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  1. Hello Make Money Online Affiliates, Your website is clean and easy to read. I like how explaining step by step what to expect inside wealthy affiliates and how easy it is for you to navigate thru the website. I also like the jump ahead box for people that might be more advance or just seeing what features Wealthy Affiliate has. Nice job 

    1. Thank You, Byron

      I am thrilled that you like my article; I am always striving to find exclusive content for my blog/website.

      This way customers are happy and will return to my site.

      I thank you once more


  2. I like how you hit the ground running Elke, immediately pointing to the tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides to every subscriber as evidence that the platform can work for anyone who has the grain of an idea and the motivation to get started.

    The list of best niches of the twenty-first century is enlightening as well and seems to be populated by the arenas where online or mail order shopping has been established since the early part of the twentieth century with the likes of the Sears or Montgomery Ward catalogs.

    Do you think less known of or established niches can succeed in the same way or should a person play it safe when deciding what niche to promote?

    1. Thank You, Joseph, for Your Comment.

      Yes, I do think that less popular niches can still be a frontrunner. It all depends on how you find and create content, get your Keywords right, and don’t forget your SEO.

      Once you have done all that, there is no reason why Google should not find you and rank you Number 1.

      Regarding the customers – there are always people out there who just want what you are selling.

      Never give up, and you will be a success.