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Updated on the 5 Noveber 2022

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Today I want to explore Building an Affiliate Marketing Business with Wealthy Affiliate.

This review will point out the good and the bad about Wealthy Affiliates.

“How to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate?”

This is one of the most often asked questions I receive as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

This article aims to teach you how I make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Please read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

The method I generate money with Wealthy Affiliate may not be for everyone.

Therefore, I will show you alternative options.

That being stated, there is only one way to generate money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Explained


Making money at Wealthy Affiliate is based on Affiliate Marketing.

Hopefully, it answers your question:

How do you earn money with Wealthy Affiliate?

But the solution is considerably more complicated, and I’d like to elaborate. Money held in hands

How you generate money with wealthy affiliates depends on your topic.

Affiliate marketing still pays, but it depends on your speciality.

Let’s go deeper.

Join me for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Affiliate Marketing:

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is a three-way commercial partnership.

  • The merchant sells goods or services.
  • The consumer wants to purchase them.
  • When consumers are ready to purchase, the affiliate marketer presents them with the merchant’s goods and services.
  • It seems easy enough, but understanding client purchasing cycles and triggers make it more complex.
  • In this video, I explain how to earn money using Wealthy Affiliate.

Making Money with Wealthy Affiliates


Get access now

Let Me Explain Myself. My internet experience began in 2021 in WA.

I have three websites with Wealthy Affiliates now and love the platform.

Don’t get us wrong, I used to be like you.

defraudingEveryone in the MMO industry was defrauding me.

I eventually discovered Site Build It (now Solo Build It).

This platform is comparable to Wealthy Affiliate.

They are similar yet quite distinct.

Solo Build It only enables one website, but Wealthy Affiliate offers 25 for premium users.

The issue was that I have two memberships to Solo Build It!

My goal was to create a new website in the earned money online area.

After all, I spent a lot of money avoiding fraud before starting my online presence.

I looked for alternatives to paying for a third Solo Build Its member.

That’s when I discovered WA.

I registered as a free trial member and was satisfied.

I became a premium member in a few days and started creating this website.

Click here to compare the Starter and Premium Memberships.

Starter vs. Premium

I moved both of my websites from SBI to Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s three websites hosted with Wealthy Affiliate! Wealthy Affiliate Logo

All for under $1 each day!

I’ve veered off subject.

Now let’s talk about making money using wealthy Affiliates.

How can I earn money using WA?

We’ve discussed affiliate marketing, but now I’d want to go more specific.

How I earn money with Wealthy Affiliate varies depending on the website.

Each website has its own speciality that I promote.

I generate money by promoting things that help others create an internet company with my website.

Promoting tools for creating killer websites.

Boosting SEO learning goods.

Resource: The Best SEO Affiliate Programs Now – Guide

That’s where I earn the majority of my internet income.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of my products.

I only advocate goods that I have used and believe in.

Another reason I endorse Wealthy Affiliate is that members enjoy it and remain long-term.

WA affiliates get ongoing income.

So as long as a member you suggested continues at Wealthy Affiliate, you keep being paid.

That means you will receive an email from PayPal every month that PayPal logolooks like this!

Wealthy Affiliate Fee

Join me now for FREE to discover the benefits Wealthy Affiliate gives.

Other Ways I Make Money With WA

Wealthy Affiliate offers several opportunities to earn money.

You may join hundreds of affiliate programmes and advertise their items.

Amazon is my second-largest source of income with Wealthy Affiliate.

Amazon Associates is the most popular affiliate programme.

Mainly because you can advertise their products.

That’s a lot of stuff in practically every area.

Resource: What is Wealthy Affiliate About Review A-Z

How it works:

Pick a speciality that you are passionate about or know a lot about.

Reviews and purchase advice for folks seeking such items.

Use an affiliate link to direct your readers to Amazon. Amazon logo

Get credit for the sale and profit.

Here’s an example:

My second website from 2021 is about how to make money online, one of my hobbies.

That site has hundreds of how-to-make-money online articles.

That site also has a Gear Reviews section.

I examine deer hunting gear and provide helpful purchase tips in that part.

So, what?

My links help many people purchase deer hunting gear!

Another example:

Being new, an unscrupulous marketer may easily outperform me and take my readers.

Not to mention how I discovered it and began earning money with Wealthy Affiliate.

A keyword research tool called Jaaxy is available to Wealthy Affiliate members.

Jaaxy Keyword reserachKeyword research is critical to creating a website and an online company.

