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What is Wealthy Affiliate University

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16 February 2022 By Elke Robins

I, my name is Elke. I am glad that you found my review.

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a month now and have never looked back.

What is Wealthy Affiliate all about, is it a scam or legit?

You have lots of questions I am going over everything in this review.

I will address all the good and the bad and more in this in-depth study.

What is Wealthy Affiliate & What is it not?

You may have done the research for ways to generate income online.

I have been there myself until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

There are a lot of people who want to make money online for a living.

You can also make an income online. Why not?

You just need access to the right training which you will get at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate provides everything you need to build a lucrative online business.

You will get expert help 24/7 support and there is a question-and-answer section.

The training provided is structured step-by-step and easy to follow.

Learning how to make money online via Wealthy Affiliate is easy.

How to Make Money Online with Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you help other companies earn sales.

Examples include Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Add this monetization strategy to your blog or website.

What Wealthy Affiliate is NOT?

Don’t join Wealthy Affiliate expecting to make thousands in your first month or even week.

In fact, any programme or person that tells you otherwise is a fraud.

Picture of Luxury Items

That stuff isn’t online. Don’t even bother looking. It doesn’t.

Online earning is equivalent to having a company.

The first year may not be lucrative, and it will require a lot of time.

Do something you will like afterwards. That is wisdom.

You want to start a company today for your future.

You may chase dreams or establish success.

Like any company, you will need to work hard. Nobody will do it for you.

Unless you pay them as well.

Building a company takes a lot of time. You will need to invest in it to make it grow.

Was Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

I know WA is legit since it gives a free Starter Membership.

I have no idea why every company doesn’t give a free version of their product.

How can someone pay $10, $100, or even $1,000 without seeing what they’re buying?

That is one of the major issues with the other firms.

To fully understand Wealthy Affiliate, you may spend as much time as you like investigating the site.

Look at the free Starter Membership here.

To access the system, you must provide your email address.

If you’re concerned about spam, let me relieve your mind.

You may personalise your WA emails from your member dashboard.

You are not risking anything. Therefore, I know this approach is not a fraud and may help you succeed.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Warren Buffett, the world’s most successful investor.

The answer, he argues, is to reduce risk. That is how you succeed. Agreed.

Why Join Wealthy Affiliate?

WA is for those who wish to learn how to start a company.

You don’t need any tech skills.

Kyle, co-owner, and leading trainer at WA, actually guide you through building your website from scratch.

He does this in the Starter Membership. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Want to earn money online?

You must change your mindset.

So many individuals are deceiving you to get you into their scheme because it appears too simple.

I’d want you to join Wealthy Affiliate so I can get a commission, but that’s not why.

I want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

It is like watching a movie or using a new or old product. If you like it, you will tell others about it.

You usually do it for free. What if you were paid for it?

Wealthy Affiliate is for you to learn how to make money online and build a business.

It’s a job you almost have to desire. You keep expanding after you earn a full-time salary.

You may then outsource tasks, freeing up additional time.

This is a company you can run from home.

They do. Anywhere with internet access.

You may do this till retirement and then sell your enterprises.

I’ve seen websites sell for $100,000:

This is the Biggest Wealthy Affiliate Takeaways.

1. I love Wealthy Affiliate because it is a community of online marketers.

The community and trainers are complete with good energy.

2. You are trained by veterans.

People who have already achieved your desired achievement.

Live video training is held a couple of times a week.

They are hosted by Wealthy Affiliate members.

Most started out knowing nothing about generating money online and are now experts.

They teach essential skills like SEO, Niche Marketing, and Keyword Research.

3. The Premium Membership includes Keyword Research.

Love it! You may save $20-$100 every month on your company.

4. Hosting is great. If you need assistance with your website, Site Support will respond promptly.

After so many years, they have yet to fail me.

5. It is great that they provide an online writing platform to compose your material.

Google Docs:

I utilised Google Docs, but their Site Content platform is much easier.

