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Is it time to quit your job and begin earning money online?

WordPress is the world’s most popular publishing platform, powering 30% of all websites.

Make Money Online:

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How to Make Money Online Doing What you’re keen on with WordPress and Blogging.

You’re earning potential is unlimited because you’ll be able to work from home at your own pace.

How to Make Money Online by Blogging with WordPress is the subject of this Blog Post.

This isn’t a “get-rich-quick” plan.

Making money online is not the thanks getting-rich-quick.

Do not be deceived by flashy automobiles and beachfront offices.


Any course or training you get from them may be a fraud.

This isn’t just another “earn money online” post on blogging and WordPress.Hand-Holding-WordPress

Start-up costs and time commitments for several of those strategies vary.

Work Hard:

You may be rewarded if you’re willing to work hard.

You’ll need your own self-hosted WordPress blog before you’ll be able to use any of those techniques.

Join Wealthy Affiliates for FREE and get a free domain registration, web hosting, and expert advice.

A beginner’s approach to fixing a WordPress blog.

Whatever your age, the method is straightforward.

This article will facilitate you founding your blog:

Earning Money Through Your Blog from, advertising is the first thought when considering making money by blogging.

Yes, you’ll monetise your WordPress blog with advertisements, but other options are.

Here are some effective methods:

Affiliate Marketing:

1. Affiliate Marketing Earnings You get paid if someone buys something after clicking your link.

To create a checking account at your bank, you’d be an affiliate.

It has always a present card or a bonus.

Affiliation schemes for several online products and services exist.


Almost every industry has affiliate programmes (niche).

Begin by considering the items you already use and the ones your readers would love.

Then see if they need an affiliate programme.

The following sites have an unlimited selection of products to promote:




A WordPress plugin like PrettyLinks can help you manage your affiliate links and links.activate-pretty-links

Incorporate links into posts, generate branded links, auto-replace keywords, and track link performance.

Earn Money:

Affiliate marketing allows you to advertise a wide selection of items and earn money quickly.

Affiliates can earn money by recommending products to their friends.

Google AdSense:

2. Google AdSense Plugin Making money from your site is simple with Google AdSense.

Your website only needs a Google script to begin showing advertising.

You’ll be compensated each time a user clicks on your ad.

CPC ads are similar.

What is it?

CPC stands for cost per click.

When you use Google AdSense to display CPC advertising, you get paid every visitor clicks on them.

Advertisers decide the cost per click. (CPM advertising pays for ad views rather than clicks.

“Cost per thousand Impressions.”

In this case, CPM stands for “cost per thousand impressions.”

Starting out online with Google AdSense is an excellent way to generate money.

A Google AdSense replacement?

Consider a large pool of advertisers and substantial compensationGoogle-AdSense Logo

3. Using a WordPress Plugin to Sell Ads Earnings from Google AdSense are limited.

The earnings from each ad click vary.

Selling Banner Ads:

Selling banner ads directly on your website can be more lucrative.

By negotiating the price and terms yourself, you avoid relying on a middleman who takes a commission.

CPC and CPM Advertising:

As stated previously, CPC and CPM advertising is paid per click or per thousand views.

In fact, most bloggers charge a flat amount rather than using one of those methods.

It’s simpler than keeping track of views or clicks.

It’s still more work than using Google AdSense.


That includes negotiating pricing, drafting an agreement and terms of service, and handling billing.

Using a WordPress ad management plugin might simplify the task.

It is recommended for managing both Google AdSense and your own advertisements.


4. Sponsored Blog Posts How to monetize your blog with or without ads?

The material displayed on your site is less controllable with ad networks.

Advertising can upset or insult some readers, and ad blockers limit your earnings.


Sponsorship are another option for monetising a blog.

A sponsorship operates the same way in sports, TV shows, and other fields.

An advertiser pays you to promote and represent their goods.

Audience Demographics:

Help marketers understand your site by creating a one-page media kit that includes your traffic numbers and social media followers.

Then approach businesses to discuss sponsoring opportunities.

It’s essential to know your local rules regarding disclosure when publishing sponsored posts.

FTC’s Endorsement Guides:

Bloggers in the US must follow the FTC’s Endorsement Guides for sponsored posts.FTCs-Endorsement

This includes revealing sponsored posts.

The sponsored post prefix in WordPress can be used for this purpose.

Get Paid to Review Products:

5. Get Paid to Review Products Paid reviews are like sponsored postings.

As stated previously, a review site with affiliate connections has a unique revenue model.

As a result, you can get free product trials and get paid to review them.

Getting sponsored posts can be similar:

Consider reviewing products that are relevant to your audience.

