Wealthy Affiliate 4 Points – Is it Really For You?

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Updated on the 7 October 2022

Today we will find out if Wealthy Affiliate – Is It For You.

In this article, I will clear up your doubts You may have about WA.

Welcome to my website, nice that you found me.

By now, you’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate and want to know if it’s a fraud.

First, I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate member for months and have never regretted it.

I am not trying to promote WA; I just want to share my experience with it.

Platform flaws

My evaluation will cover the platform’s shortcomings and why WA isn’t for everyone.

Most appraisals are biassed, so this one will be too.

You may question, “Why to read on?”

Not every month, but I’m a member and still have trouble making money.

If you continue on, you’ll learn if Wealthy Affiliate I is for you.

WA may surprise you with its offerings.

Wealthy affiliate.com

Carson and Kyle own it.

WA was founded in 2005.

Yes (and NO – read section who should not purchase the premium membership)

Resource: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2022 Review

Wealthy Affiliate Summary (Demo)

Wealthy Affiliate explains how to build and monetize a website.

Two introductory courses cover niche marketing and Wealthy Affiliate.

Besides these two courses, there are micro training, webinars, and workshops.

Users can ask questions and comment on the WA platform.

The 2005-founded Wealthy Affiliate has approximately 1.5 million members.

Few thousand individuals utilise it.

Unlike most online courses, the first 10 require an email address.


Wealthy Affiliate teaches you affiliate marketing now.

So, what?

Affiliate marketing Connects customers and vendors.

Affiliate marketing is straightforward.

It is Beginners friendly.

Affiliate marketing is the first step to becoming an SEO pro or selling a course.

If you’re into e-commerce (or dropshipping), learn affiliate marketing.

Resource: How to SEO Tutorial What You Need to Know

Wealthy Affiliate – What Is It?

wealthy-affiliate-logoWealthy Affiliate teaches online long-term income growth.

Choose a theme, construct a website, and monetize it.

Affiliate marketing is straightforward for beginners and intermediates.

Members can chat, ask questions, and create micro-courses.

Website or WordPress difficulties are addressed quickly with great help.

Founded in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has 1.5 million customers.

Wealthy Affiliate –  Who’s Behind It?

Kyle and Carson started a wealthy Affiliate.

They’re involved.

So Kyle is closer.

Carson likes the platform’s tech.

Over 30 staff monitor the platform to guarantee it works.

Live Wealthy Affiliate video trainer Jay.

Video tutorial

Video tutorialHis weekly videos are vital for internet marketers.

You may watch recorded webinars if you can’t attend the live session.

In December 2021, Jay hosted a 14-day “Research to Profits” case study.

  • Niche Exam
  • Affiliate Research
  • Keywords
  • Web design
  • Tracking & socials
  • Content Writing Spreadsheet and Calendar
  • Writing the first and second blog posts.
  • Writer Selection Such skill costs a few hundred dollars elsewhere.
  • I know less-than-$1,000 than digital courses.

Resource: Write Reviews like a Pro Discount Code ELKE25 – Click Here

Wealthy Affiliate Platform: 

What’s Inside?

In the last section, I described the platform.

I wish to discuss the platform’s basics.

In my review, I avoid details.

You may test it for free, but let me give you a brief rundown.

The main classes are niche marketing and Bootcamp.

It’s about online moneymaking and promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Online business training

Entrepreneur Certification online courses educate business growth.

Pick a passion or an interest.

Video tutorial hoppyIf you’re unsure, you’ll learn how to specialise.

It contains five levels.

You build your corporation by learning ten classes at every level.

Online sales may be made in 6 to 10 months, depending on the niche.

Some niches require longer, such as “evergreen” content.

Leave a comment or email me to learn more about niches.

Choosing a niche is the first step. 

Resource: 11 Ways to Make More Money from Your Website Successfully Now

The WA Bootcamp

This workout may be more complex than previously.

Wealthy Affiliate members learn how to start a business.

As predicted, I’m responsible for this training (I have not finished it yet).

This Bootcamp is for internet moneymakers.


Other micro-courses, training, and tutorials exist.

This includes Jay’s webinars and seasoned marketer training.

When I saw this platform, I intended to develop a website.

And I didn’t want a vast platform.

I tried it after a month of studying.

I bought an annual subscription after a few weeks and haven’t left.

This is for anyone trying to make money with a webpage.

They want step-by-step instructions with complications aid.