Create material and post it to your website. It’s pretty easy.

Also, everything you need to run your company is in one location. That’s great!

Without Wealthy Affiliate, you’d be using Bluehost for web hosting.

Your material would be written on a word processor. Then post your work on WordPress.

Then you’d need to subscribe to a keyword tool.

Everything in one place is great. That way, you may concentrate on other things, like a company.

Wealthy Affiliate Training, Tools, & Support:

I’ll go through everything at Wealthy Affiliate so you can make an informed choice.

This includes training, writing, keyword research, comment participation, and support.

Here are the Wealthy Affiliate training courses:

Online Entrepreneur Certification – 5 Courses, 50 Lessons

Affiliate Bootcamp – 7 Courses, 70 Lessons

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Wealthy Affiliate

Level 4 & 5 training structure Wealthy AffiliateAffiliate Bootcamp Wealthy Affiliate

Trining Structure Wealthy Affiliate

Course 1 of both courses is included in Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter Membership.

Course 1 builds your online company foundation and teaches you how to generate money online.

The tasks in the courses are meant to help you learn and apply the teachings.

Lessons include text and video. Each course is hosted by Kyle, co-owner, and chief trainer of Wealthy Affiliate.

Training HQ Wealthy Affiliate


Training HQ & Live Classes:

Training HQ has a lot of training.

The owners, professionals, and community members have all contributed to the accessible training.

You choose a skill or a category, and there’s usually a lot of information about it.

Notice how I entered “YouTube Marketing” into the search area.

There is a lot of training offered. There’s a lot to learn or improve your talents here.

Remember that Wealthy Affiliate has millions of members.

Experts, in a sense. For those studying and exercising their business.

If you learn how to do something well, like Facebook marketing, you may build a course to teach others. Cool, huh?

Live Classes:

My favourite feature about WA. Every week, one of our specialists provides a new live training site.

These lessons are great because, as an internet marketer, you are always learning and improving your abilities.

Some have over a decade of experience. You are basically watching members every move.

As you might guess, this is really useful.

You are not alone. So much assistance. Caring and eager to assist.

You may submit questions for the live Q&A after each live class.

Take a look at my latest Wealthy Affiliate viewing history:

Live Classes Wealthy Affiliate

They are informative, and I watch them in my spare time. That’s fantastic.

If you miss the live class, you may always view the replay at your leisure.

The AMAZING Keyword Tool from WA

Jaaxy is a keyword tool at WA. Jaaxy is available as a standalone product or as part of any Wealthy Affiliate subscription.

Jaaxy Starting is included in the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

This is another excellent product from the creators of Wealthy Affiliate, with a free edition.

I believe Kyle and Carson understand it. As if they knew how difficult it is on the internet.

Finding a legitimate firm to invest in to attain our aims. Their items have a free version.

Nowhere else on the market provides that.

Let me know if you know of any more places that do this. I’d love to see it. Make a review of it.

Unlimited keyword searches are included with the Premium Membership. In my book, this is a winner.

You will need a decent keyword tool like this.

Google Planner:

I used Google Planner once, but it was complex and didn’t offer me the stats I needed.

It’s free to use, so I had nothing to lose.

I conducted a full review of Jaaxy a while ago, which you can read here.

Picture of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Find and target the proper keyword phrases to rank, increase traffic, and make cash.

Learn more about this tool at Wealthy

Affiliate or read my entire review here.

Jaaxy Enterprise is included with Premium Plus.

This is Jaaxy’s finest. Everything Jaaxy Lite delivers, but quicker and with more data.

Like Site Rank, which lets you examine your rating on the top 20 pages of Google.

That’s really useful if you’re on Google’s page 3 or 4.

You can do certain things to get to page 1.

Page 1 of Google:

You want to be on Page 1 of Google for whatever product you are marketing.

When looking for anything, most individuals don’t get to Page 2.

