How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Starting an affiliate marketing website could be a terrific method to earn money online.

Creating an affiliate website isn’t difficult, and therefore the rewards are also within the many dollars each month.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you the way to form your first affiliate marketing website:

Create your own Affiliate Website

Create your own affiliate website by picking a subject matter.

1. Register a website and host an internet site

2. Design your first affiliate website

3. Get your hosting, name and plugins required

4. Develop a content arrangement to increase affiliate sales.

Let’s go!

What Will, Your Website, Be About?

The first thing to think about isn’t hosting, domain names, or website software.

Of course, all that matters, but you need to first determine what your website are about.

You need to use caution because you wish to form money with affiliate marketing.

For example, creating a website to assist local homeless people can cause you to be so happy.

Affiliate Marketing…

But generating money with affiliate marketing is unlikely.

Niches Are Riches Focusing your efforts on a smaller set of people is termed “niching”.

Niching down helps you:

1. Pick a niche something you are passionate about.

2. Create a unique website for your product/service

3. Deliver a product/service so that people are interested in it.

4. Do some research on the product/service you are offering so you will find out what customers want.

Instead of attempting to appeal to a large range of individuals with diverse interests and pain concerns, you may specialise.

Like you’re inside their thoughts.

Getting enormous traction rapidly.

Intriguing Niches (Within Niches) Assume you wanted to specialize in fitness.

First, it’s overly broad

Anyone who wants to be fit will say so.

Hard to style a site that targets such a lot of people.

You want to realise that there are niches inside niches (otherwise referred to as sub-niches).

It’s cheaper and simpler to focus on specific places than a bigger one.

Fitness Niche is popular

For example, the fitness niche is also divided into

1. Weight-loss

2. Eating well

3. ExerciseWoman Exercising

4. Muscle gain

5. Cardio

6. Pilates

7. Yoga This segmentation of the fitness niche creates niches inside niches.

Can you push it?

Sure. Consider the Cardio niche. You have several cardio options:

1. Walking

2. Long-distance running

3. Swimming

4. Cycling

5. Home cardio activities


7. Rowing

8. Boxing

But not too far Focusing on a specialisation may facilitate your target individuals.

As an example, you would possibly design a webpage on fitness rowing.

Even weight reduction rowing might provide you with some lateral mobility to subjects like food.

But a caution…

Not to mention the fact that postmenopausal women rowing in Australia may be a niche that will never be filled.

Assure Future Affiliate Possibilities Make sure the subject you decide on provides affiliate potential.

Consider your niche’s audience.

If you can’t think of four or five items they’d want to buy, look into other areas.

Explore for Items to Review…

If you really want to test the waters, join affiliate networks or look for goods to review.

Then confirm that endorsing them online pays.

Making an Affiliate Website (Step-by-Step) Now it’s time to develop your own website.

Let’s note your requirements:

  • A name.    Hand writing Web Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Website management software
  • Content Plans

Don’t bother about the IT things

Hosting firms now give one-click installations for several of the moving elements.

They aim to create IT more accessible for you.

They want to form the procedure easier so more individuals can build websites.

So, you’ll be able to rest confident you’re ready.

A Domain Name Choosing a reputation for your website should be easy now that you’ve chosen a speciality.

Do your Homework…

As you said, do your homework and choose a thing.

Bed immediately before buying your name and hosting.

A domain is simply a method for people to access your website.

Instead of inputting an IP address (123.234.432.321), visitors type your name, such as

It’s merely a shortcut…

It’s like your home’s address.

The domain identifies your website (home).

How may be a web host different from a site name?

If your name is your home address, your web host is your land.

You rent space on a server, which is largely a more powerful computer than the one on your desk.

You develop your website there

What is CMS? To create a website within the 1990s and early 2000s, you had to grasp HTML.

This specific language informs your browser the way to view a webpage. Now we’ve CMS (CMS).

A CMS may be a programme that performs the HTML coding for you.

It keeps a database of all your articles and pages.

Weight Loss is a popular niche…

If you have a weight reduction website, you may use the CMS to show the best rowing machines.

WordPress is the preferred CMS.WordPress Logo

WordPress powers 59.7% of the web.

The rest is created from bespoke sites and other CMS systems.

This guide recommends WordPress.


It’s easier to find someone who knows how to modify WordPress sites than it is to find someone who knows how to edit sites in other CMSs.

It Is a good idea to go on YouTube there are lots of video tutorials to help if you get stuck.

Due to its popularity, it’s also easier to locate individuals able to work on WordPress-based websites.

Web Hosting

Choosing Your name and Web Host – We strongly suggest these name registrars and web hosts.

Yes, these are affiliate links, so we’ll get rewarded if you join up with them.


Host InMotion Hosting may be a secure hosting platform built to scale.

InMotion also provides VPS, dedicated, and shared hosting.

They feature a 90-day money-back guarantee and 100% US-based tech assistance.

The cost is affordable, beginning at $2.49 every month.


Bluehost is approximately twenty years old.Bluehost Logo under Maginifying Glass

2 million websites, own US-based infrastructure, and 1-click WordPress setup (significant for de-complicating the entire thing).

