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  1. Emmanuel Emmato says:

    please am new to online marketing and I am interested in learning all about online marketing but my question here is how long will it take me to learn all about online marketing and what should be my budget. because I paid money to a site to learn online marketing but couldn’t learn anything, I need a profesional like you that will teach me all about online marketing.

    1. The best Place for that is YouTube type this in the search engine of YouTube. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

      I did the same, I did not know where to go for help and found so many training Videos it is FREE. I watched everything I could to learn and took notes. Then I applied everything I learned step by step looking at my notes.

      You can also save the Videos in YouTube and watch them again if you get stuck. I sat watching YouTube videos for hours and learned whaat I wanted to learn and it not cost me anything.

      Hope this helps