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Warriors Plus Affiliate System vs Wealthy Affiliate Now 5 Points

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Updated on September 23, 2023

Welcome to my website.

Warriors Plus is a membership service that provides those wishing to make money online with various courses and resources.

It has been operating since 2006 and has assisted hundreds of people in starting their own internet businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training program for affiliate marketing that teaches people how to develop a lucrative online company.

It was formed in 2005 and has assisted over one million businesses worldwide.

Still, programs have distinct features, but they are both excellent choices for anybody interested in learning how to make money online.

Warrior Plus What is it, and how is it done?

I will compare quality and price.

Let’s start right now…

I wanted to make money online and found Warrior Plus. 

“$17.00 once” was advertised. 

I joined for the price. 

After paying $17, I saw “registration not completed.” 

This happened four times until registration was complete. 


I cancelled my membership four months ago.

Warrior Plus never responded. 

I never promote on that marketplace because I’ve been scammed. 

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What exactly is this “Warrior Plus”?

Warrior Plus sells eBooks, courses, funnels, and marketing tools.

Daily money-making plans are “original,” “fresh,” and “guaranteed.”

99% fail because there’s no quality control.

Most are scams, including: 

  • 7-Minute Sales
  • Machine 10x 
  • Profit Sites 
  • 24 hours to $100 
  • MoF N’Bank

Scammers promote Warrior Plus to internet money-seekers.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of Warrior Plus goods but can’t recommend any.

How exactly does Warrior Plus function?

Warrior Plus is a digital product marketplace like JVZoo and Clickbank. 

Product-creating vendors 

  • Affiliates can earn 75% commissions by promoting sellers’ products. 
  • Affiliate marketing is explained to customers who try products. 
  • Warrior Plus shops can make and sell things. 
  • Warrior Plus handles payments, support, and affiliate payouts. 

Warrior Plus offers free “earn money online” items.

Warrior Plus clients can pay with PayPal or Stripe.

Also, for these reasons, I cannot endorse WarriorPlus

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Most WarriorPlus affiliates must advertise to make a living.

I lost a lot using similar strategies before succeeding.

Choosing the wrong deal can cost a lot of money. 

No free traffic: Warrior Plus doesn’t teach traffic generation. 

Without WarriorPlus clicks, you lose money. 

YouTube’s free traffic tactics may or may not work. 

Some aren’t as easy as the videos make them seem. 

Resource: Write Articles in minutes, not hours or days, with the affordable

What’s going on? 

Unless you’re duped, it’s not a scam. 

I don’t recommend affiliate marketing (read more below).

You own our recommended free traffic products.

Not yours: Warrior Plus promotes another company’s goods. 

The product owner has the final say. 

You may get less pay. 

You can’t stop selling, supporting, or paying you.

Invest in a system that teaches internet business.

It’s not more complex than starting an affiliate company.

This is what our recommended program teaches. 

My suggested solution works for teens. 

No phone calls are needed; everything is done via email.

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WarriorPlus Pros

  • Commissions are paid immediately. 
  • It is simple to get started. 
  • Thousands of affiliates are looking for things to promote.

WarriorPlus Cons

  • Questionable reputation, shoddy products, and scams 
  • Many affiliates (including the founder) spam their lists. 
  • No advertising or affiliate manager 
  • No screening for ads or affiliates allows scammers in.

The Final Thoughts/Conclusion WarriorPlus

The top 1% of WarriorPlus suppliers make a lot of money. 

Anyone may join WarriorPlus and start selling things. 

The site is full of make-money-online scams.

As an affiliate marketer, you can make money. 

Always do research, read reviews, and acquire training. 

I help online businesses niche, build, and rank.

There’s no need to buy from us if you decide it’s not for you.

Wealthy Affiliate 

I found Wealthy Affiliates while looking for affiliate marketing training. 

My eBook author suggested Wealthy Affiliates over stocks one night. 

My eBook’s author suggested WA is safer than stocks.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to invest in stocks.

The next day, I visited Wealthy Affiliates online.

I was astonished when I logged in without a credit card.

You can keep your free account; no questions are asked.

I found the training I needed. 

I’ve listed why Wealthy Affiliates is excellent. 

It’s not just a website; it’s a community.

Resource: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2022 Review

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1. 24/7/365 support is excellent. 

The lowest-cost business startup 

Currently, Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership is the best value. 

Premium membership includes business-starting tools. 

Similar services cost at least $1,000. 

