How To Wealthy Affiliate the Complete Beginners Guide

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Updated on the 23 November 2022

Welcome to my webpage.

Wealthy Affiliate may have caught your attention.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2021.

I’m indeed promoting this platform.

However, this How To Wealthy Affiliate the Complete Guide will also include downsides.

I’ll explain why Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone.

Like many WA evaluations, mine is prejudiced.

Why read my review?

You want to know if the programme suits you.

Is this a scam? You want additional information before deciding; Start a blog or internet company.

WA Overview

Name is Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Founded in 2005.

Recommended: Yes and  (no also read the section which should not become a premium member)

Who Runs Wealthy Affiliate?

Kyle and Carson started Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle is closer. Carson prefers platform technology.

Over 30 people monitor the platform for optimal performance.

Jay teaches Wealthy Affiliate live.

Online marketers need his weekly video lessons.

Webinars are recorded for non-attendees.

“Research to Profits” was Jay’s 14-day live case study in December 2021.

Resource: How to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully – Wealthy Affiliate


Jay Training


  • Niche research
  • Affiliate Programs
  • keywords
  • Web design
  • Tracking Socials
  • Write essentials
  • Content spreadsheets and calendars
  • First and Second Blog Posts
  • Hiring writers

These details are valuable, but you can definitely get them elsewhere for at least $200.

(I’ve seen more expensive and less valuable digital courses.)


Wealthy Affiliate teaches website creation, traffic generation, and monetisation.

The Platform offers two main Courses:

Social marketing and Wealthy Affiliate promotion.

Resource: Wealthy Affiliate – How to Make Money Online

The training includes:
  • Micro training
  • Webinars
  • Class
  • Community Q&A
  • Lectures

Wealthy Affiliate has had 1.5 million members since 2005.

Minute-by-minute membership increases.

Only a few thousand people use the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the first ten lessons free.

The Free account requires only an email address.

Resource: Write Articles in minutes not hours with the Copy AI. Click Here

Building your Foundation for Success

Screen shot of bulding a foundaton

Foundation WA

Email List instrucions


Free Starter Membership


Affiliate marketing is explained here.

Affiliate marketing earns a commision for each sale.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest home-based businesses to start without investment.

Not a get-rich-quick scheme. Work hard.

It’s ideal for beginners and seasoned affiliate marketers.

Establishing Success


Wealthy Affiliate teaches long-term internet income.


  • Niche selection
  • Website creation
  • Organic traffic (free traffic)
  • Traffic monetisation

Resource: What is Wealthy Affiliate About Review A-Z

Wealthy Affiliate login instructions?

Click Login Page

WA Login Page

Enter your email when the login page loads. It’s free. 

Follow the instructions after logging in.

I’ll watch the Wealthy Affiliate Welcome Video.

It’s a 30-minute guide to getting started.

I’ll show you the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate training

The Getting Started Level begins training.

7 classes with videos and reading.

View the first lesson here.

Click below to see the homepage.

Homepage WA


A five-course, 50-lesson entrepreneur diploma exists.

It details how to develop a successful internet marketing business.

Entrepreneur Certificate Details

Online Entrepreneur Certification courses teach business creation.

Choose a hobby or interest. Learn how to choose a profitable speciality here.

Training has five stages.

Each level’s ten courses and assignments help you build your firm.

Internet businesses can be profitable in 6–10 months, depending on the niche.

If your niche takes longer, focus on evergreen content.

For niche information, please comment below or contact me on the site. Thanks.

Select a speciality first. I chose after six months. Don’t be me.

After the entrepreneur certificate, the Bootcamp teaches Wealthy Affiliate promotion.

Seven courses and 70 lessons. Diagram.

My training follows.

Training Activity offers more income-generating training.

Premium members have access to a training HQ.

Resource: Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is it Really for You?

Training Structure

Training Structure WA

Training Activities Overview

Training Activities

How much does all this cost?

Starter: free. Basic training.

Premium: $19 first month, $49 afterwards.

Premium Plus: $49 first payment, $99 monthly.

How profitable is WA promotion?

Promote Wealthy Affiliate with a Free Account and make money.

Who uses the community?

I failed at making money online on various platforms. I couldn’t afford them.

I found Wealthy Affiliate by chance and loved my Free Account.

After that, I joined Premium.

I get great aid from the community.

I especially enjoy 24/7 website support.

WA provided step-by-step instructions.

Keyword Research

Jaaxy Keyword Research Platform also pleased me.

It helps me locate the perfect keywords for my articles to rank faster in Google.

Most members aren’t rookies because they’ve tried at least one platform and failed.

