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Need additional cash?

We have 40 methods to make money.

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Making additional money or simply making the most of your time?

You can start a side hustle in ten minutes if you have a weekend job or need extra help.

Finding part-time work or starting a side business to augment your income isn’t simple.

Have a blast! Having a healthy work/life balance is crucial, as are family and friends.

To appreciate life and the people you love, take time away from establishing a second career.

Don’t compete with the first job:

Think carefully about whether you’ll compete with your current company if you see a business opportunity.

Exiting the firm is often prohibited under non-compete provisions.

Check your contract or consult your HR Manager if unsure.

Adding a second business, a gig in the sharing economy or more hours at your current job to your full-time schedule will be challenging.

Except that it will be challenging at times. Image/Poster Comfort Zone

Congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone.

Keep your primary job:

Mainly from your full-time employment.

Don’t let your shiny new second job overshadow your primary one!

40 Methods to earn extra money

1. Car hire 

Do you have an automobile that spends most of its time parked?

When you aren’t using it, Car Next Door lets you rent it out to locals for a fee.

Upon booking, drivers are subject to an ID and credit check.

To list your automobile, simply use the app or the website, and it’s done in seconds.

Andy gained $40,000 by selling his unused vehicle on CarNextDoor.

Renting your automobile is a terrific method to balance car ownership costs and save money on car maintenance.

Corcoran, Andy Find out more about automobile rentals. Join focus groups.

2. Market research:

Firms pay you to participate in focus groups for their clients.

You may perform focus groups online or over the phone while lounging on your sofa and earn $50-$100 each session.

You may sign up for possibilities like Askable or Paid Focus Groups.

3. Sell Unwanted Things:

Sell your extras Unwanted things worth over $5,000 are estimated to be in 89 per cent of Australian households.

Selling unwanted items has never been easier, thanks to sites like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay.eBay Image

It is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

4. Pre-loved items selling advice:

Indicate any damage or indications of wear in your description.

Pose your item in numerous angles for the highest possibility of selling it.

Consider other comparable things and strive to be competitive with your pricing.

Always reply quickly to messages from potential buyers.

Give hungry individuals burgers.

Bicycle, vehicle, or scooter may be used for Ubereats, Deliveroo or Menulog deliveries.

5. Work when and how much you want:

Evenings are popular for meal delivery because most people aren’t working.

Become a mobile courier Become an on-demand courier on Zoom2u.

It’s possible to distribute products across Australia by bike or automobile.

Registration allows you to get job alerts.

Except those that work for you, deliver the packages, and be compensated.

6. Become a Shopper:

The most fabulous weekend job ever for a shopper!

Mystery shoppers visit various stores and report to the firm on their experience.

If you’re selected, you’ll be required to submit a report about your experience within 24 hours.

Contact Retail Mystery Shopping Australia or The Realise Group for a mystery shopping job.

Before being accepted and offered opportunities, you may be contacted for a short phone interview.

Even though it isn’t a formal job, it can help supplement your income.

7. Paid Website Search:

It’s common for companies to ask regular people to test new features or websites and give feedback.

You decide how much and when to do it.

Get notified when new jobs are posted on User Testing!

For every 20 minutes of testing, you’ll be paid $10USD.

Spending $20 on Instagram isn’t a great use of time, but it is!

8. Hand out Fliers:

Many companies and events need volunteers to hand out flyers or deliver letters.

Outdoors for several hours in various weather conditions.People handing out fliers

It’s flexible, so you may pick and choose tasks that suit your schedule.

Face-to-face flyering requires courtesy and enthusiasm for the product or event.

You’ll get paid either per hour or per flyer distributed.

It’s not the most thrilling task, but it’s feasible.

Job postings on Seek, Gumtree, and Airtasker sometimes have flyer distributor openings.

10. Co-habitat:

Co-habitat It’s easy to post a spare room or granny flat on Airbnb, Stayz, or Homestay.

Savings might assist cover rent or mortgage expenses.

Verify with your landlord if you are renting or consult your real estate agent first.

Get started by writing a description and uploading images of your home.

You choose your rates and availability.

