Wealthy Affiliates Review Pros and Cons

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I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since September 2021.

Because there are so many views on it, I wanted to write an honest Wealthy Affiliate review.

With the right tools and community, anyone can start an online business and make money.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and most complaints are about outdated training.

Wealthy Affiliate Review


Warning!! This is a thorough Wealthy Affiliates review for 2021.

I will address all arguments made for, and against Wealthy Affiliate, so you have it all in one place.

I promise I will show you both the pros and cons so you can make an informed choice.

But I’m going to make this clear upfront…

That said, Wealthy Affiliate has helped me build two websites from scratch.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Pro and Cons:

The overview and rankings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate (wealthy affiliate.com)

Founder: Kyle Louden and Carson Lim in 2005

Type: Affiliate marketing training, tools, and supportWealthy Affiliates Logo

Price: Free starter membership;

$19 for month 1,

Then $49 per month or $495 a year for premium

Best for Beginner affiliate marketers (who are serious about creating an ethical online business)

Wealthy Affiliate Pros:

  • Act quickly
  • Affordable and no upsells
  • Includes the tools you need
  • Weekly live webinars & updates
  • Helpful and active community

Wealthy Affiliate Cons:

  • No refunds
  • Some core training needs updating
  • Emphasis on promoting WA
  • Information overload


This site has the tools and community to help people make money with affiliate marketing online.

It is not a “get-rich-quick and easy” affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to create search engine friendly content to get free monthly traffic.

Make Time Online Rating: 91 out of 100

Recommended: Yes

What is a Wealthy Affiliate:

The WA programme provides online tools and affiliate marketing training.

A website and content marketing are taught in the core training.

For low-competition, high-traffic keywords, Kyle Louden and Carson Lim founded it in 2005.Kyle-and-Carson-Founders-of-WA

They were affiliate marketers who saw a void.

In the years since it has evolved to include:

1. 100+ Affiliate Marketing Lessons

2. Super Easy Website Creator

3. Web Domain Exchange

4. Modern Web Hosting (10 websites for premium members)

5. Jaaxy Keyword Research

7. Weekly Webinar Training

8. User-Generated Training

9. Global Community: 2+ million Members

10. 24/7 Technical Support Team

That’s all.

Wealthy Affiliate provides everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Unexpected upsells or costs are not one of the best features.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership levels.

Membership is free for the first month.

For the first month, the premium membership is $19, then $49/month or $495/year.

No credit card details are required to try it out.

That’s one of the main reasons over 2 million people join.Credit Card Not Required Image

Also, the community has lost nearly 2 million members (some just sign up for free and do nothing).

Are our premium members required?

My honest response is…

If you want to profit.

This is an excellent opportunity for those new to online marketing to see if it’s for them.

The free training is beneficial, but the results take time and effort.

You can’t learn everything in a month!

Is there a premium?


Without a doubt, this is the best aspect of Wealthy Affiliate.

Others offer excellent affiliate marketing training, but they all charge more money.

And you don’t usually know this.

Other affiliate programmes may advise the following extra costs:

  • A bad host can cost over $70 per year for one website; a good host can cost as little as $30.
  • Email autoresponder ($15+/mo… No need for email marketing with WA’s training.
  • Keyword research tool ($10-99/month… WA includes Jaaxy)
  • ClickFunnels ($97/mo.) WA does not recommend these for most newbies.
  • Training upsells (WA is only $49 per month). It includes everything)

Most likely, you’re thinking it’s all a bit too good to be true

So, does Wealthy Affiliate actually payout on commissions?

Will I ever make money?

What is a string’s length?Lots of Money flying in the air

  • How much time do you put into it
  • If you follow the training
  • If you collaborate and help others

Will I Have to Work A Lot?

It is all up to you how much time you put in.

The more time you devote the quicker you will see results.

The Wealthy Affiliate training follows a 4-step model:

1. Pick a hobby

2. Create a website

3. Get traffic

2. Create a website

3. Get visitors

4. Get paid

To learn more about each stage, click on the links.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a variety of training options, such as:

  • written text
  • video over the shoulder webinar Page Wealthy Affiliates
  • live webinars
  • Users provide training (from WA members)

My Wealthy affiliate review  goes into more detail about the pros and cons:

We will concentrate on the two main training affiliate programmes in this section.

To grow an affiliate marketing business in any niche, you must obtain the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC).

The Online Entrepreneur Certification consists of five levels.

Making money, mastering social engagement, and maximizing content creation success are all covered in

Level 1: Getting started.

For a closer look at what’s going on, I made a video.

Also, I highly recommend looking into another member’s training within WA.

Dylan’s “How to Create a 6 Figure Website” training covers advanced affiliate marketing strategies.

Affiliate Bootcamp 2:

To promote Wealthy Affiliate, you can use the “Bootcamp” to create a business.

It includes 7 affiliate marketing courses:

Content, keywords, and conversions:

Getting your business going 1:

3. Social value for your site

4. Visualize. Get a look.

5. Branding with media

6. Targeting your referrals and knowing your audience

7. Bing, Yahoo, & PPCGoogle-Bing-and-Yahoo-Images

8. How to scale PPC campaigns

I personally advise against starting here:

Online Entrepreneur Certification training is better for many reasons:

• How to Make Money Online (tons of people write Wealthy Affiliate reviews, promote WA or other similar courses, and dominate the search engines).

• Why should anyone believe you when you have no proof?

• A smaller niche than “make money online” is much easier to get traffic from Google.

So, you may wonder…

Can Wealthy Affiliates make you money?

What most affiliates won’t tell you is this:

Profiting from Wealthy Affiliate is unlikely.

People know about it, and many try to promote it.

Using Wealthy Affiliate is then pointless.

Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate and the Wealthy Affiliate community?

That’s a much better question.

Yes, as evidenced by the above Wealthy Affiliate success stories.

And affiliate marketing is a competitive field.

But the platform contains everything you need to succeed.

Best of luck with your long-term online business model.

It’s essential to consider the various ways to earn money from your website.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine company.Affiliate Legit or Scam?

To write content that is found by search engines and to monetize this content through affiliate marketing.

The problem is that some affiliates portray Wealthy Affiliate as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Among the reasons why some consider Wealthy Affiliate a scam.

A few months of no income leads to frustration and blame-pointing.

It took me 3 months of weekend and evening work to come to close to my first dollar!

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate, members claim that nothing else works.

The training teaches…

To provide your readers with a thorough and accurate review, you must use all available tools.

It’s OK to express your views but don’t make up facts in your thoughts.

Do people abuse this and label everything as a scam?


What has happened is a result of people misinterpreting training.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a rip-off?

You decide:

I hope you enjoyed reading my Blog. Please Leave Questions and Comments Below.

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2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliates Review Pros and Cons”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate does provide very good affiliate marketing training, although some of the training modules are outdated.

    But please help me out as I am confused. You say you joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2021. Under the Jaaxy Keyword research, you mention that when you started at the end of 2018, there was no affiliate marketplace, but what do you mean by that? You mean for promoting or for training? Or something else?

    Thanks for sharing you honest review. 

    • I did have problems finding products to promote. I did try a lot of affiliate programs until I found WA. I found WA by change and was very pleased of what they had to offer. I used to upload YouTube shorts and did not make any money. When I found WA I was so excited that they had and Affiliate program. I was also very happy with the training they offer. I have learned so much in a short period of time I would have never learned on my own. I now promote WA and stoped looking somewhere else for affiliate programs. 


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