Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2022 Review

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Consider  joining  one of today’s leading Affiliate Marketing Programmes

Consider joining one or more of the top affiliate marketing programmes listed below.

It splits them into three categories:

Affiliate Marketplaces

eCommerce Products

Service-Based Businesses

Online marketplaces where affiliates may offer their items and services.

Affiliate markets enable you to earn money by recommending other merchants’ products and services.

You should likely be a member of a few distinct affiliate marketplaces because they are pretty adaptable.


Is a service that allows you to share sales with other people.

This platform, which has been running for 20 years, has around 3,900 merchants.

You’ll make money based on the things you offer and the merchants you work with.

The second option, ClickBank, is an excellent one.

ShareASale advertisement

More than two decades have passed since ClickBank launched its affiliate programme.

Affiliates have earned almost $4.2 billion in commissions.

You may make up to 90% commission on goods from a list of over 4,000.

MaxBounty is a third-place Finisher

A new affiliate programme rewards high-converting products and campaigns.

Payments are also made regularly by them.

Products available on the internet

You may sell these eCommerce brands and items online while earning a substantial profit.

Affiliate Program with, Inc.

While it is true that Amazon only pays up to 10% commission on its merchandise.

The variety of products available on their marketplace is remarkable.

Amazon Logo

Amazon Associates is a programme that every affiliate marketer should be a part of.

Partner Programs with eBay

eBay has 1.4 billion postings and 183 million buyers in December 2010.

eBay Inc. owns eBay.

Join one of the world’s top eCommerce companies’ affiliate programmes.

Set a Goal for Yourself

Besides Target, a huge internet corporation pays up to 8% commission on sales.

That’s not a particularly big commission.

carton on a ladder climbing to the Goal sign

Still, Target has a large variety of products to market, which is enticing.

Organizations that provide services.

Affiliate programmes are available for an online software as a service (SaaS) enterprise.

Many of them provide commissions that are recurrent in nature.


is a software application that allows you to create sales funnels in minutes.

Affiliates at ClickFunnels may earn up to 40% recurring commissions on every sale they make.

Books, subscriptions, and even our challenges are all available for purchase through our website.

For a month, the One Funnel Away Challenge shows you how to become a successful affiliate marketer.


Carrot, is a SaaS firm that develops websites for real estate investors and brokers.

Your efforts bring in clients worth 25% in recurring commissions.


Is a robust website hosting platform and domain search engine for WordPress websites?

You will be paid $65 if a qualifying sign-up occurs.


Is an Email Service Provider that helps businesses contact large audiences via email.

You may earn a 30% commission on each new user you refer to their service.


With a vast number of various software solutions, HubSpot is a significant marketing firm.

They have CRMs, chatbots, email marketing tools, and more.

By referring to a HubSpot product, you may earn up to $1,000.


Based on over a decade of expertise in email marketing, AWeber is trusted.

Aweber Image

Each month, they provide payments to their affiliates in the amount of 30% recurring commission.


SEO, PPC, and social media management are among SEMRush’s numerous services.

Through their affiliate programme, you may earn up to 40% in recurring commissions.


A massive marketplace for freelancers and customers to meet and collaborate on projects

Fiverr is a favourite for both. Join their affiliate programme and earn up to 30% commission.

Constant Contact is a company that provides email marketing services to businesses.

Among the email marketing service providers is Constant Contact, which is also based in the U.S.

Affiliate Programme

For their affiliate programme, you must submit an application to be accepted.

Once the application has been accepted, you will receive $5 for each person who signs up.

One free trial and $105 for each person who pays for a new account.

Coursera is a free online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses.

Online education and learning portal Coursera has over a million monthly students.

Anybody may buy courses online on almost any subject… Become an affiliate and earn up to 45%.

Assisting in the sale of systems on their website (you can select from over 4,000).

The ability to Teach

It was just a matter of time until someone created a tool to help people create online courses.

Those are the terms used by Teachable.

And you can make money by promoting Teachable as an affiliate, earning up to 30% of the sale.

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Guide to Affiliate Marketing for 2022 Review