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88 Best online Business Ideas Low Investment High Return

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Updated on the 31 December 2022

Hi, and wlcome to my website. Nice to have You.

I have compiled a list of 88 profitable business ideas that require little startup capital.

These are the sorts of companies you can launch if you have little money to spare.

Small investment company ideas that generate significant revenue are sought by entrepreneurs.

They look for ways to improve the business’s efficiency and revenue, i.e., to boost profitability.

Here are some Low-cost, High-profit Business Ideas

Jump Ahead

Today’s youth prefer to work for themselves than for others.

They seek small-scale high-turnover possibilities.

An essential component in any firm is the return on investment.

In the end, it’s a balancing act.

Making enormous profits takes a lot of money, labour, and equipment.

This is not true.

The opposite is true if one knows about the numerous low-cost company ideas available.

Profitable business concepts in India are discussed here.

They are cheap and can pay off in the long run.

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1. Newspaper Run

Extra income can be made from a Newspaper Run.

It does not cost any money instead you get paid for it.

2. Weeding Planner

India’s wedding industry is enormous.

Neither does the “huge fat Indian wedding.”

A wedding planner must be able to network effectively, be creative, and make quick decisions.

Start with low-paying jobs and gradually increase your income.

3. Tech Freelancer

Technical freelancing is an option for those with analytical and programming skills.

Promoting your website development services on networks like Fiverr and Freelancer is one example.


Where will you need to invest?

Paying for online courses and certificates to boost your expertise and trustworthiness.

With so many free online tools, you can start technical freelancing with no money down.

4. Gym/Fitness

A gym is one of the top low-cost business ideas now that people are more health-conscious.

As a result of this, many people suffer from bodily ailments.

We prefer gyms or workout centres to avoid this issue.

An affordable gym with minimal equipment in a suitable location will prove to be a lucrative business venture.

5. Yoga and Meditation Center

Nobody can live a healthy life with such a demanding schedule, hectic life, and work stress.

Their issues will never stop with your yoga and meditation centre.Yoga-Meditation

It is also an extremely lucrative business idea. Just a good place and workers will do (optional).

For those unfamiliar with Yoga and meditation, a trainer is available for hire.

6. Mechanical/Electrical Work

Many mechanical and electrical goods are required to create current generation technologies.

A garage for automobile repair or sale of electrical goods is therefore profitable nowadays.

Even though the firm requires some investment, the profit is more considerable.

7. E-commerce sites

Online purchasing is the new fad.

Shopping from thousands of options has never been easier.

Basically, all you need is a website and a few products to sell.

8. Blog

Business ideas with cheap investment include blogging.

We can make a lot of money blogging.

A blog, Internet access, and a laptop or PC are our only investments.

It’s easy but profitable.

Google may pay a blogger if their blog is the top-ranked blog on the search engine.

This is helpful and simple. Another benefit of blogging is that it is free.

9. Online Surveys and Captchas

Completing surveys and solving captchas is a simple way to earn money from home while you relax.

Basic English, math, and internet expertise were required.

Money may be tiny, but patience and work payout.

Scammers are common in this industry.

Don’t sign up for a survey company without first researching it.

Also, if the company requests registration payments, it’s a scam.

You may also Google “scam” after the website name to find out more.

10. Domain Trading

Domain Trading.com and other web domain sales are lucrative fields.

Domain trading requires knowledge and capital.

A domain broker sells domains to interested parties (usually businesses and organisations).

Creativeness and investigation are needed here.

Buy a domain name for a brand you think will be popular in a year or two.

To generate money, they must buy the domain name from you when the brand becomes popular.

Get your domain name from GoDaddy or Namecheap.

A low-cost, high-profit business in India.

11. Selling Photos

The fact that high-quality photos may be sold online for a reasonable price is significant.

You must upload images to these sites and get compensated when people buy them.

This is a low-cost venture.

You are ready to go if your smartphone camera is good.

However, you must post high-quality photos.

In this case, you can’t sell photos online because they will be utilised on a website and other platforms.

12. E-book Publishing

The right kind of e-books and PDFs can make money.eBook-Photo

In addition to showcasing their work, authors can earn money through internet sales.

