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How To Find a Job in a Bad Economy to Successfully 17 Points

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Updated on August 26, 2023

Find a Job in a Bad Economy to Successfully Complete 17 Points

Welcome to my website. It’s nice to have you.

I will discuss the Wealthy Affiliate Platform today. 

Wealthy Affiliate lets you make money in any economy.

This is how I found Wealthy Affiliate.

I listened to an eBook, Wealthy Affiliates, which was suggested. 

The following day, I looked it up and was impressed. 

This allowed me to earn extra money from home. 

It is the best job-search tactic during a recession or bad economy.

Yes, people succeed and fail online. 

Differentiate them. 

Today, a specific mentality, information, and skills are needed. 

Everyone makes mistakes and has weaknesses.

Mastermind, a supportive community, are needed.

This is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Resource: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2022 Review

1. Does Wealthy Affiliate have these features? 

wealthy-affiliate-banner Successful

Examine this platform. 

My Wealthy Affiliate article is balanced yet critical where necessary.

Finally, WA members’ success stories. 

This WA review won’t be a sales pitch. 

I have nothing to hide. 

I’ll evaluate if this platform Successfully fits your online business.

I’m sure you’ll dislike some portions, but you’ll be impressed. 

Free 7-day trial. 

2. No card is required 

The primary account includes ten classes on niche selection. 

It also provides website building, content creation, and keyword research.

3. Three options after a week: 

1. Pay $49/month (or $495/year) for Premium and use this site completely. 

2.200+ Expert Classes per year have replaced 52 Live classes. 

3. Keep your Starter account; you may still access WA and work on WordPress. 


Stay with the Free Account if you are struggling in a Bad Economy

Please read and post the questions below. 

I’ll explain Wealthy Affiliates, and you’ll have a high-ranking website. 

You can establish your own SEO firm or work for others.

Resource: The Ultimate SEO Checklist – Best Practices Now Guide

4. Let’s start with local.

kyle-and-carson Wealthy Affiliate

Joining the best A successful internet business requires help. 

The founders, Kyle Loudon and Caron Lim, launched Wealthy Affiliate in 2005.

They help others prosper while profiting from affiliate sales.

Wealthy Affiliate has 1 million members. 

The platform helps others online. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s community is great. 

24/7, global users are online. 

They have a 24/7/365 Support Team for website issues.

Most members’ attitudes surprised me. 

They are accommodating and always there to help. 

Partially social platform.

Resource: Write Articles in minutes, not Hours or days, with the affordable

5. Bloggers post questions 

  • There are many internet discussions (not always related to online marketing).
  • This is another excellent resource. 
  • You follow people to see their posts and questions.
  • You can send a personal note. 
  • There is a helpful community. 
  • I had to search elsewhere to develop my website. 
  • I searched for hours. 
  • You can also search for Wealthy Affiliate. 
  • Without asking, you can read linked blogs and responses.
  • Many club members are Wealthy Affiliate veterans. 

6. World Citizens

  • Members speak many languages.
  • They’ve done well. 
  • Communicative English is needed. 
  • Blogs and product reviews are like talking to friends. 
  • You may also solicit input. 
  • If you ask, random site visitors will comment.
  • In my experience, they’re all objective.

WA will help you build a Successful online business with all the members for support.

7. Better than criticism? 

Develop yourself. Community power. 

Here’s a look at Wealthy Affiliate: Questions 
  • Affiliate marketing online courses 
  • Online instruction is top-notch. 
  • Affiliate marketing explained. 
  • Other sources are available. 
  • Many Wealthy Affiliate members do that. 
  • They blog openly about their knowledge. 
  • Wealthy Affiliate offers two training modules. 
  • 52 Live classes each year (every Friday, Jay is ready with his webinar). 
  • You can replay them. 

This is heaven-sent in a Bad Economy; you don’t have to lay out any money and still earn.

8. Online Entrepreneur Certification is critical. 

Five tiers. Levels have ten lessons. 

Classes guide you through building a business in any niche. 

The training structure won’t bore you. 

9. Important Goals: 

  • Niche-selection 
  • Website Setup 
  • Keyphrases 
  • Keyword-rich content. 
  • Crash 

10. Why read your content? 

  • Bing and Yahoo have 33% Question-Mark Bad Economy
  • Making a long-term plan 
  • The second training is Affiliate Bootcamp. 
  • Each level of this training has ten lessons. 
  • Affiliate Bootcamp helps you launch a Wealthy Affiliate business. 

11. Affiliate Bootcamp’s Goals 

  • SEO-Ready Website 
  • Using targeted keywords and converting content 
  • Affiliate Networks & Programs 
  • Social branding 
  • Effort vs. waste 
  • Videomaking 
  • Customer Focus 
  • Understanding AdWords 
  • Long-term, scalable PPC 
  • Wealthy Affiliate Live Events are significant. 
  • Jay’s shoulder is seen.
  • Jay handles WA training. 
  • Live training is excellent. 

