Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Success 34 Ways

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Updated on the 25 November 2022

Welcome to Elke's Beginners GuideHi all, and welcome to my website.

Today we will discuss – Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Success 34 Ways

The internet allows everyone to work from home.

Affiliate marketing is a common method.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product for a commision.

Affiliate marketing is a great method to generate money online since it requires no upfront commitment.


Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is an excellent method to get income online.

Creating an affiliate website isn’t difficult, and the profits are high.

This beginner’s guide explains how to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Resource: Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing 11 Points Now

1. Affiliate website creation:

Choose a subject for your affiliate website.

1. Website registration and hosting

2. First affiliate website design

3. Hosting, name, and plugins

4. Increase affiliate revenue by arranging content.


2. Your website’s purpose is…

Hosting, domain names, and website software aren’t first.

You will learn all you need to know in this Beginner’s Guide

All that matters; however, you must first establish your website’s purpose.

Affiliate marketing money-making requires care.

3. Affiliate…

Affiliate marketing LogoAffiliate marketing seldom makes money.

Focusing on a smaller group is called “niching.”

4. Narrowing helps:

1. Find your passion.

2. Make a product/service website.

3. Make a product/service appealing.

4. Find out what people desire by researching your product/service.

Instead of trying to please everyone, you may specialise.

You’re in their head.

Rapidly gaining ground.

Consider specialising in fitness.

It’s too general.

Fit people will say so.

Designing a webpage for that many users is complex.

There are niches inside niches (otherwise referred to as micro-niches).

Focusing on specific locations is cheaper and easier than a larger one.

Popular: How to make money niche.

Resource: How to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing Useful Tips

5. How to make money niches include:
  1. Pick up freelance work online. …
  2. Test websites and apps. …
  3. Pick up tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. …
  4. Take surveys for money. …
  5. Affiliate marketing helps monetize a website.
  6. Sell your wares on Etsy. …
  7. Get advertising revenue from the YouTube channel. 
  8. Become an Instagram influencer.

Resource: Write reviews like a Pro using Discount Code ELKE25. Check it out now

I Dare you6. I Dare you?

Sure. The How to make money niche is a great niche to get into. 

How to make money alternatives include:

1. Reviews

2. eBay Associates

3. YouTube

4. Social Media

5. Medium

6. Redid

No farther. Targeting a niche may help.

You may develop a How to Make Money Webpage.

Even Cryptocurrency can move to how to make money.


get richHow to get rich in 30 days may be unfilled.

Make sure your topic has affiliate potential.

Consider your audience.

If you can’t think of four or five items, look elsewhere.

7. Review Items…

Join affiliate networks or review products to test the waters.

Read this beginner’s guide if you interested.

Ensure online endorsements pay.

Now it’s time to create your affiliate website.

8. Your needs are:
  • Noun
  • Hosting
  • Website software
  • Plans
  • Ignore IT

Hosts provide one-click instals for some moving parts.

They make IT accessible.

They seek to make website creation easier.

So you’ll be ready.

After choosing a niche, choosing a domain name should be straightforward.

Resource: Write articles in minutes, not hours or days, with the App Copy Ai.

Check it out Now. Click Here

9. Homework…

Homework imageChoose something, as you said.

Before buying a domain and hosting, sleep.

Domains are used to visit websites.

Instead of an IP address, visitors input your domain name (123.234.432.321).

10. A shortcut…

It’s like an address.

Domains identify websites (home).

11. Web host vs. site name:

Your web host is your land if your name is your address.

You rent space on a server, which is a powerful computer.

There, you build websites.

CMS? In the 1990s and 2000s, websites required HTML.

This code tells your browser how to display a webpage. CMS (CMS).

A CMS may code HTML for you.

It stores articles and pages.

Popular niche: How to make money online.

Resource: 19 Affiliate Marking Programs to Join Now

Make-money websites can use the CMS (Content management system) to make money online.

WordPress is favoured.

59.7% of the web uses WordPress.

The remainders are custom sites and CMSs.

12. WordPress

WordPress imgeWordPress is recommended.

WordPress site editors are more accessible to discover than other CMS editors.

YouTube is recommended.

Helpful video instructions are available.

Due to its popularity, it’s easy to find WordPress developers.

13. Hosting

Name registrars and web hosting we recommend

These are affiliate links, so we’ll get paid if you join.

14. iMotion

Host InMotion Hosting is a safe, scalable platform.

InMotion offered shared VPS and dedicated hosting.

90-day money-back guarantee, US-based tech support.

Monthly costs start at $2.49

15. Bluehost is 20.

US-based infrastructure, 2-million websites, 1-click WordPress (significant for de-complicating the entire thing).

Annual hosting costs $50. Here’s Bluehost.


