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Super Pro Affiliate System – John Crestani’s Is it a scam? 14 Points

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Updated on August 14, 2023

Hi, and welcome to my website.

I’ve been doing Affiliate Marketing for a while.

Today I want to bring you the Super Pro Affiliate System by John Crestani. Is it a scam?

John Crestani’s Super Pro Affiliate System claims to teach affiliate marketing online. 

It has been popular among internet moneymakers for years. 

The program’s validity and scamminess have been questioned. 

This article examines the Super Pro Affiliate System and answers the question: 

John Crestani’s Super Pro Affiliate System: Is it a fraud?

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I will expose who John is and if he is legit or a scam. 

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a Los Angeles-based internet marketer who has sold questionable items online.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business A – Z

John’s website bio:

John Crestani is a successful internet entrepreneur who created the popular Super Affiliate System courses.

He succeeded two years after quitting his job and has built an affiliate marketing empire.

He and his family currently reside on a ranch in Malibu, and he is currently learning to fly helicopters.

Before his venture into affiliate marketing, John had a reputation for advertising pseudoscientific health items online due to cheating on a medical test.

His success has been documented in various online interviews and videos, and he has amassed an audience of over 300,000 YouTube subscribers.

He believes he makes around $5 million annually through digital marketing.

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani 

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System teaches affiliate marketing online.

That is what you get by joining the Supper Affiliate Pro System.

  • Super Affiliate System PRO Blueprint ($4,985.00 Value) 
  • This strategy has helped me earn over $19,700,000.
  • The Super Affiliate System PRO is lifelong.
  • Every time we upgrade (to our 4th version), you receive… for free! 


  • How our students join up and make sales in 24 hours. 
  • How to Start without experience, techniques, or ‘talent’.
  • How to use SAS PRO for 4 hours a week and still succeed.


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 As I’ll explain below, the Super Affiliate System doesn’t live up to its boasts.

John’s website describes his class as follows:

How does the Super Affiliate System produce money?

I’ve observed that not many Super Affiliate System (SAS) students are financially successful. 

I think most people who make good money do so this way:
  • They become SAS affiliates. 
  • They promote SAS in several ways. 
  • They transform marketing leads into SAS sales. 
  • They receive a commission on every sale.

Affiliate marketing is selling others’ items for a commission. 

Affiliate marketing may be used to promote free or paid items. 

My research shows that SAS uses Facebook advertising for course promotion.

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If so, the procedure would be:

Is there any truth to the Super Affiliate System’s claims, or is it a fraud?

SAS is legal. Considering John Crestani’s students, I’d avoid the Super Affiliate System.

It’s imprudent to commit time or money to this program.

Instead, check out the other affiliate marketing courses I’ve evaluated and rated higher:

The best affiliate marketing training 

Information on Prices and Discounts for the Super Affiliate System

Screenshot 2023 08 14 at 15.50.06

As John Crestani would attest, the regular tuition for this training is close to $5,000.

….but my study found no student who paid so much for the training.

The Discount on the Super Affiliate System

The screenshot’s $3,988 discount seems permanent, and $997 is the lowest price I’ve seen.

Here Are 14 Reasons Why I Can’t Put My Trust in John Crestani

The Super Affiliate System isn’t a pyramid scheme because members may promote anything.

John Crestani’s “success stories” are students recommending his course.

Pyramid scheme participants gain money by recruiting new members.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business Now

About 80% of the “success stories” and testimonials for John Crestani’s course are: 
  • Super Affiliate System student sales 
  • Students report secret sales 
  • Tyler Ellison and Josh Morico are examples. 

They may earn affiliate commissions by marketing many goods. 

Or they may be big-time John Crestani associates. 


Students who acquire the Super Affiliate System gain access to marketing materials.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System makes students salespeople. 

John’s lessons may promote products/services, but students are encouraged to join SAS.

All those resources aren’t consistently enough…

1. Does anyone advertise John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System? (What Students are saying)

I’m promoting the John Crestani Super Affiliate System. 

Screenshot 2023 08 14 at 15.52.37

Clickbank statistics suggest this is an excellent product to promote. 

Popular, with gravity between 50 and 60 this month, but pricey. 

I designed a landing page for free webinars, email leads, and an autoresponder.

