30 Points How to Monetize Your Website Successfully Now

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Updated on the19 November 2022

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I will answer the question – How to Monetize your Website Successfully?

The most straightforward approach to generating money online is to monetize your website.

But, like with everything worthwhile, you must concentrate on doing it correctly.

There are several methods for monetizing your website, but you cannot do them all at once.

Let’s Find out more on how to Monetize Your Post

Websites may make money.



It’s easy.

Luck and determination may make a hobby blog or website successful.

Your revenue should cover domain and web hosting.

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You might replace income (and then earn some more).

Simple to labour-intensive techniques.

See whether it fits your website and lifestyle.

Let’s look at 30 prevalent (and expected) site monetisation tactics.

If you don’t have one, follow our steps.

Website Income

30 Ways Making money online is complex. 

Here are 30 ideas for your website

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing (… and Affiliate Links) Successful affiliate sites

Resource: What is Affiliate Marketing – 16 Points Now


Booking.com LogoBooking.com Affiliate marketing may monetise your website or blog.

Start with something you like. 

Then you promote it on your website and email list.

Your affiliate link is clicked (while you get a split of the sale price).

Sometimes it’s 70% of the purchase price. 

$50 for a $100 e-book recommendation.

Amazing offer! What can I sell?

3. Commission Junction

Commission Junction provides reliable products and immediate rewards.


ShareASale sells clothes and accessories.


ClickBank pays well but has few quality ads.

6. PPC

Pay-per-click (Google AdSense) MonetizePay-per-click (Google AdSense) These are Google’s search advertising.

Publishers can promote other companies via Google’s ad network.

This approach’s simplicity appeals to me.

Google can recognise your website’s content using a simple code.

7. Google AdSense

AdSense will promote cat food and dog training (dogs & cats).

Ad clicks pay. So easy! $0.50 to $5 every click in commision.

Traffic might make you hundreds (or thousands) a month.

Resource: How to successfully use WordPress and Google Analytics – 23 Tips

Google AdSense How to?

Google approval LogoBefore signing up for AdSense, read the T&Cs. 

Getting Google approval is difficult.

Advertise. Google’s AdSense service might help you make money online.

Offer your ad space to companies who want to sponsor blogs.

Sidebar banner ads cost $xxx per month.

You may get paid for each visit. 

In most circumstances, it’s stated as a CPM. 

Observe $5 CPM.

8. $500 ads

With 100,000 monthly views, ads cost $500.

Banner ads on popular websites might cost $5000/month.

9. Traffic equals income.

This is another technique to offer online ad space.

Set a monthly fee; it depends on the competition.

10. AdSense

AdSense by Google MonetisationThis is a one-time set price, unlike AdSense.

Where can I promote website ad sales?

BuySellAds is the best site to sell ad space online.

Sell digital goods (E-Book, for Example).

You maximise each transaction when selling your own.

Without a commision, the profit margin is higher.

Your website sells products/services; this seems straightforward.

Not so simple.

Quality things need time and money (like design, content, etc.).

Time and contractors have many “hidden costs.”

Payment gateways, shipping, and taxes complicate internet retailing.

A well-designed landing page may boost conversions.

Resources You May Like

Write articles in minutes not hours with the affordable Copy.ai Click Here

Keyword Tool Dominator Click Here

Write Reviews like a Pro use Discount Code ELKE25 go get 25% off. Click Here

11. Donations But a devoted, engaged audience?


If folks enjoy what you say, they’ll donate once.

You can add PayPal donation buttons in 10 minutes.

To make money from your site, click one of these buttons.

Charity-minded Web.archive.org (most likely due to its millions of monthly visitors).

Donate Buttons

Website Contributions

12. Paid Ads

Advertisements (with Nofollow Tag) Website traffic can boost sales.

If your blog is popular, you can monetise it.

Several companies promote sponsored content.

Native advertising uses ads appropriate to your site’s content.

Advertorials may review products and be commercial.

13. iOS games

iOS gamesApple may encourage you to advertise iPhone and iPad games.

Correctly done, everyone wins.

Your website’s content may hurt your credibility.

Get business ‘leads’ Every business needs leads.

It’s understandable to require new leads.

Consider a math website.

Online universities seeking active students will attract your audience.

This can be email or phone numbers.

You play matchmaker when you introduce helpful people.

If your reader buys their items is irrelevant.

They need an introduction.

Want more Traffic to Your Website? Click Here

14. Where are these deals?

The mailing list’ “The money’s in the list” is blog growth advice.

Are those your most loyal readers’ emails?

Long-term planAs many first-time visitors as feasible should become devoted followers.

Long-term plan. 

It’s an excellent way to turn your blog into a business.

Develop fan relationships.

Giving great advice is easy.

Spam readers abuse their trust and sabotage their goals.

15. Approach?

  • Email list-building 101
  • Create an eCommerce site (Hard Work Is Required). 
  • Websites go beyond content.
  • Focus on a toolkit or online store.
  • eCommerce websites and internet shops are many.
  • It should have a specific niche, goal, and marketing techniques.