Consider Jay, a Live Video Training Coach, and his one-minute online tutorial video.

Resource: Build an Affiliate Marketing Business with Wealthy Affiliate – Review

12. Training resumes


Each webinar lasts over an hour, even if planned for 60 minutes. 

Always another 10–15 minutes. 

Each webinar has a Q&A, so attendees may get answers promptly.

13. Subjects include: 

  • SEO to boost rankings 
  • WordPress themes 
  • Vimeo (Ranking, Producing Video, Streaming, Advertising on YouTube) 
  • (Introduction, Tracking) 
  • Researching the 2019 SEO Checklist 
  • Teleconferences (if you are familiar with WordPress and what is happening online).
  • Also, website feedback. 
  • Jay critiques your website every four months. 
  • You can use Jay’s input on another website if yours isn’t chosen. 
  • Our mistakes often overlap. 
  • Seeing how a pro audits a site is essential. 
  • I could talk about training forever. 
  • The platform includes information on training. 
  • Just enter your email address. 
  • Also, going 7-day access only. 

14. What happens after one week?

  • After a week, you can keep your account (a Starter membership), but you can’t use the site. 
  • The only level above basic is Premium. 
  • Premium (or Premium+) is required to continue. 
  • Through this link, your first month is $19 
  • Monthly, yearly, or six-month payments are available. 
  • Premium users can share training. 
  • Training complexity earns you credit. 
  • This credit can be cashed out or used to buy a membership.
  • This is absolutely optional; no one has money in a Bad Economy.
  • No one will push you to go Premium

Resource: How much money can you make with Affiliate Marketing – Review

15. Let’s Look at the Pros – Wealthy Affiliate

  • Instruction that is satisfactory on the principles of Affiliate marketing
  • 7/24/365 Support 
  • Dedicated Community to help you
  • Talk straight to the owner of WA

16. Let’s Look at the Cons: Wealthy Affiliate

  • Once you pay, there are no refunds. 
  • Many people struggle to choose a specialization and need Support.
  • Instead of finding a theme, they promote Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Chatting, question-asking, video-posting, and question-answering are confusing.
  • Some training videos are six years old. 
  • Google is constantly changing. 
  • Google’s rankings from 6 years ago may not be relevant now.

 17. Affiliate Lab builds backlinks

WA emphasizes organic backlinks (Google’s requirements).

The Authority Site System (TASS) is another option.

Before spending $1000 on advanced courses, join WA. 

They’ll train you to start an affiliate marketing business. 

You’ll learn WordPress, keywords, and more.

My Wealthy Affiliate review is complete. 

Please post questions or comments below.


I’m new and need help to afford the products.
Q: Can Wealthy Affiliate help me establish an internet business?

Wealthy Affiliate helps people like you.

Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM.


Wealthy Affiliate teaches online company creation.

Like offline businesses, online businesses have no start-up costs.

You don’t need money to join Wealthy Affiliate Starter.

Starter Accounts will guide you through everything you need.

Moreover. Wealthy Affiliate members will help you develop a solid online business foundation.

Q: I’m a college student who needs internet marketing expertise.
Is Wealthy Affiliate helpful?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by two college students, Kyle and Carson.

Moreover, They were inexperienced.

Wealthy Affiliate exists to train, equip, and assist people like you.

Everything is needed to start a successful internet campaign.

Q: I don’t write blogs, have a speciality, or have a business.
Wealthy Affiliate? How would I earn?

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Encouragement: Many have joined Wealthy Affiliate, and Listen—they had no business, couldn’t write blogs, and didn’t know their speciality or hobbies.

They now have an internet business, a speciality, and writing skills.

With practice, we can improve on many things. You can master any skill.

Wealthy Affiliate is created to guide you. 

Your interest isn’t niche… You prefer learning and helping.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you utilise these things.

Starting from scratch means you know little. 

However, as you practise and engage with other Wealthy Affiliate members, your knowledge base expands, and you identify your specialisation.

You will also learn to write blog posts and articles and start an internet company.

Don’t give up. 

King stated, “Take the first step in trust.”

Just take the first step.

That’s why I endorse Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Starter membership.

Opportunity with Wealthy Affiliate

To help you in a bad economy, check this out.

Chance of earning a commission.

Free WordPress, Domain Name and Support.

Basic Training is included.

Visit the website to learn how to build an online business.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate Now.

To Credit Card Needed  absolutely $0.00 Cost to You



In conclusion, Wealthy Affiliate is legit. 

No scam, MLM, pyramid scheme, or other deception is evident. 

It’s a recognised training company for affiliate marketers.

The company’s success tales are verifiable. 

WA offers affiliate websites. Keyword, website, and affiliate tools exist.

You don’t have to quit until you make money online.

Take a Wealthy Affiliate course once your website makes money.

Elke Robins

This is the best approach in a bad economy.

I hope my article was helpful Please share if you don’t mind.

Thanks for Stopping By

Till the next time



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