Like when you purchase on Amazon or eBay.

You look at the first page. Page 2 is seldom visited.

I wrote about it if you’re not acquainted with Keyword Research here.

You should target particular keywords when writing content since you won’t reach anybody else.

That includes organic traffic, or free traffic from Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

These are the three major search engines, with Google dominating the market.

You could also utilise paid ads, but that’s another story. The excellent news, WA covers it in training.

It’s in the course materials and additional expert and community training.

Ads may be expensive; therefore, we all want free traffic.

That will change if you use this programme to make money online and start a business.


Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Picture

Having used other hosting services, I can vouch for Wealthy Affiliate’s superiority.

Most firms, including Bluehost, guarantee 99.9% uptime. So that’s not an issue.

The worry is for help while your website is offline.

The Wealthy Affiliate Site Support has been fantastic.

Site Support always answers quickly. I think support works nonstop.

Site Support…

Site Support always gets right on any difficulties I’ve had in my six years there.

They diagnose the issue quickly and get you back up and running. They have never let me down.

It’s comforting to know that support care and are always there when your livelihood is at stake.

If I could enhance Site Support, it would offer more information about the issue.

“Ok, you’re all set,” they say after they repair my concerns.

They never explain what the problem is or how to remedy it.

Personally, I prefer to know since I am a self-reliant person.

If I know the problems, I can correct them next time. In my opinion, it is small.

WP Help – A Few Paths

As I’ve said before, the support at Wealthy Affiliate is what makes the entire process worthwhile.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is so efficient, I don’t need to look elsewhere on the internet.

You may seek help from:

• Private Messages

• Live Chat

• Site Support

It’s easy to underestimate the community’s aid, but don’t do it.

This graphic depicts how I sought assistance from the district and received it in less than a minute.

It’s difficult to express the value I gained then.

I was irritated when attempting to post my article, unsure how to proceed.

In this situation, a table of contents?

It felt reassuring to reload my browser and see that my request for help had been instantly answered.

This enabled me to post my article. This kind of support is invaluable. Thanks to AbieAJ at WA!

Ready to assist. Like many others.

The owners are included in the Premium membership.

I’ve emailed Kyle and Carson (the proprietors) many times.

They always reply and are extremely helpful.

They provide advice, professional views, and insights on the subject.

We can all agree that it is priceless.

How amazing is receiving advice from someone who has previously achieved huge internet success?

Live Chat…

Live Chat is a blast. It’s always open. Many people utilise it to discuss their companies and such.

It’s always helpful to check in there if you’re experiencing issues with your website or need a fast solution.

I usually see novices asking questions and more experienced individuals helping out.

I seldom utilise Live Chat until someone asks a question to which I have an answer.

I mentioned Site Support before. If you’re experiencing trouble with plugins, updates, backups, etc.

They are there for your website.

Discussion on Wealthy Affiliates

Other Wealthy Affiliate Tools – Site Content, Comments, and Feedback

I love Site Content. It increases the efficiency of your internet company.

It was developed a few years ago and has made managing corporate content distribution considerably easier.

Enjoying WordPress:

I really enjoy WordPress, which is most likely what you’ll use to create material on your website.

It’s challenging keeping up with all the changes in recent years.

It is great simplicity. Writing content in the old WordPress was simple.

Even if they offer a traditional editor plugin, it is still not the same.

So, I began using SiteContent.

Also, Google says I’ve over my storage limit and can’t use Google Docs. I can, but it’s not worth it.

It’s merely a few dollars a month to upgrade your Google storage.

Not necessary with Site Content. It’s so simple. You may utilise pre-written templates to create your content.

It contains a proper word counter keeping track of how many words you use.

Google, you may not know, likes lengthy content.

Support Ticket Submission on Wealthy Affiliates

What if I Am Not a Writer?

I don’t want you to be terrified of writing because of this.

Some individuals believe they are not writers, although this is untrue.