It takes time to answer visitors’ questions, checks them in and out, and clean the property after each booking.

If you enjoy meeting new people, doing laundry, and doing some admin, sharing your apartment is a great idea.

Lend out your spare room. Don’t utilise your garage or parking space?

A neighbour in need of space might use Spacer to rent a spare closet, room, shed, or attic space from you.

11. Rent out your Backyard:

Rent out your backyard or land to holidaymakers with You camp.

Or you might ask guests to be self-sufficient.Backyard with furniture

Lovely, safe camping space is all that is required, as many caravans have restrooms.

Market work Volunteers are needed to help set up, sell, and pack up weekend markets.

You’ll need to be polite and excellent with customers for this job.

Try Gumtree or Air tasker to find stall holder employment.

12. Becoming a barista Baristas

Barista training Baristas that can make the ideal flat white will always be in demand in Australia.

Many cafés need extra help on Saturdays and Sundays because of the high weekend traffic.

Find out if any nearby cafes need help from baristas who already have abilities or are willing to learn.

However, most cafés prefer staff who are familiar with commercial coffee machines.

Beginner barista courses cost between $100 and $150.

It’ll be money well spent if you get a weekend job!

Find local barista lessons on Class Bento or Coffee School.

13. Pet strolling Dog:

Pet strolling Dog walking is a terrific way to earn extra money by paying more for extra exercise.

Not to mention adorable pups!

To advertise your services, post a Gumtree ad or join MadPaws.

Professional dog walkers start at $20 per Dog per hour.

14. Etsy Crafting:

Etsy crafting Making money from your pastime is easy with an Etsy business.

Simply photograph your items, add descriptions, and create an Etsy store.

Your sales proceeds will be transferred directly into your bank account by Etsy.

The basic plan has no monthly subscription but charges a listing fee of roughly 30c per item.

You pay a 5% transaction charge and 3-4% payment processing cost when you sell on Etsy.

Having additional items will always help you sell more and attract repeat customers.

Success requires writing descriptive descriptions that represent your enthusiasm and effort.

Make a connection with buyers by sharing your story.
Picture of Campervan

Those who own a caravan or RV know how much they cost to buy, maintain, and utilise.

Your caravan may be rented out on Camplify while you aren’t travelling.

It’s a win-win situation for you and your neighbour!

15. Join Airtasker:

Join Airtasker Everyday tasks on Airtasker pay well.

Helping your neighbours with chores like cleaning, gardening, cooking, and photography can be enjoyable.

Make an offer once you’ve created a profile and explore available assignments.

The money is directly into your bank account by Airtasker after a task is completed.

16. Promote your brand:

Promote your brand Enjoy a free fresh soft drink or a snack bar while walking down the street.

A brand ambassador is a person who represents a company’s image.

Associating with as many people as possible can be exhausting labour.

Brands want cheerful people that can instantly connect with strangers.

This might be a pleasant few hours of work if you love meeting new people!

17. Become a Wedding Band Member:

Become a wedding band member Look for places in current wedding bands to sing or play an instrument.

Weddings are usually on weekends, making this a flexible profession. Wedding Band Member

It’s easier to join an established band than to start from scratch.

Ask around among your muso buddies or look on Gumtree for bands in need of your expertise.

Attending a wedding or dancing audition is a terrific idea.

18. Translator:

Translator Consider working as a translator if you speak a second language.

It’s flexible, as you may work from home regularly.

A company or public agency may need you to translate flyers or website material.

You might become an excellent translator by specialising in medical or legal language.

Using your language and specialised talents to translate is a terrific method to earn more money.

On-call or the Australian Government’s Translating and Interpreting Service are other options.

Gengo and Unable are translation services that you can register with to get job alerts.

19. Nanny or Sitter:

Nanny or sitter A babysitter or nanny is in high demand.

An occasional job or frequent labour with the same family.

Take your kids to after-school activities or simply sit with them while their parents are gone.

A service like a sitter makes it easy to publicise your services.

You’ll require a Working with Children Check, a First Aid Certificate, and a photo ID.

Parental requests for work may be made using the app after creating your profile.

Then, after the project is finished, you’ll get paid directly into your bank account.

