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19 Affiliate Marking Programs to Join Now

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Updated on the 22 August 2022

19 Affiliate Marketing Programs to Join 

Welcome rainbow sign Elke here, Affiliate Marketer. 

I’ve found excellent Affiliate Marketing Products. 

You may know some and not others. 

Affiliate sites/programs are for beginners and experts. 

After signing up, every Affiliate Marketing programme offers training. 

Most Affiliate Marketing websites are also free to join. 

This blog’s finale allows for queries. 

There’s a comment section. 

What is affiliate marketing? 



Affiliate marketing sells products/services for commission. 

Some affiliate schemes give 50-80% commissions. 

Affiliate programmes pay 5%-10% commision. 

Low-commission programmes are popular. 

More sales mean more money. 

What is Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is growing because of Corona. 

Affiliate marketing is the future and will be difficult. 

First, let’s… 


Niche is a hobby. 

You may choose to market health and fitness products. 

How to Make Money Online products assist customers in generating income online.

Choose a niche you’re enthusiastic about. 

Like what you’re selling; you can’t sell what you don’t like. 


  • Don’t merely market expensive stuff when selling online. 
  • Customers prefer $20-$50 products over $100 ones. 
  • Customers must know you before buying. 
  • Customers may visit your site 2–4 times before buying. 
  • Respond to customers’ desires, so they feel appreciated.
  • Google takes 3 months to detect a new website. 
  • I’d give your website 6-8 months. 
  • Building a website takes time; posting more blogs increases your visibility. 
  • It’s no get-rich-quick scheme. 
  • It’s tough. 

The outcomes will be well worth the work involved.

Here are affiliate programmes to join now. 

1. Bluehost.com 

Bluehost Ingage under magnifying glassBluehost’s affiliate programme hosts websites. 

Web hosting affiliates can make a lot of money.

$60-$130 for each sale is the commission. 

Bluehost’s affiliate programme is one of the best. 

100,000+ small businesses grow audience, sales, and industry. 

Resource: Bluehost.com

2. AWeber

AWeber has an autoresponder and third-party connectivity. 

Why have 50,000 affiliates joined AWeber? 

  • AWeber pays a 30% recurring commission on subscriptions. 
  • Joining is free. 
  • Monthly checks are timely. 
  • AWeber’s affiliate programme began 18 years ago. 

Resource: AWeber.com

3. ClickBank.com 

  • Click Bank serves vendors and affiliates. 
  • Free ClickBank affiliate membership. 
  • The market offers many commission opportunities. 
  • This affiliate network gives 50-70% commissions compared to others. 

Resource: Clickbank.com

4. Commission Factory

Sydney’s Martin Place has Commission Factory. 

Commission Factory LogoCommission Factory links merchants and affiliates (publishers, partners). 

Commission Factory has hundreds of affiliates for advertisers. 

Most Commission Factory networks pay shops a commission (CPS). 

Commissions are 8-10% of the sale price. 


Commission Junction promotes advertisers’ and writers’ websites and blogs. 

Affiliate marketing takes a percentage of sales through your link. 

Resource: Commission Factory 

6. LinkShare 

Rakuten’s 150k global publication network simplifies affiliate marketing. 

Consumer and e-commerce analytics inform future marketing strategies. 

Affiliate prospecting shows publishers Rakuten’s items. 

Creating consumer-facing offerings for a publisher’s readership made sense. 

Resource: LinkShare.com

Here’s more: 

7. Affiliate Wealthy 


Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim founded Wealthy Affiliate. 

WA was founded in 2005 and now has a 4.5/5 rating.

Affiliate marketers can find a community of their own in Wealthy Affiliate.

One week of free subscription (no credit card needed).

• Free Domain Name 

• Webhosting 

• Training and expert help 

You maintain your domain and website, but not the training. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s membership levels are: 

Free Starter Premium: $19 first month, $49 after. 

Premium Plus: $49 first month, $99 after that. 

You can promote Wealthy Affiliate once you join. 

Training Chart Wealthy

Training Structure Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate Commission at Wealthy Affiliate

The commission is lower for non-paying members. 

First-month commissions are $8, then $19. 

Starter members: get $4 special deals, $11.75 monthly, and $117.50 annually. 

First month: $23.50, then $46.50. 

Then $23.25/mo. And $232.50/yr. 

Refer people to Wealthy Affiliate for commissions.

Refer people to Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate network to make money.

Commission Structure at Wealthy Affiliate


Commission Structure at Wealthy Affiliate


Check out Wealthy Affiliate Now No Credit Card is Required – Click Here

8. Amazon.com 

Amazon Affiliates is free. 