2. What does a wealthy Cost? 

Wealthy Affiliate costs $0/month ($19/month for the first month) or $359/year.

The lowest option is the annual membership.

Free Plan: Basic Training

No Credit Card is Required.

That is how I started with 0.00 dollars.

I recommend using the free membership before upgrading.

Compare WA to a $2,500 university internet marketing course. 

Five years of WA membership cost the same. 

Price covers starting, growing, and scaling an online business.

You get a free domain and $50 in WA community cash.

Resource: The Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Guide – Is it better than Wealthy Affiliates?

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3. You get access to founders/CEOs. 


Kyle and Carson developed the largest Internet entrepreneur community.

They help the community every day. 

WA has had a red-carpet treatment since day one

Kyle and Carson blog, comment, and help businesses.

4. What does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

  • Current and evolving training. 
  • A site-builder. 
  • Wealthy Affiliate adds movement daily. 
  • Daily training updates. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers up-to-date internet business training.

Each week, expect new and updated training. 

Here are some wealthy affiliate topics you can learn about (and that you can get expert support with). 

  • Webdesign 
  • Wikipedia (everything) 
  • Conversions 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Email/Funnel Marketing 
  • AdWords (pay-per-click marketing) 
  • Facebook/Instagram ads 
  • Marketing Pinterest 
  • Facebook marketing 
  • Branding 
  • Flipping domains/websites 
  • Content marketing freelance/outsourcing 
  • Shopify/e-commerce 

WA teaches WordPress basics and online business growth. 

5. Modern hosting

A successful website and online business require reliable services. 

Multimillion-dollar businesses use Wealthy Affiliate’s WordPress hosting.

WA’s WordPress hosting compared to “top-tier” competitors

Stable, fast, and reliable hosting frees up your time.

WA hosting is fast, secure, and reliable. 

Google prioritizes “web vitals,” including speed.

Every Wealthy Affiliate website has 100/100 Google SiteSpeed.

You must have an SEO advantage over your rivals. 

WA Premium includes free hosting. 

Wealthy Affiliates offers ten free and ten premium domains.

Resource: Affiliate Marketing is the Future 11 Successful Points – Review

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Review Synopsis of Wealthy Affiliate

5/5 Simple, transparent membership programme 

I admire WA’s honesty and simplicity. 

This application has two easy ways to gain money

Build a website in 4 steps. 

You earn a commission by recommending others’ products. 


You can also promote WA. 

Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Table

Premium members earn twice as much per recommendation as free members. 

Free users can upgrade if they make enough money. 

Only FREE, PREMIUM, and PREMIUM PLUS are available. 

No other memberships unlock training or tools.

As free as the air you’re breathing. 

No hidden costs, gimmicks, or upsells or downsells like in other programs.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros

  • Quick action is required. 
  • Affordable with no hidden fees or upsells 
  • Including all of the necessary tools. 
  • Live webinars and status updates every week 
  • A community that is both helpful and active

Wealthy Affiliate Cons

  • No refunds 
  • Some of the fundamental training needs to be updated. 
  • The promotion of WA is given priority. 
  • An excessive amount of information
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Q. What is the payout structure of Warrior Plus?

PayPal or Stripe can withdraw profits. 

All product purchases incur WarriorPlus and payment processing costs (Paypal, Stripe). Sellers pay all fees.

Q. On WarriorPlus, how do you generate sales?

WarriorPlus need a “Offer” to sell products. 

An “Offer” simply groups your “Products” for sale. 

You build “Offers” in this system and add your Products to them.

Q. How honest is the marketing of affiliate products?

Despite reservations, affiliate marketing is legal and has been an effective consumer acquisition method for years. 

It is natural and rising. 80% of brands have affiliates.

You may be named in a lawsuit even if you are not directly responsible. 

This topic of legal difficulties in internet marketing in general, and especially in affiliate marketing, is rarely mentioned

Is it For You? 

I understand that a few WA reviews might not convince you. 

I assume you’ve tried a few platforms.

Since you’re inquisitive, try the first ten lessons for free. 

Your email is enough. 

No Credit Card is Necessary.

At this link, I explain what’s happening.

Join, and I’ll welcome you to the platform. 

Let me know if you have questions or issues here or on WA.

Check out the Comparison Table for Yourself and deceit.

Join, and I’ll welcome you to the platform.

Let me know if you have questions or issues here or on WA.

You can leave comments and questions in the space below.

Elke Author

Thank You For Stopping By

Till the next time



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