Ideally, you want to identify keywords with little competition and high monthly searches.

I stumbled and discovered a new term while researching for another project.

As a 54-year-old avid reader, there are a few things I haven’t seen before.

The ancient Chinese remedy was suddenly gaining worldwide acclaim.

Resource: What is the best Keyword Research Technique in SEO?

I was Excited!

The product came in a variety of brands, allowing for various reviews.

Further analysis revealed that Amazon sold the majority of the brands.

Now I was ecstatic!

So, here’s what I did:

I acquired a domain with the product name in it.

My Wealthy Affiliate website uses that domain.

I went to Amazon and purchased every brand I could find.

I reviewed each product brand separately.

I then prepared a detailed product purchasing guide connected to all the reviews.

I got on the top page for various keywords in no time.

I’m even number one in some reviews!

Some of my reviews have been indexed on Google on the first page. Google indexing

The site is only young and has great potential.

I have been posting an article every third day.

I have three websites which is why I post one article every third day.

How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate!

Enough about me.

Let’s see how Wealthy Affiliate may help you generate money.

Making Money with Wealthy Affiliates

I showed you how I earn money with a Wealthy Affiliate.

I propose you don’t start by marketing Wealthy Affiliate.


Why Logo with question markMaking money online involves promoting Wealthy Affiliates.

This is a highly competitive niche where it is tough to generate money.

I’m not saying you can’t.

I’m arguing that making money with Wealthy Affiliate is considerably more straightforward.

You may always switch to MMO after gaining expertise and earning money in other genres.

The best way to make money with Wealthy Affiliate is to start with a passion.

Resource: Wealthy Affiliate – 7 Points on How to Generate Income Now (Easily)

The problem is…

You will need to create many materials for your website in your chosen speciality.

If that speciality doesn’t interest you, you’ll grow bored, disheartened, and quit.

One thing about internet businesses: Give uppers never succeed.

I wish you success.

If you succeed, you will remain a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I will continue to grow. success image

So, my success is linked to yours.

Finding things to advertise in your niche is easy once you’ve identified it.

The most straightforward place to start is Amazon.

One word to Amazon.

Don’t join the Amazon Associates Program until you have decent traffic.

Amazon offers you, I believe, 60 days to sell.

If you don’t sell in 60 days, your account is closed.

That is the last thing a newbie needs.

You may constantly reapply later as your traffic increases.

Resource: Get more traffic to your site

Concllusion -To sum up:

Profits from Wealthy Affiliate?

Pick a hobby or area of expertise.

Construct a Killer Website:

Wealthy Affiliate is fantastic at teaching how to build attractive, profitable websites.

Profit from Wealthy Affiliate’s proven traffic methods will attract people to your website.

Make Sales – My favourite part!

Send visitors to your affiliates by promoting valuable items and services.

It’s that easy.

Join me for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.


I hope I have helped you understand how to generate money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Whenever I write for my readers, I wish to provide useful information.

I think I did that with this post.

Thousands of individuals are generating money with Wealthy Affiliates.

Success stories from Wealthy Affiliate show that.

But like with any company, Wealthy Affiliate is not flawless.

Read about some of the most common Wealthy Affiliate concerns here.


I recommend Joining for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate and seeing for yourself.

No Credit card is required instant access.

Basic Training is included.

An opportunity to earn Commission by promoting WA.

It will cost you 0.00 dollars – what have you got to lose?

It’s now up to you to determine whether Wealthy Affiliate is right.

If you’re still undecided, read my whole Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Leave questions and comments below. I address almost every query there.

Thanks for visiting!Thanks for visiting!

Till the Next Time



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  1. Everyone should read the text to the end. I recommend this way of earning. Although it is not for those who want to get rich overnight and who will give up after a few days, everyone who is looking for a job online should still try. I think this is one of those jobs that is guaranteed in the long run.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Bojana,

      Yes, it is not a get rich quick scheme you have to put the work in to be a success. It will pay off, in the end, we also have to remember to put the customer first and the money will come later. 

      Thanks again


  2. What can be said about WA that has not already been said. I think no matter what you write in a review WA has so much to offer that only if someone tries it can understand its potential. I like that they have a free, even limited, option on offer. When you start to see how much value there is to it then surely everyone goes for a premium account.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Stratos,

      Yes, you are right there is nothing else to be said about WA it is a great Platform. It only took me 1 day to join premium, and I joint Premium and never regretted it. 

      I have learned so much I could not have learned on my own, even though I tried before finding WA. 

      Thanks again