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How Wealthy Affiliate is Cool – Best Affiliate Platform Around

Updated on the 24 July 2022

How Wealthy Affiliate is Cool – Best Affiliate Platform

Welcome-hand-shakeMy name is Elke; I welcome you to my website.

I am an Affiliate Marketer and a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

I want to share with you what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and why it is Cool. 


Company: Wealthy Affiliate

Website URL: Click Here

Owners: Kyle Loudoun, Carson Lim

Cost: Starter (Free), Premium ($49/mth), Premium Plus+ ($99/mth)wealthy-affiliate-review Imagr

Training: 9/10, 4-5 Expert Classes Weekly, 1,000’s Training Modules

Websites/Hosting Included: Yes

Research Tools Included: Yes

Who It’s For Beginner to Expert

Our Overall Rating: 9.8/10

Trust Pilot Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

This strategy has been utilised to develop successful web businesses since the early 2000s. 

It will continue to function if appropriately executed. Eternally! 

I’ll explain each step. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s website describes the method. 

Niche down. 

Similar: niche. 

Passion or a hobby is obvious niche choices. 

If I liked dogs, my speciality would be dog-related. 

If I loved drones, they’d be my niche. 

I’d do makeup if I enjoyed it.

Resource: Niche Marketing Kit

Knitting niche. 

You may enter a market you don’t comprehend.

Your business might go in many directions. 

Example: “drone” niche. 

That’s my business and website’s emphasis. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s tools assist you in locating niches.

Create a website. 

After picking a speciality, build a website. 

Your website is your business. 

The construction lacks a basis and is fragile. 

Online/affiliate marketing works similarly. 

Websites create content, traffic, rankings, and income. 

I’d build a drone website. 

I want to educate, enlighten, and advise on this subject. 

No authorisation or expert is needed. 

Your website and business knowledge make you an expert.

Elon Musk wasn’t born an electric vehicle guru. 

This work will make me a “drone specialist.” 

Free WordPress site for starter members. 

You may host 10 Websites in Premium.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business Now

Traffic Stop 

One way to build a business. Traffic. 

Simply superficial, paying consumers to produce money. 

This applies to online and physical businesses. 

A hot dog stall. Desert won’t sell hot dogs. 

After a nightclub shuts, everyone is hungry and will buy hot dogs. 

Online sales, too. 

Websites without visitors don’t sell anything. 

Search engines and social networks drive online traffic. 

If you can rank on Google, the sky’s the limit. 

Bing, Yahoo, and social networking to generate site visitors. 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches traffic and website-ranking tactics. 

Earn money. 

You’re out of ideas. 

Indeed, affiliate marketers may access 500,000,000 online items. 

Neither product/service needs inventory. 

Earn commissions by linking to companies.

Pennies to thousands every sale. 

Concerning drones, 

I may advertise and monetise products, services, and guides. 

Amazon sells 50,100 drones. 

Any product I suggest earns me 6%. 

Commissions range from $6 to $2,400 every $100 drone. 

This is one way to monetise a popular website.

Advertise, offer products/services, or resell website traffic.

Affiliate programmes allow specialised searches (available to Starter and Premium members).

Here’s my latest quest.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business A – Z

Test a search. 

Affiliate marketers may advertise 30 programmes and millions of products.

This can be done from inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. 

This tool saves hours of weekly research time. 

Affiliate marketers may learn from the world’s most successful marketers. 

Beginner to expert courses includes affiliate programmes and website conversion. 


You’ll be a pro affiliate marketer. 

Here’s more on Wealthy Affiliate. 


Lowest-cost business startup 

Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership is today’s most acceptable bargain. 

Business-starting tools come with a premium membership. 

Comparable services cost $1,000.

$49/mo/$495/yr Platform, support, website, tools, community, and expertise cost $1 per month. 

You can also keep your Free Account if you want to.

You will get a Free WordPress website and a Free Domain Name. 

The Free Account comes with basic training. 

You can also use the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool for 30 Free Searches. 


Compare WA to a $2,500 university internet marketing course. 

The same goes for a 5-year WA membership. 

Includes everything needed to establish, grow, and expand the internet business.

The annual bundle includes $50 in WA-exclusive “community money.”

