What is best? ClickBank vs Wealthy Affiliate vs Digistore24

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Updated on the 29 January 2023

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Today I will compare ClickBank, Wealthy Affiliate and Digistsore24.

I’m an affiliate marketer and use all the above.

You’ve found the ideal spot if you’re trying to find the top affiliate marketing software.

This post will analyse and contrast three different e-commerce platforms.

We will compare ClickBank, Wealthy Affiliate, and Digistore24 to help you pick the right one for your requirements.

We’ll compare their offerings feature by feature, price plan by pricing plan, and customer service by support to find the best fit for your company.

Okay, so let’s get going!

ClickBank vs Wealthy Affiliate vs Digistore24

ClickBank, Digistore24, and Wealthy Affiliates are affiliate networks.

Wealthy Affiliates lets you promote internet products and find a niche.

You can promote and review products on ClickBank and Digistore24. 

Like ClickBank and Digistore24 sell digital goods. 

You can promote the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and earn a commission.

Affiliate marketers should choose one of these. 

Your article links let readers buy instantly.

Wealthy Affiliates focuses on fitness, online moneymaking, and related niches. 

The merchandise is delivered immediately. 

Compare them so you can choose the best affiliate network. 

I will compare their strengths and weaknesses.

Resource: The Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Guide – Is it better than Wealthy Affiliates?


How often and what methods are accepted? Question Mark

Which countries can use the networks? 

Cookie life span: 

Which products can be promoted on each network? 

About ClickBank 

Tim and Eileen Barber established ClickBank in 1998. 

In 2011, the site had 1,500,000 affiliate marketers, with 100,000 ‘active.’

ClickBank had 6 million mobile subscribers in 2014.

ClickBank processed 30,000 daily transactions in August 2014.

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DigiStore24’s Past 

DigiStore24 is also popular. 

Germany’s Digistore sold in Europe until recently.

They just expanded to the US and opened a division there. 

Affiliates Wealthy 

Wealthy Affiliate is a 2005 affiliate marketing training programme.

It is still currant with new members joining every day.

Wealthy Affiliate claims to teach affiliate marketing online. 

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform and training.

If your website gets traffic, you may generate money.

Everything before commercialisation. 

Most Wealthy Affiliate members skip ahead.

Resource: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2023 Review

Wealthy Affiliate Pros

  • High uptimes, rapid load rates, and loads of features. 
  • Thousands of recorded hours 
  • Weekly Q&A training 
  • 1.4+ million members 
  • Free websites, training, and keyword tool

Wealthy Affiliate Cons

  • The lively community can be addicting. 
  • Consistent income takes six months.


Digistore24 ClickBank vs. Digistore (Wealthy Affiliates) 

How often you get commissions is called payout frequency.

Wealthy Affiliates accepts PayPal for monthly commissions. 

ClickBank’s minimum weekly payout is $10.

Digistore accepts PayPal and checks, while ClickBank only accepts checks.

Digistore accepts more payment ways than ClickBank. 

Countries vs. ClickBank, Digistore, Wealthy Affiliates 

Wealthy Affiliates is U.S.-based and has global members. 

This comparison has an obvious winner. 

ClickBank is global, whereas Digistore is US and EU-only.

ClickBank vs. Digistore, WA Cookies 

You’ll compare cookie duration here. 

When a member visits your platform or link, Wealthy Affiliate profits.

How? Signups are referrals. 

Some programmes expire cookies after 24 hours. 

Wealthy Affiliate cookies never expire. 

This is how long after a click you’ll get a commission.

A longer cookie lifespan is desirable.

Resource: Click Wealth System Free Video Presentation

Cookie Age 

ClickBankClickBank cookies last 60 days, but Digistore’s last 180. 

Sixty days is enough time for a buyer to decide.

ClickBank vs. Digistore Digistore features fewer speciality products than ClickBank. 

Digistore24 offers 100 products; ClickBank, over 3000.

ClickBank wins, and the product offering is vital. 

Wealthy Affiliates offers training, hosting, and a domain.

Available 24/7/365 

This is a community with 24/7/365  assistance, not simply a website. 

Using ClickBank, DigiStore24, or another affiliate network doesn’t matter. 

Most affiliate marketers fail because of basic errors. 

I’ve attempted various online courses with varying degrees of success. 

This course explains affiliate marketing step-by-step for beginners and pros. 

It’s the best course I’ve attempted, so take it! 

ClickBank vs. Digistore24 Choose one! 

Choose all three. 

Since they’re all free, you have nothing to lose.

Pros ConsClickBank Pros

  • Clickbank has a large selection of digital products. 
  • Even if your speciality is esoteric, you should find a product.
  • Affiliate marketers can research products for themselves and visitors.
  • No production is needed; therefore, always something to advertise.