You can ask companies for compensated reviews on your own.

Companies interested in your services can be found on platforms such as PayPerPost.

Making Money by Flipping Websites:

6. Website Flipping for Profit Most people don’t know how to set up WordPress.

Some business owners prefer to acquire pre-built websites for their own ventures.


Then you can sell it and profit from your work.

For this, you need to know how to price and sell websites in demand.Flippa-Workshop image

Auction and brokerage platforms like Flippa help sell websites.

Become a public speaker:

7. Become a public speaker and influencer.

In time, you will gain a solid following if you use your blog to promote your own business.

Get some public speaking employment using your reputation.

Speaking at conferences may be lucrative for many bloggers.

You can promote your blog and personal brand by speaking at events for free.

New Opportunities:

Finding new opportunities requires networking and public speaking skills.

To generate money as a paid public speaker, consider these general guidelines.

• Become an expert. If you lack knowledge or abilities, begin learning immediately.

Social Media:

Continue to market your expertise on the topic via blogging and social media.

• Make your availability known. You can do this publicly or privately.

• It may take some time to find paid public speaking jobs.

Many successful speakers began their public speaking careers at free community events.

Build a Paid Membership Site:

There are many additional ways to make money online besides selling ads or sponsoring content.

Another popular strategy is making your audience pay for materials or portions of your site.

Here are some ideas:

8. Create Members-Only Content.

Your most devoted admirers may be willing to pay to read more of your work in the future.Members-only image

Share more detailed blog entries, downloads, movies, audio, and other stuff with your members-only section.

Premium content for paying members requires a lot of work.

As regular revenue, they can be treasured (subscriptions).

WordPress Membership Plugin:

A WordPress membership plugin makes it simple to set up a site.

The most user-friendly and robust WordPress membership plugin is MemberPress.

You can get started by following our step-by-step guide on creating a WordPress membership site.

Private Discussion Forums:

9. Private Discussion Forums Making a premium membership site is another possibility.

Your viewers can ask questions directly on forums.

Other community members can also interact with and assist one another.

The work involved in moderating a forum is worth the rewards.

To get started, create a forum on your website:

Recommendations for the Top 5 WordPress Forum

10. Plugins Tend to a Q & A community.

Stack Exchange and Quora are big question and answer communities.

They help you create a highly engaged online community.

Building a large community takes time, much like forums.

Affiliate Links:

Then you can monetize it using banner ads, affiliate links, and other methods.

Businesses can directly sponsor and advertise on popular Q&A website.

This helps them get a better deal and extras.

Set up a WordPress Directory Website Creating a directory website is another way to make money with WordPress.WordPress on iPad image

Visitors can then be charged to list on your site.

To help you start, here are some directory suggestions.

Create a Pay-Per-List:

11. Create a Pay-Per-List The days of web directories are gone, but they are still helpful.

Local or specialist web directories might be far more valuable than generic ones.

The best podcasts on a given topic may be listed in a directory.

Using our tutorial, you can easily create a WordPress web directory.

A lot of directories plugins for WordPress allow you to charge for submissions.

Adding Paid Submissions:

Adding Paid Submissions to a WordPress Job Board A paid job board is another option.

Advertisers can pay you to submit a listing for an available position.

A niche job board is easier to build. And so on:

That way, you can become the go-to site for job seekers in that field. This is great for niche blogs.

For example, ProBlogger is famous for its professional blogger job board.

Making a paid job board with WordPress is simple.


12. WooCommerce Paid Listings add-on.

WP Paid Event Submissions Like a job board for events, you may charge businesses to reach your audience.

Paid event calendars are an excellent way to monetise local or niche websites.

Promote Local Events:

Promote local events, industry conferences, webinars, or live streaming.

See our best WordPress event calendar plugins guide for details.

13. WordPress Sells Digital Goods:

You may make money blogging with WordPress by selling your own digital products.

While you must invest time in creating the product, the work required afterwards is minimal to none.

This list includes some digital products you can sell on your website.

eBook Store:

14. WordPress eBook Store eBooks are a natural choice for digital goods.

It’s easy to write and produce them.Man Reading eBook

Your old blog posts could be turned into chapters of a book if you blogged for a while.

Create a PDF:

You can create a PDF of your eBook after writing it.

With a plugin, you can sell digital goods on WordPress.

Easy Digital Downloads:

We recommend Easy Digital Downloads for digital files.

It’s simple to use and has everything you need to start an online store.

15. Online Courses You can also make money online by selling online courses.

Courses are usually much more expensive than eBooks. Expertise can be valued.

