eBay Associates vs Wealthy Affiliate: A Comparative Review

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I have done a review on Wealthy Affiliate vs. eBay Associates.

In the end, you can decide which you like better and may like to join.

Affiliate marketing means earning a living that people are increasingly using.

It is simple and does not require that one has a product or service to sell.

It is also more convenient and can quickly bring you a good income if you have the right approach or strategy.

You will sell products for vendors and get a commission on the sales you make.

Affiliate Marketing Training

However, affiliate marketing does require some form of training to get it right.

The information you get will enable you to approach it properly and do more with this form of marketing.

Additionally, you will be able to have a better strategy if you know what you need to achieve.

Some systems are built around this concept and provide the necessary training, resources, and community.

The two most popular tools are Wealthy Affiliate and eBay Associates. eBay Logo on box

Both have pros and downsides and are intended to help you improve your affiliate marketing skills.

Let us now delve into each one separately, see their features and then end with a comparison of both.

Wealthy Affiliate

This is the most popular affiliate marketing training course, community, and ecosystem globally.

The community of 1.4 million affiliate marketers will be more than enough for your training needs.

Plenty of individuals provide instruction to beginners in affiliate marketing.

Your membership will help you to be more successful at affiliate marketing.

These include: –

  • A website builder
  • A course on selecting a niche
  • A course on how to drive free traffic to your website
  • A course on paid traffic
  • Subscriptions to all the necessary tools
  • Affiliate programs to enable you to earn money from the traffic you get
  • Coaching and a supportive community to ensure that you get everything right.

Since Wealthy Affiliate started, over 10,000 businesses have been built by over 1800 trainers.

Every day, 23,000 individuals benefit from the program’s training and affiliate marketing tools.

Carol Lim and Kyle Laudon – Founders

Picture of Kyle and Carson from Wealthy AffiliateCarol Lim and Kyle Laudon started Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 to help people achieve the same dream as they did.

They wanted people to be able to live a life of their choosing while earning money through affiliate sales.

Affiliate marketing is much easier when you learn it from other people.

People have tried it with varied results.

Getting the information from people that have actual experiences is much easier for you.

Whenever you are looking for information on the basics of affiliate marketing, this is a course that gets you what you need.

There are many videos to be watched, and these will prove to be just what you need for affiliate marketing.

They are packed with tons of powerful and valuable content and will be a sure way to get you on the right path.

The Community…

The community is also helpful and has all the features you need.

This is the place to go when you’re unclear how to handle anything relating to affiliate marketing.

You can ask your question and get different answers from several people.

This will prove a great approach to getting the answers you need and tackling affiliate marketing more effectively.

For beginners, this is the recommended way to start with affiliate marketing.

The information that is provided is simple to understand.

The course will also prove valuable for affiliate marketers and give them a good foundation for their careers.

The platform has also been designed to provide them with the best marketing tactics.

Advanced Marketers…

For advanced marketers, however, the content might sound a bit outdated.

This is because it has been designed for beginners.

Most of the concepts would appear to be very simple for people that are just getting started with affiliate marketing.

You should keep this feature in mind when you opt for this alternative in affiliate marketing.

It has been designed for beginners might limit you if you are looking for advanced training in affiliate marketing.
Pros and Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons associated with Wealthy Affiliate.

Learning about them will enable you to decide whether it is the right choice.

You will also determine whether to take it or look for other alternatives.

Knowing the benefits and cons of the program will be much easier to track a course that will ensure your success.

Before making a decision, get all the facts straight.

This will help you make the best decisions and have the most effect.


  • The program provides you with the basic road map
  • You also get access to keyword research tools useful for affiliate marketing.
  • Whenever you prepare content for your affiliate marketing programs, keyword research tools enable you to create the best content.
  • Wealthy Affiliate comes with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

  • The program has web hosting included.

This is quite useful for beginners since they can get started more quickly.

They can now concentrate on getting their company off the ground without the worry of having a website.

With Web Hosting

It is also easier to implement the other requirements for affiliate marketing with web hosting.

  •  A helpful community is at your disposal.

There are plenty of people with varying levels of experience in affiliate marketing.

They are friendly and always ready to give you their advice and opinion on various issues.

The community is the best place to go whenever you need to get a unique perspective on affiliate marketing.

You will be able to get varied opinions and form a better decision and conclusion based on your information.

The community is always helpful and honest with their feedback.


  • The bulk of the training material that is available dates back to 2013
  • Google algorithm is constantly changing, and most of the methods in the training might not work today.
  • The trainers and creators of the program are not as interested in the program as they used to in the past.
  • Most of the course is primarily text-based.

Someone who can learn better with video training will find the content in this course harder to digest than others.

The training dashboard is a bit confusing, and you might get spammed with many offers.

  • Most of the claims made on their website are unethical and unrealistic in many different aspects.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

How much Does Wealthy Affiliate CostThe pricing plan comes with a free package which is essential for someone that wants to try out the program.

The free plan provides you with: –

– Access to basic training

– Community access for a week

– One simple website

– Access to their affiliate programs

– 30 free searches on the provided keyword research tool

In addition to the free plan, a premium plan costs $49 per month.

This plan provides the following perks: –

  •  All the training materials and courses that are included in the program
  •  Access to the community as long as you are subscribed. There are no restrictions in regard to this perk.
  •  Direct messaging to help you interact with the other members more easily.
  •  50 websites that you can use to start your affiliate marketing business
  •  2X higher payout from affiliate programs
  •  Access to coaches and website support

With the free membership, you get to glimpse at the features provided by the program.

