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Top SEO Affiliate Programs

Elke Robins – Date 19 March 2022

Welcome to my website, I’m Elke and today we will look at Top SEO Affiliate Programs.

First – What are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of earning a commission by promoting the goods of others.

The affiliate simply finds a product they like, promotes it, and receives a commission on each transaction.

Next Question:

Have you been on the lookout for an SEO affiliate programme?

As we go through this article, we will encounter lots of tools and skills to improve your SEO.

We will look at niches and how SEO works with Affiliate Marketing.

This article is a cool/great place to find excellent SEO Affiliate Programs for 2022 to generate good passive income.

All digital marketing methods revolve around SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO written on domino blogs

70% of Affiliates believe SEO is more effective than pay-per-click (PPC) in terms of organic visitors/traffic and income.

The high need for high-quality SEO platforms has created hundreds even thousands of SEO Affiliate Programs.

They help companies prosper by promoting them on search engine result pages.

As an SEO affiliate marketer, your aim is to advertise your programme to prospective consumers.

Earn commissions on all consumers that join the SEO programme.

There are numerous SEO pros in this affiliate area with good SEO abilities.

Everyone wants to have an affiliate platform/website.

SEO affiliate marketing is one of the most beneficial and successful strategies to monetise your website.

Affiliate programs/networks are in high demand by all firms that sell their goods and brands online.

They are always searching for bloggers and webinars to help them expand and market their companies.

Marketers may improve their income streams by using the SEO Affiliate Program.

Affiliates get compensated for each referral.

A look at the best SEO Affiliate networks/programs that may help you make a lot of money fast.

Let’s Look at How Do SEO Affiliate Programs Work?

Affiliate SEO (search engine optimisation) connections to your website are provided by the affiliate SEO scheme.

If a customer purchases anything from the company’s website using your link, you will get compensated.

For example, bloggers may organise campaigns, promotions, and events to attract more visitors to their goods.

Regardless of how you recommend new clients to your partner’s website or how well he performs, you will be paid.

How is Money Made through SEO Affiliate Programs?

Marketing experts believe the best SEO affiliate marketing networks/programs may help you make good money online.

coins with a money tree growing out the topWhat is the best approach to generate money online while increasing website traffic and sales?

This section explains how to leverage affiliate networks and SEO to drive quality visitors to your website.

These excellent strategies can help you boost your website’s readership and your company.

1. Create a website:

First, we must build a website – you can do that with Wealthy Affiliate, or you can go somewhere else. E. G Wix, Weebly

With Wealthy Affiliate you get a free domain name also, also they use WordPress for their websites.

That’s all; five to six postings will do. Assemble a decent website with relevant keywords.

2. Related Keywords:

You have to make sure that your keywords are frequently searched in Google.

You can use the Jaaxy Keyword tool inside Wealthy Affiliate or Google Keyword Planner.

You can find have to do keyword research and make sure that it is relevant to your niche.

3. Optimized Conversions:

If you can’t make customers click on your link you wound, make money.

Common keyword ads can be tested for your conversion.

Keyword Reserach

SEO also provides more than 700 useful words to help your ranking the pages you need.

It is recommended to use internal links instead of external links.

The page should contain key phrases that are imperative to your website’s social engagement.

4. Obtaining social signals:

Social media is a very important factor in your success.

If you don’t take social media into consideration, you would get good deals.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can help connect with viewers on social media.

Social media is widely used nowadays and can help you get customers to your website.

I have listed SEO Affiliate Networks you can choose for residual income:

Best SEO Affiliate Programs 2022:

SEMRush (BeRush) – Affiliate Program

Nitropack – Affiliate Program.

NitroPack Logo

LinkoDy – Affiliate Program

SEO PowerSuite – Affiliate Program

NinjaOutReach – Affiliate Program

Authority Hacker – Affiliate Program – Affiliate program

Serpstat – Affiliate Program

Rank Math – Affiliate Program

Money Robot – Affiliate Program

Surfer SEO – Affiliate Program

KWFinder By Mangools – Affiliate Program

GeneratePress – Affiliate Program

Accuranker – Affiliate Program

Cloudways – Affiliate Program

1. SEMRush (BeRush) – Affiliate Program

SEMrush is known for being the largest digital marketing brand in the world.

It consists of a database of 20 billion keywords and also has 310 million ads.