This isn’t a book. You’re merely putting pen to paper.

If someone asks you about a topic you know about, I am confident you can wax poetic.

Like blogging, you simply type them on the computer screen.

It has spell check and grammar check to verify your material before publishing it.

Site Comments is a fantastic website tool. Google appreciates reader interaction.

They will assume you are posting great material if others remark on your blog articles.

Thus, improving your search engine ranks.

Site Comments is a tip jar.

You must first comment on other websites. I think two comments were made for one request.

It’s not terrible to examine what others are doing and how they write their stuff.

Simply click on a link to their website, read their material, and comment.

You may request a remark after two credits. You may refuse a comment if you don’t like it or find it beneficial.

This doesn’t bother the other person. So long as they don’t keep making nasty remarks.

Site Comments Wealthy Affiliate

Like me, I used to love Site Feedback. You may ask for website feedback here.

You may ask for comments on specific blog entries, sections of your website, or your whole website.

Like Site Comments, you must provide comments on two other websites before requesting your own.

It runs on credits. Each remark or feedback earns you one credit.

So, each one costs two credits:

You can purchase credits if you want. So, you don’t have to provide comments or feedback.

I’ve never bought credits but paying it forwards isn’t awful.

Looking at other people’s websites also helps.

You can enjoy something and wish to copy it.

When you first start out, all of this information is really important.

It keeps you on track. To learn, I believe it is essential to ask and receive many questions. It was pretty helpful.

The Wealthy Affiliate Cost

There are three levels of membership:

Starter – $0 Premium – $49

Plus – $99/mo.

Back in 2015, there were just two membership options:

Starter and Premium. Premium Plus has been a great addition to the Membership range.

I was a Starter Member for about two weeks before upgrading.

I am now a premium member.

Request Comments in Wealthy Affiliates

Here is a breakdown of the three memberships and their prices:

Basic Membership – 0

The Starter membership is free and will always be free if you want to join at that level.

You may be a Starter Member for life. Most people use this membership to learn about Wealthy Affiliates.

Nothing to lose. No credit card is required to create an account, which I enjoy.

The first month of Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate is just $19.

If you want to progress in your online business, you will need to upgrade to Premium.

• a free website

• Jaaxy Starter, a keyword tool (limited usage)

• Website Help (limited)

• Level 1 of the Entrepreneur Certification Training\s

• Level 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp

Premium Membership – $19 for the first month, then $49/month

Premium Membership – $495 (comes out to like two free months)

After six months of monthly payments, I switched to annual to save money.

When you know this is what you want to do. Wealthy Affiliate is the way to make money online.

In perspective, the yearly membership cost is $41 per month.

That is near to nothing to have as overhead inside your firm.

My offline business costs me $1,000/month in rent and utilities.

It includes 10 websites:

  • Free hosting.
  • Full certification training.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp.
  • Jaaxy Lite keyword tool.
  • Unlimited support.
  • Private messaging.
  • Live chat.
  • Weekly live classes.

Premium Plus Membership – $49 initial deal, $99/month after that

This is the Mack Daddy of all the memberships.

Unlike the Premium Membership, you have weekly access to select special courses.

These events are organised by Wealthy Affiliate members who have achieved great success in this sector.

So many beautiful courses:

Recent courses included YouTube Marketing, PPC Marketing, Mindset Hacks, and Business Building in 2022.

How the internet has evolved and how we should proceed with our enterprises.

Premium Plus includes:

• 50 websites

• Enhanced Hosting

• Jaaxy Enterprise, Enhanced Keyword Tool

• Priority Support

• 3-4 live courses every week

These lists are not complete but rather a concise review of all the membership advantages.

How Easy Is It to Cancel?

Price Structure at Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s all you need to know to cancel your subscription at any time.

It’s pretty easy to cancel, all you’re doing is:

1. Click on your profile picture

2. Head to Account Settings

3. Visit Subscription

4. Scroll down and click on Cancel Billing

By doing this, you’ll not be billed for your membership.