Also, many newcomers don’t know WA has keyword research tools.

This method boosts organic traffic and Google ranks.

Most members have tried one training and been unhappy.

Either they were duped or lacked expertise.

Resource: Write Articles in minutes, not hours or days, with the App Copy Ai. Click Here

Who Can’t Use It?

members As a member, I realise it’s not for everyone.

Most individuals quit within four to five weeks.

A 9-5 job isn’t bad, they found. 9-5 is a significant cause.

I won’t work for anyone ever again.

Working for many companies in three or four countries lacked freedom.

I can do that now with WA.

Not everyone can be a boss.

In summary, you’re your worst employer and worker.

I’ve never seen better affiliate marketing tools than Wealthy Affiliates.

Or more. If you’re motivated, you can learn for free.

Making a website

Setting up a site, choosing a host, ranking high, keyword research, choosing a theme…

You will get help with all the above.

All this stuff is likely to be free now. Doubtful.

2021: I joined WA to study website design.

I’m sorry. No 

All under one roof, I don’t have to spend any more money.

Resource: 30 Points How to Monetize your website

Am I selling?

sellingI may be, but I don’t feel like forcing anyone.

Let me illustrate a Wealthy Affiliate.

So pick. It’s free to try.

Try the first ten lessons that are free to see whether it’s for you.

It was the finest instructional training or course I’ve seen. 

I Browsed other courses and was disappointed.

There are several, and I’m sure you’d like another.

Anybody Can Try It for Free

Kyle and Carson have worked for 15 years.

I see their plot. This is not the kind to produce training and then retire.

Devoted workers teach long-term tactics.

is it's Free. Method Evergreen created a platform.

Another pitch. The 7-day free trial is why you won’t detest me.

It’s free. Your email works.

Yes. How many courses are free?

No idea. Many offer 30-day money-back guarantees. Refunds often have terms.

Resource: How to Earn Money Blogging Useful Hints


Your favourite portion. Logical.

It’s yours. I could go on about how significant this investment is.

Buy nothing you can’t afford.

You may still visit and study. You’ll get insight.

Three membership tiers.

1) No cost to join

Joining is free…

You may join with just your email for free.

After ten lessons, you know what to expect.

It’s a little component of the training.

A credit card is required for the main training area.

2) Premium Membership $49/month ($580/year).

It’s the only paying membership till 2021.

After 2021, training is still offered.

With a 61% discount, the first month of premium is $19.

3) Premium Plus $99/mo (Or $998/a)

New for 2022

get accessYou also get access to advanced webinars.

It’s also for internet moneymakers who wish to learn more.

Don’t muddle.

Also, many novices upgrade to premium plus to utilise WA.

With a 50% discount, the first month costs $49.

Let me list some critiques you may have read about Wealthy Affiliate.

1) No refund

That’s wrong.

In September 2021, members demanded a refund, as shown.

Half-truths are shared in reviews.

Want more Traffic to Your Website? Click Here

2) Tops

This may offend some, but WA rankings are crucial for others.

Being in the top 50 doesn’t mean making more than someone in the 300s.

How active, helpful, and creative you are on the web is critical.

No matter the number.

3) No Training

There are many old videos.

As the site includes so much training, updating all videos takes time. Similar idea.

In this setting, everyone learns a green approach.

In 2022, all training films will be updated.

And I saw some updates.

4) WA Member

1 million+ membersMost of our one million+ members make under $300/month.

Agreed. Many fail

A few months later, most left. Is that true in any field?

I want a platform where most make $300 monthly.

Even excellent schools don’t turn out millionaires.

Only 5% of people are financially independent.

Taking years (assuming they are not in debt).

Dedication, persistence, and Wealthy Affiliate’s tools will help you achieve.

Poor course design.

At first, it may appear daunting.

This platform has been maintained for 15 years, and it’s straightforward.

At first, training and resources may be hard to find.

It takes time, but you’ll realise they performed well.

Also, the first course contains a walkthrough video to help you navigate the site.

You can enter and watch the 20-minute film.

Resource: Keyword Tool Dominator find Keywords to bust your SEO. Click Here.

Is WA legit?

After 10+ years of schooling, I know what works.

Online lessonsOnline lessons helped me gain independence. 

Finding Wealthy Affiliate took years.

It was confirmed when current members interacted with Kyle and Carson.

Four digits in 8 months

Some achieve four digits in 8 months, and some take longer.

