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19 Tips How to Make Money from your Blog Successfully – Guide

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Updated on September 13, 2023

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Making a living through a blog is no longer a pipe dream in today’s digital age but a real option. 

Your blog can grow from a side project into a full-fledged business if you apply intelligent strategies and stay committed.

In this detailed tutorial, I’ll share 19 strategies for monetizing your site. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, you’ll find that these suggestions give you a solid foundation for making money from your blog.

Making money from your blog is not an overnight success story, so keep that in mind before we get into the specifics.

Patience, hard work, and perseverance are all necessary.

However, if you take the correct steps and have the right frame of mind, you can turn your blog into a profitable business that fits your website and enhances your way of life.

Let’s start by looking at ten strategies frequently used by websites to generate revenue.

These methods form the backbone of many successful bloggers’ monetization attempts and should be noticed.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common approaches to monetizing a blog. 

The idea is straightforward: by linking to a product or service on your blog, you may earn a commission on sales made by your readers. 

When it comes to affiliate marketing, is a model of efficiency.

Affiliate links advertise other people’s products and services on your blog. 

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You are paid regardless of whether someone clicks on your link and buys.

Thirdly, product recommendations are a great way to let your readers know about something you think they’ll enjoy. 

You can earn a living and help your readers by recommending products that fit your business and their interests.

Some of your most devoted customers are the people who have signed up to receive your emails. 

By advertising products and services, you can make money and keep your subscribers interested in your emails.

Companies continuously seek bloggers to write sponsored posts to advertise their goods and services. 

You can make money and help your readers by forming partnerships with firms that cater to their interests.

Displaying advertisements on your blog is a typical technique to make money. 

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Although this strategy may not be as lucrative as others, it still deserves consideration if it is consistent with your brand and target demographic.

You can make money from your blog by selling products or services directly to your readers if you believe in the value of your offering.

Online Courses: If you’ve mastered a subject, why not teach others what you know? 

Making and marketing online courses is a great way to help others while enriching your financial situation.

Offering consultancy services is an excellent way to make money off your blog if you have specialized knowledge in a particular field (such as search engine optimization or social media marketing).

If you feel that giving away your material for free is more in line with your brand’s vision, then taking donations from appreciative readers is a great way to supplement your income.

Keep in mind that the success of any of these approaches hinges on meticulous preparation and execution.

Explain these techniques in simple terms so novice and seasoned bloggers can understand them.

Keep reading our following postings as we explore these strategies in further detail.

How to Make Money from your blog Successfully

I’ve done Affiliate Marketing for a while and started like you.

I realized that Affiliate Marketing is the Future of doing business.

How to get money online? Start a blog!

If you can figure out how to make money off of your blog, it has the potential to become quite lucrative.

Blogging may be lucrative if you apply the appropriate methods and techniques.

Let’s dive right into it… 

1. No Website/Blog? 

Wealthy Affiliate is free. 

Fee for Website, Domain, and Webhosting. 

Wealthy Affiliate gives you 7 days to join. 

Online earnings are actual. It’s simple. 

A hobby blog or website can succeed with luck and determination.

Your Money should cover a domain and web hosting. 

Wealthy Affiliate members get a free domain and Web hosting.

Resource: How to write a Perfect Article for Your Affiliate Website Now

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

How Much does WA Cost?

Premium: $19 the first month, $49 monthly. 

Premium Plus: $49 first month, $99 each month

Yearly Membership: $359 per year

A Membership works out to be the cheapest

Free Account: A free domain name and web hosting are included. (WordPress)

Basic Training comes with the Free Account.

You pay $0.00, no questions asked.

You can post blogs without training. 

Wealthy Affiliates replace income (and then earn some more).

Wealthy Affiliates members enjoy 24/7 support.

Resource: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2022 Review

2. Income Passive 

Make sure it fits your site and lifestyle.

Let’s look at ten frequent (and expected) site monetization tactics. 

10 Common Website Money-Making Methods. 

Website revenue generation is complex. 