Unpublished novels can be promoted online with Kindle Direct Publishing.

Many authors make a fortune by selling books online. Your e-books can be published for free.

13. Podcasts

Podcasting is made up of audio and video files, with audio being the most common.

Podcasts can be downloaded or streamed.

All you need is a smartphone and earbuds to start listening!

Preventive maintenance is a must before launching a podcast channel.

Ads at the start, middle, or finish of the session can earn you money.

Audiobooks are a subset of podcasts. Audiobooks are prefered over physical books.

In this method, you can make a lot of money from both website visitors and audiobook sales.

14. Stock Trading

It is possible to make a lot of money by trading stocks.

Profit from your money by starting with a small sum.

Becoming familiar with the stock market is a must before trading.

Only then can you profit from stock trading.

This is a high-stakes field that requires knowledge, skill, and luck.

Millions of happy and sad stories exist.

If you can take a loss, then trade. To earn a good living, you need to be skilled at something.

15. Influence Others

Then you may start marketing products from different companies and get rewarded for it.

To become a brand ambassador, you must produce more sales for the company.

It pays well. It’s also possible to attract modelling agencies and start your career as a model or influencer.

16. Catering Service

You can either order a meal or prepare it at home.

You only need a few delivery boys and cars. Serve excellent cuisine and deliver on time.

Services de recrutement

It is possible to start your own recruitment agency.

Find unemployed people and contact businesses. All you have to do is link them.

17. Event Planner

To start an event planning firm requires unique skills and people.

Your personality and event management skills are vital in this company.

Like wedding planning, event management thrives on word-of-mouth referrals.

The firm’s size is determined by the first group of clients.

Wedding planning works with a specific industry, whereas event management caters to a larger audience.

Professional event managers handle everything from birthday celebrations to client meetings in corporations.

In fact, many event planners begin their careers at home.

This business model can be used to start an event planning business.

18. Social Media Services

This low-cost business comprises posting on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accountsSocial Media Advertising.

Overall, you must manage a brand’s social media presence to drive traffic and customers.

19. Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration is an excellent small investment company concept.

In our country, a large number of people are richly privileged.

Affluent mansions, complete facilities, and luxury are all they need to express themselves.

As a result, furniture is a highly sought-after interior product.

With great expectations comes hefty spending on luxury interiors.

To increase the product’s value, decorators should emphasise style, design, and quality.

However, it requires specific talents to become an interior designer.

This type of business is ideal for someone who loves interior design and is knowledgeable about it.

They are compensated to provide art and beauty to their clientele.

So it must be tasteful and match the prospective customer’s.

If you sell unique, fancy, and elegant furniture to the right customers, you can make a lot of money.

You can also work from home solely on design.

20. Grocery

Everyday products are sold in grocery stores.

Grocery is a daily necessity for all humans and thus a profitable company.Grocery-Food-Superarket

Buying goods from a seller and selling it on the market requires only a few thousand dollars.

Every item sold can be purchased. Begin with a small food store and grow as needed.

21. Coaches’ Class

The education business will never end.

For competitive exams, students need advice and join coaching centres.

These low-cost coaching centres help students prepare for competitive exams.

However, you must have a thorough knowledge of the subject and clearly explain it to them.

You do not have to teach Math or Science if you are a professional athlete.

Given its popularity, coaching is one of India’s top low-risk businesses.

22. Mobile Shop

Starting a small mobile shop is a low-cost business idea.

These days, a well-stocked mobile store in a convenient location is likely to be profitable.

23. Services of Translation

This company requires you to specialise in one or two languages or hire multilingual translators.

24. Repairing mobile phones and computers

Today, technology is unavoidable. It is no longer a luxury but a need.

Computer and laptop repairs are one-time investments.

Take the required diploma/education and get filthy.

Every mobile and PC manufacturer has a modest repair area in the store.

No, you won’t be expected to sit there, but doing the same from home is a viable option.

25. School of Motoring

Demand for driving schools is intense.

You will need cars and a team of instructors to start this business.

You might also ask your friends and neighbours if they wish to learn to drive.

