What is Affiliate Marketing – Beginners Guide?

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Elke Robins 1 April 2022

Welcome to my website today we will look at What is Affiliate Marketing – Beginners Guide?

Imagine earning money online with only a webpage. You don’t have to make or sell anything.

Good? That’s affiliate marketing.

According to Statista, US businesses would spend $8.2 billion on affiliate marketing by 2022.

Start now, and you’ll be well-positioned to benefit.

It is my goal in writing this post to explain affiliate marketing and its mechanics.

So, what is it?

Affiliate marketing is promoting another company’s product or service in exchange for a commission.

In most cases, it’s a percentage of the selling price, although it may be fixed.

How Affiliate Marketing Process Work

This could be between 5% to 70% depending on the Affiliate Program.

Why do affiliate marketing?

Two reasons to explore affiliate marketing:

1. Low-cost/risk

It takes money to start a company.

It takes money to hire staff.

It’s hazardous and costly.

Affiliate marketing requires just a website.

You’ve just squandered time and money even if it doesn’t work out.

2. Scalable

A typical salesman only offers one brand.

Become an affiliate marketer and promote items from many brands to earn money.

What is affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketingThe retailer gives each affiliate a unique URL to monitor sales.

The connection often looks like this:

When someone hits the link, a cookie is placed on their device.

Cookies serve two purposes:

1. It lets the merchant track the transaction.

2. It contains an expiry date, so you get paid even if the customer waits.

Here’s an example

Supposing a reader reads your piece about the most incredible winter coats.

They go to Amazon and make a purchase after clicking on one of your affiliate links.

But they had to pick up their daughter.

So, they depart, pick up their kid, have supper, and return to Amazon to locate the merchandise.

They decide to buy ski gear because they’re already on Amazon.

The good news. An affiliate cookie was set when customers clicked on your affiliate link.

You are paid for winter clothing and ski gear since Amazon uses a 24-hour cookie.

How much can an affiliate marketer make?

The short answer is no. It depends on your specialisation and effort.

The best affiliate marketers generate six-figure incomes monthly.

How Much do Affiliates make

In December 2017, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income generated over $100,000 in affiliate income.

Another affiliate marketer, Ryan Robinson, earned almost $19,000 in October 2019.

The Wirecutter made an estimated $10 million and was bought for $30 million by the New York Times.

Remember that these folks have built a great brand.

They’ve worked hard for years to get here.

Initially, your checks may look like this:

Expectations must be managed. You won’t become rich overnight, but don’t let that deter you.

The success of others shows you that you can achieve similar heights with hard effort, dedication, and expertise.

How to begin affiliate marketing

Follow these 7 easy steps:

1. Pick a platform

2. Pick a niche

3. Join affiliate programmes

4. Write great content

5. Promote your affiliate site

6. Get affiliate link clicks

7. Turn clicks into sales

Step 1: Pick a platform

Affiliate marketing may be carried out on any platform at any time.

Instagram works

Instagram LogoBuilding an audience and increasing affiliate revenue is considerably simpler through a blog or YouTube channel.

Making a blog nowadays is affordable and straightforward. There are lots of online tutorials to help you get started.

The best?

Only a few bucks each month is required.

Once your site is up, optimise it for search engines to improve your rating.

Then you may include affiliate links in your post. (There’s an art to this, which we’ll address later.)

Then there’s YouTube

This makes it excellent for many individuals.

SEO-optimized videos with affiliate links in the caption.

I like BookTube, where different YouTubers evaluate books:

You must indicate that you are using affiliate links.

If you get money from an endorsement, you must inform the FTC.

To use a blog, build a separate page or add it to the bottom of your website as follows:

When uploading to YouTube, add it to the description:

A blog now gets more hits than a YouTube video. As a result, most future examples will be for a blog.

2: Pick a specialisation

Let’s face it: creating a blog nowadays is a challenging task.

Statista predicts that by 2020, the US will have 31.7 million bloggers.

Niche down for the highest chance of success.

Pick a topic that focuses on a category; for example, the subject of “food” is vast.

grilling food

Try something more specific, like grilling food

Your subjects should be specific to establish a targeted audience and rank better in search engines.

That’s how I developed my first site. Instead of “dance” or “hip hop,” I focused on break dancing.

I got 3,000 organic visitors per month and ranked for a few key terms without knowing anything about SEO.

You may grow as you cover more of this category and develop traffic to these sites.

Want some fast ideas?

Check out this great list.

If you’re the primary content provider, choose something you like.

Inconsistency kills many affiliate sites.

So, at the very least, being passionate about a subject makes it simpler to keep going when things become rough.

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert.

The document was not created, says Gary Vaynerchuk.

Documenting your development and learning might attract those who want to follow your growth.

If you outsource content, collaborate with seasoned specialists in the area.

Experts can help you generate high-quality content that drives traffic, engagement, and affiliate sales.

3rd Step: Join affiliate programmes

There are three affiliate programmes available.

  • Affiliate programmes with limited volume

affiliate programmesThese are high-paying speciality affiliate programmes.

For example, ConvertKit spends about $700 per month for only 80 clients.

However, they only provide CRM software to small businesses.

Therefore, purchasers are few.

There is also increasing competition for high commission programmes.

You’ll have to compete against experienced marketers with huge funds if you’re just starting out.

Harmful affiliate programmes with low payouts

These are affiliate schemes for low-paying yet popular items.

Consider PS4 games. The typical game costs roughly $50, and affiliate commissions are generally single digits.

You’ll make $2–3 each sale if you’re fortunate.

These programmes are redeemable since they generally give plenty of things to sell.

