41 Ways to Make Money in Australia Successfully

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Updated on 18  Nov. 2022

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Today I bring you – 41 Ways to Make Money in Australia successfully.

Not all Jobs involve using a computer…

First Method

There are several ways to earn money in Australia, but not all involve using a computer.

This post will look at more conventional ways to generate cash without using a computer.

The first method is to perform general work.

Most anyone can accomplish this, and it does not need any special abilities.

You just need to work hard and be on time.

Second Method

The second method is to sell items online.

This may appear to necessitate the use of a computer, but several sites allow you to sell stuff without using a computer.

Simply establish an account on the site and post your property for sale in the classifieds or marketplace sections.

Freelancer is the Third Approach

Working from home as an independent contractor or freelancer is the third approach to generating money without a machine.

This alternative necessitates more talent than the other two but also offers higher profit potential.

Here are 41 money-making strategies.

You do not always need a computer to earn an Income.

Let’s Start now!

Making money or Maximising Time?



Need Additional Money? 

Start a side hustle in 10 minutes; think again.

Part-time work and side hustles are challenging to find.

Enjoy! Family and friends are essential for work/life balance.

Resource: Why you should consider becoming an Affiliate Marketer Now

Pro Tip

Take time off to enjoy life and your loved ones.

Don’t take the first job.

If possible, compete with your current company.

Non-compete clauses prevent leaving the business.

If unclear, ask your contract or HR Manager.

Second, businesses, sharing economy jobs, and overtime are complex.

Except it’ll be difficult.

You’ve left your comfort zone.

Your main Job:

Mainly from work

Your second employment shouldn’t overwhelm your first.

41 extra-money ideas

1. Car Rental

Do you have a Parked Car?

Car RentalsCar Next Door will rent it to locals when you’re not using your car.

Drivers’ IDs and credit are checked upon booking.

Use the app or website to list your car in seconds.

Andy made $40,000 with CarNextDoor.

Renting your car might save car ownership and maintenance expenditures.

Andy Corcoran researches car rentals. Focus-group up.

Resource: How to Effectively Earn Income with Affiliate Marketing

2. Surveys

Focus groups for clients pay you.

Online or phone focus groups might earn $50-$100 each session.

Askable and Paid Focus Groups are options.

3. Unwanted Items

Unwanted Items89% of Australian families have $5,000 in unwanted things.

Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and eBay make selling easy.

Saturday afternoons are fun.

4. Selling pre-owned Items

Describe any damage or wear.

Pose your item from many angles to increase sales.

Consider similar items and price competitively.

Quickly respond to buyer messages.

Feed the needy.

Ubereats, Deliveroo, and Menulog, use bikes, cars, and scooters.

Resource: Join the eBay Affiliate Program 2022

5. Work whenever you want

Evenings are popular because most people aren’t working.

Zoom2u mobile courier.

Australia may be shopped by bike or car.

Registration provides job notifications.

Except for those, you pay to deliver packages.

6. Mystery Shoppers…

Mystery ShoppersA shopper’s dream weekend job!

Mystery shoppers evaluate stores for a company.

If chosen, send a report within 24 hours.

Realise Group and Retail Mystery Shopping Australia do mystery shopping.

Phone interviews may be required before acceptance and opportunities.

It’s not a job, but it may supplement your income.

7. Paid Search

People test new features and websites for companies.

You choose the amount and timing.

User Testing job alerts.

$10USD every 20 minutes of testing.

$20 on Instagram is a good use of time.

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8. Deliver Flyers

Deliver FlyersMany companies and events need flyers and letter volunteers.

Several hours outdoors in different weather.

You may choose jobs to fit your schedule.

Flyering face-to-face needs civility and passion.

Per hour or per brochure delivered.

It’s not fun but doable.

Seek, Gumtree, and Airtasker post flyer distribution jobs.

10. Co-habitat

Airbnb, Stayz, and Homestay make renting a room simple.

Savings can pay rent or mortgage.

Consult your landlord or real estate agent if you’re renting.

Start by describing and photographing your house.

You set prices and availability.

Questions, check-ins and cleaning take time.

Share your flat if you like socialising, washing, and admin.

Rent your extra room. Use your garage or parking space?

Neighbours who need space can rent from you using Spacer.

11. Backyard Rentals

Backyard RentalsYour camp rents backyards and land.

Or ask visitors to be independent.

Many caravans have facilities, so safe camping space is enough.

Weekend markets need volunteers to set up, sell, and pack.

This profession requires customer service skills.

Find stall holder jobs on Gumtree or Airtasker.

Resource:  There are 7 Very Useful Ways to Earn Money from Home

12. Bartenders

Barista training Australians will always want a good flat white.

Many cafés need extra personnel on Saturdays and Sundays.

Check if neighbouring cafes need baristas.

Most cafes want personnel with coffee machine experience.

Barista lessons cost $100-$150.

Weekend work will pay off.

Class Bento or Coffee School provide barista classes.

13. Dog Walker

Dog walkerDog walking is an excellent side gig.