Some even bring their own automobile and ask for driving lessons.

Thus, driving school is an excellent low-risk business.

26. Parking

The most excellent deal will be to have a large parking lot with security.

Investing in security guards, security cameras, and parking management will be critical.

27. Lessons in Public Speaking

Stage fright is a common problem.

Some people are born with the capacity to speak confidently, whereas others lose this skill as children.

If you can speak clearly and elegantly in front of large groups, you can earn money while helping others.

28. Lessons in Dance

If you are talented at the dance, you can start a dance academy, a low-cost business idea.Dance-Image

Finding a decent dance class for your child is essential. Music and dance lessons are hugely popular.

There is no shortage of genres. For dance instruction, a room is sufficient.

These businesses develop momentum over time.

So perseverance is crucial.

29. Childminder

If you establish a babysitting business in a metropolis, you will rapidly experience success.

Most people in India’s metros are incredibly busy.

So they’ll pay for your services.

30. Courier Service

Many individuals nowadays seek lower shipping costs and faster delivery.Day Courier

This company is for you if you can manage it.

Start a courier business anywhere.

31. Expertise

Agents from the consultancy firm help clients get things done.

A consultancy reduces people’s workload and increases profits with no expenditure.

TATA is the best example of advisory service in India.

Due to the wide range of fields, it is best to generalise this broad category.

Your success in your niche determines your profitability.

32. Consultancy in Digital Marketing

A growing number of people are going online for the first time.

Starting a DM Consultancy Firm is simple for an SEO or social media expert.

33. Dietary Consultation

A growing number of Indians seek dietary advice to stay fit and smart.

You can make good money with little investment if you master food, dietetics and nutrition.

34. Packers and Movers

Most clients are central government services for public corporations.

Your small business can grow into a large logistics firm if scaled up.

35. Ice Cream Shop

Another fantastic business idea is to open an ice cream parlour.

36. Content and copywriting

Websites require content to attract visitors (yeah, there are exceptions).


Clientele and article revenue may start small, but once the flow starts, there are no limits.

The essential requirement is a solid grasp of the language and its subtleties.

And this needs to be accompanied by creativity.

You can also apply for jobs as a content writer on several job application websites.

Writing jobs for Intern Shala are plenty, and work from home.

The demand for content writers is growing as the number of websites grows.

But if you believe that the quality of your content is the greatest in India.

It is possible to work as a content writer for multinational corporations.

37. Freelance

Why waste a talent? Can you build beautiful websites?

Know how to teach your native tongue?

Write catchy articles?

Use your skills to freelancing to earn money online without investment.

Self-employed freelancers work alone for pay.

To gain greater exposure as a freelancer, you can collaborate with other companies.

This talent can be monetised on Upwork, Fiverr, or LinkedIn.

You can also create your own website or social media presence if you prefer.

The most difficult task is proving one’s expertise in the subject chosen for freelancing.

Before you start freelancing, you must establish a portfolio of work.

A solid portfolio can help you win in today’s competitive environment.

38. Bookstore

Making a bookstore appealing to book lovers who always buy many books.Book Store

39. Computer Trainer

Encouraging young people to learn computer skills could be a great business idea.

40. Online Shop

Many prefer shopping online. Buying something in the store is unnecessary.

They can order things via their mobile phone and have them delivered to their home.

Your online retail business may benefit from this possibility.

You don’t need to buy something to invest, simply sell others’.

So you can make a lot of money.

41. Travel Agent

Tourism is a Lucrative Industry

The travel agency connects the tourist with tour operators, hotels, and flights.

Tourism is one of our country’s most rapidly increasing sectors.

Travelling and vacationing attracts more and more individuals.

Travelling between countries is becoming easier due to globalisation’s globalising effects.

The same goes for India. Travelling around the world is easier and faster than ever before.

Currently, there is a large client base for new travel agencies.

A travel agency’s services include booking tickets, hotels, and sightseeing.

A travel agency’s main job is to make a traveller’s journey trouble-free and straightforward.

A travel agent must provide enough information to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Customers who use a travel agency are more likely to return.

