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5 Tips – How To Make Money Successfully from a Fitness Blog

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Updated on the 12 August 2022

Hi, my name is Elke and welcome to my website.

I am a blogger and have come across this question.

 How To Make Money Successfully from a Fitness Blog



I have 3 Tips prepared for you today. 

Let’s dive right into it…

I’ll explain. 

Are you interested? Yes?  

Then keep on reading.

If so, read on. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers 4 ways to monetise a fitness blog.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing platform. 

Here’s how to monetise a fitness blog with Wealthy Affiliate.

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Why Wealthy Affiliate? 

Wealthy Affiliate helps anyone make money online.

All webmasters and online marketers can use Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s main moneymaker is online marketing. 

Confused? I’ll clarify. 

Confused?I love Wealthy Affiliate’s community. 

When things go harsh, the community helps. 

WA has more than 800,000 international residents. 

All have the same purpose. 

Bloggers, marketers, and business owners always help newcomers. 

Who are the Owners of WA?

Kyle Loudon and Caron Lim created Wealthy Affiliate in 2002.

Since 2003, it has helped others achieve success.

WA began as a keyword research tool (Jaaxy) for novice marketers.

Want more about Wealthy Affiliates? 

Does affiliate marketing have any alternatives?

Wealthy Affiliate offers 4 ways to generate money. 

4 Wealthy Affiliate Money-making Tips 

1. Online business (Fitness)

Fitness BlogWealthy Affiliate helps you make money online.

Those interested in fitness should read on. 

HOW? We offer online fitness business tools.

Online businesses are popular today.

Online shopping, research, and guidance are popular.

Because most internet businesses prosper.

Resource: Affiliate Marketing Success – eBook 

Why almost? 

  • We need aid to achieve our goals. 
  • Anyone may start an Internet business. 
  • Business opportunities at Wealthy Affiliate. 
  • Start a company with Wealthy Affiliate about Fitness-related items.

2. Blog: 

Blog writingWealthy Affiliate is popular for monetising any blog. 

Making money blogs provide expertise and thoughts.

People seek help online. 

Their favourite hobbies or products! 

Strange, huh? 

How can you monetise a blog? 

  • The use of affiliates in marketing. 
  • Blogs are monetised through affiliate marketing, ads, and newsletters.
  • eBooks for sale… 
  • Get paid to teach 
  • Get the word out about your digital wares. 
  • Get the word out about your coaching services. 
  • Get some sponsors.

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3. Online shopping 

A blog for Wealthy Affiliate can be about any product/service. 

Online stores sell your or third-party products. 

This option is for retailers. 

Online stores draw fewer customers than traditional enterprises, increasing sales.

You have no products to sell. 

No Fear!No fear! 

Affiliate marketing lets you run a profitable online store. 


Websites can make money without a blog or online company. 

Online, any site can profit. 

Create a global events website. 

A website is versatile. Responsible, though. 


Sale! Paid ads populate web pages. 

These three businesses are free to start. 

WA’s website has information. Check it out Now.

4. Use WA Referral 

Wealthy Affiliate also has a referral programme. 

Recommending others pays you money in an affiliate network. 

Referrals earn you a commission at Wealthy Affiliate.

Monthly pay is better. 

Other reference apps can take a long time to pay.

Wealthy Affiliate members get two commissions.

WA commission payout

  • Referral commissions are higher. 
  • Free accounts can make money. 
  • I’ll calculate your earnings based on your account. 
  • Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners 
  • The new member promotion offers $4 for the first month. 
  • If the account is open, you’ll earn $11.75 every month. 

I recommend checking out the Free Account first.

I’m new. 

For commission, your referral link must create a premium account.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member Moneymaking 

  • $1 for every free account you refer.
  • First-month premium members can earn $8. 
  • You get $23 per month for premium customers.
  • $1 per referred domain purchase. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s referral programme cost? (Beginners Guide)


With Wealthy Affiliate, you may choose to pay nothing, $49 per month ($19 for the first month) or $359 per year.

The yearly membership is the cheapest. 

Basic computer literacy instruction is included in the free plan.

Resource: How to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully – Wealthy Affiliate

3. Make a WA tutorial 

Wealthy AffilaiteThird, develop Wealthy Affiliate courses or lessons. 

WA residents demand internet businesses. 

They want a thriving business and more money.

WA members who provide training are handsomely rewarded. 

Wealthy Affiliate training can earn you what? 

  • Your guide’s helpfulness affects the total. 
  • Likes and comments on your training indicate your help. 
  • Finally, more popular instruction means more money. 

Not fair? 

Fitness websites require writing, internet, Affiliate, and social media skills.

This goes for any website, no matter what you are selling.

Wealthy Affiliate cost to make money? 

No! Wealthy Affiliate requires no credit card or the payment method. 

Free account creation allows online money-making. 

No cost to you; you pay 0.00 dollars

Referring others to WA earns you money. 

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and make money. 

Premium members can create tutorials. 

Premium members earn more from referrals than beginners. 

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Why Should You UseWhy Should You Use Wealthy Affiliate? 

Online businesses give you independence. 

Enjoy writing your fitness blog? 

It’s great for a fitness blog or any other niche. 

Tell me your favourite Wealthy Affiliate money-making scheme. 

Wealthy Affiliate Pros 

  • Quick action is required. 
  • Affordable with no hidden fees or upsells 
  • Including all of the necessary tools. 
  • Live webinars and status updates every week 
  • A community that is both helpful and active

Wealthy Affiliate Cons

  • No refunds 
  • Some of the fundamental training needs to be updated. 
  • The promotion of WA is given priority. 
  • An excessive amount of information

Conclusion Conclusions

Wealthy Affiliate is legit. 

Unlike other MLM platforms, it teaches affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you internet business advice.

But do you think it’s worth the cost?

You decide. 

We tested the complimentary membership because we’re affiliates.

Since then, we’ve gotten training and webinars on affiliate marketing.

Start with the free membership, and you have nothing to lose. 

Explore Wealthy Affiliate and construct a website.

Before spending a dime, do this. 

You can then upgrade, keep the free plan, or quit.

If you’re serious about learning and working, join for free here. 

The first month of premium membership is 59% discounted ($19 vs. $49)

I’ll see you inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you want to join WA? Yes – Click Here Now

Thanks for the feedback. 

Comment and ask questions below. I’ll respond.Cat Running Keep on Going

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