard. 

Travel will always exist, and it’s a huge business. 

This market is profitable. 

If you often travel, evaluating and advertising your location should be straightforward.

23. Advertise hotel bookings. 

Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia (CJ), and others are hotels.com competitors. 

24. Fiverr.com

It’s possible to do a quick job for $5. 

On fiverr.com, you may discover everything from lovely stuff for $5 to odd things for $5. 

Warning: it’s addictive. 

25. Bluehost.com 

You’ll need website hosting to establish an online business or blog. 

Website hosting is hot thanks to eCommerce and blogging.

26. Sell hosting ads. 

Bluehost’s Webhosting is well-known. 

27. Hostgator.com 

Start a website or blog using Godaddy.com products.

They’re a top domain name dealer. 

GoDaddy used to run its affiliate programme, but now CJ does. 

28. Elegant WP Themes 

Because WordPress is popular, many website designers and businesses utilise it.

Both provide quality WP designs & themes and low-cost designs. 


A resource with several WordPress themes and plugins. 

Elegant Themes has the best and most inexpensive WP design membership.

Elegant themes and subscriptions are available. 


www.templatemonster.com distributed website themes and Word Press designs. 

Due to competition, they’re less popular online, yet they construct websites.

It has excellent blogging and website development products. 

There are affiliate programmes I haven’t listed. 

Share your experience with Australian or US/UK affiliate networks.

Top Brand Affiliate Programs: 11 Pro Tips 

1. Find a speciality. 

Even if you’re promoting well-known brands, your website must be relevant. 

If your site is about music and entertainment, sell iTunes mp3s.

2.” Pro Blogger.” 

Rosalind Gardner’s instructions include “Affiliate Blogger Pro.”

Another is an affiliate guide, “Super-affiliate. 

These courses teach affiliate marketing and blog monetisation.

3. Your Blog Post

Your blog posts must benefit and reach your target audience. 

4. Advertising needs targeted visitors. 

Google, Bing, and Yahoo should find your music blogs.

5. Your blog should look good. 

Your blog’s look and speciality should match. 

Get a professional design for a recipe blog. Appearances count. 

Resource: How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing Today – Beginners Guide

6. Communicate Directly

Use you, I and affiliates to communicate directly with blog readers.

7. Top Brands

Use similar sites to see your top brands’ keywords and rank for similar but not identical terms. 

Premium software SEMRUSH can spy on websites and keywords. 

8. Call to Action 

Even in a blog post, include a call to action. 

9. Affiliate marketing tools

Large affiliate programmes provide widget builders, RSS feed generators, and APIs.

They supply ready-made Banners and connecting codes you may copy and paste.

10. Coupons 

Many companies provide discount coupons to help sell products to clients. 

Custom plugins make linking to your blog more accessible. 

11. How to Link Blog Affiliate Links 

Most popular bloggers link to affiliate products using WordPress plugins. 

This is a good idea, but some affiliate programmes don’t allow it. 

Read the affiliate network’s terms and conditions first.

I propose taking an Affilorama online course. 

The affilorama course by Mark Ling teaches affiliate marketing.

Popular WordPress affiliate plugins include: 

1. Pretty link lite is free and paid. https://wordpress.org/plugins/pretty-link/ 

2. Affiliates parched 

3. SEO ultimate plugin offers affiliate linking. 

You may redirect affiliate links with PHP or website code. 

Google it.

Many famous bloggers live off affiliate earnings. 

Your site might be similar. 

Increase product traffic and provide helpful content.

If I missed any affiliate networks, please email me or comment below. 

Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money by 2022 Review. 

Leave comments and questions below.Keep going

Till Next Time