Warrior Plus Affiliate System vs Wealthy Affiliate

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

I was looking to generate and income online and first came across Warrior Plus.

The advertisement read “only 17.00 once”.Warrior-Plus-Logo

I thought the price is right so I joined.

To my surprise once I had payed my $17.00 the message came up “registration not finished.

They ask for more money, this went on another 4 times until the full registration was over.

The next day I decided to cancel my membership, that was more than 4 month  ago now.

I never heard anything back for Warrior Plus.

I never promote anything from there marketplace for I have been taken for a ride.

I was not very happy.

I still have done some research into Worrior Plus even I am not very impressed that I lost my money.



Payment efficiency is one of the most notable advantages.

It is not immediately available to new members.Bundle of money

It’s easy to collect payments faster after you improve your pulse score, and they’re instant.

Other affiliate networks work on a monthly nett basis.

However, this one does not.

You will be paid on a specified date the following month for whatever you earn.

Pay is delayed, as is the case with most jobs.


There is a good selection of products, which is also a drawback.

You can either promote or use them.

You may use the marketplace to look for products.

The good news is that there are dozens to choose from.


This doesn’t imply it’s perfect.

In reality, scammers have asked to promote Warrior Plus multiple times in recent years.

Infiltrating PayPal accounts and selling products as an affiliatePayPal Logo

They receive chargebacks and must reimburse the money within days, as expected.

The affiliates keep their commissions, which is a scam.

The well-known Warrior Plus is being misused.

You must be selective in allowing those who will advertise your product.

Con 2: follows.


I know what you’re thinking.

Being up and running in five minutes is undoubtedly a plus.


Let me explain.

Worse, the sign up process is too simple.

Anyone may create an account in seconds.

Other networks needed me to phone a member of their staff to register as an affiliate.

So I would fill out one or two pages of info when I joined. Also, how I plan to advertise the products, etc.

The call is usually merely to go over the information you provided when signing up for the service.

That’s horrible since it’s unnecessary.


On Warrior Plus, you can always buy a product showing how to generate money using the platform.

Who knows what those links will do if you are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing?

It was mentioned that there is a training available to help advertise your links.

In the end, it can be rather stressful.


There are going to be some duds among thousands of products.

You may observe this by browsing the marketplace products.Bad-Quality-Product-Reviews

Such are unrealistic money-making claims (basically getting rich soon) and overhyped.

It is therefore detrimental to market these products.

You will lose trust as a result.

I only endorse products that I believe in and that I think others will benefit from as well.

So, when I see ‘make $10,000 in the next 24 hours or anything similar, I jump on it right away.

My gut tells me that’s not realistic and won’t happen.

Therefore, I reject it.

Exaggeration is harmful since it typically misrepresents how the internet money-making works.

Button-pushing does not create an endless stream of cash.

A business that generates income takes months to build up.

There is no limit to how much you can make, but getting there takes time.

To summarise, not every product is terrible, but most are.

Wealthy Affiliates

In my search for an affiliate marketing training programme I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliates.

I was listening to my eBook one night and the lady suggested Wealthy Affiliates instead of stocks.

She told me Wealthy Affiliates was saver than investing in the stock market.

The next morning I got up early, eager to check out Wealthy Affiliates on the internet.

I was pleasantly surprised on what I found.

I was sure that was the training I was looking for.

I have listed some reasons why Wealthy Affiliates is a great product.

It has a community and is not just a website. I also like the 24/7 support available.

Reason #1

Lowest Cost Way to Start a Business

At this time, a Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best value for money.

Your Premium membership includes everything you need to start a business.

Services comparable to Wealthy Affiliate can be found for $1,000 or more.

$14.95/mo. All of this for just over $1 each month.

Compare WA’s value to the cost of ONE internet marketing course at university ($2,500).

For the same fee, you could join WA for five years!

Everything you need to start, grow, and scale your online business is included in the price.

In addition to the free domain, you get $50 in community cash to use towards WA services.

Kyle-Carson-Founders-of-WAReason #2: Direct access to founders/CEO.

That is right.

Not only will you get access to the world’s most engaged and helpful Internet Entrepreneur community, but you will also be able to speak directly with the creators Kyle & Carson. 

They are active within the community every day and will be there to offer you help.

There is nowhere else in the world that you can get this red-carpet treatment, but it is something that has been part of the WA platform since day 1.

Not a day goes by that you won’t be seeing Kyle or Carson interacting with comment threads, posting blogs, within the live chat, or helping people directly with their campaigns & businesses.

Reason #3 : Current & Evolving Training. A Website Platform.

Every day, there is new training being added to Wealthy Affiliate. Every day, there are new training updates.

The training has always been kept current within Wealthy Affiliate and covers a wide breadth of topics relating to building a business online.

Each week you can anticipate and expect new training, as well as updates to existing training.

Here are just some of the topics that are covered at Wealthy Affiliate that you can educate yourself on (and that you can get expert support with).

  • Website Development
  • WordPress (everything)
  • Traffic and Conversions
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing / Funnel Building
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Image / Brand Management
  • Domain / Website Flipping
  • Content Marketing
  • Outsourcing & Freelancing
  • E-commerce / Shopify
  • …and much more

WA is the place to learn everything from WordPress basics to scaling a lucrative business online.

Reason #4 : State of the Art Hosting.

To operate a successful website and online business, you need services you can rely on.

Wealthy Affiliate’s WordPress hosting is the quickest and most cost-effective in the industry, with enough capability to run many multi-million dollar businesses from one account.

Here is a breakdown of the hosting offered within WA, compared to other “top tier” Managed WordPress hosting companies in the industry.


It’s easier to focus on other things when you know your hosting provider’s stability, speed, and performance is reliable.

You may rely on the WA hosting’s speed, security, and reliability.

With Google’s recent focus on “web vitals”, speed is becoming a significant ranking criterion for search engines, too.

There is a 100/100 rating in Google SiteSpeed for every new website built on Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting platform.

One advantage over your competitors in the area of SEO.

The Premium membership at WA includes free hosting.

You can host up to 10 domains for starters for free, and for premium, up to 10.

Check out the Comparison Table for Yourself and deceit.

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Warrior Plus Affiliate System vs Wealthy Affiliate