The information is given through 17 billion URL crawls a day.

Semrush LogoThe database contains over 40 SEO tools ranging from backlink analysis to Google Ads development.

With so many to choose from, it is no wonder that companies like Apple, Nike, and Tesla utilise SEMrush.

This package costs $ 119.95 per month.

Affiliates receive $ 200 for each new subscription purchase, $10 for each new lead, and $ 0.01 for each new sign-up.

The collected commissions will be paid 27 days later. Cookie duration: 120 days. Commission: $200.

2. Nitropack – Affiliate Program:

Maintaining page speed is the most important SEO feature.

Search engines and users hate slow websites, and you won’t be indexed by Google and customers go somewhere else.

Website owners invest time and money to speed up their websites.

NitroPack can help you with that.

The PageSpeed tools help reduce page load time for over 72,000 websites.

Customers/users will improve their average speed by 69% and index speed by 383%.

It pays a great 20% commission for the first 18 months after a customer clicks and purchases.

Customers who buy will also get a 5% discount on their payment of $88.

The commission is around 20% with a 30-day cookie life.

3. LinkoDy – Affiliate Program:

The company has been around since 2011 and is based in the Netherlands – Amsterdam.

It is one of the leading SEO Affiliate Platform/networks.

The company helps customers earn a lucrative number of steady commissions by consistently monitoring, finding and analysing links.

LinkoDy Affiliate Program

This is an excellent and effective SEO affiliate scheme, you can keep updates on your website’s performance.

LinkoDy pays affiliates 30% monthly nett commissions.

The Oberlo cookies are suitable for 30 days.

However, the software only accepts PayPal and wire transfers.

The LinkoDy Affiliate Program has a $100 minimum payment basis.

4. SEO PowerSuite – Affiliate Program:

With SEO PowerSuite you will get an all-in-one search engine optimization platform with over 2 million customers.

It includes IBM, Nestle and Amazon.

Amazon Logo

It includes backlink analysis, rank trackers and website auditors and much more.

This is a strong SEO outrace tool/gadget.

Most takes can be set up automated with little effort – two-minute steps.

Great so far but what about SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program?

The average price is $197, and you can earn up to $230 of commissions on a sale.

With SEO PowerSuite you get a commission of up to $230 a sale.

5. NinjaOutReach – Affiliate Program:

Promoters utilise NinjaOutreach to find influencers and partners.

Your firm may effortlessly establish and manage several influencer marketing programmes.

Ninja Outreach is one of the most excellent SEO affiliate networks.

With a 6-month cookie duration, you may benefit from a 20% commission rate for life.

Due to competitiveness, SEO affiliate networks do not allow PPC advertisements on affiliate network websites.

NinjaOutreach searches millions of social influencers and company portfolios worldwide as a well-established influencer marketing tool.

NinjaOutreach is the most fantastic outreaching tool for affiliates. A lifetime commission of 20%.

On approval of sales, it pays marketers monthly.

All affiliate sales are authorised within 60 days. A $100 withdrawal is required.

6. Authority Hacker – Affiliate Program:

Authority Hacker isn’t an SEO tool per such, but it contains a lot of useful information.

This information can increase search engine traffic.

They have over 6,000 people to grow authoritative pages.

Authority Hacker

As an Affiliate you can earn up to $990 on a sale by selling a premium course, many members have seen EPC of about 10.

They also have high-quality marketing tools so you can grow your sales.

Before applying, read Authority Hacker’s affiliate criteria.

The Authority Hacker Affiliate Program pays $990 per purchase with a 60-day cookie life.

7. – Affiliate Program

Hunter is a great email marketing tool that helps you locate professional emails in seconds.

You are allowed to search 25 emails per month for free after that there is a subscription for 34-279 per month.

The Hunter Affiliate Platform pay a 30% commission.

Unlike some programs/networks, the payments are for 12 months only not for life.

Advertisers like Adobe, Google, and Microsoft are featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and The Guardian.

With the “freemium” approach, hunters are easier to sell.

The commission or profit rate is about 30%, and 12-month commissions are attainable. The cookie life is 45 days.

8. Serpstat – Affiliate Program:

Serpstat is an important tool in SEO (search engine optimization).

This tool may be used for nearly anything, from SERP analysis to keyword research and link building.