24/7/365 service. 

The “Pay it forwards” concept at Wealthy Affiliate creates an expert-filled network.

You may contact server admins anytime, anywhere.

Over 2.2 million people are members of Wealthy Affiliate. Really? 

Multiply the population by 45 football stadiums. 

Your back office dashboard has a live chat function. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s live chat provides instant help from marketers.

Use “Question” to ask the community for help.

It’s a great business resource.

Resource: The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint – eBook 

Founders/CEO access 

Yes. You can immediately contact Kyle & Carson for help. 

They help the community often. 

This has been a distinctive aspect of WA since day one. 

Kyle and Carson are always commenting, blogging, and campaigning. 

CEUs. A website. 

Wealthy Affiliate updates its training. 

Daily report on training. 

Wealthy Affiliate training covers several topics. 

New and updated training is offered weekly. 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches: (and that you can get expert support with).

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 
  • Email/Funnel Marketing 
  • AdWords (Pay Per Click) 
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads 
  • Marketing 
  • Pinterest Facebook marketing 
  • Branding Flipping domains/websites 
  • Content marketing 
  • Freelance/outsourcing 
  • Shopify/e-commerce 

You may learn WordPress basics or how to scale a business at WA. 

Modern hosts 

Websites and online businesses need trustworthy services. 

Wealthy Affiliate accounts may power multimillion-dollar enterprises. 

WA’s Managed WordPress hosting vs. “top-tier” suppliers.

Resource: How to Effectively Earn Income with Affiliate Marketing

All at one place (for one price) 

Wealthy Affiliate is a complete online business platform.

Online purchases are often incomplete. 

Not equivalent This course teaches internet company building from scratch. 

Tool belt, teacher, and 24/7 access are provided.

Seven weekly expert live classes 

Class, please! Building an internet business requires live, interactive training. 

Wealthy Affiliate Premium members have Friday live courses. 

Below are recent ones. 

Kyle and others have been guest teachers. 

Every live class has discussion and Q&A. 

One live hour-long class will be rebroadcast the next day.

Wealthy Affiliate helps you compete. 

Live lessons will make you an expert. 

Success is global. 

Want reviews? Look around. 

One member reported selling $30,000+ in websites and made the first internet sale. 

You’ll succeed if you work hard and follow the four stages to success. 

It’ll be hard. 

Owning a long-term profitable business is a worthy ambition, but it needs work. 

No upsells on the cheapest business platform. 

Would you start, run, and support your business for $1/day?

Resource: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Wealthy Affiliate’s truth. 

Buying a half-baked product that demands extra investment is annoying. 

This is prevalent in internet marketing but not at Wealthy Affiliates. 

Premium membership costs $495 (around $1 per day). Finish. Host. 

  • Websites
  • Individual mentoring. 
  • Join 1,000,000 affiliates/experts. 
  • Weekly lessons await. 
  • SEO tools 

It’s the best platform for under $1/day.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium eliminates the need to: 

  • Acquire pointless e-books, 
  • Attend expensive conferences, 
  • Or enrol in $1,000+ mentorship programmes. 

It’s got all you need and more. 

A summary of membership advantages. 

Free starter membership 

Free Wealthy Affiliate. 

Free Wealthy Affiliate membership. 

Almost no internet product or service gives free trials. 

So Wealthy Affiliate stands apart. 

Unhappy? Leave. Leaving risks nothing. 

Want more Traffic to Your Website? Click Here

Like the site and services? 

Upgrade from Starter to Premium for $1 per day. 

I prefer product-backed startups. 

Apple shops let you try new iPhones and MacBooks.

You know precisely what to expect. 

FREE Starter membership provides more than any paid programme. 

Conclusion. Stand up! 

“Salespeople” and websites encourage you to join NOW or else.

Yes! Decision-making requires intuition. 

Try Wealthy Affiliate. Try it if uncertain. 

===> Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free Now! 

Why lose? $0. 

The starter membership is recommended. 

You may evaluate the platform before spending money. 

No rival offers “free” access. 

Once you join the community and use the platform, you’ll realise none compares. 

Read about Wealthy Affiliates from others on the net.Keep-going

You can leave questions and comments below.

Till Next Time