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Is Digistore24 Scam or Legit? The Untold Story Now

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Updated on August 8, 2023

Hi, and welcome to my website. I am glad you found me.

I have been with Affiliate Marketing for a while now, and today we will look at Digistore24.

I will answer any questions you may have about Digistore24 and how to tell if it is a scam.

After reading this article, you will have to make up your own mind about Digistore24.

Let’s Get right into it…

Digistore24: Scam or Legit? The Story Untold 

Digistore24 may be familiar to internet moneymakers. 

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Beware of fraud!

This affiliate network may be a fraud, though. 

Internet fraud is common. 

Affiliate marketing is essential here. 

Digistore24, Is it a scam? 

Frauds like Digistore24 are commonly called affiliate networks. 

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Most complaints come from new network members.

The affiliate network is well-reviewed.

What’s real? Digistore24 

Is the entire affiliate network a scam?

I researched Digistore24 to help you make an informed decision.

I’ll cover the following in my Digistore24 review:

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All about Digistore24 

The company offers digital products and event management solutions. 

Thanks to an automated system and affiliate partners, they can focus on their goods. 

What is the Digistore24 Affiliate Program?

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Digistore24 is an alternative to major US affiliate networks. 

Clickbank has region- and new-affiliate-specific limitations. 

Digistore24’s affiliate program is a win-win for everyone. 

Digistore24 has built affiliate networks in the U.S., confirming its top-tier ambitions. 

Digistore24 is developing fast and has no plans to stop. 

Thus, it will likely become one of the world’s largest affiliate networks. 

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Digistore24 Functions 

Before using this affiliate network, affiliates and merchants must register. 

Both affiliates and merchants can register. 

Affiliates and merchants are welcome. 

The user dashboard is accessible after registration. 


After becoming an affiliate, you’ll have access to advertising categories. 

Online services may interest you. 


Browse the e-business/internet marketing categories. 

Digistore24 ranks categories by sales volume. 

This method might help you determine what sells well and what’s right for you. 

Digistore24 lets affiliates and merchants link accounts. Mode switch in the header. 

Affiliates can make your products more accessible. 

Account> Product> Add Product lets you add a Vendor product. 

After completing the form, your items will be on Digistore24’s marketplace. 

Digistore24’s website contains product listing instructions. 

If you can’t fill out a form, try this. 

Digistore 24: How much money can you make?

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On Digistore24, you may make money as a merchant, affiliate, or publisher. 

As a merchant 

Digistore24 connects vendors with affiliates. 

If you’re a service or product supplier, you should be able to promote and attract affiliates. 

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Everyone wins

To sell your goods or services to consumers, you can’t reach them on your own. 

D24 sells digital and physical goods. 

Steps to a sale 

  • Digistore24 will promote your goods to affiliate marketers once it’s launched. 
  • You may use affiliates to boost sales. 
  • D24’s secure payment channel lets your customers pay for your items. 

Affiliate or Publisher 

Follow these steps to become a Digistore24 dealer or publisher. 

1. Choose a niche market 

Digitstore24’s money-making starts with specialization. 

A niche is a market group’s need or desire to develop a business. 

You’ll do online commerce there. 

You may find a successful niche through market analysis and study. 

You may also start a health-related or money-making website online. 

Choose a niche with little competition and evergreen appeal. 

2. Pick a Winner 


Success comes from high-quality, high-commission products. A good product meets client needs and adds value. 

3. Mind your online reputation

Poorly designed or useless items hinder company or online growth (perhaps they have a high payment rate). 

Choose wisely

Start a blog or website. 

A blog or website is crucial if you want to make money online. 

A website is helpful whether you own a business, need a job, are an artist or blogger, or want an online presence. 

Creating a website is easy. Templates and resources can help you start quickly. 

Marketing possibilities include: 

Free advertising is possible through cold emails, social media, and Q&A sites. 

Paid advertising works similarly on Quora, Facebook, and Google to promote affiliate links. 

Digistore24’s products 

Digistore24 lets you sell and promote natural items, unlike other affiliate networks. 

There are restrictions on selling and promoting tangible items, such as 

  • eBooks, 
  • DVDs,  
  • nutritional supplements, and lots more.

They market digital items primarily. 

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Software, e-books 

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Online businesses sell digital commodities, including courses, software, e-books, and services. 

Around 1,000 things are offered initially. However, that doesn’t matter if the product is decent. 

Customers should choose quality over quantity. 

If you want to succeed, sell high-quality items to your target market. 

