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Hi, and welcome to my website; It is fantastic that you have stopped by and found me in the vast world of Google.

Today we take a look at What you will learn with Wealthy Affiliate?

If you want to start your own online business, Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic place to do it.

It has everything you need to be successful in the digital sphere.

Learn everything you need to know to launch a profitable website, increase traffic, and start making Money with Wealthy Affiliate.

There is a lot more besides search engine optimization, keyword analysis, content production, and social media marketing that you will discover.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to a fantastic network of fellow business owners who may serve as invaluable resources.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in the digital world will find Wealthy Affiliate’s extensive training curriculum and friendly support team invaluable.

It provides comprehensive services, including website building, hosting, training, and support.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers a range of marketing tools, such as keyword research, SEO, and email marketing.

It also offers a range of educational materials, such as tutorials, videos, webinars, and eBooks.

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to help entrepreneurs and marketers build successful online businesses.

Wealthy Affiiate Lgo

In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I’ll show you why this is probably the only web hosting platform you’ll need to establish a money-making website.

I’ll justify this bold claim throughout this review.

I’m giving you an honest Wealthy Affiliate review based on my personal experience so you can determine if it’s worth it.

I will outline what you will learn and how to go about it.

After reading this article, you should be well on your way to starting your Affiliate Marketing Business.

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1. What does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

The services offered by Wealthy Affiliate are comprehensive, covering all aspects of online promotion and commerce.

  • Domain name registration and renewal
  • SiteRubix content management system on the WordPress platform
  • Keyword research using Jaaxy Professional instruction and guidance
  • Customer service for technical concerns
  • Web hosting Domain name registration and renewal

2. The Core Concepts Of Wealthy Affiliate

Building a blog-style website and making money from affiliate commissions is the main thing you’ll learn in Wealthy Affiliate.

What does that mean?

You’ll construct a modest website that anyone can view, and your primary job as a business owner will be to produce articles about your site’s topic.

Your blog material creates value.

Easy. Remember, there are many more elements you’ll need to master to make money from your website, but that’s the core principle.

No “super secret method” to learn?

Wealthy Affiliate’s lack of a “secret” surprises many.

The three-step method is common knowledge:

Create a Website, Write Articles, and Add Affiliate Links.

Three-step affiliate marketing.

Website creation. Articles. Add links.

Why is only some successful if it’s easy?

Most people’s primary challenge isn’t developing a successful affiliate website.

Most individuals fail in this arena because they have low self-esteem and quit early (others fail because they’re lazy and don’t work, but I’ll presume you’re not).

Reading is not doing.

You’ll feel confused and must keep working even if you don’t notice results.

3–6–12 months without a sale can demoralize.

Believe me. I went (believe it or not, I started just like you).

Wealthy Affiliate is a supportive community.

Its knowledgeable, successful, and motivated affiliates will help you start and grow your business.

Not a spammy Facebook group.

Wealthy Affiliate’s 15-year-old support community powers membership.

Post training questions and get answers in minutes.

You get expert instruction and individual support as you develop your first internet business.

Try Rytr, an AI writing assistant who creates high-quality content in seconds for a fraction of the cost! 

Free forever; upgrade as you scale!

3. Wealthy Affiliate’s Method of Instruction

The WA-hosted courses are available in both text and video formats.

Each of the five training modules addresses a different primary topic, which is described in greater detail below.

Wealthy Affiliate training

There are ten classes total across the five tiers of instruction.

There are multiple exercises to do for each of the ten lessons.

When you’ve finished something, mark it off your list.

Check off each item until you can move on to the next chapter.

You can, of course, skip a lesson, but I wouldn’t advise it.

You have unlimited access to the course materials as well.

Several times, I’ve gone through the training myself!

Get Rolling WA Training

Each lesson covers the key ideas.

Kyle will demonstrate how to proceed with a video (or screenshots).

Level 2, Lesson 1 of the program, provides an example.

Kyle wrote about domain ownership in the screenshot below.

Then, there’s a video on acquiring a domain name (com/org/net) and connecting it to the free website you were working on. (You may try WA with a free website and then move your work to a.com after upgrading).

Buying your own Domain

You can ask questions or read other people’s questions in the open conversation below each lesson and video.

Try Keyword Tool Dominator because Keyword research is vital.

This helps you meet new members!

Even if you’re new, you’ll see questions you can answer! This fantastic community encourages questioning and answering.

We’ve all been newbies, so we’re happy to help.

While many are trained, new questions arise every minute.

As my referral, I am notified when you ask, so I log in daily to answer your questions and review what others are saying (so you always get the correct info).

Questions and Answers

Wealthy Affiliate has many success stories because it blends written and video instruction, community Q&A, and customized coaching (from me).

