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  1. Daniel Tshiyole says:

    I heard that another way to make money in Australia is through teaching. I do not know how true this is so could you please enlighten me. I have always wanted to go to Australia. It seems like a really peaceful country and a nice place to visit. I will be sure to share this article. 

    1. Thank you for your comment. 

      This is the information you ask for; To become a teacher in Australia, you need a bachelor’s degree. 

      An early childhood or primary school teacher, and in some cases, a secondary teacher (depending on where you studied).

      There is also another option You can become a Teachers Aid and this is what you have to do to become one.

      It is recommended that you complete the CHC40221 Certificate IV in School-Based Education Support before applying for a teacher aide job in NSW. 

      Pictured: A final-year ITAC student completes her 100-hour internship.

      I hope this will help you. 


  2. This list of making money easy, very helpful. I love pets, so going to check into dog walking. The second one is research, love researching and learning about different things. The most valuable one is personal shopper, help seniors by doing their shopping for them, they will be very grateful. I am going to bookmark and share your list with my social followers. 

    1. Thank you for commenting 

      I love pets myself and thinking to do that in the new year (walking dogs)

      There are lots opportunities in Australia to make a quick buck. 

      It can be very rewarding work helping others.


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