Quality should trump quantity when choosing a product. 

You must supply high-quality items to gain your audience’s confidence and sell more stuff. 

Digistore24 accepts what payments? 

Digistore24 allows withdrawals by bank transfers, VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal. 

Digistore24 works like other affiliate networks by requiring a minimum withdrawal. 

What is the Limited 

The limits are modest, but anyone can quickly exceed them, so don’t worry. 

After paying $50 monthly, you can withdraw money. 

It’s a prevalent threshold. 

It’s easy to withdraw cash. 

Monthly, bimonthly, or weekly withdrawals are possible. 

Choose based on your needs. 

Digistore24 Costs 

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Digistore24 is free. Only when there’s a benefit is a cost spent. 

Up to 400 Euros are charged at 7.9% plus 1 euro.

Over 400 Euros are charged at 4.9%. 

In the U.S., it’s 7.9% plus $1. 

Chargebacks over 1% are charged at 9.9% plus $1. 

Digistore24’s margins are the same, with two exceptions. 

Each buy costs 7.9% of earnings plus $1. 

Access all of Digistore24’s offerings. 


You sell a $100 product on Digistore24 (without tax in Washington, it’s $108.89). 

Affiliates should get a 50% commission. 

Payout order: 

  • IRS: $8.89 (8.89 percent sales tax). 
  • Digistore24 (7.9% + $1): $9.60
  • Net affiliate payout: $40.68+$4.52* 
  • Vendor nett payout: $40.68+$4.52* 

After the purchase, the 10% security deposit is reimbursed.

This is a precaution.

Publishers and vendors benefit from Digistore24. 

Affiliate program management requires numerous steps. 

Affiliate networks prevent such difficulties. 

Digistore24 provides technology, account administration, and monitoring for affiliate agreements. 

Customers have access to many payment options and account reporting features. 

Digistore24’s dashboard lets users track clicks, impressions, conversions, purchases, and profits. 

This affiliate network optimizes campaigns efficiently. 

D24’s affiliate network gives publishers and suppliers several additional benefits. 

Digitstore24 Advantages 

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Digistore24 vendors can benefit from the following: 

Digitstore24’s sales and payment system lets you sell your items and find partners to promote them.

  • Digitstore24 distributes products. 
  • Manages sales by responding to customers’ concerns 
  • Automate your sales operations. 
  • Their dashboard has corporate data. 

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Digistore24’s Publisher Benefits 

  • Digistore24 can help affiliate marketers and bloggers. 
  • Digistore 24 offers affiliate potential.
  • Physical and digital items are available.
  • Affiliate applications are approved instantly.

Other advantages: 

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  • Pay weekly, biweekly, or monthly. 
  • The minimum monthly payment is $50. 
  • 15-90% commision. 
  • PayPal, bank transfer, and credit/debit cards accepted 
  • Instant affiliate clearance and trackable links. 
  • Affiliates may want to check out Digistore24. 

For an affiliate, the marketplace is crucial.

Let’s look at Digistore24’s cons.

D24 members receive these benefits:

Screenshot 2023 08 08 at 16.20.27 1
  • Affiliates can apply now.
  • Various categories make it easy to find deals and items. 
  • PayPal and bank transfers are accepted.

You may find things to promote and get paid in the U.S. or Russia because D24 is a global firm.

Disadvantages of Digistore24

1. Limitations 

Digistore24 has fewer items than others. 

Most physical and digital products focus on online income and health, limiting the market.

As I said, several categories have almost nothing. 

That suggests the English-speaking affiliate community is tiny. 

More sellers would join if you could make a solid living from the platform. 

2. Bad Products 

Screenshot 2023 08 08 at 16.23.15

Affiliate marketers struggle with low-quality items

Without valuable products, you’ll lose your audience’s trust. 

That can cause ‘offer blindness’ when your audience overlooks marketing. 

Digistore 24’s items are low-quality. 

Digital product inventory is a concern. 

The software has several two-star items. 

You’re supporting higher-quality items with physical supplements. 

If you’re not engaged in health and fitness, that’s useless. 

Another issue is grade transparency. 

These ratings are unclear. 

I don’t know if these are ratings from product buyers or how many gave comments. 

Affiliates need this knowledge to evaluate items. 

Resource: How to Effectively Earn Income with Affiliate Marketing

3. Technology 

The Digistore24 app has legacy difficulties. 

Android apps typically crash or display a dark screen when opened. Loading problems. 