20. Charities:

Charities routinely ask people to phone or speak to passers-by to increase donations…

In most cases, this is part-time work with variable hours.Helping Hand

You must be enthusiastic, pleasant, and instantly engage with potential contributors.

Being a fundraiser for a cause you believe in is one of the most satisfying jobs on our list.

Job boards like Seek and Ethical Positions post fundraising jobs.

21. Day Worker:

Everywhere you look in Australia, there are cranes.

In most cases, day labourers are hired casually, allowing them to pick and choose their own shifts.

Look for work as a labourer on internet job boards like Seek.

These jobs pay well if you have specific expertise.

22. IT Trainer:

Plenty of employment for IT trainers with basic computer skills for retirees and non-techies.

Many seniors want to learn more about technology to stay connected with family and friends.

Contact a Melbourne firm like ReadyTechGo or create an online course on Udemy or Skillshare.

Because many gas stations are open 24 hours, weekend and night jobs are plentiful.

23. Taking a midnight job:

Taking a midnight job requires exceptional customer service skills and independence.

Plus, most of these jobs are informal, allowing you to choose your hours. Look for job openings on Seek.

Steward Work for your favourite sports team and get rewarded!

Soak up the environment instead of watching (and get paid while doing it).

24. Work at Sporting Events:

Once you’ve established yourself with a venue, work at sporting events, concerts, and other events is probable.

Roles can be done over the weekend or at night and pay well.Crowd at sporting event

For job openings, visit the website of a nearby big stadium or arena.

Be a role model Embrace your uniqueness – and we all do!

25. Life Drawing Models:

Life drawing models are needed in many art courses.

They may require you to work as a naked model, so be sure you’re up for the challenge.

The art students aren’t there to assess your looks, so don’t worry about having an athletic figure.

Assembled by artists, you’ll need to pose in front of them.

No one will touch you, and only students and teachers will be present.

Be prepared to pose for up to a half-day in the same posture for up to 20-30 minutes.

In lieu of job boards, apply directly to reputable art colleges for live modelling work.

You may be required to audition, but no prior experience or skills are needed to begin work.

26. Film Work:

Film work This job is for movie buffs.

Many cinemas provide free or highly discounted tickets to employees.

Moviegoers love the weekends and evenings, so you should have no problem finding work.

This desired position may be seen on each cinema’s website.

27. Photographer at Weddings:

Photographer at Marriage/Weddings is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Good photography reputation will keep you occupied!Wedding Photo of a couple

You’ll need excellent photography and editing abilities to take images in any setting.

If you already have knowledge and equipment, list it on wedding directories like Easy Weddings or Washed.

While creating your portfolio, you may need to give discounts or work for friends and family, but once established, you may charge more.

Contact renowned wedding photographers to see if they need an assistant.

You won’t make much money, but you’ll gain valuable experience and learn from a pro.

28. Tutoring:

A tutor is needed for children of different ages, from kindergarten to college.

Remember that many parents and students will want to hear if you did well on the topic.

And having access to other resources that the student may not know helps.

To find work nearby, you might join up with a tutoring service.

Find out if any tutoring agencies in your city are hiring new tutors.

You may also market yourself on sites like Gumtree or school or university publications.

How to grow succulents Right now, succulents are trendy.

Who doesn’t love a spiky plant in a mason jar?

29. Selling Succulents:

Planting and selling succulents on Facebook Marketplace or Etsy is simple.

Purchase a couple of succulent plants from your local nursery to begin.Picture of Succulents

Once established, grow succulents from cuttings to create an unending supply.

To sell them, plant them separately in tiny jars or pots (the more rustic, the better!) or in a terrarium.

30. Educate a group Do you have a specific talent or interest?

A class at your local community centre or library is possible with your local council.

Your lessons can range from painting to yoga, computer skills, language learning, and cuisine.

More time? Prepare an online course for Udemy or Skillshare.

With a class, you’re paid every time someone registers.

From creative writing to SEO, you can teach anything you want.

Face Painting Ideas Book a market or event booth before painting famous patterns like Spiderman and butterflies.

A park may be available if there is no nearby market.

The ability to interact with both children and adults is required.