The hosting costs but $50 annually. Join Bluehost here.

WordPress on Bluehost

Bluehost allows a one-click setup.

This link and the enormous green “Start Now” button will register you.

Next, choose a site name:

This bargain includes free domain registration, so make the most of it.

You will also utilise’s name programme.

Just enter in your name suggestion and see what comes up.

Your name is more likely to be available if it’s unique.

Create an account

Create an account by filling in your personal and billing information.

Your account is prepared after you pay and choose a password.

Then comes the installation procedure

Bluehost’s wizard takes you into the WordPress backend:

Now hit Launch to start out your site:

You may change your reputation and site description later in WordPress’ Settings > General:

If you would like to re-login to WordPress, go here:

Bluehost has a great onboarding video series on YouTube that teaches you the essentials.

You’ll use those videos to vary your site’s appearance, add plugins, etc. See it below.

The Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

We only propose one other plugin.Thirsty Affiliates Plugin Picture

Now that you simply have WordPress installed, you wish to instal a link Cloaker.

This tool takes unattractive affiliate links like this one:

And converts them into gorgeous links your visitors won’t hesitate to click.

So, where is this connection going?

To our Bluehost affiliate link, then to Bluehost’s main page. That’s link cloaking.

See this page for added details on link cloaking.

Do You Need One?

Using a link Cloaker like ThirstyAffiliates has several advantages.

Belief A visitor is more likely to click on a link to an identical website than an affiliate link.

Most affiliate links need tracking, which scares consumers.

Making a link…

Making a link seem to guide to anything on your website increases perceived trust.

Management ThirstyAffiliates is an affiliate marketing link management solution.

You can automate connecting, relocate connections, and more.

Then, simply edit the URL in ThirstyAffiliates.

Without ThirstyAffiliates, you’d have to go page by page looking for that affiliate link.

That’s OK for a dozen pages

Some hundred pages may cause a serious headache!

Tracking Using ThirstyAffiliates to cover your affiliate links also allows you to observe clicks.

Knowing your audience’s prefered affiliate links is crucial to link success.

Installing ThirstyAffiliates Installing the ThirstyAffiliates plugin is simple:

1. Log in to your WordPress backend

2. Click Plugins > New.

3. Find “ThirstyAffiliates.”

4. Click Install Now and Activate.

Click here to compare the free and Pro versions of ThirstyAffiliates.

Make Content Understand and apply basic concepts before creating your content strategy.

A/B testing

Let’s discuss visitor funnels.

A marketing funnel is a series of steps that reduce the number of visitors to those who will act.


Affiliate websites make money by referring consumers to products and services.Hand holding a bundle of Money

A visitor funnel allows you to funnel visitors, qualify them, and sell them something.

Client Intent You should also comprehend your visitors’ intentions.

It’ll assist you in identifying your primary content bits.

As a buyer…

As a buyer, you would like to know your visitor’s intent. Not every guest is equal.

Visitors to your site is also in various phases of their specialised journey.

Visitors to your site…

Continuing our previous weight loss website example, you will have visitors who are:

1. Learning about rowing as a weight loss workout

2. Their first rowing machine

3. Getting advice on rowing workouts

4. Purchasing a more sophisticated rowing machine

5. Considering additional weight-loss options than rowing

6. Other additional activities to enhance rowing

7. Relieving rowing injuries Despite sharing a specialisation, each group’s aims differ.

This is a crucial topic to know while planning your content.

Understanding your visitor’s purpose should guide your affiliate website content creation.

Intention-Driven Content Ideas

Content Inspiration A great technique to produce content ideas is to analyse purpose.

So, as an example, “shopping for his or her first rowing machine.”

You may offer…

Try to persuade clients seeking their first rowing machine with a variety of materials.

• What to appear for in Your First Rowing Machine

• 6 Common Rowing Machine Purchase MistakesPicture of man on Rowing Machines

• Which Rowing Machine Is Best for Beginners?

• Which Rowing Machine Is Quietest?

• What sort of Floor do you have to Row On?

• Rowing Machine Care: the way to Maintain Your Rowing

Machine Keeping 5-10 pieces per speciality may be overkill.

Getting users to your website is useless without a sales funnel.

Advertise on your site and you may get an acquisition or ad income.

But without a funnel, you’ll never achieve runaway success.

Funnel We can now design the funnel based on one of our visitor’s goals.

Click Funnels…

A funnel, as said, takes motivated buyers on a buying path.

Also, knowing the visitor’s purpose helps you connect the proper offer with the correct funnel.

It’s all about presenting the correct offer at an acceptable moment.

To accomplish so, you wish for numerous funnels.

One per verified visitor intent. The first step is to draw in visitors. That’s the highest of your funnel.

Getting customers on your email list

The next step is to urge them on your email list by providing them with something irresistible.

“bait” The usage of a free programme or a basic PDF tutorial might help attract visitors.

The more appealing the bait, the more individuals will enter.

Someone buying there….

For example, someone who buys for his or her first rowing machine would be thrilled to urge “  Purchasing showing Shopping trolly

A Complete Buyer’s orientate Purchasing Your First Rowing Machine.”