Mahal and Red Fort in Mumbai, valleys and greenery in South India. ENDLESS

Historically significant sites and ethnicities all contribute to tourism.

42. Security and Spy Agency

An affordable security and spy agencySpy Agent

Spies are a solid alternative for growing security needs.

43. Businesses Today use Data Entry Jobs to Make Money.

This is a start for anyone. It is easy to learn and can make money if you just starting out.

44. Resume Writer

Resume writers are experts at creating resumes and are well-versed in the subject.

45. Low-cost yet high-profit business ideas

Here I list the Low-cost yet Hight-Profit Business Ideas.

46. DJ Services

The part-time unique business idea is the disc jockey service.

DJ is sought repeatedly. It helps if you can play music well.

47. Lessons in Music

The music business is a highly lucrative professional of work.

This business can bring in a lot of cash.

Music knowledge plus an instrument like the piano or guitar are all you need.

Without a music school building, this class can be taught at home.

You can use the vacant garage to teach music to your students.

48. Laundromat

Businesses like laundry can be founded with little capital and soon enter the public market.

Many people rely on these services.

Profiting from the washing machine and detergent alone is sufficient to start a laundry business.

Several successful laundry businesses already exist.

Do you want to share their success?

Start with this low-cost business concept that can pay off handsomely.

49. Web Designing

Web design is a low-cost business venture.

Web design services are urgently required.

You only have investments in laptops, PCs, and Internet networks.

A web designer’s employment is limited to site design and content.

This work is more accessible when you have the information, competence, and experience.

Freelance web designers can work from home. People need web design services.

Therefore they seek it out and pay a premium for it.

This company requires no investment.

Although your web development talents determine your project pay scale.

50. Affiliate Marketing

People nowadays choose affiliate marketing.

You can sell other people’s stuff without a significant investment.

In this case, an affiliate link promotes the merchant’s goods or services.

By joining the merchant’s affiliate programme, the interested party receives a link.Wealthy Affiliate Business Idea

It is shared on social media and other channels, and users are taken to the merchant’s portal when clicked.

If an affiliate marketer (in this case, you) purchases through their affiliate link, it counts as a sale.

Several sales and transaction values determine commission.

You can begin affiliate marketing with no money.

But affiliate marketing requires a strong internet presence to gain traction.

If you have a limited audience that trusts you, you can sell them anything.

51. Xerox Book Binding

Many college and school districts in India lack this facility, making this a possible business opportunity.

52. Land Agent

Land prices are rising daily, and individuals are unable to find one that meets their demands.

Here’s where real estate agents can help you find the most acceptable prices.

Being a real estate agent or broker has many advantages.

You can put up tariffs to find a buyer or seek for real estate required.

It only takes communication tools and speaking skills to impress clients and make money.

53. YouTube Channel

We all know YouTube. Many renowned people have become famous due to YouTube.

All you have to do is create a YouTube channel and upload your videos.

This increases your audience and your revenue from internet adverts.YouTube Logo

A lot of people use YouTube to learn how to perform things like makeup or fashion.

To be popular on YouTube, you need patience, cunning, and creativity.

So you could be the next big YouTube.

54. Cooking Schools

Any homemaker or foodie can quickly start it in their own kitchen with their favourite meals.

Investing heavily is unnecessary. Get groceries, advertise a little and start earning.

55. Business Agent

No initial investment is made during this period.

Like Quikr and eBay, connect sellers with buyers.

Profit when the deal is done.

56. Quick Service Restaurant

For the period 2014 to 2020, the India Food Report predicted a CAGR of over 15%.

Starting a restaurant is perhaps the best business idea, but it is also the most competitive.

Many restaurants and fast-food joints fail.

You must choose the correct site; it should be in a busy area with a steady flow of consumers.

You should also evaluate your target market – your specialisation.

So you should change your food serving, service, and interior building style accordingly.

In today’s hectic environment, where working people and students eat quality meals, quality is vital.

You must maintain the food’s quality.

Online meal delivery is also trendy and possible nowadays.

A setting, a cook (or yourself), a name, beautiful cuisine and a name to earn.