ClickBank Cons

  • Clickbank’s benefits may encourage you to use it but know its pitfalls.
  • Sign up and promote a product on your website.
  • Clickbank and other affiliate networks sell junk.
  • Spam is digital content that prioritises quantity above quality.

Digistore24 Pros

  • Participation is free  
  • Simplifies affiliate ties 
  • Automates sales processes

Digistore24 Cons

  • Products with restricted availability 
  • In most cases, technical issues will develop

Free Account 

Free Account Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter account for seven days. 

You’ll need a great product to sell. 

Both platforms have defective, useless products. 

Promote a solid affiliate product. 

Don’t advertise based on commissions. 

Help your customers out. 

If you like the product, promote it. 

If not, contact the product’s proprietors for a trial version.  

You’ll be astonished by Wealthy Affiliates’ value.

Resource: The Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Guide – Is it better than Wealthy Affiliates?

Let’s take it a bit further…

Quality products 

1. Products 

Products Digistore24Digistore24 has fewer goods than ClickBank. 

You can advertise 3300 ClickBank products. 

ClickBank adds new goods frequently. 

Digistore contains 300 items. 

As additional goods are added, it’s an expanding platform. 

Digistore24 sells mostly online moneymaking and fitness products. 

ClickBank has the same issue. 

Because there are so many products, each speciality has plenty. 

You’re promoting the best product with Wealthy Affiliates. 

You’ll build your business using blogging and product reviews. 

Wealthy Affiliates offers a free domain, web hosting, and 24/7 support. Not a webpage. 

2. Quality 

All three platforms have poor-quality merchandise. 

Occasionally you’ll find good products. 

Writing for Wealthy Affiliates helps you start an internet marketing career. 

3. Your blog 

You blog about product reviews to answer purchasers’ questions.

This is why I don’t advocate many ClickBank/Digistore24 products. 

Affiliates advertise irrational products because they offer 50-70% commissions.

Due to massive commissions, these products have no negative reviews. 

Consumers ultimately lose. 

If you’re an affiliate, promote a good product. 

Only buying and using the product will tell. 


Commission Structure Wealthy Affiliate

Conclusion and recap

Digistore24, ClickBank, and Wealthy Affiliates are excellent affiliate marketing platforms. 

ClickBank and Digistore are Free to Join, unlike Wealthy Affiliate.

With WA, you get online business training.

With ClickBank and Dgistore24, you get no training!

With ClickBank, there is training available, but it is expensive. 

With Wealthy Affiliate, training is included with no extra charge.

Wealthy Affiliates 

Our Recommendation is Simple: 

ClickBank is available worldwide and offers more products to promote. 

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent value for the price. 

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How much does Wealthy Affiliate Cost? 

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free, for $49 per month ($19 for the first month).  

$359 per year if you choose to pay a membership annually. 

Access to fundamental skills training is included with the Free Plan.

You can keep your Free Account, no questions ask.

You can keep your Free Domain Name WordPress website. 

This is how to create a successful Internet marketing business.

Wealthy Affiliate also has 24/7/365 support available. 

Also, if you get stuck, WA’s community can help.

Thanks for reading! Good luck! 

Opportunity with Wealthy Affiliate

  • Chance of earning a commission.
  • Free WordPress, Domain Name and Support.
  • Basic Training is included.
  • Visit the website to learn how to build an online business.
  • Check out Wealthy Affiliate Now
  • To Credit Card Needed $0.00 Cost to You

>> Instant Access <<


Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid scheme?

Never. Wealthy Affiliate is neither a pyramid scheme nor MLM. 

Wealthy Affiliate promoters get affiliate commissions from direct referrals exclusively. 

Wealthy Affiliate has no pyramid or downlines. 

No upline or downline receives your commissions. It’s a flat commision.

Q. What does Wealthy Affiliate membership cost?

Wealthy Affiliate offers two prices: Starter membership is free to join, learn, and stay forever. 

Premium membership costs $19 the first month (if you use the 59% discount in the first 7 days) and $49 the subsequent months. 

Watch out for 6-month and 12-month memberships with huge savings and a Black Friday promotion in November that can save 50% of your subscription.

Q.Wealthy Affiliate, can I really make money?
Q.Is Affiliate marketing profitable? 

Affiliate programmes may generate extra cash and even a full-time home-based income. 

Many affiliates get big commissions. 

Most novice affiliate marketers pursue money rather than solving people’s concerns.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches how.


It boasts the most online moneymaking success tales.

Excellent training, guidance, tools, and support (Very beginner-friendly).

Truspilot.com rating of 4.5/5. (higher than any other program).

Freely test drive it (no CC required).

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