You cannot downgrade from Premium to Starter or free membership after you have purchased Premium.

If you do cancel, you lose complete access to WA.

You’re allowed to downgrade from Premium Plus though. So, if you’d prefer to travel go into reverse to Premium, then you’ll do that.

NO Refunds:

No Refunds I’ve never attempted to induce one, but the policy states so.

You’ll be ready to discontinue paying, but you’ll still have access.

They are going to not return any funds.

The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you just will never be pressured into upgrading your memberships.

You are able to try to do so at your own convenience.

Once you are feeling comfortable in doing so, and after you’re ready.

Nobody is pressuring you to make a choice after you’re fully educated and informed.

That’s another reason I’ve stayed with Wealthy Affiliate for so long.

I’ve got not found that treatment anywhere else.

Everywhere else, there’s too much pressure. I’m not a fan of the pressure.

Cancelation at Wealthy Affiliate

Know Before You Join Wealthy Affiliate

To my knowledge, there are two categories of individuals that find Wealthy Affiliate.

That is:

1. Those looking to generate money online

2. Those seeking an affiliate marketing course

If you fall into the second category, I can only advise you to give it a go. The free Starter Membership poses no risk.

You may skip to the next section.

For my first category, there may be many reasons you wonder how to generate money online. Notably:

• Curious about how others make money online and want to discover how

• Seeking employment and enjoying the concept of working online

• Not earning enough money and want to make more

• Looking for a part-time job

• Looking for greater time flexibility and financial independence

• Want to travel

Understandably, you want to learn how to generate money online, as millions of individuals do.

Making money online is a common fallacy. It appears too simple, and although it isn’t, it isn’t.

It is possible to earn money online. Start a company to operate one, usually from scratch.

Building a company from scratch takes a lot of labour.

You need a website to generate money online, at least enough to pay your expenses.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate training comes in.

Create a website in a few simple steps.

Note: In this video, the processes just establish the website’s framework. You must complete the material.

The course will lead you through adding content, creating navigation menus, etc.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all about creating a website and monetising it.

Join affiliate programmes to monetise your website.

Affiliate programmes let you promote other companies’ products and earn commissions on sales.

There are, in fact, millions of affiliate programmes. Apple, Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy all utilise them.

Affiliate programmes are free. To make affiliate links work for you, you just need to know where to place them.

Now over 5 billion people are online and increasing.

Most folks are shopping. Affiliate programmes are the most common method to earn money online.

AdSense is another option to generate money online.

A lot of internet users have discovered that they see advertisements for things they want to buy.

Google accomplishes this via AdSense. Once your website has some traffic, you may add AdSense.

Get traffic! This will be addressed in the following part.

How Long to Make Money Online?

Do not ignore red flags Image

It’s a process; trust the process. I’m not sure you’ve heard it. This is how it works:

1) You make the site.

So, what? Simply said, this is called speciality marketing.

You choose a niche.

One that you will love.

So, what is a niche?

A niche is just an audience, so choose one.

For example: expecting mothers, baseball players, sneakerheads, and travellers.

These are only a few instances.

Then you choose an audience or a niche. Internet real estate

It’s your own.

You will need a host for your website. All of this is offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

Pick a niche-related title for your website.

Once your website title and hosting are complete, you may choose and activate a background theme.

Using Wealthy Affiliate’s website builder makes it simple.

2) Make content

Before you can start generating the content, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you some housekeeping.

Blog or make videos to develop content.

It’s easy to write about something you’re interested in.

It’s long, but there’s so much to say I keep writing. And you will too.

3) Rank

Jaaxy Ranking Screen Shot

Screenshot of Jaaxy’s Site Rank tool.

It displays my ranking for the search query “how to work online”.

On Bing.com, I am 3rd page.

Your website must be ranked in the search engines.

