How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a popular technique to earn money from your site.

It allows you to add a continuous cash stream to your site.

This beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing will explain how it works and get started.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

By referring clients to an online retailer (advertiser), you earn a commission.

Google AdSense:

Affiliate programmes pay publishers far more than Google AdSense or other kinds of advertising.

They are less hazardous for advertisers.

Affiliate marketing takes extra effort:

Find a product or service that will benefit your users.

Use your referral link to sell the product in your blog posts and other places on your site.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

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First, select a company or product to promote.

The product or service you choose must be related to your blog’s theme and valuable to your readers.

Your desired goods or service will be referred to as a ‘Merchant’.

Next, you must join the company’s partner programme.

So, you are an ‘Affiliate’.

Some firms call their employees associates or partners.

After joining their affiliate programme, you will receive a unique affiliate ID.

This affiliate ID must be used in all affiliate links on your website promoting the product.

Email Newsletters:

Write extensive product reviews, endorse it in publications, run banner ads, and send out email newsletters to promote the product.Showing Email Newsletters

Your unique ID will trace any traffic you deliver to the merchant’s website.

You are paid when a customer buys anything.

Your profits are paid out after 45–60 days:

What is Affiliate Marketing? First, verify sure your blog platform allows affiliate marketing.

If you use, for example, you are limited in what you may link to. vs.

See our vs. comparison for more information (can be found on Google)

Affiliate connections and campaign management are simple with a self-hosted website.

If you haven’t previously made a website, you can do so right now.

You can start a blog in less than 30 minutes by following my step-by-step instructions.

Disclosure Page:

Next, create a disclosure page for your website to let people know how you generate money.

See the WPBeginner disclaimer page and use it as a template.

Your blog should also include privacy and terms of service page.

These are required pages for any WordPress blog.

They not only assist you to avoid potential legal concerns but also help you create trust with your audience.

Choosing Affiliate Products:

Choosing Affiliate Products and Services.

There are various methods to locate items and companies to affiliate with. Diogistore24 Best Affiliate Products Picture

Here are some easy ways to discover things to advertise.

Be an Affiliate for things you use:

First, look at the items and services you already use and value.

You can simply persuade your consumers since you know the pros and cons.

Follow up by searching phrases such as ‘Affiliate programme’, ‘Partners ‘or ‘Affiliates ‘.

Many businesses actively want affiliate marketers to sell their products.

Thus, the footer link to their affiliate page.

2. Look for items recommended by other blogs:

Another approach to locate things is to appear at comparable blogs.

Many similar blogs use affiliate marketing to come up with the money.

The question is, how does one know they’re pushing affiliate products?

Banner Adverts:

First, check for the conspicuous banner adverts on their website.

After you click on the banner ad, a link appears in your browser’s status bar.

This link generally has an affiliate ID attached.

Affiliate ID:

Affiliate ID allows retailers to trace which affiliate partners drive traffic and purchases to their site.

If you click one of these links, you’ll be sent to a product website with the affiliate marketer’s ID.

Similar affiliate links are found throughout their material.

Enrol in Larger Affiliate Networks:

Enrol in Larger Affiliate Networks Joining affiliate networks is another approach to locating things to promote.

Intermediaries between affiliate marketers and merchants.

Many goods and businesses you want to escort already use affiliate networks.

This helps you quickly locate things to market on your website.

4. Contact Businesses:

Just write to them and ask them about their affiliate programme if you truly want to sell a product.

Some firms don’t promote their affiliate programme.

They will invite you to hitch their affiliate programme if they need one.

What Are Affiliate Networks?

Why must you Join Them?

Affiliate marketers work directly with retailers (companies that want to sell their products).

They let retailers advertise items, track affiliate traffic, manage affiliates, and issue money.

Browse for things, sign up as affiliates, and track campaign earnings.

Popular Affiliate Networks:

Listed below are several of the foremost popular affiliate networks.

In practically every area, ShareASale has high-paying affiliate items.

WPEngine, a famous WordPress hosting firm, uses ShareASale to handle affiliates.

WPEngine’s Affiliate programme pays out pretty much.

CJ Affiliate:

  • CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)

Another top affiliate network with thousands of merchants and things to choose from.

CJ is employed by GoDaddy, Expedia, and others.


  • ClickBank – This is a central online marketplace for digital goods.ClickBank Marketplace Image

There are many resources for novice affiliate marketers to be told from.


  • Digistore24 is a digital marketplace with a wide selection of vendors.

Amazon Associates

  • Amazon Associates – Amazon is that the world’s largest online retailer with variant goods.

In exchange for sending people to a shopping site they already use, you will become an affiliate.

That’s the question. Affiliate networks for the things you propose to advertise should be joined.

You’ll be able to join many affiliate networks:

We utilise the networks as mentioned earlier, plus some more.

Always review the network programme policies.

This can show you your earnings, payments, bonuses, and more.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies to spice up Earnings.