You will also get a basic introduction to basic affiliate marketing and keyword research.

The free membership has nothing to lose and so allows you to learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

The Free Plan…

However, the free plan is not enough to earn you from affiliate marketing.

It is simply a glimpse of what is included in the project and not the actual meat itself.

You will have a free website, but this does not get you much in the way of features.

You have to upgrade to the premium membership to get more out of your website.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Yes. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, and WA offers genuine services that have been known to help people earn a living Wealthy Affiliate Logoonline.

How much money can you earn with the Affiliate Program?

Wealthy Affiliate members can earn $121 in lifetime sales when recommending other users to the site.

You get to earn residual commissions, provided the referral is paying a monthly subscription.

A referral fee is a portion of the premium membership costs paid by a member you brought to the website.

Unlike other online affiliate programmes, this one pays regularly and is trusted by many.

eBay Associates

Another way you get into affiliate marketing is through the eBay associates’ program.

If you have the traffic, you are always looking for new ways in which you can monetize it.

With the different available affiliate programs, it is not wise to have all your options in one provider.

You can always opt for several programs and try them to see which one will cater to your needs more effectively.

eBay AssociateseBay is a major participant in a market with millions of items.

It is pretty easy to carve out a niche for yourself here, and the platform is also quite powerful.

Currently, eBay has 25 million active sellers and 175 million active buyers and has been growing steadily over the years.

It has over 1.3 billion active listings and can sell 432,000 items every day.

As a result, it’s a huge success story, and you can be a part of it via the eBay associates programme.

What Products can you Promote?

Both new and used products are sold on the platform, with 80% being brand new.

There are also thousands of sellers that work on the platform using the drop-ship business model.

It is also the ideal place to establish a niche for items that are hard to find.

These rare items are very likely to earn the interest of your clients.

If you have a website or blog about them, you will be more successful with your affiliate market.

If you tend to deal in a niche market, this is the ideal affiliate marketing program.

It enables you to filter out all the other products and focus on what you like.

Niche Products…

This means that you will be able to market better to your customers when dealing with niche products only.

For instance, you can easily focus on this specialty niche alone if you know vintage clothing.Niche Products

You won’t have to worry about what others are doing, increasing your chances of success.

Focusing on a niche also ensures that you can provide more accurate information.

Also, do thorough research and make your marketing more effective.

eBay associate is a simple program to join, and within less than 24 hours, you will already be established.

Affiliate Tools

The eBay associates’ program has a wide range of affiliate marketing tools that you can choose from.

These include: –

  • Link generators
  • Bookmarklets
  • Smart links
  • Smart placements
  • Smart share
  • Creative gallery

These enable you to create all kinds of links, which means that sharing your links will be much easier.

Additionally, you can promote eBay product listings on your websites and social media channels.

They also have simple payments that can be made through EFT and PayPal.


New capabilities for seasoned affiliate marketers have been provided by the eBay Associates programme.

You can choose from any of the following: –

  •  Shopping API
  •  Finding API
  •  Merchandising API
  •  Trading API
  •  Buy API

These APIs allow you to fully use the affiliate marketing program’s capabilities.

The APIs are also fully documented, which allows you to properly build and use the program’s capabilities.


CommissionWhen it comes to the commission structure, eBay has a complicated commission structure that takes a while to learn.

There is a limit on the amounts you can earn from certain types of sales.


  • If you are getting enough traffic, you can easily reach VIP status
  • It has greater brand recognition than other auction websites
  • There are billions of items that can be sold through affiliate links
  • It is the ideal place for someone dealing in niche items
  • It features an easy-to-use dashboard
  • A low payout threshold makes it easy to get paid.


  • They have a 24-hour cookie that requires logging in again after a while. Depending on your situation, this might be a little annoying.
  • The commission structure might be confusing at times
  • There are caps placed on how much you can earn from each sale, no matter the value of the sale


OvervieweBay associates’ program is quite the ideal choice of an affiliate marketing program and has the best tools for you to work with.

It is also easy to create reports with, and a lot makes it the better choice of the two.

eBay Associates outperforms Wealthy Affiliates and has more features, making it the best option for all affiliate marketers.

Even a newbie may easily get started owing to their thorough affiliate programme guidelines.

Additionally, you will also be able to keep track of your sales and commissions through a dashboard.

Selecting a niche to focus on is much easier with this program than the Wealthy Affiliates program.

It is ideal for people who wish to focus on a certain product and are confident in their marketing skills.

Beginners and Advanced…

It is a better alternative and caters to the needs of both beginners and advanced affiliate marketers.

In addition, it is easy to use and always offers things to promote to your viewers.

If you are looking for an affiliate program to start working with, I would highly recommend eBay associates.

It beats Wealthy Affiliates in many ways, so it should be the first choice for affiliate marketers.

It has more features and offers billions of things to promote.

eBay Associates

The eBay Associates programme provides extra opportunities to make money if you already have an established market.

Not that Wealthy Affiliates is awful, only that eBay Associates offers more stuff.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for quite some time and never regrated joining.

I am also a member of the eBay Associates’ Program but find Wealthy Affiliate easier to manage and promote.

Hopefully,  Wealthy Affiliate vs. eBay Associates Review was helpful. Please Leave Questions and Comments Below and I will be Glad to Answer them.