This is pointless without it. Observe for a moment.

Consider Google. Google owns the bulk of the market.

90% of internet users use Google to find material.

When doing a Google search, you usually click on the first result.

You need to get your website on Google’s top page to generate visitors.

In this case, 1000 individuals search for “Wealthy Affiliate Review” on Google.

If you are on Google’s first page, you should expect at least 100 visitors each month.

“Wealthy Affiliate Review” is a keyword:

Jaaxy Keyword research will help you rank in the search engines.

These keywords may be found using tools like Jaaxy, a keyword tool.

You should take specific procedures while picking keywords, which you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s why I stated everything is in one spot. You don’t need to go anywhere.

Every day, I go to Wealthy Affiliate and work. My keyword finder is Jaaxy.

I use Site Content to compose and publish blog content. Site Comments, I got some feedback.

I seldom leave the house unless I am researching a product online.

How it works. Content creation is critical. Get traffic, sell something, get paid.

Yes, you can. It’s simply too simple once you get it.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

It might seem overwhelming at first. There will be extensive training.

You can’t go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate training. WA guides you through it step by step.

There is also a lot of assistance available if you have questions.

How Much Will Wealthy Affiliate Pay Me?

Once you’ve completed the previous steps and started obtaining traffic, your success is determined by your efforts.

Ranking in search engines may take months, years, or even decades.

You need to develop plenty of content and target killer keywords.

Assume you have 100 blog entries. Ten of them are ranking and bringing in roughly 1000 visitors each month.

100 of those making purchases.

Commission Structure Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure

That’s a 10% conversion rate:

Each premium membership sold earns you $23.50 per month as a Wealthy Associate affiliate.

You may achieve this by joining WAs affiliate programme.

Have you calculated? $2,350/month These aren’t my findings, but they’re reasonable.

Some make less, some more. Some members make over $10,000 every month for Black Friday discounts.

To advertise Wealthy Affiliate is optional. Another example. Bass fishing is another example.

You may advertise Bass Pro Shops items on a bass fishing website. Do you follow?

If not, please leave a comment and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

You may generate money in any area since millions of affiliate networks are available.

Amazon is a well-known affiliate programme. It contains millions of objects.

According to my research, Amazon pays a 4-10% fee on all purchases.

With an affiliate network like Amazon, you may select from a wide variety of themes.

Which speciality will you choose?

Tell me in the comments!

What Are Others Saying About WA?

I looked at the other results on the first page of Google for Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Surprisingly, several of them said that the training materials were obsolete and ineffective.

Remember that every time this is uttered, the individual proposes a different product.

This is how the system works. You earn money by promoting items.

Others dogging another product to promote their own is normal. I see.

Neither would I, but I understand.

The only way to really know whether Wealthy Affiliate is worth it is to give it a go.

In one case, a dogging Wealthy Affiliate promoter would not even disclose the price of a product.

What would you say about a firm if they won’t give you the upfront pricing?

They’ll have to work hard to persuade you to buy, which may be one of those complicated sales. I hate!

A free Starter Membership is available with no credit card needed.

You may access the Members Area and test out the training material before joining.

They don’t do it elsewhere.


Are There Any Bad Wealthy Affiliate Reviews?

Most reviews, even bad ones, include a lot of enthusiasm.

It’s only fair with a product like Wealthy Affiliate.

There are many favourable reviews about Wealthy Affiliates that it is difficult to find a negative one.

Some say we dominate Wealthy Affiliate reviews because we push it.

Obviously, I disagree. Affiliate marketers that specialise in making money online encourage it.

I have to suggest the most significant thing I’ve discovered to learn the trade.

I wouldn’t be a member for six years if I didn’t like WA.

No other explanation exists.

Why would somebody submit an excellent review if they didn’t like it?

Actually, I should retract that. I’ve seen firms pay for excellent reviews.

I’m sorry that many take advantage of this and mislead honest people like us.