It analyses common rowing machines and shows which are best for certain jobs.

Funnel Bait…

So long as you carefully arrange your affiliate links, this funnel bait may create affiliate revenue.

How to Fill Your Funnel To qualify the visitor’s purpose, you’ve added them to your listing.

Now it’s time to manoeuvre them up the funnel and shut the deal.

Wait. you’ll be anxious if you’re not receiving many subscribers.

Isn’t it preferable to own more? This is a fallacy created by old-school marketing.

Not everyone seems to be targeted

It’s OK if not many folks converge for your list. You only want and wish those willing to act.

Qualifying visitors to confirm your reproval of the suitable folks in sales 101.

Non-qualified leads waste time.


Use Set up an autoresponder to manoeuvre customers through your funnel.

A campaign is a series of emails sent to your subscribers (usually a pair of weeks).

Send three to eight emails once they download your item.

These emails should discuss the goal and end with a proposal (or even multiple offers).

In-depth Buyer’s Guide

In our rowing example, we offered them an in-depth buyer’s guide.

So, after some days, they ought to be able to act.

For these folks, here’s a sample autoresponder sequence:

1. Why did I select the ABC Rowing Machine?

2. Get a free 6-week rowing programme.

3. I’ve arranged a 20% discount for these Rowing Co rowers (sweet!)

4. How David shed 25 pounds by rowing These rowing machines ship free (limited time only)

5. Beginner rowing machine in 2020 How about an autoresponder series with personal tales, freebies, and offers?

This can facilitate your generating affiliate sales

Repeat to form Your Content Plan There you’ve got it, an entire content planning technique.

It boils all the way down to two points:

The visitor purpose drives everything.

Next steps:

1. Determine your niche’s audience’s motivations (visitor intent)

2. Make the most of the funnels.

3. Create excellent resources that people would eagerly download for their email addresses.

4. Create an autoresponder email campaign with personal tales, freebies, and affiliate offers.

What’s next?

You only need to keep feeding the machine if you’ve published all the material and built all the funnels.

Circulation articles Examine paid recruitment, guest blogging, and other marketing strategies.

Draw in more Visitors

Your objective now’s to draw in more visitors and push them into your site’s funnels.

Your funnels, if correctly developed, will handle the remainder.

Tool for Autoresponders AWeber

An Autoresponder Implementation Tool I recommend AWeber for email marketing.AWeber Logo

Workflows in AWeber allow you to simply direct the flow of recent subscribers.

So, depending on how well that works, you’ll put them on another and keep marketing to them.

AWeber Email Marketing

Learn about AWeber email marketing automation here.


Learning a way to build an affiliate website could also be financially and personally beneficial.

You’ll learn a lot about your chosen specialisation and the individuals you serve.

You’ll learn lots about the industry and equipment.

You’ll also learn a lot about online business generally.

Have trouble creating an affiliate website?

Comment and tell me! I will be glad to help you along.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

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  1. Hello Elke,

    Wow, lots of information to digest! Thank you! Sounds like we need to put a lot of time and effort into this as beginners. Hopefully, it will pay off in the near future. Using Aweber to help grow your regular readers base is a great recommendation. I will look more into it!

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    • Thank you for your comment Grace,

      The hard work will pay off in the long run I know it can be overwhelming when you start first. I joined up with AWeber for the free email list set-up. You can have 500 customers sign up for free then you have to pay.

      I included the email sign up form into the sidebar on my website so I can collect email addresses.

      By doing this you can send customers offers and updates from your site. 

      This will give you a greater chance of selling a product or service you are promoting. 

      How to go about all this go to YouTube and type “How to put a sign-up form into the sidebar on WordPress”.

      You will find lots of videos to help you set it all up.

      Don’t lose hope it will all work out in the long run. Just post as many articles as you can to get noticed by Google and the money will come. But remember the customer must always come first.

      I hope this helps


  2. The thing about affiliate marking is that it’s the easiest way to make money online if you get the right training. The sad thing is that 99% of these online businesses fail and it could be the training that some are getting that may be outdated. 

    The info you have in your article simplifies what is needed to make money online so now it puts the ball in their court but still, this is not a make a million dollars by tomorrow. It takes time and money because this is business.  

    Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to make money online and the training that you recommend is a great way for them to get started.

    • Thank you for your comment, Johnny

      You are right Affiliate Marketing is not a quick rich scheme but with hard work, you can generate an income.

      I love the training at WA but also had a look at Commission Academy and got some good ideas there too.

      It is a Free Site and is similar to WA.  

      I learned from Commission Academy to put an email sign up form onto my website. I did it through AWeber which is also free for the first 500 customers.

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      Thank you again for your comment 

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  3. Time and time again people have asked me what market affiliating is and how they can get a headstart on it but I was never really sure how to explain it to them. This article has made my life so much easier. I will be sure to share this article with friends and family who are looking to break into this world 

    • Thank You Aubin for your comment

      I am happy that I could shed some light on what Affiliate Marketing is. 

      I know it can be confusing at first on what Affiliate Marketing is and how to get started. 

      Now after reading my article you can share it with all your friends and family and they might use the information and get started with Affiliate Marketing also.

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