4. Wealthy Affiliate Freebies

Wealthy Affiliate teaches

Besides training, WA membership includes dozens of business-boosting benefits.

Managed WordPress Optimized Hosting (10 Websites):

  • $100-$250+/month
  • Complimentary “SiteSpeed” enhancement for fast-loading websites
  • Free SSL: $60/year value
  • Free Spam Filter: $5/month.
  • Free $300/year Improved Website Security
  • Free Email Addresses: $10/year/address.
  • Keyword Tool: $50/month free.
  • Free Image Optimization: $9/month

If you’re still getting familiar, they make your website perform fast and efficiently so you can expand your online business without issues.

Some consider the $49/month membership rate unaffordable.

As you can see, getting all these things outside of Wealthy Affiliate would cost extra.

Can you afford not to?

Domain at WA
domain WA

5. Weekly webinars

Because Wealthy Affiliate webinars are so engaging, I dedicated a part of this evaluation to them.

Webinars usually sell more junk.

They’ll lure you in for 60 minutes with a fantastic claim, then try to sell you something.

WA webinars have the advantage of not marketing anything. Never did.

Never will. Wealthy Affiliate weekly seminars teach practical skills! Previous webinar topics:

Website SSL installation 2019 SEO checklist.

Advanced WordPress techniques keyword research competitive research YouTube content, Bing rankings, and Google Analytics conversion tracking website foundation.

6. SEO Article Writing

Members also have access to past webinar training.

There are hundreds of 1-hour ones, so you’ll never finish them.

Friday webinars are recorded for later viewing.

Live attendees can ask questions during the hourly Q&A.

Weekly webinars cover beginner to intermediate topics.

The events are live, so Jay, the host, can discuss pertinent topics.

The Internet marketing industry moves quickly.

Therefore the webinar will cover everything fresh that could help or hinder your business!

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7. Affiliate Tutorials

Each level has ten lessons.

Each lesson has 3-4 tasks. Wealthy Affiliate teaches step-by-step.

Starter Level

Free Starter accounts get the first level of instruction.

In these sessions, you’ll study affiliate marketing basics, choose a business topic, and establish a free website.

Training at WA
  • Get Rolling
  • Learning the Ins and Outs of Making Money Online
  • Choose Your Target Market
  • DIY Specialty Website Construction
  • Website Configuration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Making the First Content for Your Website
  • Building Unique Website Menus
  • Learning the Basics of Keyword Research
  • Well Done, and Here Are Your Next Steps

8. Stage 2: Website Construction

Premium members only get Level 2.

In these tutorials, you’ll buy a.com domain name and 1-click redirect your free site to it.

You’ll then learn keyword research and SEO writing.

My business relies on Google ranking articles!

Built Your Website WA
  • On the Web, Build Your Name.
  • Get Out of My Way; I’ve Arrived at the Top by Optimizing My Website for Search Engines
  • Creating a New Email Account for Your Website Domain
  • The Crash in Traffic
  • Using Pictures and Such
  • Recognizing the Easy Wins
  • Putting on a human front
  • Increasing Efficiency in Your Work
  • Improving Your Standings on WA.

Try Bluehost, a web hosting company.

9. Stage 3 – Making Money

You will learn how to find affiliate programs that are appropriate for your topic and acquire your first affiliate links in Level 3 of your training (Premium only).

See how Google Adsense works and how display ads revenue compares to affiliate earnings once you’ve written a product review and included your affiliate links.

Making Money with WA

How to Make Money Online

  1. An Overview of Affiliate Programs and Networks
  2. There Are Affiliate Programs Around That Make Sense
  3. Including Affiliate Link Codes on Your Site
  4. One Million Items Available Right Now
  5. Using Customer Opinions

How Much Money Can You Expect to Make From the Advertising on Your Website?

An Ingenious Method for Monitoring and Analyzing Your Site’s Traffic That Eventually Leads to Financial Success.

10. Social Media

You’ll study social media in Level 4 (Premium).

Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook are the leading platforms, but you don’t have to join them all.

Social media isn’t my thing, so I don’t use it for my websites. It attracts certain people.

Social Media with WA

11. What Does Social Media Mean for Your Business?

  1. Make Your Website a Place to Interact with Facebook Correctly
  2. The Visual Social Hemisphere and Pinterest
  3. Implementing a Sound Tweeting Campaign
  4. The Advantages of Being Social at WA
  5. Create Your Own Campaigns Leveraging the Wealthy Affiliate Social Community for Social Branding Animals
  6. You can only be an expert in some things.

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12. Step 5: Make Something Original

You will learn how to “level up” your content in the last round of training (Premium).

The best way to get visitors to visit your website is to publish helpful material consistently.

