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  1. Everyone should read the text to the end. I recommend this way of earning. Although it is not for those who want to get rich overnight and who will give up after a few days, everyone who is looking for a job online should still try. I think this is one of those jobs that is guaranteed in the long run.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Bojana,

      Yes, it is not a get rich quick scheme you have to put the work in to be a success. It will pay off, in the end, we also have to remember to put the customer first and the money will come later. 

      Thanks again


  2. Stratos K says:

    What can be said about WA that has not already been said. I think no matter what you write in a review WA has so much to offer that only if someone tries it can understand its potential. I like that they have a free, even limited, option on offer. When you start to see how much value there is to it then surely everyone goes for a premium account.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Stratos,

      Yes, you are right there is nothing else to be said about WA it is a great Platform. It only took me 1 day to join premium, and I joint Premium and never regretted it. 

      I have learned so much I could not have learned on my own, even though I tried before finding WA. 

      Thanks again