Now that we all know the fundamentals let’s generate money using affiliate marketing.

1. Promote good products and firms:

As an affiliate marketer, you have got no control over the items you promote.

That’s why you wish to only enable quality items from recognised providers.

The most fantastic strategy is to recommend items and services that you simply have tried.

Beneficial Product:

If you recognize a beneficial product, be at liberty to contact them.

You can usually get a free account or copy to review/test a product if you ask respectfully.

Affiliate Links:

2. Provide relevant material Affiliate links and advertising is allowed on WordPress sites.

Adding links won’t persuade your users to shop for things.

You must persuade your customers by providing relevant product information.

Product Reviews:

A lot of affiliate marketers do this by posting product reviews and comparing products.

3. Limit your target market. Before choosing a product, consider your website’s audience.

In your fashion blog, you’d want to promote trendy accessories, garments, and related items.


You should also avoid promoting things just for the sake of more outstanding commissions.Hand full of Money

If someone buys a worthless product that you recommended, they will never trust you again.

Plugins and Tools:

Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress You’ll add additional ideas as your blog grows.

This makes managing all the affiliate links, banners, and adverts on your website tough.

The management is made easier with a fantastic affiliate marketing WordPress plugin.

Adding links to your content gets challenging as your site expands.

Affiliate ID:

Whenever you mention a product, you must provide the affiliate ID URL.

Thirsty Affiliates can assist. It’s an affiliate link management plugin for WordPress.

It also converts long affiliate links into shorter, more user-friendly URLs.

To maximise affiliate profits, Thirsty Affiliates may substitute words with affiliate links.


4. AdSanity is that the finest WordPress ad management plugin for affiliate marketers.

It allows you to create and manage banner ads directly from your WordPress site.

Incorporate adverts into your WordPress posts, pages, and sidebar widgets with AdSanity.

It also permits you to handle third-party adverts like Google AdSense ads and banners.

See our article on managing advertisements in WordPress with AdSanity for more details.


MonsterInsights is that the greatest WordPress Google Analytics Plugin.Monsterinsifghts Google Analytics Plug in for WordPress

It helps you to know where your visitors come from and what they are doing when visiting your site.

It also tracks outbound affiliate links using Google Analytics.

This helps you find lost opportunities and commonly clicked affiliate links.

Need more gear?

See my entire list of the highest affiliate marketing WordPress plugins here.

  • Pretty Links. …
  • AffiliateWP. …
  • MonsterInsights. …
  • Easy Affiliate. …
  • Thirsty Affiliates. …
  • AdSanity. …
  • EasyAzon. …
  • Ultimate Affiliate Pro

This will also be helpful to check out

Thanks for taking the time to read our ultimate affiliate marketing guide for beginners.

See our complete WordPress SEO Guide to extend website traffic.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article How to Get started with Affiliate Marketing.

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4 thoughts on “How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money on your website without being directly responsible for the products you are trying to promote. Your content is just writing about how great this product is, how wonderful that one is… how it improved your life, how much money you made with it, how little effort it required or how fantastic its customer service is.

    I have a few questions:

    1. What was your big “Aha” moment during your affiliate marketing experience?

    2. What’s the best way to get started? 

    3. How do you deal with trolls or negative people in this niche space on the internet – how can we put them in their place while staying SFW (safe for work)? 

    4. Do other methods like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter ads also work to promote affiliate products/services/deals?

    • Thank You for Your Comment Bob,

      To answer your questions: 

      1. My big “Aha” moment was when my first blog post was indexed on the first page of Google. Now I have over 10 articles indexed on the First Page of Google.

      2. The best way to get started is to follow the training on WA and get your WordPress and website ready with your logo. The logo will become your brand and once customers recognise your brand they will buy from you.

      Then I would look for some affiliate networks to promote. There is ClickBank they have 100rds of different products you can promote. It is free to join. 

      There is also Digistore24 which is similar with 100rds of products to choose from to promote for a commission. Both companies pay a high commission which is a good thing.  

      3. How to deal with a customer that is not so nice. First, let the customer explain what the problem is. Then tell them that you are there to resolve the issue. Always be nice no matter how annoying the customer is.

      Don’t forget the customer is always right even if they are wrong. I have learned that in the previous job I had it was customer service and we had some classics I can tell you.

      4. Yes, defiantly advertise on all social media platforms. You can also join groups that promote products in your specific niche. 

      I hope this is helpful to you


  2. I had always thought that you are able to make more money from Google AdSense. I guess I was wrong. I have a few friends who are looking to join the market affiliating world so I will be sure to share this article with them. Hopefully, it is able to give them a bit of perspective. 

    • Thank You for your comment. 

      You can make money with Google AdSense but everything takes time. I had to learn to be patented myself I am one of those people who don’t like waiting. But all good things come to those who wait. 

      We can improve our websites while we wait to make them better and look for affiliate markets to try out and maybe generate some income. I believe in Don’t Put All Your Eggs in one basket.

      Hope This Helps


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