Online Courses:

This includes lesson plans, presentations, checklists, templates, and other supporting materials.

A personal touch to your course is optional.

Some websites provide a free version without help and a paid version with email support.

Management System:

Once completed, your course can be delivered using a learning management system (LMS).

For a built-in course builder, use MemberPress.

16. Hosting a Paid Webinar Webinars are a great way to grow your audience and share your knowledge.

Or that they can be used to earn money online?

In contrast to online courses, webinars are interactive and often include Q & A.To ShowQuestions and answers

Hosting a paid webinar on WordPress is simple.

It’s crucial for the success of your webinar, whether you host it or just publicise it.

Selling Services:

Selling services is the quickest way to start making money online quickly.

No upfront product development or inventory investment is required.

Just create a “hire me” page:

Just create a “hire me” page on your website and start looking for clients.

Here are some starter ideas:

Freelance Work:

17. Provide Freelance Work Since you’re a blogger, you’re already a pro.

As a freelancer, you can start earning money today.

Freelancing is popular since it involves no prior time or money investment.

You can simply start serving your existing clientele.

Once you start freelancing, you’ll need a way to bill and collect payments from clients.


Invoicing plugins for WordPress are available, including FreshBooks.FreshBooks Logo Image

Here are the top WordPress tools for freelancers, designers, and developers.

Own Consulting FirmProfit:

Own a Consulting Firm Profit from your knowledge by providing business advice.

Consultants help their clients become more effective by providing advice and strategy.

As with freelancing, there is no start-up investment.

It’s easy to start a consulting business from your existing blog.

Your users can request more information by filling out a form.


WPForms is a simple-to-use tool for creating professional mobile forms.

You could also consider becoming a coach instead of a consultant.

Blog Coach:

A life coach’s goal-setting and life-improvement suggestions Blog coaches, writing coaches, etc.

Coaching sessions can help you help your audience in any area of expertise you may have.

A booking form allows readers to schedule coaching sessions directly from your WordPress blog.

This is saving you time and making things easier for your clients.

Use WordPress to sell physical goods online:

There’s nothing quite like selling physical products to make money online.

Here are some ideas on how to start selling products with WordPress.


18. WooCommerce for eCommerce Do you have a product concept?

Why not open an online shop?

Making a shop is simple with the free WooCommerce plugin.

The work involved in setting up an online store is considerable.

It’s not always easy to sell physical products, but they can be rewarding.

Start an online store with WooCommerce by following our instructions.

WooCommerce alternatives include Shopify and

19. BigCommerce

WordPress Online T-Shirt Storefront WordPress makes it simple to open a t-shirt shop.BigCommerce on Laptop screan

Anyone who wears t-shirts knows that it’s easy to monetise any blog.

It allows you to be creative and offer something unique to your customers.

Printed or Shipped:

It’s simple because you can upload your own designs and have them printed or shipped.

You share the profits.


It’s easy to start a t-shirt shop on WordPress using the WP-Spreadplugin.

A Shopify store with dozens of t-shirt printing companies is a quicker solution.

WooCommerce Dropship Store:

20. Dropshipping WC This method eliminates the need for inventory or shipment.

It’s easy to start a dropshipping store, manage a website, and handle customer service.

However, a dropshipping service will take your orders and ship them to your clients.

Unknown to your customers, they are an invisible third party.

WooCommerce Plugin:

Create a dropshipping store using the WooCommerce plugin.

Unlock the power of automation with the WooCommerce Dropshipping add-on plugin.

Create a WordPress Amazon Affiliate Store:

However, finding a reliable supplier can be difficult, and large orders are sometimes required upfront.

This makes it challenging getting started without a significant initial investment.

21. An Amazon Affiliate store may be set up quickly and easily with no delivery costs.

Like many of the items on this list, it works best to focus.

To compete with Amazon, you must offer everything.

You can stand out in a small niche.

Amazon Affiliate Store:

Complete instructions for setting up an Amazon affiliate store with WordPress.

22. Platform as a Service Many WordPress plugins are complete platforms in themselves.Amazon-Affiliate banner Logo

It is possible to charge for such a service on your blog or e-commerce site.

It’s a way to earn passive income from your website’s visitors without having to sell anything.

Online Market Place:

23. Build an Online Market Place Users can buy and sell products on an online marketplace.

WooCommerce assumes you have a single vendor website.

Multi-vendor Friendly:

To make WooCommerce multi-vendor friendly, you’ll need WC Vendors.

Vendors can then register and begin selling on your site.

Fees on each sale or vendor memberships can earn you money.

Auction Site Users:

Create an Auction Site Users can bid on products to buy them on an auction website.

