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John Crestani Super Affiliate Scam or Success Story Find out Now

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Today, we will take a closer look at John Crestani: is he a scam or a success story?

I will try my best to shed light on John Crestani and if it is worth the money to spend to join his program.

There are countless examples of people who have used affiliate marketing to become financially independent.

John Crestani is one such person whose name has been bandied about recently.

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The popularity of John Crestani’s super affiliate program has increased, but with it have come issues regarding whether or not it is legitimate.

We need to learn more about his process and his journey to get a better grasp on this.

Some people think his million-dollar earnings claim is bogus, but others think he’s finally figured out the secret to affiliate marketing success.

Here, we’ll dive deeper into John Crestani’s story and examine the arguments on both sides to determine whether he is a fraud or an inspiring success story.

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Let’s saddle up and take an inquiring look into the field of affiliate marketing.

First What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a widely used method of promoting products and services online, and its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.

Performance-based affiliate marketing involves a marketer promoting a business’s product or service for a commission.

Although affiliate marketing has been around for quite some time, it has recently seen a surge in popularity and profitability thanks to the proliferation of online shopping and other digital marketplaces.

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Affiliate marketers have the freedom to use whatever promotional medium is at their disposal, including their websites, social media accounts, email lists, and so on.

Here, we’ll explain further what affiliate marketing is and how it functions.

We’ll look around at the many affiliate programs out there and talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each.

We will also share our knowledge of affiliate marketing, including the basics and some tricks of the trade.

Knowing who to trust in a world where so many people claim to be affiliate marketing experts can be challenging.

John Crestani, on the other hand, stands out as an industry leader who has reliably delivered for his followers and clients.

John Crestani is different from others since he has a novel strategy that draws on his considerable knowledge and his experience as an entrepreneur.

He has the expertise and enthusiasm to help others thrive in today’s challenging market.

Through his different courses and programs, John Crestani equips ambitious business owners with the knowledge and skills they need to launch and grow profitable affiliate marketing enterprises.

His methods have been successful in the past. Therefore, he is a reliable resource for people who want to enter this field.


John’s Childhood

John had a rough childhood.

He was shy, devoted to computer games, and unaware of the world.

John Crestani went to Thailand after dropping out of college in 2009.

John read spiritual books to survive on a family loan until he found Tim Ferris’ “The 4-Hour Work Week.”

This book discusses business and lifestyle creation.

Tim wants to educate us on how to quit trading time for money and build a self-sustaining business.

Doing this would significantly reduce your weekly hours.

Remember that John had years of failures and bad starts before achieving his dreams.

First, he sold things on eBay for $2,000 a month.

Unfortunately, PayPal refused to release his payments because the items offered violated their terms and conditions.

John believed two things.

He understood he could promote and advertise online.

He switched to affiliate marketing to vacation and never worked again.

He wanted a passive income and the lifestyle he wanted.

What is John Crestani’s deal?

The term “super affiliate” best describes John Crestani.

John Crestani Brand

In addition to profiting from affiliate marketing, he’s decided to help others by teaching them what he’s learned.

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John Crestani is recognized for his Internet JetSet training, which he created to help others become successful affiliate marketers.

Okay, I get it; that was your thought.

Yet another man is offering a course promising instant and massive wealth.

We hear it often, and if you’ve been playing for any length of time, you’ve probably seen a million commercials promoting it.

A second excellent illustration is Tai Lopez.

His commercials promise to show me how to make money with any online endeavor I choose, and they play before every video I watch on YouTube.

I know you’re crossing your fingers that John Crestani isn’t a creep.

I would admit that there are some parallels between the two, but don’t most “gurus” in digital marketing assert so?

After digging, I realized that, like the rest of us, he had to start someplace before becoming an internet sensation.

He attended Cal State Northridge for his education.

After finishing college, he accepted a job in corporate America before embarking on a career as a digital entrepreneur.

Then it begs the question:

Why John Crestani and not someone else?

The explanation is obvious:

He is an acknowledged authority in his profession and boasts a successful track record.

You can trust that you’re progressing toward your affiliate marketing goals with John Crestani’s guidance.

By Saying this, let’s diagnose John Crestani a little put further.

Is it really a Scam

Do the allegations about John Crestani’s swindle exist?


Let’s be honest here. So, what exactly is a con?

What one person considers a con can be a multimillion-dollar opportunity for someone else.

You make it a scam in your mind.

