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Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review Now Including 4 Pros and 4 Cons

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Updated on September 21, 2023

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review Now Includes 4 Pros and 4 Cons

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The search for safe and long-term online income opportunities has never been greater in the ever-changing digital scene.

Wealthy Affiliate is one program that has been building a name for itself in this field.

However, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction when there are so many divergent assessments and viewpoints available.

So, to help you sort through the hype, here is an in-depth analysis of Wealthy Affiliate, complete with 4 benefits and 4 drawbacks.

This analysis will hopefully shed light on the pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate, so you can make an informed decision.

Since we value openness and candor, we have conducted extensive research into this program in order to provide you with an unbiased evaluation.

The goal of the Wealthy Affiliate program is to help its members build successful internet companies that can be run from the convenience of their own homes.

Especially in the modern era, when telecommuting and internet enterprises are on the rise, it’s an attractive offer.

question mark

But does it deliver what it claims to?

Or is it just another show that promises a lot but doesn’t deliver?

This analysis will examine both the advantages and disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate. We will discuss in detail what makes it unique and what makes it fall short.

Our goal is not to sway your opinion but to provide you with the information you need to reach your own conclusion.

Whether you’re an experienced online entrepreneur looking for new opportunities or a complete newcomer to the path to financial freedom, this evaluation will shed light on whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for you.

Our evaluation of Wealthy Affiliate has been updated to reflect both benefits and negatives, so let’s get right into it.

Due to Wealthy Affiliate’s popularity, I decided to review it.

Anyone can generate money online with the correct tools and community. 

Most concerns are over obsolete training. 


What is Wealthy Affiliate, and how does it work?

Are you tired of the 9-to-5 grind?

Do you dream of financial independence, flexible working hours, and the freedom to work from anywhere in the world?

If you’ve been searching for a legitimate way to make money online, then you’ve probably come across Wealthy Affiliate.

But what exactly is Wealthy Affiliate, and how does it work?

Is it a golden ticket to online riches or just another internet scam?

This blog post aims to answer these questions and more.

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive platform designed to empower individuals like you to create, grow, and manage your online business.

It’s not just a product or service; it’s an all-inclusive environment that offers everything you need to succeed in the digital world.

From training and tools to networking and support, Wealthy Affiliate provides a robust foundation for building a profitable online business.

But how does it work?

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Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to turn your passion into profits.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced marketer, this platform guides you through the process of creating a website, attracting traffic, and earning revenue through affiliate marketing.

It’s a step-by-step journey that transforms your ideas into income.

So who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

It’s for anyone who wants to break free from the traditional employment model and take control of their financial future.

It’s for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build their own business.

It’s for individuals who are willing to learn, put in the effort, and commit to their success.

If you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey towards financial freedom and independence, then Wealthy Affiliate might just be what you’re looking for.

Read on as we delve deeper into this platform and discover how it can help turn your dreams into reality.

Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review: Is it a Scam?

The Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review looks at the program that aims to help people make money online. 

The program is intended to teach participants how to start their own businesses and earn money from home.

2022 Wealthy Affiliates review

I’ll address every argument in favor of and against wealthy affiliates.

I’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide. 

I’ll be clear

I’ve built three websites using Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate helped me all the way.

They guided me step by step, and Support was always available.

Resource: How to write a Perfect Article for Your Affiliate Website Now

Pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate


Overview, ranks 

Affiliate Wealthy ( 

2005 co-founders Kyle Louden and Carson Lim 

Training, tools, and Support for affiliate marketing are provided inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

How much does it Cost? (Breakdown) 

The free membership cost to you is 0.00 Dollars. 

You can keep your Free membership, no questions asked.

1 Month: $19 

The premium is $49/month or $495/year. 

A yearly membership works out to be the cheapest.

Beginner-friendly (who are serious about creating an ethical online business)

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  • No upsells, cheap 
  • Tools included 
  • Webinars and updates weekly 
  • Community helpers 


  • None 
  • Update core training 
  • Boost WA 
  • Influence 


This website offers affiliate marketing tools and a community.