Start with these ten suggestions. 

Marketing affiliates and affiliate links is an affiliate success story. 

Affiliate marketing helps you market your website or blog.

Choose a product you’d recommend. 

Then you tell website visitors and email subscribers. 

Affiliate link buyers (while you get a split sale price).

You may like RYTR AI Free forever until you upgrade.

3. Commission

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30–70% of a product’s price is commission.

If the split is 50% and the book costs $100, you’ll make $50 for referring the purchaser. 


Where can Buy Promotional Items? 

  • It has reliable items and payments. 
  • ShareASale sells garments and accessories. 
  • ClickBank pays well but has few suitable ads. 
  • Digistore24 has a vast product range and high commissions. 
  • Pay-per-click (Google AdSense) 
  • AdWords are Google’s top ads. 

Google’s advertising network allows website producers to promote.

This system’s simplicity is excellent. 

Google will put code on your site to show ads.

Google AdSense ads appear on pet-related websites (dogs and cats).

Each ad click pays you. That’s it! 

$0.50–$5 per click is your cut. 

Traffic might earn you hundreds (or thousands) a month. 

Resource: Write Reviews like a Pro (User Discount Code: Elke25

4. Advertise 

Google AdSense is one way to make Money online. 

Sell ad space to companies that sponsor blogs. 

Sidebar banner advertising costs $xxx per month, for example. 

Visitors can pay you. 

Dollar per thousand impressions (or CPM). 

$5 CPM $500 for 100,000 monthly pageviews.

Banner ads on high-traffic websites might cost $5000 each month.

A low-traffic site won’t Make Money. 

Selling ad space can be straightforward.

You set a (market-based) charge and are paid monthly.

Like AdSense, pricing is a flat cost, not CPC. 

5. Sell digital goods (E-Book, for Example) 

Screenshot 2023 09 13 at 18.57.05

When you sell directly, you make the most per transaction. 

Because a ‘cut’ isn’t taken by a middleman.

This method lets you sell online and be paid quickly.

Not so simple. 

Quality requires time and effort (like design, content, etc.). 

Both time and contractors have “hidden costs.” 

Payment gateways, transportation, and taxes complicate online sales.

A high conversion rate requires a well-designed landing page.

Resource: Tips to Kick-Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business Guide

6. Accept donors 

Why care about monthly visitors if your community is strong? 

Ask readers to donate. 

If people like what you say, they may donate.

PayPal offers 10-minute donation buttons.

These buttons cover hosting product creation and market research. is charitable (most likely due to its monthly visitors).

7. Pay-per-click (But Use the Tag) 

Increasing website visitors can boost sales. 

You may make money with traffic and a loyal following.

Many businesses seek blogs to sponsor. 

Relevant and honest ‘native advertising’ works effectively. 

You may even evaluate things in a content-commercial “advertorial.” 

A developer will appreciate your iOS-focused review and promotion.

Correctly done, everyone wins. 

Lousy website content can damage goodwill.

8. Get business ‘leads.’ 

Screenshot 2023 09 13 at 18.54.35

Every business needs a lead. 

It’s understandable to require new leads. 

Consider a math website. 

Motivated online students want your readers’ information. 

This could be an email or phone number.

You play matchmaker when you introduce helpful people.

Your reader’s purchase is irrelevant.

They need an intro.

Resource: Write Articles in minutes, not hours, with the affordable

9. Create an email list. 

Blog growth advice often mentions “the money on the list.” 

Are those your most loyal readers’ emails? 

Screenshot 2023 09 13 at 18.52.35

Convert as many new visitors as feasible. 

This is long-term. 

It’s one way to turn a blog into a business.

Develop fan relationships. 

Giving great advice is easy. 

Spam readers to exploit their trust and disrupt long-term goals. 

Create an eCommerce site (Hard Work Is Required) 

Websites go beyond content. 

Focus on a toolkit or online store. 

eCommerce websites and internet retailers are plentiful. 

It should have a definite niche, strategy, and marketing tactics. 

