Proven Ways to Make Money Fast – In-depth Study

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.


I have researched ways to generate money fast with several businesses and affiliate networks.

Thanks to affiliate networks, thousands of publishers receive a steady revenue stream every day.

In-depth research of proven rapid money-making strategies.

Affiliate Programs

Jump Ahead

If you are prepared to put in the effort, the Affiliate Programs have produced speedy results.

For blogs that don’t offer anything, affiliate marketing is one of the fantastic options.

Join an affiliate network to gain access to new content and savings.

Consider this example to learn more about affiliate marketing:

New York Times firm provides product suggestions.

Wirecutter makes money from retailer affiliates.

The affiliate revenue model of Wirecutter may make you distrust the suggestions, but it isn’t.

Only non-returning purchases earn Wirecutter commission.

In this case, Wirecutter would lose money and lose readers if they promoted defective items.

Online Courses

Affiliate programmes include online courses, website builders, marketing, and business affiliates.

You may earn money from your content by joining any of the 47 affiliate programmes listed below.

First, what is an affiliate programme?

For referring visitors and/or purchases, a business pays another firm or influencer (the affiliate).

A product integration, social media, or site content can do this.

The affiliate is given a URL (an “affiliate link” or hoplink).

These terms refer to how long a cookie monitors a user’s online actions.

A 30-day life cookie

For example, a 30-day cookie needs a purchase within 30 days after accessing your affiliate link.

B2B clients are willing to pay hundreds of dollars on a product or service that will help them make money. eBay logo carried by two cartons

How could you miss out? It goes without saying that there are several affiliate programmes to choose from.

Next, let’s examine affiliate programme kinds.

Affiliate Programs:

Types Several affiliate programmes exist to help you market your products or services.

Keep in mind that your client persona may read blogs, browse Facebook, or use search engines to discover new products.

Would a link to a discount site be beneficial to your buyer persona?

If customers want to do a comprehensive research before buying, a review site may assist sell your goods.

Let’s look at several broad affiliate programme types to help you plan your own marketing strategies:

Affiliate search:

That includes search engine results and other online advertising outlets like Facebook.

In this case, you’ll want to make sure your partner adheres to search and advertising rules.


Consult influential bloggers or social media users who regularly interact with your target customer persona.


Recipe bloggers or YouTube stars requesting your product as a “recommended tool” are great examples.

Encourage your target audience to visit your website to maximise your influencer’s earnings.

Identify the top review sites for your product or service. YouTube Button

Then, if your product or service is more pricey or niche, ask the business or writer who wrote the essay for an affiliate connection to your product or service.

Promote a New Product

To promote a new product or service that’s not yet popular, consider partnering with a discount site.

For a discount on your items, you may get new brand ambassadors.

Email marketing Caution is Advised

However, if done correctly, this might be a successful strategy.

If you supply design tools, marketing companies may use a URL from your site in an email.

Agencies might earn more money by recommending your devices to their clientele.

Followed by the 47 top paying affiliate programmes:

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs:

1. HubSpot

2. Elementor

3. AWeber

4. Sendinblue’s

5. ConvertKit

6. Leadpages

7. GetResponse

8. SEMRush

9. Fiverr

10. Pabbly

11. Unbounce Unbounce Integration

12. Content Contact

13. Typeform

14. Thinkific

15. Kajabi

16. Coursera

17. Teachable

18. iSpring

19. BigCommerce

20. Shopify

21. 3dcart

22. Volusion

23. WP Engine

24. Kinsta

25. Flywheel

26. Bluehost

27. Hostgator

28. GreenGeeks

29. Wix

30. Amazon

31. eBay

32. Target

33. Hammacher Schlemmer

34. Spocket

35. Murad

36. Yves Rocher

37. Scentbird

38. BH Cosmetics

39. Boatbookings

40. TripAdvisor

41. Cheapflights

42. Momondo

43. Sandals Resorts

44. Capitalist Exploits

45. Kabbage

46. Sage Financials

47. Invoice Ninja

1. HubSpot

Affiliate Marketing Programs Simplify with Hub 100% of first month’s revenue or 15% for 90 days for cookies HubSpot helps millions grow.