There is no “get-rich-quick” affiliate program here. 

Wealthy Affiliate discusses SEO-friendly content for free monthly traffic.

Resource: How to Improve Your Google Rankings Fast Now – Guide

Make Time Online Score: 91 out of 100


Wealthy Affiliate offers: 


WA offers affiliate marketing tools and training online. 

Core training includes website and content marketing. 

I learned all about Affiliate Marketing from WA and am still learning every day because there is new training added all the time.

Kyle Louden and Carson Lim launched it in 2005. 

Affiliate marketers spotted an opportunity. 

More Features from Wealthy Affiliate

Utilizing the platform’s comprehensive training on various subjects Whether it’s SEO

(search engine optimization), website design, content generation, or affiliate marketing, the platform equips users with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in these areas.

One of the most important things about the tool is that it focuses on making and improving websites.

Users can get advice and help on how to make websites that not only look good but are also good for search engines.

By using the platform’s SEO knowledge, users can make sure that their websites rank higher in search engine results pages, which will bring in more pure traffic and make them more visible online.

As well, the platform offers support for content generation.

With a wide range of training resources available, users can learn how to create compelling and engaging content that resonates with their target audience.

WA ‘s real training courses enable users to create unique and quality content. You can learn to write captivating blog posts.

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What’s more, the platform provides valuable insights into affiliate marketing strategies.

Users can learn how to effectively promote products or services as affiliates and maximize their earning potential through affiliate partnerships.

The comprehensive training on affiliate marketing enables users to understand key concepts such as audience targeting, conversion tracking, and commission optimization.

In summation, this feature-rich platform empowers users by offering training across various subjects, including SEO, website design, content generation, and affiliate marketing.

By utilizing these resources effectively, users can create and optimize their websites while gaining valuable knowledge and skills in digital marketing domains essential for online success.

Since then, it’s added: 

1. Affiliate Marketing 101 

2. SiteBuilder 

3. Domain Exchange 

4. Webhosting (10 websites for premium members) 

5. Keyword: Jaaxy 

6. Training webinars weekly 

7. UGC 

8. 2+ million global members 

9. 24/7/365 Support 

Wealthy Affiliate has everything an affiliate marketer needs. 

Unexpected fees or upsells aren’t significant. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s Price Recap!


Two membership tiers are available. 

The first month is free. 

Premium membership is $19 the first month, then $49/month or $495/year.

The annual membership is the most affordable.

Try it without a credit card. 

That’s why 2 million people joined. 

Left (some just sign up for free and do nothing).

Pro Tip 

From nothing, nothing comes, so it’s all up to you. 

Success requires effort.

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Need premium members? 

I’d say… 


Beginners should attempt internet marketing now.

Free training is helpful, but results take time. 

One month won’t teach you everything. 

Wealthy Affiliate Premium

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Wealthy Affiliate’s most attractive feature

Others provide affiliate marketing training for a fee. 

This is rare. 

Other affiliate programs may have additional fees. 

Good hosting costs $30 per website, whereas substandard hosting costs $70.

Some charge even more.

Autoresponder ($15+/mo) WA’s training eliminates email marketing. 

$10-99/month keyword tool Jaaxy (WA) 

$97/month ClickFunnels Most WA novices should avoid them. 

WA offers $49/month of training. 

You’re probably skeptical.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate legit? 

Will I get rich? Questions

String length

What’s your investment? 

Will you work hard if you follow directions and collaborate?

Your effort depends on you. 

More time means faster outcomes. 

Wealthy Affiliate training is in five steps

1. Pick a hobby or niche

2. Make a webpage 

3. Promote your product/service

4. Visitorize 

5. Pay 

Click on the links for additional information. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Includes

  • Text, video, and live webinars 
  • User-taught (from WA members) 

My Wealthy Affiliate review includes advantages and drawbacks. 

This section focuses on two affiliate training programs. 

Affiliate marketing requires Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC).

Five levels comprise Online Entrepreneur Certification. 

The book covers generating money, volunteering, and content creation.

Resource: How to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully – Wealthy Affiliate

1. Starter level

Also, check out another WA member’s training below.