Udimi delivered me traffic and has a good reputation and sales rate.

I bought 1000 clicks, expecting five sales. 

The merchant has sent 600 quality clicks and 100+ opt-ins to my single advertisement campaign.

Over 300 hops, 145 per order form imprint, two pictures, NO orders

I’m hoping for 400 clicks, but I’m losing hope. Anyone else? 

What’s up? My method? Chose? Luck? Hopeless?

2. Testimonials that are Years Old

John Crestani’s achievements have dates. 

I don’t care about his 2016 or earlier success tales. We are in 2022.

3. Are Some of John’s Students Engaging in Questionable Activities?

John’s more successful pupils promote controversial items and use dubious marketing practices.

4. Is John Crestani’s Class Involved with Some Super-villainy?

You might recognize a former John Crestani student in a photo or collage.

Everyone featured looks to be a Super Affiliate System success. 

Screenshot 2023 08 14 at 15.54.16
John’s slideshow words: 

Seeing the achievements of hundreds of people throughout the world is thrilling. 

I recognize each face.” 

I find it odd that four of the photographs are of young children.

Maybe that was a mistake. 

John may have requested an intern to produce a student college report.

Seeing John’s successful students with small children changed my mind.

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John Crestani wants you to lie to your family and friends.

John Crestani suggests telling friends and family about his training even if you haven’t taken it.

John promises video viewers they can make money online by marketing his instructions.


Screenshot 2023 08 14 at 15.56.18

“Post a free training invitation.” Say, “Here’s free online money-making training.” See it.'” 

“You’re on social media. Friends and family are your customers. This presents a significant opportunity for financial gain.

“When people click that affiliate link and buy the product, you’ll make $450. This is on every social network. 

Or you email everyone you’ve ever spoken to. 

Send 200 or 400 emails, text or email, and post on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

6. PayPal has disallowed John Crestani’s account. stated that John Crestani sold “PayPal-unapproved” merchandise and had his account closed.

From the Article:

Crestani tried many businesses before finding a winner. 

His first business was on eBay. 

This enterprise made him $1,000 to $2,000 a month and drew PayPal’s attention. 

Crestani was selling things that PayPal didn’t like. 

His PayPal account was closed, and his business was closed.

7. The University Cheating Scandal Involving John Crestani

John Crestani was suspended from school for hacking the test system and selling answers.

From the Article:

So he re-enrolled in school to respond to his classmates’ requirements. 

Screenshot 2023 08 14 at 15.57.48

Crestani was exposed to computers before he reached double digits. 

He employed technology to acquire exam answers for every online course.

“I sold my answers,” he says. “Strange. 

I didn’t know PDFs were so helpful. 

First time exchanging knowledge for cash. 

Crestani’s First $1,000 Day

The jubilation (and money) didn’t last. 

Crestani was suspended because the school thought he stole exam answers.

8. John Crestani Was in the Business of Selling Homeopathic Products

John Crestani “minted money” selling homeopathic remedies, according to Forbes. 

From Article:

Crestani has mastered online advertising. 

He wanted to travel. 

He wanted freedom from corporate restraints. 

Instead of manufacturing and advertising his products, he promoted other firms’ products. 

He promoted the best homeopathic remedies.

9. Exaggerated Claims Obased Potential Earnings?

John Crestani says you may make $1000 daily online in 30 days. Misleading.

John’s promo webinar confirmation page says:

Free training teaches how to generate money with ClickBank and Facebook.

Screenshot 2023 08 14 at 15.59.38

You can start making $1,000 Per Day and six figures online in the next 30 days.

Free training teaches how to generate money with ClickBank and Facebook.

Resource: How to make money online with Affiliate Marketing Now – Review

Later in the webinar, he says: 

By the end of the first week, you’ll have everything you need to start earning commissions.

Given this, I find John Crestani’s claims of rapid wealth absurd.

10. Catch and Release

John Crestani promises an “easy 5-minute way” to make $460 online quickly.

This promise is made at the beginning of his promotional webinar. 

After an hour, he tells you he’ll only show you if you buy his training.

His opening remarks: 

“I’ll teach you a 5-minute technique to make you $460 tonight.”