Customer Experience

Thousands of businesses use HubSpot’s award-winning CRM platform to manage the customer experience from awareness to advocacy.

If you sign up as a HubSpot affiliate, you may earn 15% every month for up to a year or 100% the first month.

Paid plans start at $50 per month and go up to $3,000+.

Customers frequently buy many items at once.

So, the payments might mount up

Joining HubSpot’s affiliate programme gives you access to sample videos, banners, and text.

The HubSpot affiliate team is also available to help you achieve one-on-one.

Members of our affiliate programme have a large corporate audience or want to monetize their content.

2. Elementor

50 % per sale commission

45 days for cookies

60% of all websites utilise Elementor, a dynamic drag-and-drop website builder.

WP-Elementor customers may personalise and grow their WordPress website-building process with hundreds of:

  • Widgets
  • Integrations
  • Templates
  • And design tools

There are 100k Members

The Elementor online community has 100k members who may share ideas, arrange events, and support one another to progress professionally.

Affiliates for Elementor make a 50% commission.

The programme costs $49 to $999 per year in five bundles.

Affiliates may target specific audiences more effectively with this wide range of price tiers.

Consider Elementor, with affiliates making upwards of $10,000 per month.

3. AWeber

30% recurring commission 1 year AWeber has been used by over a million businesses and entrepreneurs since 1998. AWeber email marketing

Suitable for newsletters and email drip programmes. AWeber affiliates may make a lot of money in two ways:

Their internal programme pays a 30% lifetime commission.

Payments typically vary from $20 to $150 each month.

CJ Affiliate offers up to $300 per account.

However, instead of a year, the cookie life is 45 days.

4. Sendinblue’s

A free account is worth €5, while membership is worth €100.

90 days for cookies.

Sendinblue also provides SMS, chat, marketing automation, CRM, and other digital marketing services.

This easy-to-use application has over 175,000 global users.

One stream is for agencies, while the other is for bloggers.

Email Marketers

Sendinblue’s free and low-cost pricing models make it a profitable revenue source for bloggers and publishers.

We reward you €100 for each paying client you suggest.

Join affiliate networks like WPBeginner, Capterra, CodeinWP and others.

Although the programme pays in Euros, your commission will be paid in US dollars.

5. ConvertKit

30 % recurring commission

30 days cookie window ConvertKit Logo

ConvertKit says its customers can grow their customer base by employing landing pages, forms, and drip emails. (Read more ConvertKit reviews.)

ConvertKit’s affiliate programme users who feel their audience will benefit from email marketing goods should apply.

Webinar Subscriptions

Every recommended paying client or webinar subscription earns you a lifetime 30% commission.

The earning potential ranges from $29 per month to $2,000+, and joining the programme is completely free.

No special offers or discounts are offered for any products promoted by the affiliate.

6. LeadPages

30 % recurring commission

30 days cookie life.

LeadPages lets you create easy landing pages that collect leads and enhance conversions.

Only LeadPages clients can join their affiliate programme.

30 per cent lifetime commission for every paying customer recommended.


$25-$200/month One example is a $5,000 price for affiliates driving 10+ sales by a specific date.

Affiliates can use banners, sidebar pictures, and social media connections.

You can also select to share a free content page (such as a blog post or video) over a product page.

7. GetResponse

Reoccurring commission of 33%

120 days for a cookie

Landing pages, opt-in forms, webinar hosting, and CRM are all available with GetResponse.

Like AWeber, the GetResponse affiliate programme offers two options (or both!).

Self-hosted Programme

1. Their self-hosted programme charges 33% recurring.

This plan pays off big time at $15 to $1200/month.

2. CJ Affiliate pays $135 per sale. The in-house program’s cookies last 30 days instead of 120.

8. SEMRush

40% recurring commission

10 years cookie live.


BeRush is an affiliate network for SEO and competitive analysis software provider SEMRush.

They pay up to $160 every month (40%) in recurring commissions for each referral.

10-year Cookie Life.

They also have a 10-year cookie life.

