Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is it Really For You?

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Wealthy Affiliate Review Is It Really for You?

By Elke, I Robins 26 January 2022

Hello and welcome to my website.

I am sure by now, you would have already heard about Wealthy Affiliate and now, you want to find out if WA is a scam.

Let me start by saying that I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for many months and have never regretted it.

I am not trying to promote the platform I just want to share with you here I am when it comes to WA.

Platform’s Flaws…

In fact, I will discuss some of the platform’s flaws and why WA is not ideal for everyone in my review.

Most evaluations, I must confess, are prejudiced, and this one will be no exception.

You may ask “Why bother to read any further”?

It’s not every month, but I’m a member and still sometimes struggle to generate any money.

If you decide to read further, you can find out if Wealthy Affiliate I is for you.

Also, you may be pleasantly surprised at what WA has to offer.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: WealthyAffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Founded: 2005

Recommended: Yes (and NO – read section who should not purchase the premium membership)

Wealthy Affiliate Summary

Online instructional platform Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to build a website, attract organic traffic, and monetize it.

There are two introductory courses: one on niche marketing and promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Besides these two fundamental courses, there is lots more micro training, webinars, and workshops.

The WA platform also features a social component where users may interact by asking questions and exchanging opinions.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 and now boasts over 1.5 million members.

Only a few thousand people use the platform.

Unlike many other online courses, the first 10 classes are accessible only by entering an email address.

Affiliate Marketing…

By now, you are aware that the Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work Diagram

So, what is it?

A business model that connects customers and vendors. Affiliate marketing is a simple business idea.

That’s why it’s for novices.

Affiliate marketing is also the first step to becoming an SEO expert or selling your own course.

If you are interested in e-commerce (or dropshipping), you should understand affiliate marketing

What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Weatlhy Affiliate Platform Diagram

Wealthy Affiliate is an instructional website that teaches long-term online revenue generation.

This includes choosing a topic, building a website, getting organic (free) traffic, and monetizing it.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest business strategies to learn, making it suitable for beginners and intermediate marketers.

The WA platform has a social component where users may chat, share ideas, ask questions, and create micro-courses.

A problem with the website or WordPress is quickly resolved thanks to excellent service.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 and now boasts 1.5 million customers.

Who Is Behind the Wealthy Affiliate?

Pictures of WA Team members

Kyle and Carson launched Wealthy Affiliate.

They are still very much involved.

Well, Kyle is nearer to them.

Carson is more into the platform’s technical side.

More than 30 employees continually monitor the platform to ensure it functions properly.

Jay is a Wealthy Affiliate live video trainer.

Team member of wealthy affiliate

Video Instruction…

His weekly video instruction is essential for internet marketers.

Because all webinars are recorded, you may view them later if you can’t attend the live session.

For example, in December 2021, Jay held a 14-day live case study on “Research to Profits”.

Among them:

• Examining Niche

• Affiliate Program Research

• Keyword Research

• Web Design

• Tracking & Socials

• Core Content Writing the Content Creation Spreadsheet and Calendar

• Writing the 1st and 2nd Blog Posts

• Choosing Writers Such knowledge is valuable and may be found elsewhere, but at least for a few hundred dollars. (I know of less-than-$1,000 digital courses.)

What Is Inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform?

What Is Inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform?

I’ve previously mentioned what’s within the platform in the last part.

I’d want to talk about the platform’s fundamental training.

I try not to bore you with specifics in my review.

You may try it for free but let me give you a quick overview of the training platform.

The primary classes are specialised marketing and Bootcamp.

It is basically about making money online and promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Online Entrepreneur Training

online entrepreneurs Certification

Online Entrepreneur Certification courses explain how to start and build a firm.

You may either select a passion or at least an interest.

If you’re unsure, you’ll discover how to choose a profitable speciality.

The training has five levels. You create your company while studying each level’s ten lessons.

Online revenue may be generated in 6 to 10 months, depending on the specialisation.

Of course, particular niches take longer, emphasising “evergreen” material.

Please leave a comment below or contact me directly inside the site to learn more about niches.

Choosing a speciality is the first and most crucial stage. I wasted over a year before deciding.

Don’t do what I did.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

This training may be a bit more complex than the one before.

Members are taught how to build a company around promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

As you’ll have guessed, I’ve got more responsible for this training moreover (have not finished it yet).

Also, if you’re inquisitive about the make-money-online niche, this Bootcamp is for you.

Other Training

Additional Classes

Other micro-courses, training, and tutorials are available.

These include webinars (such as those presented by Jay, as noted above) and training developed by seasoned marketers.

Who Is the WA For?


When I initially discovered this platform, I wanted to know how to build a website.

And I didn’t want to be a part of any large platform.

After a month of study, I decided to give it a go.