Rebooting your phone and app may be needed. 

In severe circumstances, reinstall the app. 

This might be troublesome for users. 

I wouldn’t use the app. Therefore, I don’t see this as a concern. Remember that.

Your country may not allow ClickBank

Screenshot 2023 08 08 at 16.48.33
  • We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly payments with a $50 minimum.
  • 15-90% commission. 
  • Digistore24’s issues 

Digistore24’s affiliate network has benefits and drawbacks. 

Other affiliate networks may work for some but not others because of their needs. 

D24 has the following issues. 

1. Shortages 

Digistore24 highlights fewer products than other networks. 

Various items may be difficult to find. 

Most things are in the make money online and fitness areas. 

If your audience doesn’t like your products, you won’t make money. 

If your offers don’t resonate, it’s hard to impress. 

‘Offer blindness’ will result. 

We won’t accept further bids. You’ll lose trust. 

Affiliates join affiliate networks with varied product offerings to assist their target audience. 

Their audience will enjoy this. 

They can then make money. 

Resource: The Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Guide – Is it better than Wealthy Affiliates?

2. Technology 

Digistore24 seldom has technical troubles. 

Android is problematic.

Digistore24 starts with a blank screen and crashes, sometimes with a warning. 

Usually, it’s a brief loading issue. 

Choose Recent Apps (usually the first left button on your phone). 

Once closed, restart this software. 

Launch app. It may be usable. 

If not, reboot your Android phone. 

Hold “Power” and “Home” for 10 seconds. 

Hold the buttons together if the “Power” button doesn’t work. 

You can release the buttons once the screen appears. 

If everything else fails, reinstall the application. 

Android recovers app settings when you reinstall and log in. It’s worth a shot. 

3. Quality programs compete fiercely

Screenshot 2023 08 08 at 16.30.38

I like this topic. Pourquoi?

Everyone publicizing the goods will increase demand. 

You may earn sales automatically if you master SEO and rank #1 for your keywords.

My #1 affiliate training site teaches this for free. 

Digistore24’s products are junk. 

Affiliate marketers advertise related goods on their websites. 

All affiliate marketers, not only Digistore24’s, are in danger. 

Who said Digistore24 was a fraud? 

Digistore24 has worthless products. 



Is this network a scam?

Digistore24 provides online digital items.

Entrepreneurs produce and sell digital things, while affiliates advertise goods. 

Many digital items are worthless. 

Digistore24 supports its marketplace but isn’t responsible for its products. 

All sales are refundable. 

Most withdrawal periods last 14 days. 

Digistore24 provides a 180-day “goodwill extension” on returns. 

Digistore24 Alternatives? 

The other options are ClickBank or Amazon Affiliate Programs.

Digistore24 is one of the best affiliate programs online, paying up to 70% commission. 

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Chance of earning a commission.

No Credit Card is Needed.

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Q. Can I get a Wealthy Affiliate Refund?

No. Wealthy Affiliate’s free trial eliminates the need for a money-back guarantee.

Any premium membership site auto-bills until terminated.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Terms:

“Subscriptions to Wealthy Affiliate Premium and Paid Services are invoiced in advance on a monthly or annual basis (as per the option you chose when you purchased Services) and are non-refundable for the subscription period.”

Your subscription will remain active until it expires. 

Before your subscription expires, follow these steps to cancel it.

Q. Are there live events or webinars for new members of WA?

Jay (Magi Studios) hosts a weekly SEO, affiliate marketing, and related webinar for VIP subscribers.

These are exclusive to premium members and worth the subscription fee.

Free starting members get access to many premium services but not webinars.

Q. Plugins for starters?

Starter members can activate the plugins that Wealthy Affiliate automatically installs on new websites, but they cannot add new plugins.

Premium members can install new plugins as needed, but they should install a minimum amount to make their websites work.

Wealthy Affiliate bans plugins that pose security risks. Site Support may be needed for outgoing plugins.

Q. Who owns Digistore24?

Sven Platte, CEO, Digistore24

Q. Is there a fee associated with using Digistore24?

Digistore24 is risk-free. Our vendor and affiliate accounts are free! We earn when you do. 

We remove a tiny portion of your money to maintain Digistore24.

Q. Is Digistore24 real or fake?

Is Digistore24 legit?

The answer is yes; the platform is legitimate, and the corporation behind it is situated in Germany and boasts the most extensive affiliate network in all of Europe.

I hope my article was helpful. Please Leave Comments and Questions Below; I will gladly answer them.

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