Successfully set up your Wealthy Affiliate Website 20 Steps

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Updated on the 27 January 2023

Welcome Nice to have you.

I am an Affiliate Marketer and a member of Wealthy Affiliate. 

Today I bring you – How to successfully set up your website – Step by Step Now.

If you haven’t heard about WA, Keep reading to learn about Wealthy Affiliates.

They have a Free Account, giving you a Free Domain Name and Webhosting. 

No credit card is needed; you pay $0.00

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Basic training is included with the Free Account.

Looking at Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder

What does the paid membership cost? 

Free or $49 a month ($19 for the first month)

It is $359 annually if you choose to pay a membership annually. 

It is cheaper when you join yearly. 

Access to fundamental skills training is included with the Free Plan.

I recommend trying the Free Account first.

You can join or keep your free account, no questions asked.

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Let’s look a bit deeper.


Free Domain Here! (Affiliates) 

Free or paid domains are available. 

You also get a website with WordPress.

WA LogoWealthy Affiliates will list the website. 

Your website’s launch may delay access. 

Wealthy Affiliate launches sites in minutes. 

WordPress Dashboard Navigation. 

Log into WordPress after installation. 

Login to your Wealthy Affiliates dashboard.

Logging in displays the administrator dashboard. 

Three sections: 

1. Toolbar 

It provides access to administrative tools. 

Public view link available. 

Your website’s name. 

Updates and new comments are displayed. 

2. The left-hand menu links to all WordPress administrative screens. 

Hovering over a menu item reveals more options. 

3. Workspace 

First-time WordPress admins will see a welcome module.

Once satisfied, close this module.

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4. The box shows your posts, pages, and comments. 

The WordPress theme and version are displayed. 

The activity box shows recent posts and comments. 

It shows all words’ current status and the most recent. 

Quick Draft New blog post created. 

This box stores blog post ideas. 

WordPress news It displays WordPress news. 

Click each window’s arrows to hide the box. 

They’re movable. 

5. Publishing Content 


Publishing Contence

Create a WordPress post or page. 

Posts and pages are sometimes confused. 

Tag and archive WordPress posts. 

WordPress publishes time-sensitive content. 

The page content is permanent. 

Nothing categorised. 

Example pages: Contact or About Us.

Resource: How to write a Perfect Article for Your Affiliate Website Now

6. Make a New Post 

Select New -> Post from the toolbar to create a new WordPress post. 

Editing displays posting options. 

Title your post. 

Submit your post below. 

Format text using the toolbar. 

MS Word or other text editors. 

Right-hand screen meta-boxes. 

Each box is helpful.

Here you can change post status, visibility, and scheduling. 

A publish button goes live. Click Trash to delete a post. 


New Post Tab


7. Category


WordPress Categories

  • This box categorises your post. 
  • Click + Add New Category to add one. 
  • Tags box enables quick tagging. 
  • Its tops (image location can be different depending on the theme).

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8. Add a Page 

Create a new page by clicking Add New under Pages or New -> Page in the toolbar. 

Same WYSIWYG editor for posts and pages. 

Input and formatting are identical. 

Page Attributes have no tags or categories. 

Change page order and parent pages here. 

It helps group pages. 


Add New Page In WordPress

9. Install WordPress Plugins 


Plugin screen shot


Plugins extend WordPress’ functionality. 

Installing a plugin on WordPress adds new features. 

From social media to security which is very important. 

So, you’ll find a working plugin. 

WordPress plugins are easy to instal. plugins are free and paid. 

Like themes, these can be installed with WordPress. 

Click Add New under Plugins and search for the plugin. 

10. Activate installation. 

WordPress’ official plugin directory has premium plugins. 

WordPress premium plugins are uploaded manually. 

Similar to installing themes. 

Add new plugins and upload plugins. 

Now upload a plugin. Activate plugin. 

Must-have WP plugins 

Choosing a WordPress plugin is tricky. 

WordPress has many caching plugins. 

List your blog’s best WordPress plugins. 

Sitemaps SEO-friendly XML sitemaps from Google. 

Use and maintain it easily. 

SEO Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. SEO benefits. 

Yoast SEO has meta tags and writing tips.

Resource: How to Improve Your Google Rankings Fast Now – Guide


All in one SEO Settings Wealthy Affiliate


11. Wordfence

This WordPress plugin blocks malware and hackers. 

Firewall and malware scanner modules are helpful. 

12. WP Contact Form Plugin works well. 

This plugin creates contact and leads forms. 

Complex plugins slow WordPress. 

Remove non-essential WordPress plugins. 

13. WordPress themes 

Themes change WordPress’s appearance. 

WordPress themes are free and paid. 

Some work on any site. 

Others, like e-commerce themes, are purpose-built. 

WordPress simplified theme setup. 

Free WordPress themes instal quickly. 