After a few weeks, I upgraded to an annual subscription and haven’t left since.

This is for anyone looking to generate money with an essential website.

They want step-by-step instruction with help in case of complications.

Also, many newbies are unaware that WA provides other resources like keyword research tools.

This technology is vital for organic traffic, and you will learn how to utilise it so that your website ranks high in Google.

Most members have attempted at least one training and been dissatisfied.

They were either deceived or lacked knowledge and information.

Who Is It Not For?

Who is it For

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I know it’s not for everyone.

Most people give up in the first four or five weeks of a new endeavour.

A 9-5 job isn’t a terrible thing, they discovered. One of my main reasons is the 9-5.

No, I will never, ever work for anybody else.

The compensation was okay, but I still lacked independence working for numerous firms in three or four countries.

I realise not everyone can be their own boss.

In short, you are both your worst employer and employee.

Wealthy Affiliate has the most excellent tools I’m aware of for affiliate marketing even the finest tool is only 50% effective.

Or even less. So, if you’re driven, you can get a lot of free knowledge.

Setting up a Website…

Setting up a website, choosing a good host, ranking high, keyword research, picking a topic…

All this information is probably accessible for free nowadays. Doubtful.

To learn how to construct a website, I joined WA in 2021.

Setting up a website

And I’m not sorry.

Everything is under one roof.

Am I here to upsell?

Maybe I am, but I don’t feel like “forcing” someone.

Let me demonstrate the affluent affiliate concept.

And the choice is yours. You may test it for free.

Check out the first 10 lessons and decide if it’s what you’re looking for.

I’ve watched several tutorials, training, and courses, but this was the best. Please explore other courses.

There are numerous, and I’m sure you’d prefer a different approach

Anyone Can Test It Out for Free

WA get ready to start making money online

Kyle and Carson have been in the company for 15 years.

I can tell they plan ahead. They are not the kind that creates training and then retires to a beach.

They are devoted employees who teach long-term strategies.

Method Evergreen and they opened up the platform.

And here I am again, pitching. The 7-day free trial is why I am convinced you won’t dislike me.

It’s free to try. Your email address is enough.

Yes. How many courses have a free trial?

None come to mind. Yes, several give a 30-day money-back guarantee. Frequently, there are conditions for refunds.

What Is the Price?

What's the price

This is probably your favourite part. It’s logical.

It’s your money. I could go on about how this is an investment that you won’t regret… Don’t purchase anything if you can’t afford it.

You can still check out the platform and learn. You’ll acquire some perspective.

So, there are 3 membership levels.

1) Free Membership – 0$

Free Membership – 0$

Starting Membership is Free…

The starting membership is free, and you may join up with only your email.

You’ve seen the first ten classes and know what to anticipate.

Obviously, it is just a small part of the training.

Using a credit card is required to enter the main training section.

2) Premium Membership $ 49 a Month (Or $580 per year).

Premium Membership $ 49 a Month (Or $580 per year).

You have everything you need, and this was the solely paid membership until 2021.

So, the training is still available after 2021.

With a 61% discount, the first month of premium membership is just $19. Plus, there’s a premium plus:

3) Premium Plus – $99/mo. (Or $998/a)

Premium Plus – $99/mo. (Or $998/a)

This is a new package for 2021

You also gain access to advanced webinars in addition to the basic training.

This is for folks who already make money online. Don’t misunderstand.

Also, many newcomers switch to premium plus to fully use the WA platform.

If you obtain a 50% discount for the first month, the price is $49 for the first month.

Wealthy Affiliate Issues Let me simply go through some of the criticisms you may have read elsewhere.

1) No Refund

No Refund

That is not totally true.

As seen in the picture above, members requested a refund in September 2021.

Many reviews expose merely half-truths.

2) Rankings


While this may upset some, excellent WA rankings are vital for others.

It’s useless; therefore, being in the top 50 doesn’t mean earning more money than someone ranked 300.

It’s mainly about how active, helpful, and creative you are on the site. I don’t care about the number.

3) Training Obsolete

Training Obsolete

True, and numerous videos from years ago exist.

Because the platform has so much training, updating all videos takes time and effort. But the idea is the same.

In this atmosphere, everyone learns an evergreen approach.

However, it has been confirmed that all training films will be updated in 2022.

And I notice some have already been updated.

4) WA Members…

Don’t Live Most of our 1 million+ members earn under $300 per month.

Agreed. Many of them fail.

Most left after a few months. Don’t you think that’s true in any field?

I want to see a platform where most earn over $300 each month.

Even the top universities don’t turn out millionaires.

In truth, only 5% of individuals really achieve financial independence.

And it will take years (assuming they are not in debt).

Success is inevitable if one is devoted, persistent, and access Wealthy Affiliate‘s resources.