Amazon’s affiliate programme

Consider Amazon’s affiliate programme. You may earn up to 10% on practically anything Amazon offers.

Also, you typically receive commissions on the whole transaction, not just the product you suggested.

You need a lot of traffic to make these affiliate schemes pay.

Affiliate schemes with big payouts.

Amazon's affiliate programme

These are mass-market affiliate schemes with hefty commissions.

Cards are one example.

As a general rule, most individuals have a credit card, and they use it for a long time.

The disadvantage of these items is that they attract highly skilled and wealthy affiliate marketers.

Some utilise spammy methods that you can’t match.

Since this is a beginner’s instruction, I won’t go into detail.

Just be conscious of their existence.

How to choose affiliate programmes.

This relies on your skill and specialisation.

The second model of low commissions and large sales volume is more likely to appeal to customers.

With the first model, you’ll likely target a business audience: high-paying and limited volume.

The most common programmes are for software and web hosting.

Google search

A Google search can help you locate these affiliate programmes.

Google searchTry entering a competitor’s site into Ahrefs Site Explorer and seeing the Linked domains’ report.

For example, I know Pat Flynn’s website, Smart Passive Income, advertises software goods.

Looking at the Linked domains’ data, Pat connects to AWeber often.

Pat is an affiliate, as shown by the “Links from target” caret.

A simple Google search yields an application form for this programme.

For items without a public affiliate programme, contact the manufacturer to see if they’ll work with you.

4: Make great content

To make your affiliate site successful, you must generate high-quality content with natural affiliate connections.

Here’s one. What $100 or less purchase changed your life the most in the last six months (or in recent memory)?

He answered on his blog, including affiliate links to the items mentioned:

His admirers seemed to like it

This is the model to follow while writing for your affiliate site.

Don’t merely curate Amazon’s top sellers.

Make sure your material addresses the visitor’s issue.

How? If you’re reviewing something, buy it and use it.

The Wirecutter tried this, and it worked.

Start with what you have if you don’t have enough money.

For example, if you had a tech site, you might evaluate your own devices.

5: Promote your affiliate site

You’ve done fantastic work. Next, get more people to read it and click on your affiliate links.

Consider these three traffic strategies:


This is where you pay for site traffic. Use PPC advertisements to achieve this.

The benefit of bought traffic is that it is immediate.

But there are certain drawbacks.

First, advertising eats into your revenues. It’s common for advertising to lose money before making money.

Realistically, optimising a bought traffic strategy takes time.

2: Step buying advertisements, and your traffic will cease.

Advertisements may be an excellent traffic tactic with the right affiliate programme and the correct statistics.

Simple affiliate programmes like Amazon Associates or inexperienced marketers should shun it.

Also, check out How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

SEOSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimisation of web pages for search engines like Google.

You’ll obtain passive visitors as long as you rank high in the search engines for your desired keywords.

• Creating content around specific themes (blog posts, product pages, etc.).

• Taking care of the “technical” components to boost these sites’ rankings (including link building).

Learn the fundamentals with this video or our SEO primer:

Create an email list

You may contact your subscribers by email at any moment.

Use them to inform fans of fresh material and keep them returning to your site.

More affiliate clicks and sales.

It’s also possible to send affiliate emails to your list:

Sign up your website visitors to establish an email list.

That involves delivering value.

Every item on Ahrefs has a slide-in box at the end:

Some websites, like Gear Patrol, include a “subscribe” button:

But there are many methods. A free eBook, email course, etc.

All you need is imagination.

6: Get affiliate link clicks

No one will click on your affiliate links because you have good content.

Several factors must be considered.


If all of your affiliate links are towards the bottom of the page, clicks will be few.

affiliate link clicks

Making every other word a link in your introduction seems spammy.

Consider the considerations listed below when placing links.


Assume you’re researching the best kitchen knives under $50.

This is not a good start:

These are the most refined chef knives.

The links are irrelevant and spammy.

That makes more sense:

Today I’m examining three chef knives under $50 from Amazon. These are product names 1, 2, and 3.

Using callouts like buttons, tables, and boxes makes your material more skimmable.

The Wirecutter employs eye-catching boxes with product links when sharing a top recommendation.

PC Mag utilises a table with buttons for comparison:

Turning clicks into sales.

To generate money in affiliate marketing, you need two conversions.

The first conversion is the product page click.

You have all control over this activity.

Use the tips above to increase your click-through rate.

The second conversion is the product purchase.

In affiliate marketing, the merchant controls the checkout and conversion rates.

The secret is to seek merchants with reasonable conversion rates.

How to discover them:

Budgetary data

If affiliates are generating considerable money, the product probably converts well.

How can you tell whether individuals are profiting?

Look at bloggers’ public revenue reports, where they expose their affiliate earnings.

These reports are on Google.

Also, “income report amazon affiliate” to check how bloggers have earned money from Amazon Affiliates.

One blogger earned $7,300 from Amazon commissions in one month.

If you’re in the same area, you may check her other affiliate earnings and perhaps push the same items.


Sign up for an affiliate programme you wish to join and ask questions.

Ask a Question

You may wish to know their typical conversion rates or the monthly commissions earned by their top earners.

Determine whether the affiliate programme is worth promoting.

Trust your gut

Sometimes it’s wise to trust your intuition.

Don’t advertise a programme or product that you wouldn’t suggest to a friend or family member.

Last but not least

No new affiliate marketing wheels here. These are the basics and using them will help you get started.

Getting rich or quitting your 9–5 jobs won’t happen suddenly. Affiliate marketing is.

Prioritise your first affiliate sale. Set new objectives and keep exploring.

This is how you develop a site that makes money.

I hope What is Affiliate Marketing – Beginners Guide? Was helpful.

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