And cute dogs

To advertise, use Gumtree or MadPaws.

Dog walkers charge $20 per hour.

14. Etsycrafting

Etsy creating Turn your hobby into cash using Etsy.

Create an Etsy store with photos and descriptions.

Etsy transfers sales profits to your bank account.

The basic plan is free monthly but 30c per listing.

Etsy charges 5% transaction and 3-4% payment fees.

More items improve sales and bring back customers.

Success needs enthusiastic, detailed writing.

Tell buyers your story.

Buying, maintaining, and using a caravan or RV is costly.

While you’re away, rent out your caravan on Camplify.

You and your neighbour benefit.

15. Airtasker.com

Airtasker.comAirtasker offers well-paid daily activities.

Cleaning, gardening, cooking, and photography for neighbours are fun.

Create a profile and browse jobs before applying.

Airtasker deposits your money after a job.

16. Branding

Promote your company with a free soda or snack bar.

Brand ambassadors promote a company’s image.

Associating with everyone is tiring.

Brands desire friendly, outgoing individuals.

This could be fun if you like meeting new people.

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17. Wedding Band

Find a wedding band to sing or play in.

Weekend weddings make this a flexible job.

Starting from scratch is more profound than joining a band.

Check Gumtree for band vacancies.

Weddings and dancing auditions are fun.

18. Translator

TranslatorIf you speak a second language, consider translating.

Working from home is flexible.

Companies or governments may translate flyers or web pages.

Medical or legal translation might be your speciality.

Translating may be lucrative.

Translation and Interpreting Service of Australia is another option.

Gengo and Unable to translate job notifications.

19. Babysitter

Babysitter or nanny in demand

Occasional or regular family work.

Babysit or drive children to after-school activities.

A babysitting service makes advertising more accessible.

Working with Children Check, First Aid Certificate, and ID needed.

Parents can request jobs after creating a profile.

After the work, you’re paid promptly.

20. Charities

CharitiesVolunteers solicit donations from passersby.

Part-time, variable-hour work is typical.

You must be energetic, friendly, and engage contributors immediately.

Fundraising for a good cause is satisfying.

Fundraising positions are on Seek and Ethical Positions.

Resource: Tips to Kick-Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business Guide

21. Day Labourers

Australia has cranes everywhere.

Day labourers frequently pick their own shifts.

Find labourer jobs on Seek.

If you’re skilled, these occupations pay handsomely.

22. Trainer

TrainerIT trainers with basic computer abilities can get work.

Many elders want to learn about technology to keep connected.

Melbourne’s ReadyTechGo or Udemy, or Skillshare can help.

Many 24-hour gas stations provide weekend and night work.

23. Working Late

Midnight jobs need client service and freedom.

These are primarily informal jobs with flexible hours. Seek jobs.

Steward, Get paid to support your favourite team.

Nature instead than TV (and get paid while doing it).

24. Sporting Events

Venues host sports, concerts, and other events.

Weekend and nighttime jobs pay considerably.

Visit a stadium or arena’s website for job vacancies.

Embrace your uniqueness — we all do!

25. Life Models

Life Models earning MoneyArt classes need life drawing models.

Be prepared to work as a nude model.

Art students won’t criticise your fitness, so don’t worry.

You’ll pose before artists’ creations.

Only students and teachers will touch you.

Prepare to pose for 20-30 minutes for a half-day.

Instead of employment boards, try art schools for modelling.

No previous work experience is required.

26. Movies

Movie fan job

Cinemas provide staff free or reduced tickets.

There are many weekends and nighttime moviegoers, so work.

Each cinema’s website lists this rank.

27. Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographerWedding photographers make billions of dollars.

Good photography will keep you busy.

Photography and editing talents are needed everywhere.

List your skills and equipment on Easy Weddings or Washed.

You may need to work for relatives and family. 

This is how to build your portfolio.

See whether famous wedding photographers need assistance.

You won’t make much, but you’ll learn from an expert.

28. Tutoring

A kindergarten-to-college tutor is needed.

Parents and pupils will want to know how you did.

Having resources, the student doesn’t know about helps.

Join a tutoring service to locate local jobs.

Check if local tutoring agencies are recruiting.

Gumtree and school newsletters are more options.

Succulents are trending.

Spiky plants in mason jars are adorable.

Resource: How to do Affiliate Marketing Successfully – Wealthy Affiliate

29. Succulents

Selling succulents on Facebook Marketplace or Etsy is easy.

Start by buying succulents from a nursery.

Once established, succulents can be propagated from cuttings.

Sell them in rustic jars, pots, or terrariums.

30. Have a Talent or Interest? 

Teach others.Teach others.

Local governments provide classes at community centres and libraries.

You may learn painting, yoga, computers, languages, and food.

Wait? Create an Udemy or Skillshare course.

You’re compensated for each class registration.

You can teach creative writing to SEO.

31. Face-paint Spiderman and Butterflies? 

Book a booth.

If there’s no local market, try a park.

Children and adults must be interacted with.

