Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate Successfully 7 Ways Now

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Updated on the 25 November 2022

Welcome to my Article.

Wealthy Affiliate is a money-making platform. It’s a complete affiliate marketing training package.

This post lists seven methods to profit with Wealthy Affiliate.

First, love Wealthy Affiliate. Without enthusiasm, you’ll fail in business.

Second, choose a speciality and stay with it for three months before switching.

You may build a following and become comfortable before going on.

I have researched how to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliates Successfully 7 Ways Now.

I bring you my findings so you can build a successful business online.

You can learn about internet marketing and make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

WA teaches how to make money online. 

Before we begin, let’s look at what Affiliate Marketing is.

Publishers can make a commision by suggesting a product or service via an affiliate link.

The Affiliate is financially motivated to help the merchant or advertiser.

The end outcome is usually a completed transaction. 

Affiliate marketing pays for lead generation, website visits, and app downloads.

There are often no entry fees associated with joining an affiliate programme. 

Affiliate marketing may be a six-figure cash cow if done well.

Resource: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Now


Read on. I’ll describe 3 Wealthy Affiliate earning streams.

You’re probably wondering how to make money using WA.

If you’ve never heard of Wealthy Affiliate, let me explain.

You’ll know what Wealthy Affiliate is and how to use it.

Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy-affiliate-logoWealthy Affiliate helps anyone start an internet company.

WA helps novices and experts develop an internet marketing business.

Internet marketing is Wealthy Affiliate’s best way to make money.

Do not do it; I’ll explain.

Resource: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2022 Review

Online Marketing.

WA’s community

Wealthy Affiliate’s community is great.


WA offers courses and training to start an internet business.

When things became challenging, we needed the community.

My blog: Wealthy Affiliate is it a Scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2022 Review

Find out more!

What are other Wealthy Affiliate’s money-making options?

I’ve included three Wealthy Affiliate money-making strategies below.

Wealthy Affiliate money-making tips.

1. Online business.

Starting-Online-Business-ImageWealthy Affiliate aims to make you rich.

Online business is the most acceptable approach I know. 

It is a low-cost setup.

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How can WA help?

Wealthy Affiliate helps you start an online marketing business.

Starting an internet company is a great way to generate money nowadays.

Over 4 million individuals use the internet to do things like:
  • Shopping online
  • Information-seeking
  • Help-seeking
  • Home-based business

Online companies thrive because of this.


Home-basedMany people work from home for the coronavirus academy.

Plus, much more.

Every online startup has a fair chance of success.

To attain any objective, you need the right people.

Anyone with creativity can run an online business.


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Want to create a blog but don’t know how?

Learn how to monetise your blog. Wealthy Affiliate business creation.

Below are methods to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Blogs are famous online enterprises.

A blog is great for sharing knowledge and thoughts.

Online help is sought. Favourite! OMG!


Want to create a blog?

blog post logoSee how to make money blogging.

eCommerce Wealthy Affiliate lets you create an online store.

An internet store might sell your stuff or others’. (Amazon, eBay Partners)

Physical or software goods qualify.

Online stores reach more people and create more revenue.

1. No goods to sell? Okay!

Affiliate marketers sell for other businesses.


Read my post on affiliate programmes to learn more.

Website Money-making doesn’t require a blog or online company.

Websites may earn online.

If you’re a good reporter, develop a worldwide events website.

Websites accept anything Nonetheless.

Resource: How to Affiliate Marketing Successful Tips and Tricks – Guide

Earnings? Ad-supported

Paid ads appear online. Three online businesses may be launched for free.

2. WA Referral Program

moneymakerThe referral programme is another WA moneymaker.

You receive a commision when someone uses your affiliate link.

If the new member stays, you earn a monthly commision.

Wealthy Affiliate members may earn two sorts of commissions.

Free members are starters.


Paying makes you a premium member with extra perks.

Premium membership increases referral commision.

You may make big money with a beginning subscription.

I now discuss referral earnings.

  • Starter Wealthy Affiliate commissions.
  • New member promotion pays $4 for the first month.
  • You gain $11.75 each month if the user retains the account.

I want a Starter Membership!

  • You only get paid if the person you referred upgrades.
  • Premium Wealthy Affiliate member commision.
  • Earn $1 for each free account referral.
  • Premium members get $8 for the first month.
  • You’ll get $23 monthly if the customer has a premium subscription.
  • $1 per domain referred.

