How to Promote your Blog Post for Maximum Income 14 Tips Now

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Updated on the 26 November 2022

Welcome sign with FlowersWelcome and nice to have you here today.

I want to address today’s topic: 
How to Promote your Blog Post for Maximum Income Now.

This article discusses techniques to advertise your blog post for optimum profits.

1) Tweet it:

Share your blog content on numerous social media channels.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Readers can read the article by including a synopsis and link in the post.

2) Share your Blog:

Share your post with niche blogs who may have interested readers.

You might also contact or tweet requesting a copy of the story for their readers.

This can assist promote your work and get fans.

Share it on Reddit:

Reddit is a great place to share your article/blog.


Writing a viral blog isn’t enough.

Marketers understand you want website traffic.

SEO enhances blog and website traffic.

It attracts interested onlookers (or other search engines).

SEO creates reader interest.

This article explains how to maximise blog income.

Resource: Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing 11 Points Now

1. Read your content before you publish

Read a bookOptimise your content so searchers will read it.

Research, a clear goal, and original material will keep their attention.

Organic traffic benefits small businesses and SEO experts.

We’ll emphasise distinctive materials.

SEMrush blog SEO then.

Topic Clusters help organise content.

Bloggers’ and SEOs content strategies have changed in recent years.

Using subject clusters may boost your SEO.

You “cluster” content around an important topic or target phrase.

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2. Linking improves…

Integrating blogs improves a website’s authority and usability.

This prohibits conflicting blog postings.

Due to similar blog posts, several URLs fight for attention.

Pillar-cluster demands a writing schedule.

You’ll prepare your blog’s SEO strategy, pillars, and clusters early.

3. Prioritise your pillar subjects

Divide pillar page content into 6-8 subtopics.

We can help you generate fresh pillar content ideas.

A home fitness website is an example.

Search “at-home fitness” for related phrases.

Research keywords Keyword research is crucial for blog success.

Google, why? “insufficient.

Specific keywords aren’t effective.

Search engines penalise popular keyword-rich websites.

SEO tools help with keyword research.

These tools estimate cost based on rivals’ keyword rankings.

Resource: 11 Tips – How to Find Jaaxy, the Best Keyword Research Tool Now


Google Analytics.comGoogle Analytics helps detect “not given” phrases.

Long-tail keywords show search intent.

Purchases and voice searches utilise this lengthier phrase.

Instead of “long-form article,” seek “long-form article formation.”

5. Keywords

Body and title tags should include all these keywords.

SEMrush Organic Research is free.

How do competitors compare? Promote Snippets.

The top Google search results (SERPs).

They’re generally bulleted lists, how-tos, or inquiries.

Also have a look at Keyword Tool Dominator. Click Here

What, “Who…

“Who, what, where, why, and how” are covered.

A highlighted snippet boosts your Google SERPs ranking.

Identify SERPs with snippets to optimise for them.

Google may highlight a list or paragraph for that phrase.

Then you’ll outline.

6. Subheadings simplify writing.

Subheadings imageSubheadings are essential for an easy-to-read article.

Long paragraphs won’t get your article viewed.

A snippet is a top Google search result.

Rich media on-page Good blog writing is vital.

Include photos, videos, and infographics.

This helps keep the reader from getting bored.

Google explains rich-media integration properly.

Link to related content using this fabric.

Each blog post needs a video.

It makes customers stay longer on your page.

Another trick is to use numbers in your headline.

Writing: Seven ways to make money online.

7. Consider Writing:

7 Ways to make money online.

One more thing to consider is capitalising your headline. 

Instead of writing:  7 Ways to make money online.

Write:  7 Ways To Make Money Online.

Using those suggestions will lead to more clicks in the search.

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8. Bounce Rate

Promote Bounce Rate ImageVideos increase website dwell time, lowering bounce rate.

Video is fashionable, as TikTok shows.

Global online video-watching drives ad spending.

Time-saving tip: turn blog posts into videos.

9. Link content…

Internal links are another SEO tip.

Inviting website visitors to explore deeper keeps them there longer.

It helps search engines find credible sites.

Hyperlink with no more than five words.

To promote clicks, adequately describe a link’s destination and value.

Verify internal logic. Unnecessary anchor text links won’t get clicked.

End-users and value are prioritised.

These tips optimise blogs.

URL customisation Don’t use auto-generated URLs; URL structure is vital.

10. URL alterations

Custom URLsCustom URLs help search engines index website information.

Content marketing may be a pillar page by using a subfolder. 



Custom URLs help visitors grasp page content.

Internal links benefit from this.

A hovering URL on anchor text encourages clicks.

URL changes need internal link modification.

Broken inbound connections are possible. Check URLs.

