How to make money with your website 10 Ways Now – Guide

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Updated on the 6 November 2022

SEO post welcome-handshakeWelcome to my website, nice to have you with me today.

I have been doing Affiliate Marketing for some time now.

Today, I want to speak to you about How to make money with your website 10 Ways Now – Guide

I will also discuss some created Affiliate Marketing platforms to use to generate an income.

Once you’ve got your own Wealthy Affiliate Website live (click here for the Wealthy Affiliate tutorial), the money-making options are unlimited.

Bloggers often quit their day jobs after a few months. Yes!

Learn how to monetize your website with this useful advice and tools.

How to make money from your website

But not all at once! 

Choose one or two from this list that speaks to you and your website.

Let’s get started with my 20 strategies to monetize a website!

No site yet? This tutorial will inspire and convince you to establish a website!

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Making Money from a Website 

Ways to monetize your website: 

In the past, people would often just create a website to share information online. 

Nowadays, many people are creating websites to make money.

To earn money from visitors to your website, you can do one of two things:

Advertising: You can advertise your site and earn money when someone clicks on them.

Affiliate Marketing: You can create a website that promotes other companies’ products or services and earn a commission for each sale you make.

Affiliate Marketing 

You promote services and products on your website for a fee as an affiliate.

Enrol in Awin’s affiliate network to access big companies like TripAdvisor, Etsy, and Nike.

Include an Awin affiliate link when discussing partners’ items on your website.

Wealthy Affiliate

Join Wealthy Affiliate and get a Free Domain Name and Webhosting.Wealthy Affiliate Logo Make Money

You can also promote the platform and make a commission.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you all you need to know to build a lucrative Affiliate Marketing Business.

Check it out for Free No Credit Card is Needed.


In addition to Awin, Skimlinks enables you to earn commissions on purchases made via your site’s links.

Skimlinks, on the other hand, maybe implemented on your website to automatically monetize your content.

Skimlinks will automatically transform every link to a retailer in your article into an affiliate link!

You’ll get compensated if a customer purchases via your link.

Commissions range from 2% to 10%.

Resource: The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Add banners 

Embed Google AdSense or code on your site to generate network advertising.

Add banners imageTaboola is another popular way for bloggers to monetize their material.

It operates by presenting content from its network rather than banners.

These networks pay you per click (CPC) or per 1,000 impressions (CPM) (cost per impression, or CPM).

You may also sell banner advertisements directly to businesses.

Since you choose the pricing, the advertiser knows (hopefully) who your target audience is!

Copy and paste Google AdSense or code onto your site to produce network advertising.

Taboola is another popular way for bloggers to monetize their material.

It operates by presenting content from its network rather than banners.

Pay per click (CPC) or per 1000 impressions (CPM) (cost per impression, or CPM).

You may also sell banner advertisements directly to businesses.

Since you choose the pricing, the advertiser knows (hopefully) who your target audience is!

Resource: Get more traffic to your website

Text link marketing 

You may charge a monthly fee for simple text links to an advertiser’s website (in-content advertising).

You might also trust each click.

You may post your offer on marketplaces like Backlinks and Links Panel.

Sell to the email list.

Bloggers lament not launching an email list sooner. email list

Create an AWeber account to capture and retain visitors after they leave your site.

Your product suggestions will earn you rewards if they join or buy.

Sponsored posts 

Sponsored posts, often known as advertorials, incorporate an advertiser’s website link.

If you write an article for advertising, you may charge for your time.

Sponsored posts might pay $35 to $200+ depending on your website’s popularity.

Join Facebook blogger groups and post on your website to attract sponsors.

Note: An article published on your site must always be marked “Sponsored Post” somewhere on the page.

Using a computer by a Kalamurzing/Shutterstock

This is particularly important if your viewers are new parents or avid gamers.

You may benefit from product testing even if your readers aren’t from a particular demographic.

For free products, companies would gladly accept your reviews after use.

Sign up with Toluna now to get the newest offers.

Resource: Join the eBay Affiliate Program 2022 

Sell digital items 

These digital products might help you earn passive income from your website.Sell digital items

Charge $2.99 for 5,000 words – not much, but 20 monthly purchases add up.

See the Envato Marketplace for ideas.

Sell tangibles 

Use your website to offer tangible things as well.

You may create t-shirts or mugs with your site’s logo on Zazzle.

You may also sell handcrafted items on eBay or Etsy.

Connecting your website to the marketplace gives you an advantage over other retailers on the network.

Include a directory 

Create a business directory page where businesses pay a predetermined cost to be listed.

You might charge a monthly or yearly listing fee ranging from $20 to $500 (and above).

Assume you owned a website evaluating audio systems.

For high-end speaker vendors, you may charge independent businesses (both offline and online).

Publish premium content on a laptop in bed 

You may make money by creating beneficial material.

Assume you own a gaming website and can write an essay on obscure tactics.

You may attract visitors with ideas and a password-protected website (a WordPress feature).

After paying through PayPal, the reader receives the premium material’s password.

Prices range from $2-$10 for a quality piece.

Major media sites, including The Telegraph and The Times, have employed this strategy recently.

Membership forum 

With free WordPress plugins like bbPress, you may create a “members only” forum.Membership forum

You may then charge a monthly membership or a one-time access price.

Creating value for forum users determines how much you may earn.

You’ve won when your forum users become a community that networks and shares information.

Set up a web course 

Create an online course as a website add-on.

In this case, visitors pay to have access to more information.

You may upload the course to Udemy or AWeber to reach a larger audience.

If your website is about crafts, you might educate people on how to crochet.

Create an affiliate programme 

Set up your own affiliate network and hire other affiliates to help you promote.

This might increase sales and visitors to your website.

Getting started is easy with free WordPress plugins.