Wealthy Affiliate’s referral programme pays what?

Commision Strcture WA


Tutorial or training…

3. Create a Wealthy Affiliate tutorial.

Third, develop training or classes on Wealthy Affiliate.

WA wants every member to start an internet business.

The goal is to be successful and generate money, not just operate a firm.

WA compensates members who create training to achieve these goals.

Resource: How to Successfully use Wealthy Affiliate A – Z and Beyond

4. How much can you make generating WA training?

It depends on how helpful your lecture is.

Visits, Likes, Comments…

Visitors, likes, and comments measure the help given.

5. Popular classes cost extra. Opinion?

Write or construct online businesses to make money on Wealthy Affiliate.

6. Is Wealthy Affiliate free to use? Yes and No!

FREE AccountYou may make money with a FREE Account.

And you may register without a credit card.

You receive 2 FREE websites to establish a profitable internet company.

You may advertise WA after you have a free account. Families, friends…

You have everything you need to start a profitable internet marketing business.

Creating tutorials is a Premium-only feature.

Premium members earn extra by referring new Wealthy Affiliates members.

7. Why Try Wealthy Affiliate for Online Money-making?

  •  Valid!
  • You may run your own internet business. Enjoy?


Q. Does Wealthy Affiliate really make you rich?

Wealthy Affiliate Scam? We’re not a hoax. They’re not perfect, but they’re not a hoax. 

They offer training videos, tools, coaching, and a helpful community as promised.

Q. Is it worthwhile to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate?

Most people who join Wealthy Affiliate are seeking for get-rich-quick schemes.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise rapid riches. 

After joining Wealthy Affiliate, it may take a year to generate money online through affiliate marketing.

The process continues. Wealthy Affiliate is legit because of this.

It doesn’t guarantee thousands in a few hours, but it does explain how to develop a viable internet business.

Q. Does Wealthy Affiliate provide hosting for websites?

True. Free Wealthy Affiliate Members can host one website.

Premium members can host 10 sites. 

Premium offers more features and security.

Other servers charge for SSL certificates, but it’s free. 

Wealthy Affiliate will provide an affiliate-friendly hosting bundle in 2020.

  • Fast, reliable, and feature-rich web hosting.
  • Training videos totalling thousands of hours
  • Weekly live training includes question time.
  • A lively group of around 1.4 million participants
  • Free websites, education, and keyword tool are supplied.
  • The great sociability within the group increases the risk of addiction.
  • Payment schedules don’t stabilise for at least six months.


Do it. Decide We know you’ll like it.

Please judge. If you don’t join NOW, the world will end.

I’m not him. Based on my recommendation, try Wealthy Affiliate.

If unsure, give it a go and find out for yourself.

===> Sign Up with Wealthy Affiliate Now!

What’s the harm? $0 money to You.

We’d instead you join Starter.

You may expand your company on the platform for free.

Chance of earning a commission.

No other firm offers “free” access for a purpose. 

After joining Wealthy Affiliate and using the platform, you’ll understand why.

I hope that Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate Successfully 7 Ways Now Now was helpful.

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  1. Your introduction is very detailed, which gives me a more comprehensive understanding of wealth affiliate. As you say, Wealthy Affiliate gives people the opportunity to work at home, especially in the uncertain period caused by COVID-19, which is very helpful to people.

     I always thought I had to make money by joining the wealthy affiliate referral program. By reading your article, I now know that I can take 3 different methods to create online revenue with WA. Thank you, Elke.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Julia

      That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is such a great deal You don’t have to spend money to make money.

      You can just use your Free Wealthy Affiliate account and still make money.

      I have not found another program that allows you to do that it usually costs money and can be quite expensive.

      Thank You Again


  2. Excellent article in ways on how to make a living while working from home through this awesome platform of Wealthy Affiliate. I hope that many people who read this article will see the value there is for them to be encouraged and start an online business.

    This is one of the best articles that shows the way into mastering making money online through Affiliate Marketing, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank You for your comment

      Many people are unaware that you can actually make money with the Wealthy Affiliate platform especially when they are new to WA. I have done some research and come up with this article to help people to understand how WA works and how they can generate an income.

      Thank you again