You also are rewarded if a referral cancels and re-signs up within 10 years because BeRush employs first cookie attribution.

Registration is quick and easy, with pre-approved candidates saving time.

Exclusive SEMRush advertising materials are accessible in five languages.

9. Fiverr

Ninety per cent of each Fiverr Learn course order or $15-50 for Fiverr CPA. Fiverr Logo

30 days cookie life.

Fiverr Pro

The freelancing marketplace provides digital services ranging from marketing to IT.

Fiverr Pro (access to hand-vetted talent trusted by major corporations) (courses for freelancers and businesses looking to expand skills).

Consider Fiverr if you work with clients that need marketing, design, or IT services, or if you write for startups and want to promote Fiverr Learn.

Dashboard to Manage

Affiliates on the popular site may use a dashboard to manage and analyse campaigns, as well as promotional materials.

You’ll see the whole range of commissions here.

10. Pabbly

30 % recurring commission

30 days cookie life

In addition to email marketing, Pabbly also offers app integration and form building.

Pabbly Plus

Additionally, to limitless features, Pabbly Plus is that the hottest option.

They provide a 30% commission on all sales within 40 days.

Your Affiliate Link

• They use one cookie to trace sales across all goods.

Your affiliate link will earn you a commission on every sale made via it.

This also saves you from recommending your audience to every product independently.

• One Pabbly sale may get you a minimum of $183 in commissions.

They also give a single dashboard for tracking sales, referrals, payments, and other commission data.

11. Unbounce

Every customer you suggest earns you 20% of their recurring revenue 90 days for cookies

SaaS enterprises, eCommerce sites, and agencies can use this well-known landing page builder.

You will also earn

You will also earn 20% of recurring income for every customer you suggest.

It also benefits your website or social media followers who get 20% off their first three months with Unbounce.

A Partner Coach

Unbounce provides a Partner coach, a unique dashboard for success, training and marketing tools to help you succeed with their Affiliate programme.

If you’re a marketer wanting to boost landing page conversions, this partnership may benefit both sides.

12. Constant Contact’s

$105 when your referrals obtain a replacement account. Constant Contact's

Constant Contact’s email marketing services help small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs flourish.

Facebook Ads

Members of Constant Contact may also automate email marketing campaigns and target new eCommerce customers to boost sales.

Their affiliate programme pays $5 for every eligible lead and $105 for each client.

You’ll also get marketing materials, a tracking dashboard, and individual assistance.

WordPress, and Shopify

Facebook, WordPress, and Shopify all utilise Constant Contact.

This is a wonderful partnership to consider if you think your clients or prospects will enjoy email marketing.


10% off subscriptions; no limit on referrals.

Life of a Cookie Typeform deducts 10% of your account when one of your recommendations signs up for a premium plan.

With 10 referrals, you will pay nothing for Typeform.

Also, your discount is non-expiring.

If their referrer retains their own account, you will get 10% off your membership.

Online Course Affiliate Programs

14. Thinkific

30 % recurring commission

90 days for cookies

Sharing knowledge, growing your audience, and scaling your business are all possible with Thinkific.

The platform allows users to trademark online courses and membership sites.


These forms of audiences are perfect for Thinkific’s affiliate programme:

• Content producers willing to share their knowledge.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn a 30% lifetime recurring commission, a 90-day cookie window, and ready-to-post creative and promotional content.

Affiliates earn up to $1,700 every year.

15. Kajabi

30 % recurring commission

30 days cookie life

Customers may use Kajabi to create online courses, marketing campaigns, landing pages, and websites.

Kajabi Partner Program

Currently, only Kajabi users may join the Kajabi Partner Program.

Every new Kajabi member you refer earns you a 30% lifetime commission.

Plus, as you progress, you’ll get unique treats.

Each Kajabi Partner level offers exclusive perks.

16. Coursera

20-45% commission

30 days cookie life

Coursera includes over 1,000 courses with specialities ranging from digital marketing to personal development.

Films & Puzzles

Several films, puzzles, and tasks are included in each lesson.

A 20% to 45% commission plus incentives are offered through Coursera’s LinkShare affiliate programme.