If your customers like your meals, you can start earning right away and become a successful business owner.

57. Pharmacist

Indian companies are known for providing low-cost generic medications to foreign countries.Pharmacist-Road-Sign

As Westerners discover world-class medical care at lower costs, India is now a top health tourism destination.

India is now the world’s largest and most competitive exporter of generic pharmaceuticals.

India is now the world’s largest and most competitive exporter of generic pharmaceuticals.

Indian pharmaceutical patents are likewise in high demand.

And it’s a lucrative business in India.

Our country produces a lot of doctors, and the number is rising.

They used to be far from the doctor’s clinic and pharmacy, but now they are connected, which is great.

Although the initial investment is significant, the long-term benefit is likewise considerable.

As a result, most patients attend the clinic and buy their drugs from the shop.

58. Beauty Salon / Boutique

Women, in particular, are self-conscious about their appearance.

Undeniably, the beauty industry adores them.

It encompasses all kinds of cosmetic treatments, but it also involves basic hygiene.

Beauty salons do well if they are located in high traffic areas and offer services at low prices.

The fashion industry thrives and never closes.

Fashion, footwear, and accessory designers are constantly inspired by global trends.

They also sell pretty quickly.

Opening a boutique can, therefore quite profitable if run efficiently.

It’s a great idea for young women who want to help support their families.

59. Gardening Business

Growing plants, especially herbs, is a popular gardening business these days.

These products are available in tiny shops as well as massive warehouses.

Herbs can be grown and sold to wholesale or retail customers.

The main advantage of this company is that it can be started as a hobby from home.

Begin by planting herbs in a large backyard or renting cheap land.

The profit margins are small.

To scale the business, one would require excellent expertise in herb cultivation.

To work enormous amounts of land, one must be well versed in farming techniques.

60. Clean and Green Services

When everyone is working and there isn’t time for basic cleaning, clean and green services are valued.

Cleaning, watering plants, etc.

So, this form of business is rapidly growing in metropolises.

This firm is less capital intensive and has high-profit margins.

You must first organise and manage a team.

In addition to teaching them the techniques, you will also need to teach them moral lessons.

It will assist build a positive company image.

To effectively manage your personnel, you will need to communicate effectively.

61. Jewellery Designing

Many people appreciate wearing handcrafted jewellery.

The beauty of handmade jewellery is that each piece is unique, and the wearer feels proud and graceful.Jewellery-Designing

Creating jewellery includes the following steps:

• Learn how to design jewellery and get the necessary tools.

• Experiment with different homemade jewellery designs.

• Show your creations to other jewellers. Try to find a jeweller who knows you personally.

62. Bouquet and Card Making

Whatever the occasion, nothing says it better than a bunch of flowers and a card!

There are many ways to express ourselves through bouquets.

Flowers are essential for any occasion or sentiment.

Making bouquets and cards for special events is an art.

This company is straightforward and low capital intensive for those with the talent and drive.

It also has high-profit margins because it caters to a specific market.

This business can be combined with wedding preparation to maximise return on investment.

63. Prepare accounting and tax returns.

Accounting and tax preparation is a low-cost business concept for people who are strong with numbers.

With good accounting and tax skills, you can easily manage your firm’s finances and taxes while making a profit.

You’ll need a computer, internet access, and possibly some employees as you grow.

64. Tattoo Shop

Tattoos on visible portions of the body are trendy presently.

Tattoos aren’t just imprints; for some, they’re a way of expressing themselves.

In order to promote tattoos, you can open a tattoo parlour under certain conditions.

An excellent location, tattoo equipment, a clean environment, and lots of imagination.

There! You’ve got your own tattoo parlour.

You may simply cut marketing costs by posting your designs and consumer reviews on social media.

65. Agent Assurance

In the wake of pandemics, having medical coverage is essential.

Insurance is a short plan that everyone must have. Nowadays, almost everything can be insured.

The insurance coverage includes health, vehicle, shop, renters, and more.

Choose your insurance niche and become a registered insurance agent.

You can join an insurance company or form alone proprietorship.

For a lone owner, commissions on new policies range from 12-15 per cent, and renewals from 5-10 per cent.