You may sit through an 80-minute webinar to learn that his instruction is the key. (buying his training for more money)

Worse, the “secret” is to sell the training to friends and relatives.

You can make $460 tonight by recommending John’s $997 training.

This is done by signing up friends and family. 

11. It’s Not That Hard At All! (However, It Is Also Challenging)

John Crestani spends 4 hours a week on affiliate marketing.

He’ll claim it’s HARD work.

In a follow-up email, he’ll say it’s easy again:
  • I’ll help you make an EXTRA $2,500/week. 
  • Four hours a week on this. 
  • Only 30 folks get $4,000 off… a fantastic offer for you.

12. Don’t Be Skeptical

Think John Crestani’s training stinks? 

John Crestani says skepticism is a hindrance.

He adds: 

“You need devotion and realistic expectations to be one of my pupils, okay? Big key. Also, commit.

13. There is a success rate of 90 percent in affiliate marketing (WTF?)

John Crestani says affiliate marketing is 90% successful. Untrue.

Entrepreneur vs. Affiliate 

He compares affiliate companies to franchises and cites an article claiming that 90% of franchisees succeed.

Resource: How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing Today – Beginners Guide

Dig a Little Deeper isn’t the only site with such statistics. 

This assertion appears online in business periodicals, franchise brokers, and consultant puffery.

The 90 to 95% success rate has driven Franchise fever for decades. Unproven. 

Economists have studied franchising since its inception.

There’s information on franchising’s economic impact, ownership rates, loan performance, and a monthly sector index.

Despite its uncertain origins, franchised vs. independent business success has had the most significant effect.

Screenshot 2023 08 14 at 16.04.45

The State, based on a discredited study, fills the data gap. 

False information is disturbing:

Due to deceit and fraud, franchising is carefully controlled.

The State is misrepresented and used to sell franchises, say critics. 

Even if a franchisor has never claimed it, it does draw individuals into franchising. 

Many contenders assume franchise ownership is guaranteed due to The Stat’s popularity.

Either John misread the content, or he’s embellishing his training.

I’m bothered. 


14. Imitation of Scarcity

John Crestani’s instruction is only available for a short period at a discount. 

I’ve noticed it’s always the same price.

Opportunity with Wealthy Affiliate

Free Domain Name, WordPress, and support

Screenshot 2023 08 14 at 16.05.53

Basic training is included.

Chance of earning a commission.

No Credit Card is Needed.

>> Instant Access <<


Q. Can I Cancel Wealthy Affiliate?

Starter members do nothing.

Joining requires no credit card or payment information, so there’s nothing to cancel.

Log out. Your account will continue if you join later.

Premium Members can cancel billing in Wealthy Affiliate’s account settings.

Although optional, PM Kyle, Carson, and site support confirm your cancellation.

As a backup, log onto Paypal and cancel your automatic payment.

Niche Marketing, Inc. bills itself as Wealthy Affiliate.

You have full site access until your payment cycle ends.

Q. Can Wealthy Affiliate Help My Drop Shipping/Amazon FBA/E-commerce Business?


Wealthy affiliates may help you maximize your drop shipping, Amazon FBA, eCommerce, or digital goods business’s profit.

You can boost your paid and organic channels by learning how to generate free search engine traffic through content marketing.

Q. Should I invest in the Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System is ideal for affiliate marketing beginners. 

Over 50 hours of high-quality video will get them started. 

The weekly webinar allows students to discuss their progress.

Q. How did John Crestani get his start in the business world?
Screenshot 2023 08 14 at 16.09.49

Search engine pay-per-click advertising was its specialty. 

Crestani trained himself and swiftly handled over 20 client accounts, developing beautiful ads and innovative bidding strategies to promote sales.

He quadrupled a client’s business using sponsored advertising.

Now it’s up to You to decide what is best for You.


Are the outcomes that John Crestani’s pupils aim for genuinely achieved?

It is not feasible to determine the overall performance of John’s students in their classes. 

Few of his SAS pupils make big money, though.

Most of his pupils make money by getting others to join SAS.

My advice is to be careful when joining John Crestani.

His videos on YouTube are fine and helpful but don’t join or pay any money.

I hope this article was helpful.

Please leave questions or comments below.

Elke Auther

Thank You for stopping by.

Till The Next Time




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