How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work Now – 10 Steps

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Updated on the 09 December 2022

Welcome to Elke's Beginners GuideHi and welcome to my Website.

Today, I’ll discuss Wealthy Affiliates and How it Works.

I made a step-by-step Wealthy Affiliates instructions guide to get you on the way.

I’ll explain what it is and how to make money using the study’s ideas.

To learn how to make money, online Wealthy Affiliate is here to help.

WA is a membership site that teaches you everything you have to know to be a success.

You’ll learn what to do what and when with tutorials, live webinars, and a community-based sharing platform.

The perfect place in WA.

First things first, what is Affiliate Marketing? 

Publishers get paid for recommending retailers’ or advertisers’ goods or services.

The store or advertiser pays the affiliate partner for a specified outcome.

Usually, sales ensue. 

Affiliate programmes reward leads, free-trial users, website traffic, and app downloads.

Most affiliate programmes have no startup fees.

Affiliate marketing may be profitable if done well.

Resource: How to do Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Now let’s get into Who owns Wealthy Affiliates?

Kyle and Carson from Wealthy AffiliateKyle Loudoun and Carson Lim own Wealthy Affiliates.

Founded in 2005 to educate Affiliate Marketing.

The firm has 2.2+ increasing members.

I found Wealthy Affiliates when seeking internet income.

I joined WA because of the excellent education and helpful members.

Start with Training

Getting Started

Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim welcome you when you check in.

This was nice.

WA LogoWealthy Affiliate members succeed faster than any online network.

No technical or internet business experience is necessary.

Internet company doesn’t require a “techie.”

Today’s activities will boost your future success.

Wealthy Affiliate’s 4-step business-building method. 

Since the early 2000s, launching an online business has proven successful.

Wealthy Affiliate explains this method.

Resource: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2022 Review

Training Start

Here’s a link to the above stuff. >> Wealthy Affiliate <<

1. Choices

Choose a website niche you’re enthusiastic about.

Sport, fashion, travel, pets, etc.

“Wealthy Affiliate” helps you locate your “target audience.”

“Branding” your website will ensure long-term online success.

Discovering your brand starts with choosing your target audience.

Kyle will help you build a brand/niche-specific website.

Resource: Write Reviews Like a Pro with Discount Code ELKE25. Click Here

2. Site-building

Web design isn’t terrifying.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you receive the world’s best website builder.

Wealthy Affiliate is a tech-driven website builder.

I’ll stop praising the website builder and platform.

Your website will be up in 30 seconds.

Choose SiteBuilder to build a website (and complete the following task).

The video below demonstrates Wealthy Affiliate’s Website Platform’s ease of use.

Click above for training and video presentation details.

Your company’s foundation is online.

You may then sell products/services on your website.

WA’s SiteBuilder platform is user-friendly and advanced.

WordPress webpages load in 30 seconds.

Under Websites is SiteBuilder.

This four-part essay explains how to create a website.

Click “SiteRubix” in the main menu to access SiteBuilder and your site.

First, Choose a Website.

is it's Free. Choose a FREE or OWN domain.

Owning a component takes time.

Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteDomains lets you “register” your own domains.

Your first website is

Starters can establish ONE FREE site.

Premium members can build 10 websites (including websites on your own domain).

Our hosting platform is fast, secure, and reliable.

3. Choose a Domain

Remember picking my “brand”?

I’ll enter my brand name in “domain name” now.

My future website URL and brand.

“Marketing With Kyle” is currently the domain.

Entering your domain name shows if it’s available.

If your initial choice isn’t available, keep looking until you find one.

Since domains don’t allow spaces, mine is “marketing with Kyle.”

4. Choose a website name.

Your domain and website name should be grammatically valid (with proper spacing). 


“How to Make Money Online”

Indeed. Don’t overthink your domain name.

Want More Traffic to Your Website? Click Here

Choose a style

5. Choose a “look” theme.

New members will receive a quick, secure, appealing theme (see screenshot above).

Premium members get new designs daily, and 4,134 (see below).


Develop your site after choosing a design.

New web hosting platform SiteRubix.

SiteRubix’s menu has many website features.

SiteRubix, if you haven’t got your own domain yet.

Hand-Holding-WordPress Unmatched Managed WordPress hosting capability.

We provide a secure, robust, FAST website platform.

Your firm needs the newest technologies to perform correctly.

WA’s SiteRubix platform has several advanced features.