Profit from the day’s activities by charging a few dollars per child.

31. Cleaners for hire:

Cleaners for hire A mobile cleaning business requires only a bucket, mop, and vacuum.

This is a low-cost way to start a business.Picture of Cleaner for Hire

Quick cleaning jobs on Airtasker are great for getting repeat clients if you do a good job.

Finding work shouldn’t be difficult after a few jobs and good reviews.

32. Work on the Farm:

Farm work Working on a farm or harvesting fruit is physically and mentally taxing.

A good weekend job with no customer service skills required.

Farm work is seasonal, so you’ll need to plan and look for jobs well before the summer.

Vacancies can be found on sites like Harvest Trail and Fruit Picking Jobs.

33. Sell your homemade treats and meals:

People who desire good cuisine but can’t cook it suddenly have a market.

Locals can order your food or services online through FoodSt.com.

To sell your home-baked cakes or biscuits, approach local cafes.

Making frequent delivery to restaurants simplifies scheduling and maximises earnings.

Home-based food businesses require a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate and kitchens that fulfil Food Standards Code standards.

34. Be a Bartender:

Be a bartender Bars are the busiest on Friday and Saturday nights.

The opportunity to earn extra money while still enjoying the nightlife!Picture of Bartender

On sites like Seek, bartender jobs are advertised with no experience required.

Also, you’ll need a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate.

35. Tour your City:

Tour your city with visitors Want to show off your city’s hidden gems to visitors?

Find work as a tour guide on Seek or start your own business if you have a speciality.

Most tour guides either charge a flat fee upfront or ask for a tip at the end of the tour.

You can specialise in street art, chocolate, architecture, or nature tours.

When you’re ready to go, you can schedule tours around your schedule.

36. Assist with Language:

Assist with language exchange Speaking practice is a crucial part of learning a second language.

Understanding idioms and slight pronunciation problems are important for native or fluent speakers.

A few hours of conversation with a language student will help them improve their spoken skills.

Many schools, universities, and language schools seek native speakers.

It can be done after work or on weekends if it’s an adult language school.

Post your resume on sites like Seek or Gumtree and apply for language assistant jobs.

37. Become a house sitter expert:

You stay at someone’s house and water their plants and pets while they are away.

You may be paid per day or receive free lodging in some cases.

Then you can stop paying rent and live in your own home.

Create a profile on sites like MadPaws, Mind A Home, or Trusted House Sitters to get started.

38. Make use of your Social Media Skills:

It is said that 10,000 hours are required to master a craft.

How long did you spend practising social media?

Social media consultants can help small companies reach and interact with their target populations.

After a while, you’ll be able to pick and choose your jobs and work schedule.

Offer free or reduced services to friends who own or manage small companies.

To improve your social media skills as a professional, consider training.

Local and online social media training is available for a few hundred dollars from The Digital Picnic.

Until you have a lot of experience, some training might provide you a competitive edge.

Your services can be advertised once you have a few clients and testimonials.

39. Become a sports coach:

You could be a private sports coach for students or adults who want to improve their sports skills.

Working with children needs a valid state check, and certain sports require certification (such as swimming).

However, prior success in the sport should speak for itself.

Register with a service like Coachable, Playbook, or FindMyCoach to advertise your services.

40. Be a Transcriptionist:

As a transcriptionist, you’ll use your typing muscles.

People to type up interviews focus groups, and market research sessions are in demand.

This work can be done from anywhere, at any time, if you meet the deadline.

Nothing but a willingness to learn and work hard will do.

You must pass a language and grammar exam and finish a brief sample work before applying for transcribing employment.

You can also earn more money if you know another language.

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    • Thank you for your comment. 

      This is the information you ask for; To become a teacher in Australia, you need a bachelor’s degree. 

      An early childhood or primary school teacher, and in some cases, a secondary teacher (depending on where you studied).

      There is also another option You can become a Teachers Aid and this is what you have to do to become one.

      It is recommended that you complete the CHC40221 Certificate IV in School-Based Education Support before applying for a teacher aide job in NSW. 

      Pictured: A final-year ITAC student completes her 100-hour internship.

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