You can sell 

  • Books
  • Music 
  • Exercise Equipment 
  • Kitchen Machines
  • Computers/laptops 
  • Diet goods and Vitamins 

This is only the tip of their product. 

Amazon is famous. 

As an affiliate marketer, their reputation helps you.

Resource: Amazon.com 

9. Impact 

Impact LogoThe Impact includes approximately 1000 niche-specific goods. 

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll quickly discover something to promote. 

Affiliates praise Impact’s array of items.

Resource: Impact.com

10. FlexOffers 

It has 5000 sponsors and 12,000 affiliate programmes. 

FlexOffers encompasses business, education, entertainment, legal services, sports, and travel. 

FlexOffers is reportedly a space giant.

Resource: FlexOffers.com 

11. eBay Affiliate Network 

  • eBay has an affiliate programme. 
  • After signing up, there’s free training. 
  • You’ll get an affiliate link to post online.
  • eBay is another affiliate marketer advantage. 
  • eBay Partner Network. 
  • After joining, you can access video training resources.

Resource: eBay Affiliate Network 

12. Etsy Affiliate Program 

  • Etsy sells unique goods worldwide. 
  • Etsy sells vintage items and handicrafts. 
  • Etsy lets non-affiliates sell things.
  • As an Etsy affiliate, you earn a % of sales. 
  • A 28-day visit follows an Etsy click.
  • Etsy supports French, Italian, Spanish, and German. 
  • Etsy only accepts affiliates with blogs or websites. 
  • Etsy associates can work from anywhere.

Resource: Etsy Affiliate Program 


Booking.com LogoBooking.com offers hotels, homes, railways, and treehouses. 

When someone books through your link, you get a commission. 

12,500 affiliates promote Booking.com. 

Read the small print to get a 25% commission. 

Resource: Booking.com 


  • Hotel.com is for travel enthusiasts. 
  • Hotel.com is a well-known and renowned hotel chain. 
  • Hotel.com customers are more likely to use your affiliate link.
  • Hotel.com’s 4% commission will boost sales.

Since consumers can travel again. 

Resource: Hotel.com 

15. Travelocity 

Affiliate Marketing vacation site. 

Resource: Travelocity.com


  • Car Hire
  • Flights, 
  • Holiday Packages Cruises 

 16. Hotel Group 

This hotel group promotes luxury properties worldwide.

Resource: Hotel Group 

Below is a commission chart for luxury vacations. 

There are several niches outside travel. 

17. Hostinger 

Hostinger LogoHostinger’s Affiliate Program is for Webhosting fans. 

It pays a 60-dollar base commission and up to $150. 

Small businesses and WordPress aircraft offer 90% discounts. 

Because of this, their conversion rate is suitable for 

Affiliate Marketers.

Resource: Hostinger.com 

18. Elementor builds websites. 

  • User-friendly. 
  • Drag-and-drop. 
  • No code is needed. 
  • 100k people use Elementor. 
  • 50% commission is hefty. 
  • Packages cost $40 to $999 per year. 
  • Affiliates can make $10,000. 
  • It’s excellent for Web hosting and WordPress blogs. 

Resource: Elementor.com

19. SiteGround 

  • WP Engine is a popular host for WordPress bloggers. 
  • WP Engine rewards Affiliates. 
  • Suppose you make 5 sales and earn $100. 
  • 10 sales add $250. 
  • You get $50 for every sub-affiliate. 
  • The product’s cost reduces conversion rates. 

Resource: SiteGround.com 

Conclusion on pink backgroundConclusion 

You pick what you think is best for you. 

Affilaite Sites varie. 

Some good, some nasty online programs. 

It depends on your niche and desire. 

Put the customer above profit. 

Build customer trust so they’ll return. 

This site should help you find a profitable affiliate platform. 

Try Wealthy Affiliate for Free 0.00 Dollars to you.

No Credit Card Required – Click Here Now

You can keep Your Free Account without joining no questions ask.

I hope this blog has helped you.Cat Running Keep going don't stop

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  1. Thanks for some great information about affiliate marketing. Can you tell me more about the training and support that you get from WA? Also how long have they been around for? And who are the owners? You have provided some great advice about niches. i would also love to know more about the elementor website builder, have you used it and is it easy to use?



    • The owners of WA are Kyle Loudon and Caron Lim. Wealthy Affiliates has been around since 2005.

      Comparatively, the Elementor interface is one of the easiest to grasp. 

      Whatever page builder plugin you choose, there will always be a learning curve before you can create truly stunning pages.

      I hope this helps


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