  • MS (Starter & Premium)
  • Contents (Starter & Premium)
  • DomainNames (Starter & Premium)

SiteRubix EXCLUSIVE protects websites from hackers, spammers, and other dangers.

  • Page Loading (Premium Only)
  • Site Safety (Premium Only)
  • WebSSL (Premium Only)
  • reviews (Premium Only)
  • Feedback (Premium Only)
  • SiteHelp (Premium Only)

Your SiteRubix website is online!

Finally, this course helps you generate Google-indexed website content (and do so for free).

Full training and video presentation link.

Resource: Affiliate Marketing? Dos and Don’ts

Now that your website is up, write a blog or article.

As you write more, choosing what to write about will get easier.

Start with 1000- 1500 words, but lengthier content ranks higher on Google.

Your topic/niche should be original and high-quality.


No credit card is needed to try Wealthy Affiliates.

FREE 7-day access to the training.

You can join or retain your FREE Account.

Basic training keeps your free domain and Webhosting.

Wealthy Affiliate offers training like this.

Invest time and money7. Price?

Wealthy Affiliate is free or $49/month.

($19 first month, $359 yearly)

The Free Plan includes BASIC instruction.

8. The WA community

Before WA, I didn’t know anyone who “did web marketing.”

I know hundreds now. 

I may message them anytime to find out anything.

Sometimes you’ll have a strange query. And that’s where WA shines.

With 2 million members, you can receive answers quickly.

Ask a question in a comment thread by clicking “ask the community for help.”

Resource: Tips to Kick-Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business Guide

9. Wealthy Affiliate-min 24/7 live chat is available for minor issues.

Using this link will allow me to view your query and help you. 

I’ll know someone who knows the solution if I don’t.

10. Affiliate Program…

Wealthy Affiliate has an Affiliate Program – You can earn a commision.

See the commision table below.

Wealthy Affilaite Pros
  • It is necessary to respond quickly.
  • Affordable with no upsells or hidden costs, including all required equipment.
  • Weekly status reports and live webinars
  • A helpful and engaged neighbourhood
Wealthy Affiliate Cons
  • No refunds
  • Some of the fundamental training needs to be updated.
  • The promotion of WA is given priority.
  • An excessive amount of information
  • Too many emails from the community to answer


Q. Should you trust Wealthy Affiliate?

Is their company legit? They have been around for 14 years!

Q. Do they teach reliable internet moneymaking methods?

Yes. Affiliate marketing is the most simple and beginner-friendly strategy.


Legitimacy does not guarantee success. Wealthy Affiliate never cheats.

But you must do it.

Just work. (See what you’ll do if you join today here)

Q. With what method does Wealthy Affiliate compensate its members?

You will be compensated via PayPal. 

Enter your email address to get commissions on the first of each month.

You may choose the minimum at only $10 and the maximum at $5,000.

You decide. “Salespeople” and websites urge you to join NOW, or the world will end.

Not me. Follow your gut and decide depending on how you “feel.” 

If you believe Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit, try it. 

Try it if you’re unsure.

Create a Wealthy Affiliate account now!

Why lose? $0.

We recommend joining Starter. 

You may test the platform, use it, and expand your business before spending a dollar.

There’s a reason no other corporation offers “free” access. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s platform and community are unrivalled

Examine the feedback provided by other customers of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has lots of video lessons.

Good luck, and I’ll see you in WA!

I love Welthy Affiliate because itis FREE to join and you can stay with the FREE Account.

Now it’s up to you to make a choice.

Yes, or no.

>> Instant Access <<  Find out More it will cost you $0.00

I let you be the judge.

I hope How Does Wealthy Affiliates Work Now – 9 Steps was helpful.

Please Share.

Use this place to ask questions or make suggestions.

Till the Next Time



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Elke Robins



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  1. This year that is starting I have a goal. It is to diversify my income stream. And my first option is online. I like that this platform teaches us how to get started in affiliate marketing. And they seem to have crafted their training for people that are non-techies. I will give them a try.

    1. I found WA by chance and was very surprised how good the training was and how much help you can get from the community. The training is easy to follow and you can always ask questions.

      Good luck with affiliate marketing

      Greetings from Australia


  2. Is Wealthy affiliate a pyramid scheme?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    1. No, Wealthy Affiliate is not a Pyramid Scheme it is a community of mind like people who want to build a lucrative affiliate marketing business. To find out more type into Google “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Schema” and you can read for yourself all about what WA is and is not

      I hope this helps