While some of our clients use affiliate networks like Awin, others (like Amazon) do it alone.

This means any technique can work.

Resource: How to Create a website using WordPress – Wealthy Affiliate 

A Hire Me page 

Make a personal website 

personal websiteBuilding a website teaches you new skills that may help you make money.

Begin by offering freelance blogging and writing skills via a ‘Hire Me page.

Instead of promoting your website, why not advertise yourself as a developer?

You may also provide these services through Upwork.

A freelance writer may earn between $20 and $50 per hour.

And Upwork isn’t the only option.


Request two pounds (a coffee) through PayPal from website visitors who like your work.

You may link to a Buy Me A Coffee page if you have a Buy Me A Coffee page.

Some of the most popular websites rely on contributions, including yours and mine, Wikipedia.

No one gets anything without asking.

Set up an Amazon shop 

Amazon is great since it sells practically everything.

That means Amazon presumably has something linked to your website.

How to add an Amazon store page to your website. Experts will listen.

If a reader clicks on your link and buys anything, you get a 1% – 10% commission.

Resource: Amazon Affiliate Program Review: Is it a good option for your website?

Make YouTube videos 

Making videos for your website may keep people engaged and make you money. YouTube videos

A YouTube video with Google AdSense (Google has a handy guide on doing that here).

Also, read our guide on getting money through YouTube.

After creating your video material, you may embed it on your blog.

A viral video may make you hundreds in ad income.

Be a consultant 

Why not contribute your expertise for an hourly fee? 

Promote your services through paid seminars, podcasts, or even Skype sessions.

Regardless of the medium, you should charge for professional assistance on your website.

Buy a website 

A monetized and well-trafficked website is an asset.

Like any other asset, your website may be sold through sites like Flippa and

You might expect two to three times your yearly profit if you sell.

This is just a tiny sample.

Its goal is to motivate you to start your website, understanding there’s massive profit potential.

If you have not set up your website yet, do so immediately.

You can do that with a Free Domain Name and hosting with Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate hosts, researches, educates and connects bloggers and online businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate is a top affiliate marketing platform for starting an online company.

The platform supports new and expert marketers.

It provides the tools, information, and training needed for online company success.

If you want it for FREE, go right ahead.

Q. What exactly is the purpose of wealthy affiliate?

A. The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate simplifies affiliate marketing and saves you from buying equipment and web hosting.

Q. Is it possible to earn a living with Wealthy Affiliate?

A. If you construct a website promoting Wealthy Affiliate, you can make a full-time livelihood, but I recommend taking the Wealthy Affiliate programme and finding a niche market you love educating people about.

Looking at Wealthy Affiliate

Get a Free Domain Name, WordPress and Support.

Basic Training is Included.

No Credit Card is Required

Prospect of earning Commission.

It cost you 0.00 Dollars; what do you have to lose?

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Anyone can build a website — even my own grandmother!

I hope How to make money with your website 10 Ways Now – Guide was helpful.

If you don’t mind, Please Share.

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All the BestGood Bye

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  1. Nice of you to give tips on how to make money with your site. You don’t just have to have a website, you have to work on it regularly to have a regular income. For me, the best option is to put partnerships in your texts that will help you make some money.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Bojana,

      Yes, partnerships will help you build your business. Also, we have to remember to put customers first and the money will come later. It also helps to establish a brand so customers get to know us and buy from us. 

      Thank you again


  2. Wow amazing and insightful. I am definitely going to bookmark this page. I am a 4-month-old member of wealthy affiliate, but I have not come across some of these easy ways to monetize my site.

    I tried google Adsense but my application was rejected. I also applied to Skimlinks same thing. I think it is because my site is new or has no steady traffic. I am hoping to try again in near future. 

    This is quite an informative article. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank You for your comment, Bethel,

      I am pleased that you liked my article some good information to keep on hand. You will succeed just be patented; it takes time to get where you want to be.  I wish you the best of luck and keep ongoing.


  3. It is exciting to see that in 2022 there are so many ways to make money online. I had heard of the few basic ones. But it’s fun to learn that advertisers will pay us even for a a text link. I would like to focus on creating quality content and then charge a small fee for readers to have access to it!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Abel,

      Yes, you can really make a living from Affiliate Marketing nowadays, especially while lots of people buy online because of the coronavirus. Affiliate Marketing is the Future defiantly. Yes, we need to create quality content to keep our customers interested and to show them a quality article.

      We must put our customers first and the money will come later

      Thanks again 


  4. This is a very detailed guide on how to make money with your website. I was familiar with some of the methods that you mentioned, but there are several ways that I had not come across before. If one has a website, you certainly want to monetize it in the best possible way to be able to earn from it. So implementing several ways will be financially beneficial. 

    Anybody wanting to make money with a website, will benefit from reading this guide. 

    1. Thank You for your Comment, Line,

      I am glad that you found my article useful I am always looking for new useful content to write about.

      We also have to remember that we need to find out what customers want or searching for and give them the best content we can. 

      The customer must always come first and the money comes after.

      Thanks again


  5. I am also in the affiliate marketing field. I started my journey 5 years back and today I am the owner of 4 successful websites. Along with all this, I am also a member of the WA community. These helped me a lot to learn the ins and outs of this field with the help of video tutorials and articles, moreover, these people were always there to help me whenever I was facing any issues with my website, ranking, etc. I think this is a great emerging field, although it requires a lot of hard work and patience, but once you gain the trust of your readers then there is no looking back.

    1. Thank you, Hari, for your comment,

      Yes, WA is great and I also learned a lot from them. I only joined on 21 September 2021 and I am still working hard to generate an income. I know that you have to earn the trust of your customers and then the money will come. I do have 3 websites so I am always busy publishing articles. 

      I wish you all the best