Charge per child for the day’s activities.

32. Hired Cleaners

Hired CleanersCleaning portables Bucket, mop, and vacuum are plenty.

This is an inexpensive company start-up.

If you do well on Airtasker, you’ll have return clients.

After a few solid jobs, finding work shouldn’t be hard.

33. Farming

Farming is physically and psychologically exhausting.

Weekend employment that doesn’t involve customer service.

Seasonal agricultural employment requires jobs before summer.

Harvest Trail and Fruit Picking Jobs have vacancies.

34. Sell your Handmade Food

Handmade FoodPeople who can’t cook have a market.

FoodSt.com lets locals order food and services.

Approach eateries to offer your baked goods.

Frequent restaurant deliveries simplify scheduling and boost profits.

Home-based food enterprises need FSMA certification and code-compliant kitchens.

35. Bartending

Friday and Saturday evenings are busy for bars.

Nightlife and more cash!

Bartender jobs with no experience are posted on Seek.

You’ll also need an RSA certificate.

36. City Sightseeing

City SightseeingShow tourists your city’s hidden beauties

You may establish a tour guide job on Seek.

Most tour guides demand a fee or tip.

Street art, chocolate, architecture, and nature trips are popular.

When you’re ready, arrange tours.

37. English

Language exchange helps learners practise speaking.

Native speakers should know idioms and pronunciation.

Some dialogue will improve their speech.

Many schools and colleges want native speakers.

Adult language schools provide after-work and weekend classes.

Apply for language assistant jobs on Seek or Gumtree.

Resource: Copywriting for Appellation may help you make your Fiverr Jobs

38. Master Home Sitting

home sittingYou water someone’s plants and pets while they’re away.

You may get daily pay or free housing.

Stop paying rent and buy a property.

Start with MadPaws, Mind A Home, or Trusted House Sitters.

39. Use Social Media

Mastering a craft takes 10,000 hours.

When did you start Social Media?

Social media advisors assist small businesses in contacting their target audiences.

Later, you can choose your employment and timetable.

Offer free or discounted services to small-business acquaintances.

Professionals should consider social media training.

The Digital Picnic provides $300 in social media training.

Some training may give you an edge until you gain experience.

Once you have clients and testimonials, you may market.

Resource: How Can I do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook Successfully

40. Sports Coach 

Sports Coach You might be a sports coach for youngsters or adults.

Sports and child care require accreditation (such as swimming).

Sporting achievement should speak for itself.

Advertise your services on Coachable, Playbook, or FindMyCoach.

41. Transcribe

Transcriptionists type.

Focus groups, interviews, and market research require typists.

If you fulfil the deadline, you can do this from anywhere.

Learning and hard work are required.

Transcription jobs require a test and sample.

Knowing another language might also boost earnings.


Q. Is it easy to get a job and make money in Australia?

Australia. If you move to Australia for work, you could make $264,963 a year. 

It’s Asia Pacific’s second-largest expat package.

Australia’s benefit costs aren’t the highest, but taxes will eat up your package.

Q. Where can one find the happiest career in all of Australia?
  • Photographer.
  • Decorator of interiors.
  • Manager of social media.
  • Librarian.
  • Counsellor.
  • Architect and nutritionist.
  • Individual whose job it is to improve the user’s interaction with a product.
Q. What are three different ways that people make money?
  • Time. You trade your time (skills, abilities, etc.) for money.
  • Creation this is where you create something that you then sell or rent for money.
  • Investing.


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Conclusion under magnifying glass

Many people assume making money online is a hoax, but it’s not.

With some effort, you can make money online or online.

Dropshipping, freelancing, or becoming a VA may lead to quitting.

Online earnings rely on time and risk tolerance. 

Our virtual world rewards time, energy, and innovation.

I hope 41 Ways to Make Money in Australia Successfully was helpful.

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  1. I heard that another way to make money in Australia is through teaching. I do not know how true this is so could you please enlighten me. I have always wanted to go to Australia. It seems like a really peaceful country and a nice place to visit. I will be sure to share this article. 

    1. Thank you for your comment. 

      This is the information you ask for; To become a teacher in Australia, you need a bachelor’s degree. 

      An early childhood or primary school teacher, and in some cases, a secondary teacher (depending on where you studied).

      There is also another option You can become a Teachers Aid and this is what you have to do to become one.

      It is recommended that you complete the CHC40221 Certificate IV in School-Based Education Support before applying for a teacher aide job in NSW. 

      Pictured: A final-year ITAC student completes her 100-hour internship.

      I hope this will help you. 


  2. This list of making money easy, very helpful. I love pets, so going to check into dog walking. The second one is research, love researching and learning about different things. The most valuable one is personal shopper, help seniors by doing their shopping for them, they will be very grateful. I am going to bookmark and share your list with my social followers. 

    1. Thank you for commenting 

      I love pets myself and thinking to do that in the new year (walking dogs)

      There are lots opportunities in Australia to make a quick buck. 

      It can be very rewarding work helping others.


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