Is this the top affiliate marketing training program available? Not at all.

Can you find all of this data for nothing on the internet? You certainly can.

However, as is the case with most courses, they collect the knowledge that can be found online in a style that is easy to understand and absorb, and this is what we end up paying for.

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Is the $4,985 he’s asking for this course fair?

Anyone who pays that much for a course that contains material that can be found for free online is, in my opinion, crazy.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a secret; it’s easy to grasp the basics, but it takes time and effort to put into practice and requires a lot of patience.

So, is he a con artist? The price of his course is excessive, though.

Is he really the great Guru of Affiliate Marketing Training, or is there a better price and program out there?

Some of the facts are:

The affiliate marketing training offered by John Crestani and centre on paid advertisements is described in Super Affiliate System.


The price for lifetime access is $997 (for information on different costs and discounts, click here).


Support that receives rave reviews, access for life, and weekly live webinars.


The absence of important student success stories, the imposition of excessive additional charges, and the MLM atmosphere.


Beneficial for John Crestani devotees who are interested in learning affiliate marketing strategies that incorporate paid advertisements.

OVERALL RATING: 2.4 out of 5 2.4 Alternative Interpretations

How much does it cost to use the Super Affiliate System?

According to reports, the “regular price” for total lifetime membership to the Super Affiliate System is $4,997.

However, we are confident that this is an elaborate hoax designed to make it appear as though the item is scarce; the real price has been $997 for as long as we can remember.

This is what I have found on the net and the price is hefty.

Screenshot 2023 06 25 at 13.22.25

Going on…

One payment of $997 will be required of you. At the time of this writing, there is no option for a payment plan.

As stated on the SAS sales website, there are a few extra fees that you need to be aware of after signing up for the service.

sales page charges for the review of the super affiliate system The screenshot is taken from the product page for the Super Affiliate System

The supplementary costs are significantly greater because this is a paid affiliate marketing course.

A couple of the students here have mentioned the price of purchased advertisements.

Reviews of Customers

Some reviews of customers of the John Crestani Affiliate System – it does not sound Good!

My friend tried to sell the SAS using Google Ads, and despite spending over 450 USD on the endeavor, he only made a few sales despite receiving several clicks.

And considering that 450 US Dollars is quite a bit of money for me, I have thrown it away.

Yunis Qadri

I have followed the plan to the smallest detail, and although I have invested thousands of dollars in advertising, I have not made a single sale.

Hugh GardnerHugh Gardner

You will need a marketing budget of at least $1,000 to make the course successful.

Where Can I Get a Discount on the Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System

The “$4000 discount” is more of a marketing ploy than a legitimate bargain, as mentioned above.

The training is offered at a standard price of $997, this is the lowest price.

We have looked everywhere for a discount or promo code but have yet to be able to locate any information about them anywhere.

In addition, there needs to be somewhere on the checkout page of the Super Affiliate System to submit a promotional coupon.

Refund Policy

The Super Affiliate System sales page states a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Guaranteed super affiliate system review Image from the Super Affiliate System sales page.

ClickBank, on the other hand, takes a different attitude. super affiliate system checkout page review

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This is a screenshot of the Super Affiliate System’s checkout page.

Because all ClickBank items have a 60-day return policy, the policy for this course is somewhat ambiguous.

You’re better off thinking about it for the next 30 days.

What do you Learn with the Super Affiliate System?

One of the most crucial things you’ll need to understand is how to create traffic online.

What good is having the best offer in the world if you aren’t sending people to it?

JetSet Intro: You’ll get an overview of the entire course, and John will try to get you in the appropriate mindset to absorb the content.

Choosing a niche: Learning how to strike a balance between following your passion and selecting something that makes sense and will be successful is critical.

That is something John will teach you.

SEO – While it will be quite basic and crude, John will cover some fundamental SEO fundamentals you need to know.

YouTube: Because John gets a substantial amount of his affiliate revenue from YouTube, I consider him more of an authority in this area.

Take as much knowledge as possible from this part if you take the course.

Web fundamentals: You’ll learn how to build up your website using WordPress, as well as how to compose sales content.

One disadvantage, and a sign of the program’s age, is that John does not teach sales funnels.

Product launches: John teaches his students how to create an incredible product launch, pre-launch and use traffic to enhance product sales.

Authority review sites: Using authority sites to create traffic and affiliate sales is one of my favourite affiliate marketing methods.

John will also teach you this.