Online Store Success with:

Online Store Success (WordPress) and WooCommerce (Shopify) are all avenues to make money.

16. Sell and reinvest…

Sell and reinvest websites Websites always have a market.

Then sell it for quick cash.

Build something long-term, not soon. 

17. Profitable business?

Profitable business?Website ad space costs $5,000-$10,000.

Premade websites can also be sold.

Profitable but cheaper.

18. Is my website sellable?

  • Famous website market: Flippa.
  • Another popular site is We Buy Websites.
  • FEInternational – Luxury websites.
  • Our list of website monetisation methods is comprehensive.

We’re only starting.

Some are similar to those above yet distinct.

Resource: How to write a Perfect Article for Your Affiliate Website Now

19. Advertise text links

Text-link ad (not recommended) Text-link adverts (believe it or not).

Broken Google TOS (which means you risk getting penalised).

Avoid this by using “nofollow.”

20. Create “Infolinks” – They’re a great option and easy to make.

Less conversion implies less pay (per click).

Use monetisation widgets as an AdSense alternative.

21. Add RSS ads (Really Simple Syndication.”). 

RSS adsThey sound right.

Matching ads to RSS feeds.

You may always charge for your great content.

Don’t demand instant payment.

Increase audience and visits.

Most of us have skills others might use.

Passive income via forums or lectures can benefit others.

Internet employment sites are another easy moneymaker.

22. Offer services and consultancy  

Unlike other “passive” money streams, these may be acquired quickly.

Email, a forum, or Skype can be used.

Your website or blog might help you gain freelance work.

Renting or buying internal pages is shocking.

23. Pop-up advertisements

Pop-up ads are obnoxious yet a quick way to make money.

24. Locker

Locker (concealing or shielding content until a visitor redeems it).

25. Pay a fee or click an ad.

Newer and more prevalent are audio ads.

26. Easy-to-sell e-books.

Online eBooksSites sell e-books.

If you run a cooking website, you may sell a recipe book.

Each speciality is affected.

27. Host an online conference…

Host an online conference and offer your own material, consulting, or services.

28. Webinars

Sponsored webinars combine content-based consultation and education.

29. Membership sites

A membership site widens the ‘info business’ paradigm.

People seek bargains on clothes and holidays.

If you find and sell one, you’ll get paid. 

30. Easy online polls!

Write 500-word articles for $20-$30.

Companies demand native-speaker website translators.

So, bilinguals have several opportunities.

Your directory/business page is paid.


Q. Can an affiliate website generate revenue for me?

Affiliate marketing is a good approach to monetise a review site. 

Affiliate marketing means you’ll earn a percentage on purchases made through your blog’s links. 

Find a blog-friendly product.

Q. Is it possible to make money off of my free website?

Free Websites Monetizable? Yes; discover the correct monetization approach. Most websites are free.

Q. How do I begin earning money from my website?

Getting Paid for Your Website

  • Provide a referral link.
  • Admit paid advertising.
  • Make use of Adsense by Google.
  • Launch an online shop….
  • Make money off of ads.
  • Promote subscriptions, digital items, and online courses.
Q. How do websites make money through monetization?

Website money is best generated through advertising. 

Some advertising campaigns pay for site visitors, while others require action.


Managing a website may be interesting. 

Website monetisation takes effort, attention, and traffic.

I covered 30 website monetisation strategies. 


Google AdSense displays adverts while Google works.

Connect directly with advertisers to sell ad space and maximise revenue.

  • Join affiliate programmes to earn commissions.
  • Ask readers for donations to monetise.
  • Sell products and services.
  • Paid collaboration with corporations.
  • Paying members view your website’s content.
  • Affiliate coupons provide savings from linked retailers.
  • Share your skills and knowledge through online courses/coaching.
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I hope 30 points on How to Monetize your Website has answered your questions.

Put your thoughts and questions in the space provided.my Picture

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  1. I feel like Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money on your website. I have been waiting for my site to get approved. Hopefully, it can get approved before the end of the year so that I can enter the new year making money. I will be sure to share this article.

    1. Thank you Daniel for your comment. 

      Thank you that you want to share the article. I hope it will help others as well.

      Good luck with your approval of your site

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022


  2. In these current economic times, everyone is trying to get some extra source of income. I love how timely this article is. I am currently trying out the affiliate marketing way of making money online and I have found the Wealthy affiliate program very helpful. Which other companies offer great commissions for affiliates?

    1. Thank You for your comment Paogola

      There is ClickBank they have 100rds of products to promote. It is free to join, they pay between 50% to 70% commission which is quite high depending on the product you are promoting.

      Also, their Digistore24 is also free to join and they also have 100rds of products you can promote the commission is similar to ClickBank.com

      Once you join up go to the marketplace and you will be presented with all the products ClickBank or Digistore24.com  has to offer depending on where you are locked into.  

      I hope this helps