They were duped or uneducated.

Resource: Or try the Keyword Tool Dominator. Click Here

Wealthy Affiliate excludes whom?

wealthy-affiliate-logoWealthy Affiliate is not for everyone.

Many give up in the first month.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

If they can’t find anything else, they stay from 9-5.

I’ll use Wealthy Affiliate to improve my life as a retiree.

I wish to support myself without relying on my pension.

Not everyone can be their own boss.

Disciplined and time-efficient are essential.

The best tool is only half of success. Less.

  • Motivated learners can learn for free.
  • Website setup,
  • Website creation,
  • hosting well,
  • Top,
  • Keywords,
  • Niche selection…

I’m sure this knowledge is free today… doubtful.

I promote Wealthy Affiliates since it has everything.

I don’t force anyone to buy; it’s how I create an online business.

After 10 free lessons, you can join the paid subscription.

Explore other courses. I’m sure you’d like another. Free Trial.

Kyle and Carson have been in business for 15+ years.

Both plan ahead. Others take your membership payments and leave you.

They strive hard to teach you success.

Wealthy Affiliate accepts everyone.

Selling again.

I’m sure you’ll like me after the 7-day free trial.

Free trial. Email only. Finished.

Resource: Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing 11 Points Now

How many courses offer free trials?


Many provide 30-day refunds. Refunds have terms.


  • No refunds.
  • To many emails from mebers; some use it as a social media site.
  • To much information.
  • Refunds were made in September 2021.


  • Good teaching on the principles of affiliate marketing.
  • Lessons are brief and basic, making them easily consumable.
  • You get a 7-day (limited) free trial and your first month is only $19.
  • Throughout, wear a white cap.
  • Many students enjoy the sense of belonging.




Strong WA rankings may annoy some.

It’s worthless; being in the top 50 doesn’t mean you’ll make more than someone placed 300 below.

It’s about platform activity, assistance, and innovation.

Numbers don’t matter.

Training Outdated

Many ancient videos exist.

As mentioned, updating all videos takes time and energy. Same idea.

Members always learn.

They indicated they’ll update all training videos in 2022.

Some are already updated.

Wealthy Affiliate Members Don’t Earn

monet earnedThis is because many give up because they don’t get income in the first month.

One million members presumably make less than $300 weekly.


They’re poor. A year’s quietest.

Isn’t that true in every field?

I want it on a site where most earn over $300 monthly.

World-class universities don’t produce billionaires.

5% gain financial freedom.

It will take years (assuming they are not in debt).

Consistent users of Wealthy Affiliate’s tools succeed.

Poor Course Structure

It may be overwhelming.

Over 15 years of updates keep this platform simple and neat.

Tools and training are first hard to find. Good work takes time.

The first course includes a quick platform walkthrough video.

Watch the Wealthy Affiliate Platform Video.

Resource : How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? Guide

Wealthy Affiliate is it Legit?

is it Legit?I’ve taken loads of training and online courses as an adult and know what works.

Finally, I found Wealthy Affiliate.

WA helps you excel in online marketing.

I examined Wealthy Affiliate and its operation.

Organised, I believed it.

Some members achieve 4 digits in 8 months, while others take longer.

Many WA members outsource to focus on other company matters.

WA has something.

Not all WA members make 4 figures each month.

Wealthy Affiliate members can share testimonials.

You can join multiple affiliate programmes.


Q. Is it True that Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam?

Is it legit? Yes, over 1 year.


Do they teach legal internet moneymaking? True. Affiliate marketing is honest and beginner-friendly.


Legitimacy doesn’t guarantee success. Wealthy Affiliate’s service is superb; you won’t be deceived.

You must take action.

Just work hard.

Q. Is the Better Business Bureau Aware of Wealthy Affiliate?

Where Do They Rank, if at All?

A+ grade

BBB doesn’t consider Wealthy Affiliate a fraud.


Wealthy Affiliate is not accredited with them (not a need to be a reputable business), but they’ve settled all complaints from past members.

Thirteen total.

Yes, 13; Wealthy Affiliate has 1.3 million members as I write this.

Every 100 000 members has a major complaint.


Is it suitable?

One or two WA reviews may not convince you.

I suppose you’ve taken some classes.

If interested, you can experience the first 10 lessons for free.

Email only. Free.

I’ll welcome you to the platform from here.

Contact me via the form below or WA.

Click Here to have Free Look insite.

It will cost You $0.00 Dollars

Hope How To Wealthy Affiliate the Complete Guide helped.

Please be so kind to leave Questions and comments are below.

Till The Next Time My Picture







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