Email marketing: Email will always be crucial, and with platforms like Market Hero available, it’s critical to have a solid foundation in establishing a list and growing your audience.

This is not an exhaustive list, and there are other aspects of the course, but this is the main point.

Green Signals

Some advantages of the Super Affiliate System.

Excellent instruction on paid affiliate marketing.

Updates are free.

Support has been highly praised.

Students appear to like Ilya’s weekly live webinars.

The Use of Red Flags

Some criticisms of the Super Affiliate System.

There aren’t many student success stories.

Following the instruction appears to necessitate a considerable investment in advertising.

Too MLM-y for my tastes.

There is no search tool, making it difficult to identify specific lessons.

There are some large skeletons in John Crestani’s closet.

Several dubious marketing strategies (for example, feigning scarcity) were utilized to sell the course.

Additional Information you may like

To be clear, SAS students can endorse whatever goods or services they see fit.

However, many of them advocate for the same type of education for others.

Possible cause:

SAS is heavily promoted in the training materials offered to students.


The Super Affiliate System had few upsells if any at all.

So far, we’ve only come across The Inner Circle, which, for $250, grants you access to past and upcoming calls with John.

I can only guarantee that some students will benefit from the course’s many downloadable materials (audiobooks, PDFs, etc.).

The quantity is there, but the quality leaves something to be desired.

Is the Super Affiliate System worth it?

If you’re a huge admirer of John Crestani and want to learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing with paid ads from him, then this is the curriculum for you.

However, it’s not worth the time or money to spend on this program because there are too many warning signs and too few student success stories.

Even more so when more desirable alternatives exist.

Learn more about Affiliate Marketing

Alternatives to the Super Affiliate System

The best Affiliate Marketing programs, according to our research, are as follows:

First, a review: 4.8 out of 5 stars for The Authority Site System.

Review: The Affiliate Lab (4.8/5)

Recommendation: Scale Your Travel Blog

Review: 4.6/5 for Passive Income Geek

Project 24 at the Income School: An Evaluation

Review: Niche Site Profits (4.4/5) 7

Review Score: 3.95 out of 5 Stars for “Blogging Fast Lane”

9 Thoughts on “Solo Build It.”

Review: 3.4/5 123 Affiliate Marketing

Review: Wealthy Affiliate 4.5/5

Check out the opinions of numerous affiliate marketing programs.

Pro Tip

More Pros and Cons

Very easy to understand the course.

John gives you all the resources he used himself.

Classes each week.

The high price of the course.

The course focuses just on paid ads.

Learning about the various ad streams: Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The service and support: I genuinely feel they care about my successes and failures.

The extreme improvements they have made in the training, products to use, and ongoing support.

Many times I did feel I was on the end of the plank by myself, especially with tech issues.

While they do have an online chat board, a community push would be nice.

They lock into ClickBank. I would like more how-tos, maybe even pay for advanced courses.


Q. John Crestani’s How much does it cost?

Super Affiliate System price? The Super Affiliate System costs $997; John Crestani’s three-payment plan of $397 costs $1191. No worries—the software offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Q. How did John Crestani make money?

John Crestani’s 2023 net worth is over $200 million. Affiliate marketing made him rich. Crestani started affiliate marketing in 2011 and became one of the world’s most profitable.

Q. Can Affiliate marketing make you a millionaire?

7 Millionaire Affiliate Marketers Affiliate marketing won’t make you rich overnight. Today’s successful people have worked hard and consistently.

Q. How do I become a Super Affiliate?

How to Catch a Super Affiliate

A super affiliate generates more traffic and sales than an average affiliate.

These affiliates can make $10,000+ every day in commissions. Having an affiliate program requires this.



If you like getting into Affiliate Marketing then try Wealthy Affiliate.

You can have a look for Free; No Credit Card is needed.

Basic training is Included.

You get a Domain Name and WordPress for Free.

What have you got to lose? 0.00 Dollars


As we conclude our conversation, John Crestani has had a major impact on online marketing and entrepreneurship.

He has motivated many to take charge of their finances and follow their dreams through his different companies and teachings.

Crestani’s online courses, seminars, and mentorship programs demonstrate his commitment to helping others succeed.

He showed that hard work, patience, and adaptability can lead to success.

John Crestani inspires online entrepreneurs.

His narrative shows the power of perseverance and inventiveness in accomplishing dreams.

Now it is time to decide for yourself what is best for you; If you have any questions please ask them in the space provided below.

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