I’ve never done it:

Companies wanted reviews up soon after my purchase, so I had to decline them.

I said I’d give it a month to see whether it was worth it.

What About BBB And TrustPilot?

A+ from the BBB, and 469 reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.9.

Only a few individuals have submitted complaints, so take them with a grain of salt.

There are always a few irrational folks.

Trust Pilot is genuine:

Wasn’t aware of the programme, an internet review network for all types of businesses and commodities.

You may actually post a review for a product or service you have used.

It is great it since it is not prejudiced.

I just bought phone insurance from Worth Ave Group.

Trust Pilot subsequently contacted me to evaluate the product.

They were courteous to say I couldn’t review the product until I had a chance to try it.

And I did, approximately a month later, leave a review.

A corporation may generally declare its business there.

Then they may ask Trust Pilot to contact all of its users and ask for a personal evaluation.

Positive reviews are not compensated.

So many people love Wealthy Affiliate.

Do I Think WA is Perfect?

No way. There are certain drawbacks, and I will tell you about them based on my experience.

Initially, it was too much knowledge at once.

Everyone wants you to start the training, but it is not a one-day event.

It will take weeks, if not months.

Initially, I sought a push-button method.

Like I said before, it appears so simple when others do it. But it isn’t. It’s slow.

Everyone is confused by the idea of not approaching it like a company.

Why wouldn’t everyone work a few hours per day and make thousands of dollars per month?

It’s just unreal:

Stop looking for secrets.

You need just pure ethical business practices and intelligent planning to flourish online.

1) I didn’t want to pay to obtain this knowledge.

I think I wanted free knowledge, and although it’s undoubtedly online, assembling it would take too long.

It’s all written out in a learning course at Wealthy Affiliate.

2) Too many people in the community. Sometimes I don’t need everyone’s aid.

I needed the owners’ aid.

The owners can assist you, but it takes 24–48 hours for them to respond.

You can’t anticipate fast response. Thousands of members. They can usually answer your queries.

The community has never led me astray.

3) Complaining. I dislike whining.

I am all about solutions and issues. Let us discuss options. Nobody can do that.

I simply select who I want to be associated with.

4) The money is too slow. If you are in it for the right reasons, you’ll comprehend the process.

5) Even if the Support Team answers your issues in minutes, they do not explain website mistakes.

They repair it and go.

I am a self-sufficient person who wants an explanation.

I simply want to know why things occurred to prepare if it happens again.

Fortunately, I’ve never reencountered the same issue. So I assume that wouldn’t help. Ha!

The #1 Success Factor:

Making money online is a long-term objective. Put no time limit on it. Just decide. “I won’t stop until I win.”

This is the mentality required to achieve. Given a month or a year. You may fail and be doomed.

• Realize this is a company

• Do everything it takes to make your business thrive

• Learn from your mistakes

• Do not set a timeline for your success; allow yourself as much time as possible

Getting it right delivers a rich income and the flexibility of being your own boss.

It is Your decision when to work and when not to. And you can work from any place.

Anywhere with internet access.

If this is the sort of company you desire, you have chosen well to earn money online.

Wealthy Affiliate may help you succeed and remain successful.

Online money making is not a job:

You receive an appointment with 40 hours per week at $12/hour.

Then you will make $480 each week.

This is not a job. You’re setting up shop. As we all know, companies fail.

So many people don’t establish enterprises. But with an internet company, the danger is minimal.

That’s why I suggest it.

This is why you should join Wealthy Affiliate.

Can I Make Money Online for Free?

Image of Free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliates

Yes, but not by much. Many consumers prefer online surveys, which pay cents.

A survey takes typically 20-30 minutes to earn $1. Ignore it.

You need an internet business to earn $100-$1,000 each month online.

Start an online company for free with WA’s Free Starter Membership.

Investing in it like monthly or annual subscriptions or domain names.