Classes & Specializations range from $29 to $99.

You’ll get professionally designed banners and a monthly affiliate newsletter with content ideas.

17. Teachable


30 % recurring commission

90 days for cookies

Teachable makes it easy to design and sell online courses.

Teachable has approximately 18 million students and 186 thousand active courses.

Smart Passive Income

Also, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income strongly recommends it.

Teachable is suitable for several speciality disciplines, from Facebook advertising to cake making.

The Teachable affiliate programme gives a 30% monthly membership price revenue.

On average, a sale costs $29 to $499 every month. 18. iSpring 10% of every sale Cookies 90 days.

18. iSpring

iSpring is an international software development corporation that creates online training and eLearning material.

Intuitive online courses, quizzes, video tutorials, role-play, and eBooks may be created with iSpring Suite.

PowerPoint add-in

iSpring Suite is an easy-to-use PowerPoint add-in that fulfils all learning needs.

That’s why everyone loves it, from college professors to business instructional designers.

Included in the affiliate programme is iSpring Suite and iSpring Suite, Max.

10+ Consumers Monthly

If you provide 10+ customers monthly, you may make between $77 and $97 for every transaction.

Quarterly commissions will be validated.

Affiliate Programs for Website Builder

19. BigCommerce

200 % or $1,500 per business customer for 90 days It powers hundreds of online stores in over 150 countries.

Its clients include Fashion, automotive, manufacturing, food, and health industries.

Referring BigCommerce customers earns you up to $500 (or $1,500 per enterprise customer).

20. Shopify

200 per cent commission

30 days cookie life

Shopify is a global leader in drop shipping with over 500,000 Shopify merchants.

Online Store

Shopify offers online store builders, shopping carts, web hosting and management tools, analytics, and payment processing.

To promote Shopify’s affiliate programme, you must have an audience interested in e-commerce and require help setting up an online business.

This means up to $2,400 in commissions every month!

Shopify Plus

A $2,000 bonus is also provided when a referral joins Shopify Plus.

The money isn’t the only benefit of becoming a Shopify associate. It is free to join.

Not having a robust e-commerce platform may be one of the program’s significant shortcomings.

21. 3dcart

3dcart logo

300 per cent commission

45 days for cookies.

3dcart is an e-commerce platform that prioritises SEO.

It gives you everything you need to start, grow, and advertise your online business!

A 3dcart store may be created from scratch, or an existing store can be replaced.

Upon referring a customer, affiliates earn up to $687.

Commission Junction

The affiliate programmes at Commission Junction and ShareASale provide the same commissions and cookie life, so select your favourite.

22. Volusion

200 per cent commission

45 days for cookies

Online stores may be created, managed, and expanded by small enterprises.

In addition to security, exporting may help with domain buying and web design.

200 per Cent Compensation

Initial monthly payments vary from $29 to $299, with affiliates receiving a 200% commission (or going even higher with their Prime custom tier).

As an affiliate, you get access to promotional materials.

Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting:

23. WP Engine Sign-up Bonus:

$200+ 180-day cookie period 30% of all websites use WordPress.

WP Engine powers countless WordPress sites globally.

WP Engine’s affiliate programme is ShareASale.

Earn $200 or 100% of the primary monthly payment when promoting WP Engine plans.

Exclusive affiliate offers you will give your audience.

Promote StudioPress

Promote StudioPress themes and find 35% of the sales.

In addition to referring clients, you will be reimbursed for promoting affiliates.

Each referral earns you $50

Finding customers looking for a new WordPress website has a lot of earning potential.

Kinda 10% ongoing referral commission up to $500

60 days cookie life with a mission to “build the world’s best affiliate program.

24. Kinsta

Kinsta logo


Greatest WordPress hosting platform,” Kinsta was started in 2013.

They are putting their all into producing fast, secure, and dependable WordPress hosting.

After the initial commission, a tenth monthly commission is paid to Kinsta’s affiliates.

Earn up to $500

Affiliates can earn up to $500 for their first referral: 30, 100, 150, 500 $

Kinsta’s 95% customer retention rate indicates your recommendations have a high lifetime value.