Screenshot 2023 09 13 at 18.48.00

10. Sell, reinvest websites 

Websites always have a market. 

Then sell it for quick cash. 

We advise building something long-term, not selling it soon. 

Profitable business. 

Website ad space costs $5,000–$10,000 (12x–22x monthly income).

Premade websites can be sold. profitable, but cheaper. 

Is my website for sale? 

  • Famous website market: Flippa. 
  • Another popular site is We Buy Websites. 
  • FE International: Luxury Websites

Our list of website monetization methods is comprehensive.

Resource: How To Earn Money Online for Beginner Now – Best Practice

We’re only starting. 

Here are 23 more online money-making ideas. 

Screenshot 2023 09 13 at 18.46.06

Some are similar yet different from those above. 

Website Money-making Tips 

Keep “no follow” on text-link ads to avoid this. 

11. Create “Infolinks.” 

Info links is an easy-to-create AdSense alternative. 

Less conversion implies less pay (per click). 

Monetization widgets can replace Google AdSense. 

12. Add RSS ads. 

They sound right. 

Matching ads to RSS feeds. 

You may always charge for your great content. 

Don’t demand instant payment. 

Focus on audience growth. 

Most of us have abilities others could use. 

Simple forums or classes could generate passive income.

Create an online job board to make Money.

When customers accept different job offers. 

13. Consult 

Your Blog

Support and consulting can generate ‘passive’ income fast.

Email, a forum, or Skype can be used. 

Your new website or blog should highlight your freelance services. 

Past work samples boost your hiring chances. 

Renting or buying internal pages is shocking.

Resource: Best Affiliate Programs to make Money with Now 30 tips – Guide

14. Pop-up ads 

Pop-up ads are glaring. They’re a fast way to make Money. 

15. Use lockers 

“Content locking” protects or hides content until unlocked.

They should pay a small price or click an ad. 

16. Audio ads 

Screenshot 2023 09 13 at 18.41.18

Newer and more popular. 

17. Easy-to-sell e-books. 

Many websites sell e-books. 


A recipe website can quickly produce and sell a cookbook.

Each niche is impacted. 

18. Hold a website-based conference 

The substantial potential return for much labour 

Content sales and consultancy or services. 

Sponsored webinars combine content-based consultation and education. 

Membership sites generate recurring revenue and grow the ‘info business.’

People search for savings on clothes and holidays. 

If you identify and offer one, split the revenue. 

Easy website polls! 

19. Write 500-word articles for $20–$30. 

Companies want native-speaker website translators. 

Foreign-language speakers have many opportunities. 

Your directory/business page is paid. 

Screenshot 2023 09 13 at 18.38.45


Tutorial on Blogging for Profit
  1. Ads.
  2. Contextual advertising.
  3. Products that may be bought and held or purchased online.
  4. Subscriptions.
  5. Coaching.
What are the secrets to a blog’s success?
Help your readers.

Reader value is essential to blogging success.

Give your viewers what they desire and make browsing worthwhile.

People will only read your stuff if it’s valuable.

Why do specific blogs fail?

Blogs fail because they lack purposeful, compelling material.

58% of marketers value “original written content” the highest.


Please post questions and comments below.

Blogging for Money is real. 

Ads, products/services, and affiliate marketing make thousands of bloggers’ Money.

Successful bloggers share some traits: 

  • They have good blogs. 
  • Their blogs have communities. 
  • They have multiple income streams. 
  • They sell products, affiliate marketing, and ads.
  • It took them years to make a living from blogging. 

If you’ve made it this far, take this: 

Anyone can blog for Money. 

Your income depends on your level of effort.

They sell products, affiliate marketing, and ads.

Once it happens, it’s one of the best jobs ever.

Opportunity with Wealthy Affiliate

Free Domain Name, WordPress, and support

Change in earning a Commission.

No Credit Card Required

I hope 19 Tips for Making Money from your Blog Successfully was helpful.

Thank You For Stopping By

Elke Auther

Till the next time



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