A domain name will be the name of your website, ending in.com. They usually cost $13-$14/year.

Why is there a monthly fee?

You must fund your schooling. I Choose, I finished the Certification

Training course within the first six months, I still do. I’m still learning.

It is great to improve my talents. It is great seeing what others do. I use hosting; you must pay for hosting.

I Choose a keyword tool; this is an extra cost you would have to bear.

There’s too much to gain not to.

I shall keep paying my dues. My membership is self-sustaining.

You may also learn how to use their referral programme.

I haven’t paid for six months. Since then, I’ve had references.

They will also show you how within Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start an internet company.

You cannot run a company for free, as I believe most people realise.

Let us know about any free enterprises you know of in the comments. I’m pretty curious.

Conclusions on Wealthy Affiliates

Like me, you probably despised your work and sought a way out.

I’ve had a few jobs previously, but none of them satisfied me.

I’ve seen folks make money online and wanted to know-how.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I said here.

I learnt how to search engines optimise my blogs.

I’ve had several postings on Page 1.

I have some traffic. It works. You must learn the business. Then it’s all up to you.

You increase it by working hard.

You may either work hard or quit and go on to another project.

But this is how you generate money online. You’ll need to be trained.

Without sufficient education and training, a surgeon cannot do surgery in a hospital.

It’s like internet marketing. Just get it done. You’ll be pleased you did.

Please share any queries you may have below. I will be happy to help.

If you sign up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll contact you. I can help you in any manner I can. I’m excited.

Register For Free Here!


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Wealthy Affiliate Costs

It’s free to create an account and take the first course.

Start earning money right away?

Most do not. Most individuals sell after the first month.

What if I don’t like Wealthy Affiliate?

Staying at WA is not a chore. In your options, you may cancel your membership. Cancel your free Starter Membership. Nothing to pay ever. It’s not required to join.

Thus, they won’t have it.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate work?

You will notice that the community has numerous success stories.

Google will be your first success story. That is a tremendous achievement. Like many others, you will eventually see one of your blog entries on Google’s Page.

What do you do at WA?

You start a training course, and at the end, you are an expert in SEO, blogging, keyword research, PPC, and social media. You’ll be an SEO expert.

I hope this article was helpful; Please Leave Questions and Comments Below.

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4 thoughts on “What is the Wealthy Affiliate University – Review”

  1. Hi Elke, thank you for writing this detailed and informative review of Wealthy Affiliate. Anybody looking for a legitimate way to make money online and work from home, will benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate. The free starter membership is a huge bonus to enable you to try the platform and the training, before making a decision about upgrading. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is a world class training platform and if you follow the training, you can be a successful affiliate marketer. How long do you think will it take before one can start seeing results? All the best in your online journey. 

    • Thank You Line for your comment,

      I am happy you liked my article, it can take up to 6 – 8 months to generate an income. Sometimes even longer

      it is not a quick-rich scheme.

      You just keep on publishing articles, the more articles you publish the better it is and the sooner you see results.

      You also have to make sure your articles are to the SEO standard you can find out how to do that my watching a few YouTube videos on the subject of SEO.

      Keep up the Good work 


  2. If you are interested in generating income online then don’t hesitate to join Wealthy Affiliate, why? due to its easily available training step that is mainly straight to the point and in case feel you will get rich as soon as possible then this is not for you, the effort and hard work you put determines your commission, I’m a writer and not that good at SEO writing think should try this course and improve my SEO ratings.

    • Thank you John for your comment, 

      Yes, you are right by saying Wealthy Affiliate is not a quick-rich scheme you have to put in the hard work. I do enjoy writing and have three websites now and they keep me busy but I love writing. 

      Yes, you should know a little about SEO I did not know about SEO myself and I went onto YouTube and found a tone of videos explaining how to improve my SEO now quite a number of my articles have been ranked on Google it was not easy but I am happy with the progress I have made.

      Keep up the Good Work



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