Find a friendly theme in appearance. 

Sort themes by colour or feature. 

Your website will look good. 

No need to instal multiple themes.

This method is for free and paid themes. 


WordPress teams

14. A premium theme? 

Upload the theme files manually. 

Go to appearance and upload file. 

Uploads take minutes. Theme activate. 

15. Speeding up WordPress 

This WordPress tutorial will help you build a site.

WordPress sites gain text, images, code, and other media files. 

More significant sites load slower. 

Speeding-up-wordpressWordPress performance optimisation prevents slow response times. 

Your visitors will be pleased and return. 

Slow websites frustrate everyone. 

Improving WordPress speed is wise. 

WordPress is easily optimised. 

Your WordPress site can be fast without coding. 

These WordPress optimisation tips will speed up your site.

Resource: How to Generate an Income with Wealthy Affiliate Now?

16. Caching WordPress plugins 

First, instal a WordPress caching plugin. 

Data is cached temporarily. 

This speeds up data loading. 

Your browser caches static content for often-visited sites. 

Loading times are faster with fewer server requests. 

WordPress caching plugins Reloading your website creates a static version.

WordPress caches WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Fastest Cache.


WordPress Chasing

17. WordPress Image Optimisation 

Optimising images speed up WordPress. 

Image Speed optimisation

Two main issues cause slow image loading: 

500×500 images are shrunk to 100×100.

The browser must download, scale, and display the larger file.

Upload a 100×100-pixel image to avoid scaling it down. 

This saves space and speed. 

Images aren’t compressed. 

Image compression saves space and bandwidth. 

More images on WordPress are better. 

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18. WordPress gzip compression 

WordPress gzip compression speeds up websites. 

Compression temporarily replaces similar text file strings. 

Gzip compression helps with HTML and CSS files’ repetition. 

It reduces WordPress pages by 70%. 

19. To enable gzip compression: 

  • .htaccess gzip compression (recommended). 
  • Enabling gzip compression in WordPress with GZip Ninja Speed. 
  • Gzip compression may increase CPU use. 

If your CPU isn’t slow, Gzip can speed up WordPress.

Speeding Up WordPress

20. Lazy-loading 

A web page’s content loads instantly with eager loading. 

Lazy loading delays object loading until needed (like images). 

Display photographs when the user can see them.

This strategy requires Rocket Lazy Load.


LazyLoad Screenshot


Wealthy Affilaite Pros
  • A dedicated coach will help you choose your niche. 
  • Beginners can follow easy, step-by-step instructions. 
  • Updated weekly live video training. 
Wealthy Affiliate Cons
  • Once you pay, there are no refunds. 
  • Many people struggle to choose a specialisation and need support.
  • Instead of finding a theme, they promote Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Too Much Information: Chatting, question-asking, video-posting, and question-answering are confusing.


Q. Which Wealthy Affiliate product?

Wealthy Affiliate does not need product promotion.

Wealthy Affiliate provides community support, training, hosting, and websites.

Wealthy Affiliate explains how to start an internet company. 

You’ll learn website foundations. 

You will subsequently learn how to correctly generate visitors and monetize your site.

Q. What distinguishes Wealthy Affiliate from MLM?

Pyramid schemes and MLM share marketing methods (yet when pyramid schemes are scams, MLM are legit). 

The company leverages its distributors’ network to sell directly and attract new distributors in MLM. 

MLM distributors earn percentages by recruiting new distributors and selling MLM products and services.

Wealthy Affiliate, however, teaches online companies created from the beginning. 

It doesn’t require product promotion like MLM. 

Instead, it provides training, assistance, websites, and a community to construct your online campaign.

Q. Can free Wealthy Affiliate members advertise membership sites for passive monthly income?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to promote any affiliate network of your choice. 

It might be a commision scheme or passive income. pros and cons

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t require upfront payment, which I love.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE to see if it’s the right path.

Free starter membership never expires.

Change of earning a Commission.

>> Insant Access <<

Learn and try new things until you understand affiliate marketing basics.

Upgrade to premium membership if you like. I promise you will.

Please answer questions and comments in the space below. Elke Robins

2 thoughts on “Successfully set up your Wealthy Affiliate Website 20 Steps”

  1. Hi Elke,

    What a great checklist to work through!

    And you are right, the training at Wealthy Affiliate is superb!

    I was particularly interested in the plugins you talked about.

    I hadn’t heard of Wordfence Safety and hadn’t realised we needed something like this, as I know the hosting we have on Wealthy Affiliate is very secure. However, it does make sense that we should make sure that our sites are as protected as possible. 

    I will also be taking a look at Contact Form 7 which would be a very useful addition to my website!

    Thanks for a great article!

    All the best


    • Thank You for your comment, it was very encouraging. That is what I like at WA. I am glad I could give you some important points there. All the Best 


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