25. Flywheel

30% up to $500 per referral

90-day cookie Flywheel reduces the hassle of web hosting so clients can focus on creating and designing websites.

Affiliates at Flywheel

Affiliates at Flywheel may earn up to $500 each sale.

It includes everything from banners to co-branded landing pages and exquisite social photos.

After you engage with the Flywheel team, your commissions will skyrocket to provide bespoke visuals.

No minimum threshold is required to be paid.

26. Bluehost

$65 per sale commission

Cookies in 45 days Bluehost offers an excellent affiliate network for companies and individuals looking to monetize their websites.

A purchase produced by your website might earn you anywhere from $65 to $130.

Worst of all, Bluehost’s affiliate network is entirely unengaged to join.

Bluehost also provides affiliate managers with assistance and advice.

27. HostGator Signup

Commission: $65 to $125

60 days cookie life

Starting at $3.84/month, HostGator provides web hosting and website creation tools.

Join HostGator as an affiliate for free and earn $125 for each sign-up (depending on what percentage you send).

You may add tracking links or a custom coupon code to your website.

45-day money-back guarantee.

Customers may test out HostGator with no risk because they need a 45-day money-back guarantee.

28. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks logo

Commission: $50 for one sale, $100 for 6

30 days cookie life

Eco-friendly, safe web hosting provider GreenGeeks pays up to $100 for each transaction.

Their generous scheme rewards $50 for one sale and $100 for 6 or more.

Your website or Blog

Your website or blog will proudly display the company’s links and banners.

A great option to consider if your blog or website’s visitors are interested in web hosting platforms (like writing articles for freelancers).

As well as encouraging eco-friendly alternatives, the company promotes eco-friendly alternatives.

29. Wix

$100 commission on Premium sales

30 days cookie life

It’s possible to create unlimited money using Wix.

Premium Referral

You may earn $100 for each Premium recommendation you make, and you can earn $100 every month for each Premium referral you make.

Seamless Integration

Wix provides connections and creatives in various languages for seamless integration, including banners and landing pages.

To get compensated, you need to sell $300 every month. (If you don’t create, your profits will stay in your account until you do.)

Regular Visitors

This programme may be suitable for regular visitors to your website, blog, or social media channels who wish to create their own website on a hosting platform.

Affiliate Marketing for Retail Purchase price means lesser commissions for retail shops.

As a result, your conversion rates and returns may improve.

30. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates logo

1%-10% (depending on the product category)

24-hour cookie life.

To buy something on Amazon, you need to be a member of the Amazon Prime programme.

A percentage of the purchase price is paid to Amazon Associates.

Clothes and high-end Cosmetic

Clothes and high-end cosmetic goods are the most valuable to market, with a 10% discount.

Customers already know and appreciate Amazon makes it easy to sell affiliate products.

Christmas Season

In the Christmas season, the firm enjoys exceptionally high conversion rates.

In addition, the wide range of products makes it suitable for most companies.

For example, if you write about pets, you can offer cat or dog treats.

So, if your target market is interested in vehicles, suggest jumper cables…

The person who clicks on your link and purchases something else pays you a commission on their whole basket.


Some areas, including video games and electronics, have meagre commissions.

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ followers can now be paid by Amazon’s new Influencer Program.

Also, included is an Amazon page with a unique URL to promote things to your followers.

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter

Currently, you need a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account.

Amazon will look at your social media accounts’ engagement levels if you’re qualified for the programme.

31.eBay Partner Network

50%- 70% of auction fees (depending on the product category)

For “buy it now” goods, the cookie life is 24 hours.

Like Amazon’s affiliate programme, eBay’s has over a billion listings in a wide range of product categories.

50%- 70% commission

Instead of selling, the eBay Partner Network pays a 50%- 70% commission.

eBay charges the seller an auction fee for items sold.

Depending on the product category, you receive a portion of eBay’s earnings from that purchase.

Promote high-ticket products in Parts & Accessories, and Fashion.

