What is Wealthy Affiliates and Where to Start

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Hi my name is Elke, today I want to look at what is Wealthy Affiliates and where to start.

I researched Wealthy Affiliates and created  a step by step Guide.

I will explain what it is and how you may use it to generate income following the study’s concepts.

Looking at Wealthy Affiliate and what it is.

Who owns Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliates is owned my two Canadian entrepreneur Kyle Loudoun, Carson Lim

Established in 2005 to teach individuals how to make money online through Affiliate Marketing.

The company has 2.2 + Members and it is growing by the day.

I got into Wealthy Affiliates by chance looking on line to generate extra income.

Astonished by the quality of the instruction and the members’ assistance, I joined WA

Let’s start looking at the Training:

Getting Started!

The first thing you find once you log in the Founders Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim welcome you.

I found this a nice gesture.

Wealthy Affiliate’s members achieve at the fastest rate, unlike any other online network.

No prior technical or online business experience needed.

You don’t need to be a “techie” to learn about internet business.

All actions taken today will add to your future success.

4-step business building process that you are going to be learning at Wealthy Affiliate. Diagram of the breaking down process.

Diagram of Wealthy Affiliates crackdown diagram

Starting an online business has been profitable since the early 2000s, and the underlying concepts will last decades.

This strategy is explained in detail on the Wealthy Affiliate website.

Starting the Training

You can find the information on the matterial above following this link HERE

Training Structure

Wealthy Affiliate Training Structure

Choosing Your Direction

Decite on a Niche a brand for your website something you a passionate about. e.g. sport, cloth, travel, pets etc.

“Wealthy Affiliate” is a platform where you can find and engage with your “target audience”.

Your website’s “branding” will put you up for long-term, sustainable online success.

Choosing your target audience is the first step to discovering your brand.

Kyle will lead you through creating a website that is tailored to your brand/niche.

Website Building

Constructing a website isn’t scary.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get access to the world’s most potent but user-friendly website builder.

Wealthy Affiliate prides itself on being a technology-driven organisation in the website building sector.

The website builder and platform are so good that I won’t brag about them anymore.

It will take you less than 30 seconds to establish your website now.

From the menu, select SiteBuilder to begin building your website (and complete the following task).

You can see how easy it is to build a website with Wealthy Affiliate’s Website Platform in the video below.

Watch Video Here

Click on the Link above for full details for the training and Video Presentation.

Your website is your company’s basis.

As a result, you may promote products/services and make cash from your website!

WA’s SiteBuilder platform is the most user-friendly and sophisticated in the industry.

WordPress websites can be up and operating in about 30 seconds.

The SiteBuilder is found under the Websites menu.

Website Building Screen shot

This article will lead you through the website creation process in four parts.

You will need to click the light blue “SiteRubix” icon in the main menu to access the SiteBuilder and Everything connected to your site.

Step 1:

Pick Your Website Type Choose between a FREE website or your OWN domain for this choice.

Owning a component is right, but it takes time.

SiteDomains allows you to “register” your own domains directly within Wealthy Affiliate.

Your first website are on the.siterubix.com domain, which is free.

As a Starter, you’ll be able to create ONE FREE site.

Premium members may create and host 10 websites (including websites on your own domain).

Our hosting platform leads the market in terms of speed, security, and dependability.

Showing different Domain registers

Step 2: Pick a Domain

Remember when I picked my “brand”?

I will enter my brand name into the “domain name” box at this stage.

This will be my future website URL and brand.

The domain field now has “Marketing With Kyle” in it.

Domain Name ExampleWhen you enter your domain name, it will tell you if it is accessible.

If your first pick isn’t available, simply keep searching until you discover a domain name that fits for you.

My domain is “marketingwithkyle” since spaces are not allowed in domain names.

Step 3: Pick a Website Name

Your website’s name should be grammatically correct and match your domain (with proper spacing). Below is an example:

So it is. Your title will be your domain, so don’t overthink it.

Step 4: Pick a Style

To finish, pick a theme “look.”

A quality, fast, secure, and attractive theme will be provided to new members (see screenshot below).

In addition to over 4,134 designs (see below), Premium Members receive access to new designs every day.

It’s called “Themes.”

Select a design you like.

Different Teams

Choose a design and then develop your site.

SiteRubix, a New Website and Hosting Platform.

Notably, the SiteRubix menu has several more website functionalities.

If you haven’t heard about SiteRubix.

The Managed WordPress hosting industry’s powerhouse hosting is unmatched here.

We specialise in offering a safe, resilient, and FAST platform for your website.

It’s crucial to have the latest technology to keep your business running smoothly at all times.

A few of the sophisticated capabilities available in WA’s SiteRubix platform are listed below.

  • SM (Starter & Premium)
  • Contents of Site (Starter & Premium)
  • WebBuilder (Starter & Premium)
  • DomainNames (Starter & Premium)

You can be guaranteed that your websites will be protected against hackers, spammers, and other malicious threats with SiteRubix EXCLUSIVE technology.

  • Website Speed (Premium Only)
  • Protection Site (Premium Only)
  • SSL SiteSSL (Premium Only)
  • site reviews (Premium Only)
  • Feedback Site (Premium Only)
  • Support SiteSupport (Premium Only)

Your website is now live and operating on the SiteRubix platform!

That’s it. This course will help you create content for your website and have it indexed and ranked by Google (and do so for free).

Click on the Link for Full Training and Video Presentation Here

Now that your website is up and running, it’s time to post your first blog or article.

Choosing what to write about may be difficult at first, but it will become simpler as you write more pieces.

Start with 1000- 1500 words, but remember that the longer the content is, the better and faster it will rank in Google.

The subject/niche you write about should be your own original work of high quality.

What to do next?

Check out Wealthy Affiliates for FREE No Credit Card Required.

Check out the training, the FREE access is for 7 Days.

Then you can decide if you want to join or keep your FREE Account.

You will keep your Free Domain Name and webhosting with basic training.

In this post there is just some of the training you can receive from Wealthy Affiliate.

What does it Cost?Image of money

Wealthy Affiliate costs $0 or $49 per month.

($19 for the first month), or $359 per year if paid annually.

The Free Plan has: BASIC training access as mentioned above.

To Access the full or Basic training Click Here

There are lots of more video presentations inside Wealthy Affiliate to learn from.

Good Luck and I hopefully See You inside Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you liked reading What is Wealthy Affiliates and Where to Start.

I am always Glad to Help

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  1. This year that is starting I have a goal. It is to diversify my income stream. And my first option is online. I like that this platform teaches us how to get started in affiliate marketing. And they seem to have crafted their training for people that are non-techies. I will give them a try.

    • I found WA by chance and was very surprised how good the training was and how much help you can get from the community. The training is easy to follow and you can always ask questions.

      Good luck with affiliate marketing

      Greetings from Australia


  2. Is Wealthy affiliate a pyramid scheme?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    • No, Wealthy Affiliate is not a Pyramid Scheme it is a community of mind like people who want to build a lucrative affiliate marketing business. To find out more type into Google “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Schema” and you can read for yourself all about what WA is and is not

      I hope this helps 


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