Bluehost Webhosting LogoBluehost is a one-click.

Register using this link and the green “Start Now” button.

Next, name your site.

Use this deal’s free domain registration.

Use’s name programme.

Enter a name and see what comes up.

Unique names are more available.

16. Register

Fill out your personal and billing data to register.

Paying and choosing a password creates your account.

Installation follows.

Resource: How to Create a website using WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate

Bluehost’s WordPress wizard:

Launch your site by clicking Launch.

In WordPress’ Settings > General, you may edit your reputation and site description.

To log in to WordPress, click here.

Bluehost’s YouTube videos cover the basics.

These videos will help you change your site’s look, instal plugins, etc. Below.

17. Plugin Thirsty Affiliates

Plugin Thirsty AffiliatesOne more plugin is suggested.

Now that WordPress is installed instal Cloaker.

This tool generates unappealing affiliate links:


And turns them into clickable links.

18. Where does this lead?

Bluehost’s homepage via our affiliate link. Link hiding.

Link cloaking is explained here.

19. Link Cloaking

ThirstyAffiliates’ link Cloaker offers several benefits.

A visitor is likelier to click an identical website than an affiliate link.

Consumers fear tracking on most affiliate links.

20. Connecting…

Adding links to your websiteAdding links to your website promotes trust.

ThirstyAffiliates manages affiliate links.

Automate connections, move them, etc.

Edit ThirstyAffiliates’ URL.

Without ThirstyAffiliates, you’d have to search page by page.

Twelve pages are fine.

A hundred pages can be headache-inducing.

ThirstyAffiliates lets you track affiliate link clicks.

Affiliate link success depends on knowing your audience’s preferences.

Want more Traffic to Your site? Click Here

21. Installing ThirstyAffiliates is easy:

1. WordPress backend login

2. New Plugins.

3. “ThirstyAffiliates”

4. Activate and install.

Compare ThirstyAffiliates free and Pro here.

Before developing material, understand and apply basic ideas pointed out in this beginner’s guide.

22. Split-testing

Marketing funnelsUse Visitor funnels.

Marketing funnels can make visitors action-takers.


Affiliate websites link people to products and services.

A visitor funnel qualifies and sells visitors.

Understand your visitors’ intentions.

It helps identify key material.

23. Buying…

As a buyer, you want to know visitor intent. Guest status varies.

Your site’s visitors are also at different stages of their trip.

24. Website visitors…
You’ll have guests who are:

1. Investors

2. First-time business people

3. Entrepreneurs 

4. People looking for extra income

5. People looking to invest

6. People who want to start and have no money

7. Despite having a speciality, each group’s goals differ.

This is important for content planning.

Your affiliate website content should reflect your visitors’ goals.

25. Content-Driven Ideas

Analysing LogoAnalysing the purpose might provide content ideas.

So, “buying a rowing machine.”


Using numerous resources, convince people to buy your product.

  • What the product includes?
  • How much must customers spend to get started?
  • Is it beginner friendly?
  • What is the training available?
  • How easy is it to start?
  • Is there expert help available?

5-10 different programs may be excessive.

Without a sales funnel, website traffic is pointless.

Advertise on your site to generate sales or ad revenue.

Runaway success is impossible without a funnel.

We can construct a funnel based on a visitor’s aim.

Resource: How to Pick a Successful Niche for Your website Now – Guide

26. Clickfunnels…

A funnel leads interested consumers to buy.

Knowing the visitor’s objective helps you match the right offer and funnel.

It’s all about timing your offer.

Multiple funnels are needed per visitor intent. 

Attract visitors initially. Your funnel’s peak.

27. Emailing customers

Email PictureNext, offer them something attractive to join your email list.

A free application or PDF instruction may attract visitors.

More people will enter if the bait is tempting.

Someone’s purchasing…

Someone who joins their first Affiliate Program could recommend it to others.

Buying Your First Affiliate Product/service.

It compares conventional Affiliate Products and recommends the best ones.

28. Trap…

This funnel bait may generate affiliate money if you carefully organise your links.

You’ve added the visitor to your list to qualify their intent.

Now is the moment to close the transaction.

Wait. Without many subscribers, you’ll worry.

Isn’t better? Old-school marketing generated this illusion.

Targeting isn’t universal.

It’s OK if a few people sign your list. You just want action-takers.

Sales 101 guests who reinforce your disdain of fair people.

Poor leaders squander time.

29. Autoresponder

Autoresponders help move clients through your funnel.

A campaign consists of emailing subscribers (usually a couple of weeks).

Send 3-8 emails after download.

These emails should outline the aim and propose a solution (or multiple offers).