Resource: Get Rolling Now

Dylan’s “6 Figure Website” instruction covers affiliate marketing. 

2. Bootcamp

Use “Bootcamp” to advertise Wealthy Affiliate. 

Eight Affiliate Marketing Courses are Included

1. Keywords, content, and conversions

2. Start-up  

3. A website’s social worth 

4. Imagine.  

5. Media Branding 

6. Referrals and audience targeting 

7. Search engines, PPC 

8. Scaling PPC 

I’d start elsewhere

The online Entrepreneur Certification course is the best. 

Online money-making

Wealthy Affiliate reviews, promotions, and search engine dominance are common.

Wealthy Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most excellent affiliate networks available online.

You can make money by recommending others.

Wealthy Affiliate commission chart

Who will trust you without proof? 


Are Wealthy Affiliates Profitable? 

  • Affiliates won’t tell you. 
  • Wealthy Affiliates seldom profit. 
  • Many promote it. 
  • Wealthy Affiliate is useless. 
  • Wealthy Affiliate and its community provide money-making opportunities. 

Good question. 

  • According to Wealthy Affiliate’s success stories, affiliate marketing is challenging.
  • The platform is complete. 
  • Your internet company idea looks promising. 
  • Consider how to monetize your website.

Resource: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business A – Z


WA is a genuine company. 

Write search engine-friendly content and monetize it through affiliate marketing. 

get-rich-quick programme

Some affiliates pitch WA as a get-rich-quick program. 

This is far-fetched and not true.

Some call Wealthy Affiliate fraud. 

I have found it to be legit and not a fraud.

Put in the work; otherwise, everything you touch will fail.

A few months without money causes dissatisfaction and blame. 

It can take a while to generate income.

First, your consumers must trust you.

Money comes after creating a brand and acquiring clients’ trust.

Write 200–300 articles…

For each website, write 200–300 articles.

Getting paid might take 3 to 6 months.

It can sometimes take even longer.

SEO (Search Engine optimization) and original content are also important.

It took me three months of weekends and late efforts to make $1. 

Members believe nothing else works but Wealthy Affiliate. 



Use all available tools to evaluate your work.

Don’t make up facts while expressing your opinion. 

Honesty is a must when writing articles.

If you only want to sell, customers will know.

Do they call anything a scam? 


People misinterpreted training. 


Q. Which program is more advanced, Premium Plus or affluent affiliates, and why?

Premium Plus members receive many weekly trainings from WA “Super Affiliates.”

Jaaxy, a decent keyword tool, is available to Wealthy Affiliate members.

Q. What exactly is involved in the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp?

Wealthy Affiliate helps you build a website, sell items, and earn a percentage for each transaction. 

Two fundamental training tracks exist. 

Affiliate Bootcamp claims to educate individuals on how to build Wealthy Affiliate websites.


Screenshot 2023 09 21 at 16.37.45

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t require upfront payments, which I enjoy. 

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free to see whether it’s right.

Learn affiliate marketing with a free membership.

Upgrade to a premium membership if you like. 

I promise you will.

If you don’t upgrade, it’s free forever.

Another great thing is that no credit card is required.

Is a wealthy affiliate a scam? 

Decide for yourself!

I hope my article was helpful.

Please comment and ask questions in the space below.

Thank You For Stopping By

Elke Robins

Till Next Time



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  1. Wealthy Affiliate does provide very good affiliate marketing training, although some of the training modules are outdated.

    But please help me out as I am confused. You say you joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2021. Under the Jaaxy Keyword research, you mention that when you started at the end of 2018, there was no affiliate marketplace, but what do you mean by that? You mean for promoting or for training? Or something else?

    Thanks for sharing you honest review. 

    1. I did have problems finding products to promote. I did try a lot of affiliate programs until I found WA. I found WA by change and was very pleased of what they had to offer. I used to upload YouTube shorts and did not make any money. When I found WA I was so excited that they had and Affiliate program. I was also very happy with the training they offer. I have learned so much in a short period of time I would have never learned on my own. I now promote WA and stoped looking somewhere else for affiliate programs.