WA corporations know how to leverage data and outsource labour.

WA must have something.

The WA Story

Let me be clear: not all WA members make $4k per month.

The training? No.

People who don’t act or quit.

Take a look:

“Teachers are not responsible,” a failing student. 

Students say, “I’m dropping out.”

Be wise...Be wise…

I am. My point is, don’t blame the instrument. 

Be modest and make sensible decisions.

So let’s look at those who didn’t quit and kept going.

Genuine Dylan’s website sold for $30k.

Not his first sale.

In April, he sold another plot for $40,000.

Kenny Lee made $4k as an Amazon Associate.

Affiliate marketers may join several programmes.

And it’s not just money.

Learn how to get your website to the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Learn how to outrank the competition and become a niche expert.

When mastered, the sky’s the limit.


SEO boost WA has SEO tools (the hosting is provided and top-quality hosting).

I realise that reading a few reviews regarding WA may not be enough.

But I assume you’ve taken some courses or looked at them.

Your email is enough…

If interested, you can sample the first ten lessons for free with just your email.

I’ll explain what’s happening in WA and welcome you to the platform.


Q. Who is the target audience for Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a 2 million-member online community with training. 

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by two Canadians, Kyle and Carson, to educate digital marketing and internet entrepreneurship. 

It’s for someone who wants to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch. 

Advanced marketers may use its affiliate network to earn commissions.

Q. How can I get the word out about Wealthy Affiliate?

The four major approaches to getting started are as follows:
  1. Make a speciality website.
  2. Promote the affiliate programme at Wealthy Affiliate.
  3. Profit from your own training that is offered on the site.
  4. Build a following on Wealthy Affiliate and direct visitors to your own website.

Q. Is it Free to use Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has 3 membership levels.

Free members get affiliate marketing training, a website, and support.

Membership is free. No credit card or cash needed.

The next two levels offer advanced training and techniques.

You choose the depth.


Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that helps bloggers and internet marketers generate money.

It can be done from their hobbies by serving as a web host, research tool, community, and school.

Try Wealthy Affiliate for Free Now.

No Credit Card is Required. Click Here

Chance of earning a Commission.

I hope you liked Wealthy Affiliate 4 Points – Is it Really For You Now?

Please submit questions and comments below.

Or on WA, and I’ll answer them.my Picture

Till The Next Time 



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  1. Wealthy Affiliate I also questioned if it was for me last year. I first thought it was a scam. But then I heard there is a free starter membership. I of course gave it a try. It is almost a year and I am still using wealthy affiliate! I learnt so much through this platform and still learning new techniques to make money online. Thus, I would encourage any newbie to try the free starter membership to see if this is for you. You have nothing to lose cause you not paying anything in the starter membership.

    1. Thank you for your Comment, Bernard

      Yes, you have nothing to lose because it is free which is great. I joined last year myself and learned new things every day. I also like the community they are so helpful. 

      The 24/7 support is also great they come back to you usually on the same day.

      Keep on going and Good luck

      Thanks again


  2. I believe that you have provided a very sober review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You have weaved your review from the inception with the founder and key staff, on through the training, BootCamp, community, certification and setting up a website. You have laser-focused on who is a right fit and who is not. Dispelled some of the misconceptions and said that while WA is not perfect they do a darn good job at trying to be. I feel confident that this is a solid training platform for my journey into affiliate marketing. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank You Only1hugh for your comment.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to be with. You learn so much and the training works if you follow it exactly as it is outlined. 

      I think you get a lot for your money or even with a Free account at WA.

      Keep up the Good Work 


  3. Thank you, Elke! Your website lays submits the knowledge one needs to make an informed decision. Thank you for not being afraid to mentions some of the online frustrating “how to make money online cheats”. I had my share of scams and yet the money I had was a loan. You can imagine how that goes after being scammed! Then I stumbled on the Wealthy Affiliates program, it felt like someone who had been walking in a desert for a very long time finally finding water to quench their thirst.

    Keep up the good work, you are spot on!


    1. Thank You, Kayafa for your comment.

      I am glad that I could shed light on the subject of Wealthy Affiliates it is a great platform to be with.

      It is very bad nowadays with being scammed you have to be so careful. It has become worse since covit19 came along everyone is looking for an easy bug to make some people are ruthless.

      Wealthy Affiliate is save and the training is so good and you really learn a lot.

      Keep up the Good Work