This allows sellers to make more money and customers to find great deals.


Online auction sites like eBay are probably the best known.

Enable third-party vendors to list their goods on your WordPress website.

It’s possible to earn money by charging for listings or selling items.

Auction Marketplace:

The following WordPress add-ons are required to create an auction marketplace.

• WooCommerce (Wo (for shopping cart and payment functionality).

Multi-vendor add-ons for auctions.

Job Board:

24. A Job Board Website An online employment board allows you to charge each job posting.

Online job marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork are probably the most popular.

Consider marketing your job board as a micro-job platform for bloggers.

A narrow niche can help your venue stand out:

Customers and professionals who can’t use large platforms owing to competition.

You can charge a small fee for job postings or complete jobs.

More jobs completed will bring you more clients and freelancers.


How to create a Fiverr-like website using WordPress.

Be a WordPress Designer or Developer.To show Fiverr Logo on CD Covers

Profit from your technical skills by becoming a WordPress developer or designer.

Although more technical, getting started is not difficult.

Developing WordPress Plugins:

25. Developing WordPress Plugins give WordPress flexibility and power.

They work like apps, extending and customising any aspect of your WordPress site.

Simple code changes to complex software applications are all plugins.

You can make your own WordPress plugin if you know WordPress and PHP.

As a plugin developer, you can distribute your plugins in various ways.

Anyone can submit a free plugin to if they follow the WordPress plugin guidelines.

As a WordPress plugin developer, this is an excellent way to gain experience.

Sell Premium Plugins:

Sell premium plugins on your existing WordPress blog once you’re ready.

Before putting your plugin up for sale, make sure it directly meets a user’s needs.

Ask them questions about their WordPress site, and then create a plugin to fix the issue.

Easy Digital Downloads:

The plugin can then be sold on your site via Easy Digital Downloads.

26WP Themes for Sale If you like web design and development, you may sell WordPress themes.

This necessitates technical and design skills.

You must know how to design for WordPress and code it.

Using a theme framework like Genesis can help.

Next, create a stunning child theme:

27.WP Themes for Sale If you like web design and development, you may sell WordPress themes.Showing a Children theam

Using an eCommerce plugin, you can sell graphics like stock images or logos on your website.

You can sell your pictures on online marketplaces:

28. Accept Donations Finally, you can earn money from your WordPress blog by simply asking for it.

You can accept donations in various ways.

A PayPal or Stripe donation button on your website would be ideal.

WPForms can also design contribution forms that integrate email marketing.


As a result of their limited effectiveness, donations come last on the list.

Giving them something in return is usually more profitable.

WordPress can help you make money by blogging.

WPBeginner has assisted thousands of new bloggers.

We’ve heard it all.

Beginners frequently ask us about blogging for profit:

1. Which of these proven methods is best for me?

It all depends on your interests and the best way to present them on your blog.

A photography blog can incorporate affiliate marketing, paid memberships, and adverts.

Quality Content:

I constantly strive to provide quality content that users will find helpful.

And the money will follow you if you do what you love.

2. Can I earn money by blogging? It all depends on your effort and time investment.

To be honest, many new bloggers quickly lose interest.

Monetisation Methods:

It all depends on the traffic, monetisation methods, and work put in by the blogger.

Blogging can bring in six-figure incomes.

3. How long until I start making money by blogging?

Online earning is not a get-rich-quick scheme:

Anyone claiming otherwise is probably lying.Showing aGet-Rich-Quick-Scheme image

Making money from a blog takes a significant amount of time and effort.

When you start making money, it is impossible to predict.

Some bloggers start earning small amounts right away.

Others have trouble launching their blogs:

On the other hand, those who work hard and follow a plan are more likely to see early success.

Where do I begin?

It’s simple to start a blog with WordPress.

But use the right platform. WordPress is available in two flavours. is a hosted solution, whereas is self-hosted.

Earning Money Immediately:

We suggest because it allows you to start earning money immediately.

To start blogging with, you need a domain name and a hosting web account.

Wealthy Affiliate:

As stated previously, Wealthy Affiliate provides free domain and hosting, as well as expert assistance.

You can upgrade after 7 days or be a free member and only get basic instruction.

You keep your free WordPress website, domain name and hosting.


Regularly priced domains are $14.99/year, and web hosting is $7.99/month.

If you a newbie, this is a lot of money.

Bluehost is an official WordPress hosting provider and one of the world’s largest hosting businesses.

You can now instal WordPress after purchasing web hosting.


Anyone can make money from their WordPress site with effort and perseverance.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, How to Earn Money Blogging Online Useful Hints

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