66. Petsitter

This is definitely the best way to start making money fast.

Do you like dogs? Or moggies?Petsitter-Image-Men-and-Dogs

You’ve just landed a chance to cash in.

Many busy pet owners leave their pets alone for long periods when they are away on business or vacation.

Without care, pets might develop separation anxiety and depression.

If you genuinely care for animals, you can care for them when their parents are away.

You may start by feeding, walking, and bathing them and later operate a hostel for larger groups of pets.

67. Dropshipping

Dropshipping has become a popular choice for many people looking to start their own business.

Dropshipping is a business strategy where three parties are involved, with you as the third party.

Find a dependable vendor or supplier, preferably a local one with inventory management and storage.

The commission or profit margin must be agreed upon by all parties.

The drop shipper then markets the product and receives orders from the provider.

The supplier takes care of the rest (packing, logistics, and delivery).

Drop shipment is also possible from Amazon and Flipkart.

68. Bakery Every town has a hyper-local bakery that

Supplies bread and baked goods.

Bakeries are essential because they provide the most basic elements for a meal.

The same goes for baking a cake without burning it.

If you’re good at it, you could do this for a job.

Cakes are required for every event.

Cakes will always be in demand.

Bakeries sell more than just cakes; they also serve bread, biscuits, and other goods.

There is nothing like a range of healthy, freshly-made loaves of bread.

Setting up a bakery requires an initial investment in a decent location, ovens, and raw materials.

69. Local Chocolate Store

Anything handcrafted has a personal touch, be it gifts or classic chocolates.

Handmade chocolates require skill and craftsmanship to sell.

Chocolates have many combinations that can be tried out.

Begin with homemade chocolates as gifts, return gifts at birthday celebrations, anniversaries, etc.

70. Honey Producers

Honey is a staple in 80% of Indian families.

It has been used to treat acid reflux, colds, and coughs, and as a sugar substitute.

Honey is a highly sought-after element in Indian cuisine and medicine.

So, with proper planning, beekeeping can be a profitable enterprise.

Furthermore, the Indian government provides loans and subsidies to beekeepers.

To establish a beekeeping business, you will need the following:
  • Firm registration
  • Trade licence
  • FSSAI licence
  • GST registration
  • BIS certificate

In addition to the above, beekeeping requires the following tools.

Protective Gear (suits, glares, veils) (honey extractor, uncapping knife, beekeeper suit)

If done correctly, the honey-making business can be lucrative.

India is one of the leading exporters of honey. Thus there is more potential for business.

71. Tiffin/Food Service

People rarely have the time or patience to cook their own meals in today’s hectic society.

Take-out is fun until you can’t eat junk food anymore.

That’s when tiffin services come in handy.

Tiffin services provide you with monthly home-cooked food.

This is a beautiful company to start if you live near a corporation, college, or hostel.

You can prepare roti, sabzi, dal, rice, and salad.

Provide tiffins in your neighbourhood first, then market through social media and word-of-mouth.

72. Play/Adventure Area for Kids

Adults and children alike like play/adventure areas.

Playgrounds and parks are always crowded because they are relaxing.

For a kid’s play area, you may hire a modest space and paint it.

Make sure there are slides and puzzles. Possibilities include Galli cricket and a little football.

This business can go as far as you want it to go.

Your consumers will come back for more if you rent some of the games and books.

73. Baby Creche

Many working mothers are looking for a creche for their children.

Some offices have decided to put up their own cheques. But that isn’t the case for most businesses.

Work-life balance is difficult for new moms.

If you enjoy babysitting, you may establish a babysitting service with the support of other ladies.

Everything else is provided; save the baby food and diapers.

74. Personalised Gift Shop

Several stores sell bespoke presents made by tiny artisans for various occasions.

If you have a rental store set up, you might sell custom-crafted presents manufactured by you or others.

Handmade cards, embroidered objects, and photo presents are examples of custom gifts.

As businesses grow, you can hire staff and let customers customise their items.

75. Antique Shop

Every urban and suburban homeowner wants something special to make their home seem like home.

Antiques are priceless because they are historical.