5) Poor Course Design

It may seem overwhelming at first.

This platform has been maintained for over 15 years, and they strive to keep it simple.

Initially, finding training and resources might be difficult.

It takes a while, but you will see that they did an excellent job.

Also, the first course includes a walk-through video that will teach you how to effortlessly navigate the site.

22 min walk through video picture

You may really enter the platform and watch the 20-minute film.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

You will not fail we promise. logo

I’ve taken several classes and tutorials in my 10+ years of studies, so I know what works.

I had viewed several internet courses on my journey to independence… and it took me years to find a Wealthy Affiliate.

I realised it was real when I saw current members engage with Kyle and Carson.

4 digits in 8 months…

Some members reach 4 digits in 8 months, while others take longer.

But many people in WA know how to use knowledge and outsource labour to focus on other elements of the business.

So, the WA must have something.

Success Stories at WA

Success Stories

Let me state upfront that not all WA members earn 4 figures per month.

Is it the training? No way.

It’s about folks who don’t act or quit.

Let’s look at it this way:

When I began studying business administration, the first semester had 1,500 students.

After 5 years, roughly 150 students graduated.

Is it the school?

No. “I am not a responsible person,” confessed a student after failing a math test. I’m leaving university”.

Make Wise Choices…

He did. My argument is don’t blame the tool. Not always. Be modest and make wise choices.

And happy. So, let’s look at some instances of individuals who didn’t give up and kept going.

Echter Zeugnis Dylan’s website sold for $30k.

Success Story No 2

And this isn’t his first sale.

In April 2018, he sold another site for $40,000.

Kenny Lee earned $4000 as an Amazon Associate. Just Amazon.


To be an affiliate marketer, you may join any number of schemes.

Here’s another example:

Chris earned $2,000 via YouTube AdSense.

via YouTube AdSense.

The most significant part is he shares his expertise and teaches others how to do so.

It is free of charge. You are a premium (or premium plus) member and have access to this training.

“Or $5,000 each week?”

Success Story 3

And it’s not just about financial success.

You may discover how to bring your website to the top page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You will learn how to outrank your competitors and become a niche expert.

The sky is the limit once you master it.


Wealthy Affiliate has tools to aid with technical SEO (since the hosting is provided and top-quality hosting).

Conclusion Is it? I realise that reading a few reviews about WA may not be enough for you.

But I suppose you’ve previously tried out a few courses or at least looked at them.

Your email address…

You may join up and try the first 10 classes for free if you’re intrigued. Your email address is enough.

I outline what is going on inside WA, feel to join, and I will welcome you to the platform.

I hope you liked Wealthy Affiliate Review Is it Really For You?

Please post questions, comments, or issues below

or on the WA platform and I will address them gladly.

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6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is it Really For You?”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate I also questioned if it was for me last year. I first thought it was a scam. But then I heard there is a free starter membership. I of course gave it a try. It is almost a year and I am still using wealthy affiliate! I learnt so much through this platform and still learning new techniques to make money online. Thus, I would encourage any newbie to try the free starter membership to see if this is for you. You have nothing to lose cause you not paying anything in the starter membership.

    • Thank you for your Comment, Bernard

      Yes, you have nothing to lose because it is free which is great. I joined last year myself and learned new things every day. I also like the community they are so helpful. 

      The 24/7 support is also great they come back to you usually on the same day.

      Keep on going and Good luck

      Thanks again


  2. I believe that you have provided a very sober review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You have weaved your review from the inception with the founder and key staff, on through the training, BootCamp, community, certification and setting up a website. You have laser-focused on who is a right fit and who is not. Dispelled some of the misconceptions and said that while WA is not perfect they do a darn good job at trying to be. I feel confident that this is a solid training platform for my journey into affiliate marketing. Thank you so much.

    • Thank You Only1hugh for your comment.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to be with. You learn so much and the training works if you follow it exactly as it is outlined. 

      I think you get a lot for your money or even with a Free account at WA.

      Keep up the Good Work 


  3. Thank you, Elke! Your website lays submits the knowledge one needs to make an informed decision. Thank you for not being afraid to mentions some of the online frustrating “how to make money online cheats”. I had my share of scams and yet the money I had was a loan. You can imagine how that goes after being scammed! Then I stumbled on the Wealthy Affiliates program, it felt like someone who had been walking in a desert for a very long time finally finding water to quench their thirst.

    Keep up the good work, you are spot on!


    • Thank You, Kayafa for your comment.

      I am glad that I could shed light on the subject of Wealthy Affiliates it is a great platform to be with.

      It is very bad nowadays with being scammed you have to be so careful. It has become worse since covit19 came along everyone is looking for an easy bug to make some people are ruthless.

      Wealthy Affiliate is save and the training is so good and you really learn a lot.

      Keep up the Good Work



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