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  1. Michel Maling says:

    Some great advice here when it comes to getting your website noticed and attracting more visitors. The most important I feel is writing good content that real visitors will enjoy reading and adding a video to you post will also help to keep them on your website longer.

    Using Yoast plugin also works very well for me, but I wonder what you mean when you say that search engines penalise websites that score well for popular keywords?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Michel,

      A Google penalty is a kind of punishment levied on a website whose content is in disagreement with the marketing rules established by the search engine giant. 

      This penalty may be imposed as a consequence of an upgrade to Google’s ranking algorithm or as a result of a human assessment that finds evidence of the usage of “black hat” SEO methods on a web page.

      Google is always updating their algorithm and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it. 

      I hope this helps


  2. Hi Elke,

    I learn so much here. Pillar Subjects is new strategy. Key words,  SEO,  backlink and smart subheading are well-known for me. The question here, do I need to do all of these strategy for each post? I think is not practical to do so. I saw many people who depend one basic SEO and heavily on social media and get big income!

    Thanks for sharing and answering in advance.

    Have great day.

    1. Thank You for Your Comment Safia,

      You should concentrate on getting all your posts SEO ready so they rank quicker in Google Search Engine.

      SEO  is a very important point to consider when writing a Blog Post.

      I have found a Website to explain everything about SEO check it out and it may help you with writing your articles. 

      Click Here to find out more.

      I hope this helps you