The activity guides you through the steps of producing a high-quality post, interacting with your target audience, and analyzing your traffic.

Contant at WA website

13. Your Content is Your Product

  1. Google Webmaster Tools Configuration
  2. Faster and more accurate indexing
  3. A year is a relatively short time frame, yet it may significantly impact a business.
  4. Using a Predetermined Outline to Write Architecture
  5. Planning out the next few months and year and writing content with conversion intent in mind, Bing and Yahoo are still the 33%

14. These Are 5 Places To Look For Business Support

One of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate is the helpful member community.

No comparable product or service on the market provides support of any type, much less at this price point.

Compared to the $300-$500 you’d pay for an hour with a guru, WA’s thriving business community is yours for just $49 per month.

The Wealthy Affiliate help channels are most useful for total beginners.

Intermediate affiliate marketers (those having profitable websites) may benefit most from networking with other affiliate marketers to share techniques, accept constructive criticism, and set new goals.

Help and Support with WA

15. Classroom

You can ask a question in a topic-specific classroom if you don’t have time for a 1-on-1 session in Live Chat.

They total 23, and that number includes:

The First Steps

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Authoring & Writing
  • Web Design, Coding, and Maintenance
  • Regional Advertising
  • All Things WordPress on the Wealthy Affiliate Network WA Affiliate Program
  • Promotion and Social Media
  • Video Advertising After Doing Market, Keyword, and Niche Research
  • Promotional Emails
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) Advertising
Classroom at WA

Classrooms are great because you can ask questions and get many responses the next day.

Crowdsourcing answers to your questions start the dialogue.

Interact with members over two days as they contribute ideas and follow-up inquiries.

There are indeed 100 others that need to ask the same thing.

16. WA Blogs

An internal blogging system lets community members post entire blogs.

It should be about your online business, WA, or generating money online.

These blogs are a way to communicate with the community, not promote your website.

Tutorials and first-sale stories are shared.

Some members post annual income updates or affiliate company growth.

WA blogs are also helpful in seeking assistance.

Post about training frustrations or site mistakes and how you fixed them.

Many members can offer advice.

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Everyone is Asking…?

17. How Long does it take to earn Money?

Because everyone’s schedule is different, it’s impossible to anticipate how long your website will produce Money.

I’ve personally witnessed six-figure incomes in six months.

Though rare, it has happened before.

I’ve seen longtime members earn only a few hundred dollars every month.

They’re also unusual because they’re still working on their website, but not seriously, and need to see results.

We want the middle: a long-term site contributor.

For the middle… Expect this if you work 1-3 hours a day and a few extra on weekends:

One month: Website, initial articles, business overview.

3 Months: Organic traffic starts, 10-50 visits per day.

6 Months: Consistent traffic, first affiliate sales ($0-$20)

12 Months: Traffic rising monthly, sales $100–$500/month

24 Months: Optimizing affiliate pages ($1,000+/month) and driving huge traffic (1k-2k/month).

By 24 months, everything is conceivable.

Within 18 months, I earned $12k/month.

After Google difficulties, I plummeted to $6k/month.

Ten years later, affiliate commissions make me almost $20,000/month.

My personal target is $50k/month.

Wow. Yes, please. See me in 2-3 years. I’ll arrive!

As shown above, start small and go up. Your goals will alter as you build your site, business, and affiliate marketing skills.

Wealthy Affiliate’s first “success post” was my website’s launch.

That one step launched my business for a decade.

$100 commision isn’t exciting anymore.

I want a ten-grand income increase.

I’m thinking big.

Don’t give up if you don’t make a living in a few months.

You’ll get outcomes like this if you stick around and work hard!

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18. Overnight Success Stories Myth

I always tell my referrals that your initial website can be flawed.

Wealthy Affiliate success takes time.

My first website sucked!

I developed a free horse hair care website without a horse!

A Cool Ideas website followed.

After one sale, I quit. I made many more failed websites than these 3, some of which I need help remembering.

My first successful websites could have been better.

It’s okay if your first website stinks.

19. What Happens After Lessons?

Wealthy Affiliate’s lesson will provide you with something other than an income-generating website.

I’d wager it.

20. So why train?

Repeat lesson tasks. This is recurring. One article won’t rank.

You compete with other businesses.

Therefore you must provide value on your website to attract readers.

After the lectures, your #1 responsibility will be finding writing themes and publishing articles on them.

You can keep busy with other member-created training courses and weekly webinar topics.

Create product comparison pages using a pricing chart plugin.

Email marketing and newsletters may work.

Register your site with Bing Webmaster tools, target Bing traffic, or run a Bing PPC campaign.

Wealthy Affiliate has training modules for many different website options.

Each business owner wants a different website and business.