This is due to India’s rich cultural heritage.

Then you can import or export things to foreign consumers as your firm grows.

76. Organic Agriculture

Most urbanites are switching to organic diets.

Organic foods are pesticide-free, nutrient-dense, and antioxidant-rich.

You can start organic farming if you have spare agricultural land or enough space.

Many technical specialists provide free agricultural advice, or you can pay an expert to cultivate your land.

Organic foods are rapidly gaining popularity and will soon be in high demand.

77. Multi-Level Marketing

MLM has been around in India for quite some time. It is a network-based business model.

You pick a company and invest a small amount to get started.

You market the goods and get others to join you under your name.

Your subordinate does the same.

Commissions earned by members and subordinates benefit all members.

Amway, Oriflamme, Modicare, etc.

78. Wedding/Marriage Bureau

Marriage bureaux are full-time, never-empty operations. Indian moms will always have one.

While Tinder has the youth casually dating, Shadi.com connects soulmates.

If you think you have the sixth sense required for this job, you may make money from it.

Because marriage bureaux cater to specific families, this won’t be a money-making machine straight away.

There will be prep work and networking.

Getting into this business is truly exponential.

79. Making Organic Candles/Soap

Ten years ago, I thought soap was solely made in factories.

Not so

Creating amazing scented candles and soaps can be learned from a YouTube video.

Colours, smells, forms, and glitter are all part of the process.

These products are handmade, organic, and can be varied, so you may charge a premium.

80. Career Guidance

This one may require a fair degree and extensive experience.

Career guidance is one of the most innovative educational firms today.

Guidance in choosing a career is provided by career counsellors.

By 2030, India’s population under 25 years old would be 80 crores.

Career coaching needs will skyrocket; therefore, now is the time to get into it.

81. Aquarium Store

Aquarium stores sell fish tanks and fish of all kinds.

To open an aquarium store, you need to buy fish pairs, fish tanks, oxygen sets, etc.

Nowadays, aquarium businesses often modify fish tanks to fit the buyer’s size and needs.

You can also sell fish food and aquarium supplies.

82. Photographer

If you are talented at photography, you can utilise your skills in many different areas.

Pre-wedding, wedding, maternity, commercial, and portrait shots are examples.

Pick a niche, obtain a quality camera, and get going.

83. Expert Examiner

Many companies want their items tested and need valuable input.

These companies choose people and provide them with free products to review.

If you can convince corporations to pick you, you can become a professional reviewer.

These reviews reach a large demographic and require an active blog or YouTube channel.

Assure you have the knowledge and experience to discuss the product.

84. Cheap Franchise

Conglomerates use franchises to spread their reach beyond cities and states.

For the sale of stock, companies offer to set up expenses and margins.

Begin by studying a product or service that is now popular and has potential for future growth.

Invest in the franchise, market the product or service, and watch the business expand.

85. Customer Satisfaction Mystery Shopper

A secret shopper visits stores evaluate workers, examine products, and provides comments.

All you need is a smartphone, internet access, and basic language skills.

Schedule-friendly surveys are also available.

86. Stockbroker/MF Agent

Mutual funds have market risks.

But they’re great for long-term, short-term, and targeted investing.

The social media boom has sparked interest in mutual funds and stock markets.

But they are mostly inept. You can become a stockbroker if you know a lot about stocks.

Consumers come to you to invest in a store or a mutual fund, relying on your expertise.

A percentage of their account balances, stock market gains or mutual fund premiums.

87. Virtual Assistant Service

A virtual assistant is a remote worker hired by a firm to help with daily activities.

This is small work that can be done from home or elsewhere.

In most cases, it involves understanding social media management, administration, or scheduling.

It offers a variety of opportunities to discover or improve your talents to be hired by premium firms.

88. Tourist Information

If you live in a tourist hotspot, take advantage of the opportunity to show people around.

A guide must be a tourist himself.

They should have a desire to travel and discover new locations.

You must become the adventurer.

Find tourist attractions, shopping, dining, and entertainment alternatives.

This job may suit you if you enjoy travelling.

You could also vlog your adventures on YouTube.


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