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Why is it Difficult to make Money Online Successfully?

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Updated on the 19 July 2022

Why is it Difficult to make Money Online

Welcome-hand-shakeHi, and welcome to my article; my name is Elke.

I have often been asked. 

Why is it Difficult to make Money Online?

In this article, I want to answer this question for you. 

You’ve seen movie recommendations in “make money online” commercials.

“Guru” videos make internet marketing appear easy.

Ten reasons why it is hard to make money online


  • There are 4.66 billion people who can use the Internet. 
  • Small businesses have to go up against big brands and companies. 
  • Not everyone can do content marketing or has the skills to do it. 
  • Google’s search algorithm is constantly being changed. 
  • Online reviews are out of your control. 
  • Most people quit too soon. 
  • People lack internet marketing abilities.
  • People don’t think enough about their choices. 
  • Not many people learn from what others do. 
  • People don’t know how to effectively hire outside help.

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Let’s look at some points. 

4.66 Billion People Are Connected to the Internet Around the World

Oberlo says 4.66 billion people are online. 

Half of the world’s 7.83 billion people are online.

You’ll compete with online moneymakers globally.

Few individuals knew Internet marketing then. 

Many developed their techniques. 

Many internet moneymaking sites give free guidance.

More people are learning online marketing, boosting competitiveness.

Stay ahead of the game to reach customers early. 

When you’re competing with millions of people, that’s not simple.

Multinational corporations compete fiercely with small entrepreneurs.

Small businesses suffer online because of big brands/companies.

Even big brands/companies didn’t understand Internet marketing then.

Online merchants may contact customers more often than traditional businesses.

Big brands/companies reach present and future customers online.

Large companies have more money to improve online sales and exposure.

You may copy their low-cost marketing strategies.

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Not Everyone Has the Capabilities or Skills for Content Marketing

Digital marketing content takes time and talent.

Passive websites do not belong on the Internet. 

Suppose you do not continue to produce relevant material. 

Your Google ranking and customer base will drop.

Content marketing attracts, engages, and persuades customers to buy.

Online entrepreneurs often can’t write or are too busy.

Content marketing is essential for internet success.

The Google Search Algorithm Is Continually Evolving



Online marketers must follow Google’s algorithm updates to succeed. 

SEO drives internet marketing. 

Poor SEO won’t help you promote a great product. 

Google makes 500-600 minor algorithm changes a year.

Any internet business, big or little, must monitor developments.

Resource: Step-by-Step Guide to Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Google updated: 

  • Panda 
  • Penguin\sHummingbird 
  • Fred\sPigeon 
  • Layout algorithm

You Have No Control Over Customer Reviews Posted Online.

Unsatisfied clients will criticise your unique product.

Social media has made expressing our ideas simpler. 

Online reviews boost businesses’ confidence but hurt their reputation.

Disabling comments/reviews may hurt you.

Customers can review products they’ve bought or tried.

Fake reviews and bots plague today’s online community.

The vast majority of people give up far too quickly.

Most internet moneymakers quit too soon. 

Many don’t realise online marketing takes years.

Many bloggers and YouTubers take years to make money.

People lack the skills and knowledge necessary for online marketing.

97% of Internet billionaires fail due to poor marketing.

People leap on bandwagons without a strategy or mental preparation. 

Online moneymaking is complex without SEO, social media, content marketing, or sales.

Even with little Internet experience, you can succeed.

People unwilling to learn or develop will have less success. 

Entrepreneurs that don’t monitor client trends will lag.

Resource: Click Wealth System Video Presentation 

People don’t investigate their available choices nearly enough.

Online moneymaking is difficult since people focus on one choice.

You want to make money (since you only do it part-time).

Blogging and affiliate marketing are good options.

You’ll need many income streams to make your efforts full-time.

Making money online doesn’t require a website or blog.

One website offers freelance employment.

Fiverr, Upwork, and Design Crowd are examples.

Many people ignore their ignorance, reducing their moneymaking potential.

Let’s examine this matter from a different point of view…

Social media ads promote making money online. 

We’re told to hunt the rainbow unicorn, shoot it, and eat it. 

We’ll survive. 


Online moneymaking is complex, and most people fail. 


You can, but first, listen and learn the rules. 

Online moneymaking is easy, they say. 

Nope. It’s difficult. 

Don’t complain about not making money online. 

Read the advice below.

Resource: What is Affiliate Marketing – Beginners Guide?

Be activated and Start Now.

Start making money online instead of daydreaming about it. Start immediately. 

    Whenever feasible, start. 

People seldom make money online because they prepare too much. 

Your incredible invention will fail once released and evaluated.

Internet success isn’t determined by strategy, content, marketing, people, or tools.

An icy action will bring you to Mt. Fuji. 

Action brought me here. 

I thought I couldn’t blog without a website. 

Then I used others’ platforms. 

Online moneymaking is easy. 

Stop doing bad things. 

I’d always wanted to sell an online course but never did. 

I hate making websites and found this. 

It’s a waste of my time. 

Instead, you can hire someone to perform it and divide the proceeds. 

This allows you to develop inspiring content, test it, and generate money. 

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“Outsource your hopelessness.” 

Adapt. Stop making excuses about outsourcing. 

Stop trying to do everything yourself. 

To avoid Rich Uncle Pennybags (mascot of the Monopoly game).

You don’t know how long it takes 

Facebook ads and YouTube Clips


YouTuber’s poolside video suggests rapid success. 

Online moneymaking is time-consuming. 

You’ll make less than $10 for a while, then a turning point. 

Money will flow. 

A few events will determine your post-tipping-point revenue.

Resource: Get Paid to Use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube 

Can you maintain running your internet business if no one pays? 

This affects your online income. 

There’s just one way out. 

Online income may be higher than you think. 

My virtual environment (blogging) allows: 

Make a product-based eCommerce site. 

eBook, podcast, affiliate links. 

Online courses, speeches, banner ads 

It’s longer than Noah’s Ark. 

Do you think there’s just one method or that mine is antiquated? 

All online moneymaking methods can work. 

Your speciality will determine which ones do. 

There’s no silver bullet with tacos that will tell you what to do. 

First, act. Asap! 

Niche isn’t passion 

Vanilla smoothies require love and specialisation. 

Online moneymaking that you despise will fail (I know).

Build your web company on something you’d do anyhow. 

If you like golf and start a business, you’ll keep playing.

Choose a habit so your internet provider can encourage it. 

Personal development and entrepreneurship are my jams. 

Self-fulfilling incentives don’t require my motivation. 

The rest happens naturally, like compound interest.

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Overcomplicated disease 

Simple web businesses are rare. 

It’s why internet moneymaking is rare. 

Complex website development plans are less likely to be profitable.

Online “How to Make Millions of Courses” are your difficulty. 

These useless courses make you think they know everything.

Overcomplicating internet tasks is a significant concern. 

More from less 

One thing well online. 

Stand out without being outstanding. 

Again, act. Repeat. Don’t Stop…

pros and cons

You can succeed once you know your obstacles.

It just takes time and dedication. 

I originally started online by “failing quickly.” 

Early failure implies less time, money, and success.

Don’t quit. Online moneymaking isn’t hard, right?

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