30. Buyer’s Instructions

Buyer's InstructionsIn How to Make Money, we provided buyers with instructions.

This can be done in the blog that you post.

After a few days, custoers can act.

Resource: How to Affiliate Marketing Successful Tips and Tricks – Guide

Here’s an autoresponder sample for them:

1. Why did I choose ABC?

2. 6-week Affiliate Programme free.

3. I got a 20% discount on joining the Affiliate Site. (excellent!).

4. Join free (limited time only)

5. 2022: entry-level training. 

31. Personal stories, freebies, and offers in an autoresponder series?

This boosts affiliate sales.

To create a content plan, repeat. There’s your content strategy.

It’s two points:

Purpose drives everything.

32. Following:

1. Determine your audience’s motivations (visitor intent)

2. Use funnels.

3. Create email-grabbing resources.

4. Personal stories, freebies, and affiliate offers should be in your autoresponder.


Next the beginner’s guide will look at content and funnels…

After content and funnels are published, stop feeding the machine.

Circulation articles discuss paid recruiting, guest blogging, and other marketing methods.

33. Visitor Count

Your goal is to get more visitors into your site’s funnels.

Correctly built funnels will handle the rest.

34. AWeber Autoresponder

Aweber ImageEmail marketing autoresponder AWeber is recommended.

AWeber workflows let you route new subscribers.

If it succeeds, put them on another list and keep selling to them.

Mailing service AWeber

AWeber automates email marketing.


Q. Is it simple or complex to market products as an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing takes expertise, dedication, and experience. 

It’s complex, but it may create considerable money if done right. 

Affiliate marketers require these qualities: 

A specialisation or interest.

Q. I’m curious as to what you think is the single most crucial aspect of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketers must build influence and convert clicks into sales.


Affiliate websites may be financially and personally rewarding.

You’ll learn about your speciality and clients.

You’ll get industry and equipment knowledge.

You’ll also learn about internet business.


Free Domain Name, WordPress and Hosting.

Free Basic training included.

No Credit Card is required.

Check it out Now. Click Here.

Create an affiliate website Now?

Comment Now! I’ll assist you.

I hope Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Success 34 Ways was helpful.

Please be so kind as to share.

Please Leave any Questions and Comments in the area below.

Till The Next TimeElke Robins


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  1. Hello Elke,

    Wow, lots of information to digest! Thank you! Sounds like we need to put a lot of time and effort into this as beginners. Hopefully, it will pay off in the near future. Using Aweber to help grow your regular readers base is a great recommendation. I will look more into it!

    Thanks again,


    1. Thank you for your comment Grace,

      The hard work will pay off in the long run I know it can be overwhelming when you start first. I joined up with AWeber for the free email list set-up. You can have 500 customers sign up for free then you have to pay.

      I included the email sign up form into the sidebar on my website so I can collect email addresses.

      By doing this you can send customers offers and updates from your site. 

      This will give you a greater chance of selling a product or service you are promoting. 

      How to go about all this go to YouTube and type “How to put a sign-up form into the sidebar on WordPress”.

      You will find lots of videos to help you set it all up.

      Don’t lose hope it will all work out in the long run. Just post as many articles as you can to get noticed by Google and the money will come. But remember the customer must always come first.

      I hope this helps


  2. The thing about affiliate marking is that it’s the easiest way to make money online if you get the right training. The sad thing is that 99% of these online businesses fail and it could be the training that some are getting that may be outdated. 

    The info you have in your article simplifies what is needed to make money online so now it puts the ball in their court but still, this is not a make a million dollars by tomorrow. It takes time and money because this is business.  

    Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to make money online and the training that you recommend is a great way for them to get started.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Johnny

      You are right Affiliate Marketing is not a quick rich scheme but with hard work, you can generate an income.

      I love the training at WA but also had a look at Commission Academy and got some good ideas there too.

      It is a Free Site and is similar to WA.  

      I learned from Commission Academy to put an email sign up form onto my website. I did it through AWeber which is also free for the first 500 customers.

      I will still do everything WA teaches and just compare the training with Commission Academy to see if I can get some new ideas to help me build my business.

      Thank you again for your comment 

      Greetings from Australia


  3. Time and time again people have asked me what market affiliating is and how they can get a headstart on it but I was never really sure how to explain it to them. This article has made my life so much easier. I will be sure to share this article with friends and family who are looking to break into this world 

    1. Thank You Aubin for your comment

      I am happy that I could shed some light on what Affiliate Marketing is. 

      I know it can be confusing at first on what Affiliate Marketing is and how to get started. 

      Now after reading my article you can share it with all your friends and family and they might use the information and get started with Affiliate Marketing also.

      If you have any more Questions Please feel free to contact me here in WA I will be glad to answer all your questions.