As your site grows, you’ll uncover other websites you wish to copy and investigate how to do so.

Wealthy Affiliate has many tools, but you can also follow amazing blogs and YouTube channels to acquire more affiliate website ideas.

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21. Wealthy Affiliate – How much does it all cost?

Starting an affiliate website is cheap, my favorite part. Starting a business and making mistakes are cheap.

Most of you will operate from a laptop or computer you own in a home where you pay rent/mortgage, so maintaining the site will only add to your lifestyle expenses.

Build the website (free). Researching topics (free).

You write articles (free).

Operating an affiliate website on a budget requires only hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate membership includes hosting.

Your business costs $49/month plus $14/year for a domain name.

$50/month total.

Everything after $50 is optional.

Too many optional expenses to list. Some entrepreneurs run lean, while others invest in expanding.

I spend most on content outsourcing.

If you have the money, get a premium WordPress theme ($100 one-time price) and a keyword research tool ($19/month).

You may establish a six-figure online business for just $50 a month.

Once you start producing Money, you can select how to spend it on developing your business faster.


22. What Happens When You Quit?

Your website should succeed. Life may require a respite. You may decide this online marketing technique isn’t for you. It’s fine.

You can leave Wealthy Affiliate anytime.

No contract, no captive.

Go into your account settings, click cancel, and exit if you’re done. Done!

If you want to maintain working on your affiliate website but leave WA, you’ll need a new hosting service!

Wealthy Affiliate does not host websites for free, but they give you 30 days to move.

Managed WordPress hosting costs $5–60/month for a single website and $50–250 for several websites.

You own your domain and content.

Your creations and commissions are yours.

WA is for practice. Your products are not theirs!

If you need to pause for a month or two, determine if your website is worth keeping online.

If you cancel and return, Wealthy Affiliate saves a six-month backup of your website!

Even if you return, your website will disappear after 30 days.

I’ve been a member for years and want to stay (I like the weekly webinars and have many intelligent friends there).

PM me when you restart your membership.

Your account will be the same!

23. Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

Wealthy Affiliate is one of many online money-making products. Hundreds exist.

How does Wealthy Affiliate compare?

After ten years of trying hundreds of them, I can confidently tell that 99% are trash.

How am I so sure?

After trying hundreds of them, that’s my opinion (at least going through the training).

I’ve seen 99% of these goods fail after 1-2 years. Poof! Gone! For 12 years, I’ve watched it happen.

Wealthy Affiliate is unique in that it still has thousands of active members. Unheard of.

I only recommend one thing.

Wealthy Affiliate is only for some.

Wealthy Affiliate is for regular people who want specialized support starting their internet business.

The Authority Site System is best for data-driven people.

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Right Now. Try Wealthy Affiliates

Free Domain Name, WordPress, and Support.

Basic Training Included.

Chance of earning a commission

No Credit Card is Needed.

>> Instant Access <<

Thank you for Stopping By

Elke Robins Author

Till the Next Time



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  1. Proving really well how Wealthy Affiliate outranks everything else on the market.
    I have been a member for several years and support the product as an honest and reliable face of the internet market.

    From price alone, it represents great value however that is backed by excellent service and support.

    I host a site in my city and they recently charged me over $100 for an SSL certificate or my site would not rank 
    as https.. I have a half dozen sites with Wealthy Affiliate so really understand the price is great.

    Having completed all the training I can attest to the value but made the mistake the first time around of skipping through as I new it all. My Bad. When back and did the whole thing properly because it contains so much value.

    The review is solid and contains a lot of great tips.

    Peter H

    1. Thank you, Peter, for getting back to me.

      I also think WA is great; I learned much in my years with Wealthy Affiliates.

      I had tried many other programs before to find out it was not for me and there was no support or community to help me. They were expensive and did not deliver.

      Yes, I agree that WA is great for what you are getting. The price is excellent.

      Thank you again for getting back to me

      Have a nice day


  2. Hi Elke, thanks for your post on your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. It would be interesting to know how many websites you have and what made you decide to let a website go.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a pretty well-rounded learning situation to learn how to become an affiliate. Do you have a favorite affiliate program? Have you tried Amazon? Do you still use Amazon today?

    1. Thank You for getting back to me, Carolyn,

      I still do Amazon for specific things like exercise equipment for my health and fitness website.

      URL is better-health-fitness.com

      I am not doing much with https://cool-ideas-63.com at the moment because I am concentrating on my main website , howtomakemoneyaffiliates.com I want to get it perfect before I move on to my other websites.

      I used to do all three websites at once and found it was too much for me, so I decided to concentrate on the 

      howtomakemoneyaffiliates.com website for now.

      I let go of some websites since it was too much for me.

      Hope this helps