32. Target

8%-14% (depending on the product category and sales volume)

7 days for cookies life

Target is a well-known brand with a wide range of items, unlike Amazon or eBay.

Target’s Affiliate Programme.

You earn more money by selling more things through Target’s affiliate programme.

With a 1% maximum fee regardless of volume, the Health and Beauty sector loses out.

That most customers prefer in-store purchases over internet purchases might affect your returns.

33. Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer

Any sale: 8% commission 30 days cookie life

Hammacher Schlemmer is America’s longest-running catalogue, dating back over 150 years.

Affiliates can earn up to 50% commissions on sales.

They pay 8% on any goods sold through your website or blog.

Immersion Professional Racer’s Simulator

Such as the $65,000 Muhammad Ali-signed Full Immersion Professional Racer’s Simulator.

Find items or services that compliment your main offers or target market.

Also, an online shop looking to increase its services would find this helpful affiliate programme.

Tools and content from Hammacher Schlemmer help your online store flourish.

Silver subscriber: 25%; Gold subscriber: 30% (up to 445.50 per subscriber) 90 days for cookies

34. Spocket

Spocket links companies to thousands of dropshipping providers internationally.

If your referrals’ Spocket accounts are active, you can earn up to $450 per client.

Their programme will also give you the skills and resources to effectively advertise their firm.

Beautiful Affiliate Programme

This is a great affiliate scheme to see if your website visitors are entrepreneurs.

35. Murad Murad cosmetics

Commission: 11%

Cookie life: 7 days

Skincare expert Howard Murad, MD, has dedicated his life to the study of skincare.

After treating patients with acne, cellulite, and age spots, he began inventing particular remedies for skin diseases.

Murad’s affiliate programme pays 10%.

Affiliates may expect to earn close to $10 per referral with an average order quantity of $90.

Market Murad Items

To market Murad items, you get dynamic banners and text links.

To assist you sell more, the firm offers ongoing discounts like free delivery and free merchandise.

36. Yves Rocher

Commission: 15%

Cookie life: 30 days

In addition to skin and body care, Yves Rocher also sells perfumes and cosmetics.

Excellent Customer Service

They also provide excellent customer service, such as a gift with every order.

Yves Rocher pays a 15% commission on all purchases (a relatively high rate in the retail B2C space).

The usual promotional banners and other creative materials are available to affiliates.

37. Scentbird

$14 commission

45 days for cookies

Scentbird was developed to keep expensive perfume bottles off a dresser or cupboard.

You may “date” scents with the subscription service before “marrying” them.

Fresh Blog Material

In addition to access to new blog posts, seasonal ads, and discount coupons, affiliates earn $14 for every membership sold through their links.

38. BH Cosmetics

8 % Commission

60 days cookie life

Cosmetics is a prominent cosmetic brand born and raised in Los Angeles.

Free Cosmetics

Clients may expect the highest quality cruelty-free cosmetics and innovative new beauty trends.

They offer regular sales and promotions to convert those leads.

Affiliates earn 8% on sales made within 60 days of a user’s visit.

Visitors Spend $38 on Average

Site visitors spend $38 on average, with a 6.46 per cent conversion rate.

You’ll get special deals and banners for your website, blog, or email by joining.

Monthly affiliate newsletters are also included.

And to keep you motivated, their in-house affiliate team offers monthly incentives and contests.

Affiliate Programs for Travel

39. Bookings Bookings

20% + 10% for repeat customers

30 days cookie life

Try out our affiliate network and earn money on yacht charter sales.

Motor Yacht Holidays

Sailing and motor yacht hire are specialities of Boatbookings.

Boatbookings takes a percentage of the nett charter price (not including APA or any additional items ordered).

In addition to the standard rate, affiliates can earn more if they recommend more clients.

Fellows get an extra 10% commission for recurring purchases from Boatbookings customers.


50% Commission

Session cookie life

TripAdvisor, the “world’s largest travel site,” helps travellers choose where to stay, fly, do, and eat.

Over 200 Hotel Booking Sites

The service compares costs from over 200 hotel booking sites to help you discover the best deal.

A user clicking on links or adverts that take them to a TripAdvisor partner site earns a 50% commission.