What benefits of a personalised URL?

You’ll rank keywords.

Short URLs are SEO-friendly.

Tools and plug-ins make work easier.

CMS plug-ins optimise your blog’s software.

Akismet and Workflow can filter spam.

Change font size and create tables faster.

11. Plug-ins…

Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter, and Zapier may be used with Ghost (a popular blogging platform).

SEO plug-ins save time.

Yoast for WordPress SEOConsider Yoast for WordPress SEO. 

You can optimise anything here.

Installing this add-on reveals your page’s SEO stats.

It’s about inbound links, meta titles, keyword placement, and length.

Any issues needing immediate action are noted.

Mobile know-how Mobile web design isn’t optional.

Google’s mobile-first indexing is confirmed.

Google prefers mobile for indexing and ranking sites.

New websites are mobile-first as of July 2019.

Google’s testing tool can check if your site is mobile-friendly.

This can identify issues and solutions.

Using responsive blog design (instead of two different ones for desktop and mobile).

Resource: How to successfully use WordPress and Google Analytics – 23 Tips

12. Backlinks…

Backlinks aren’t divided across two URLs, maximising their influence.

Minor cosmetic modifications can also improve mobile friendliness.

SEO blog design prioritises readability.

Long paragraphs are hard to read on mobile.

13. Headings divide text.

SEOGoogle’s mobile-friendly test detects significant content, close-together links, and small text.

It’s a blog -SEO friendly. SEO-friendly blog posts don’t require HTML.

SEMrush’s features save time and energy.

Our tools may aid with domain overview, organic keyword research, and site audit.

You have more time to create market-relevant content.

How to Promote Your Blog Post for Maximum Profit?

14. Put lead magnets on your blog/website: 

It might be how-to manuals, whitepapers, research papers, e-books, or templates.

Blog about blog broadcasts: Subscribe people to your news and blog postings.

Send email broadcasts with your current content and evergreen material.

Leave comments and questions below.


Q. What is the most effective method for promoting blog posts?

Improving Your Blog’s Visibility

  • Don’t waste your work; reuse it.
  • Create a web of inbound links to your site.
  • Start tracking your marketing efforts using a UTM link.
  • Disseminate your writing on social media.
  • Contribute answers to Quora.
  • Subreddit posting is encouraged.
  • Distribute your content on Flipboard by flipping posts.
  • Communicate with powerful people.
Q. How can I boost blog traffic?
  • Clearly, you need to expand your writing. 
  • More frequent blog updates have been shown to increase site visitors.
  • Market your product or service via online networking sites.
  • Strengthen your titles with…
  • Achieve success by focusing your efforts.
  • Remember the pictures!
  • Include relevant keywords…
  • Connect the dots.
  • Include share links for various social media.
Q. How can I make my blog go viral?
  • Post keywords. Put your primary themes into Google Keyword Tool and title the post with the most searched words.
  • Pictures give crucial items additional weight.
  • Proofread your post.


Sometimes, promoting a blog takes even more time than writing it. 

With so much good and wrong information online, clever marketing is essential.

Otherwise, your material won’t be seen. 

This article will help you promote guest posts.

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I hope that How to Promote your Blog Post for Maximum Income 14 Tips Now was helpful.

Please be so kind as to share.

Please Leave any Questions and Comments in the area below.

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  1. Some great advice here when it comes to getting your website noticed and attracting more visitors. The most important I feel is writing good content that real visitors will enjoy reading and adding a video to you post will also help to keep them on your website longer.

    Using Yoast plugin also works very well for me, but I wonder what you mean when you say that search engines penalise websites that score well for popular keywords?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Michel,

      A Google penalty is a kind of punishment levied on a website whose content is in disagreement with the marketing rules established by the search engine giant. 

      This penalty may be imposed as a consequence of an upgrade to Google’s ranking algorithm or as a result of a human assessment that finds evidence of the usage of “black hat” SEO methods on a web page.

      Google is always updating their algorithm and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it. 

      I hope this helps


  2. Hi Elke,

    I learn so much here. Pillar Subjects is new strategy. Key words,  SEO,  backlink and smart subheading are well-known for me. The question here, do I need to do all of these strategy for each post? I think is not practical to do so. I saw many people who depend one basic SEO and heavily on social media and get big income!

    Thanks for sharing and answering in advance.

    Have great day.

    1. Thank You for Your Comment Safia,

      You should concentrate on getting all your posts SEO ready so they rank quicker in Google Search Engine.

      SEO  is a very important point to consider when writing a Blog Post.

      I have found a Website to explain everything about SEO check it out and it may help you with writing your articles. 

      Click Here to find out more.

      I hope this helps you