You don’t have to wait till your referral makes a purchase like most other affiliate programmes on our list.

You get compensated when a visitor from your site clicks on one of TripAdvisor’s adverts or hyperlinks.

Affiliates receive $0.15-$0.75 for each click-out.

As your money comes from clicks (not sales), this may not seem like much.

41. Cheapflights

Up to $0.45 per click-out Cheapflights

Session cookie life

Flight comparison website Cheapflights helps consumers locate the cheapest flights.

Again, Cheapflights pays affiliates to deliver traffic to their partners, not paying consumers.

Click-through Affiliates

Click-through affiliates get a set rate of $0.45 for desktop, tablet, and mobile click-out.

Flight searches on your site lead to Cheapflights, where you earn commissions.

As a result, it is their most popular travel affiliate tool.

42. Momondo

Up to $0.65 per click-out Session cookie life It analyses low-cost flights, hotels, and auto rentals worldwide.

Each flight booked on Momondo’s website using your link earns you $0.65 for desktop and tablet users and $0.45 for mobile users.

43. Sandals Resorts

4 % Commission

60 days cookie life

Sandals is a well-known Caribbean resort brand.

Luxury Holidays

Luxury vacations for couples and families at 15 Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean.

You would make $280 from a couple booking a romantic week at a Sandals Resort for $500 per person each night.

Only those with a genuine interest in luxury Caribbean vacation should apply.

Affiliate Programs for Personal Finance & Investment

44. Capitalist ExploitsCapitalist Exploits

Tricks 50% Commission

365 days for cookies

Capitalist adventures provide trading advice for investors and anybody looking to beat the market.

Financial Counsellors, or Asset Managers

Investors, high nett worth people, investment enthusiasts, financial advisors or asset managers maybe your target market.

Capitalist Exploits pays a 50% commission on every suggested sale without any restrictions.

Its items cost between $1,575 and $3,499.

That’s $787.50 per referral!

Affiliates also have access to premium membership trials for your audience.

45. Kabbage

$250 for each eligible lead Unknown Cookie Life Kabbage links start-ups with finance.

Accepting applications up to $250,000. When a consumer gets approved for a loan, affiliates receive an additional $50.

Once accepted by Kabbage, each small business you promote receives a $50 gift card.

Both the number and value of referrals are unlimited.

46. Sage Financials

Sage Financials logo

$10 per Cloud subscription, $7 for other purchases, and $5 for free trials.

30 days cookie life

Sage Financials

Along with expert affiliate assistance, commissions are transferred straight to your bank account (in your prefered currency).

Sage Financials, a cloud accounting solution built on Salesforce, provides detailed performance and profitability reports.

You may even get paid for free sign-ups from your own website or blog!

47. Invoice Ninja

50% on all referrals for four years Instead of a cookie, Invoice Ninja tracks account creation (for four years)

For four years, Invoice Ninja, a free open-source invoicing application, will pay you 50% of all referrals.

100 Pro Users

In other words, if you recommend 100 Pro users, you’ll get $5,000 a year for 4 years.

The product is also free to test for 30 days and upgrade to meet their needs.

They give logos and adverts to help you market Invoice Ninja’s development.

Social Media Followers

Examine the link between your social media followers and internet company owners or freelancers.

Remember to include your online following and your desired income while choosing a programme.

Target Audience

Then there’s the question of who your target audience is.

Adopt a customer-centric approach and join an affiliate marketing network.

Consider affiliate networks like LinkShare or CJ Affiliate.

Adding Affiliate Programmes is Unlimited

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  2. Great article. 

    Affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but it takes a commitment of time and money to make it a real business. Do thorough research before you jump on the affiliate-marketing bandwagon… Traditional advertisements and selling your own products can help if your affiliate-marketing revenue dries up.                                                                

    • Thank You for your Comment Emmanuel

      Yes, affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scam and it does take a lot of work. I like writing blogs while I am waiting for the income to come in. I did some payed advertising but had to stop it was getting to expensive now I just post on social media and got quite a few followers.

      Thanks again for the Comment


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