Serpstat affiliate programmes are appealing for reasons other than their feature sets.

Serpstat LogoWith over 400 evaluations, the brand has an excellent reputation as G2’s most voted tool.

Serpstat’s affiliate network/program is also the best-selling product in Appsumo.

The Serpstat Affiliate Program/Network pays you depending on the number of new customers you refer.

5% for the first five payments, 10% for the sixth to the twentieth, 20% for the twenty-first, and 30% for the twenty-second.

The Serpstat Affiliate Program offers a lifetime commission of up to 30% with a cookie duration of 30 days.

9. Rank Math – Affiliate Program:

Rank Math is considered the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO plugins.

User-controlled SEO on website pages enhances search traffic.

In over 3K reviews, Rank Math has received a 4.9/5 rating from Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush.

It is cheaper than some of the more costly tools on the list, beginning at $59 a year.

RankMath Logo

The Rank Math Affiliate Network pays 30% commissions and has a 60-day cookie window.

Also, you may establish affiliate apps without a website.

Join if you like sponsored search, email marketing, or guest blogging.

The rank math affiliate network pays 30% and has a 60-day cookie.

10. Money Robot – Affiliate Program:

The Money Robot software delivers material to hundreds of websites and gets backlinks.

This link-building tool may help SEO specialists, small company owners, and website administrators.

So, selling this gadget is not difficult. According to its website, Money Robot charges $100 for each software licence.

Also, if one of your fans or visitors joins up for a monthly membership, you get $20.

Use Money Robot to distribute your material to thousands of sites to earn essential backlinks.

The Money Robot Affiliate Program offers a $100 fixed commission with a lifetime licence and a $25 signup incentive.

We also teach the tool’s use.

11. Surfer SEO – Affiliate Program:

Surfer SEO is the tool of choice for increasing organic traffic through content marketing.

It helps you generate content that Google consumers enjoy. It works and is really simple.

The Surfer SEO Affiliate Program features over 4,500 SEO experts and digital marketers.

SEO logo on laptop

Surfers’ monthly expenses range from $29 to $649.

So, here’s something for little, large, and everyone in between.

It provides you with a broad audience to boost affiliate sales.

The Surfer SEO Affiliate Program gives a 25% regular commission with monthly rewards.

The Surfer SEO Affiliate Program pays approximately 25% recurring commissions with a 60-day cookie.

12. KWFinder BY Mangools – Affiliate Program:

For SEO purposes, Mangools offers similar capabilities as SEMrush.

In fact, KWFinder is the most used function.

This makes finding less challenging long-tail keywords relatively simple for users.

For $29.90 per month, the Mangools programme has the same brand power as a large SEO firm.

Another plus is the 10-day free trial for affiliates.

However, you will still get compensated if someone uses your affiliate link for a trial and upgrades.

The Mangools Affiliate Program pays an average of $487 monthly.

It’s also a terrific method to supplement money between jobs since it pays regularly.

There is a 30-day cookie term for this affiliate programme.

13. GeneratePress – Affiliate Program:

GeneratePress is one of the leading WordPress plugins.

It is very easy to create stunning WordPress sites.

They have around 3.5 million downloads, and over 80,000 also they stand at a 5-star rating.

The commission is up to 30% which keeps Affiliates very happy.

GeneratePress Logo

You do not have to be a member of GeneratePress but just have to promote it.

To become an Affiliate, you just fill in a simple form in the Affiliate section of the platform.

The GeneratePress platform provides firmness, speed, and availability features.

The platform also accelerates your workflow.

A prepared starting website and a block-based theme creation system are included.

The benefit of GeneratePress is that you may join the affiliate network for free.

14. Accuranker – Affiliate Program:

AccuRanker advertises itself as the world’s quickest keyword rank checker.

25,000+ SEO firms, consultants, and brands, including Havas, iProspect, and WPP.

Accurancker values its customers.

It offers free one-on-one best practice lessons and a thorough self-help guide.

AccuRanker pays recurring commissions, like other affiliate networks on this list.

So, if someone joins AccuRanker via your affiliate links, you gain 20% of their monthly payments.

We also provide a large 120-day cookie window and a 14-day free trial.

The Accuranker Affiliate Program offers a 20% lifetime commission and a 120-day cookie duration.

15. Cloudways – Affiliate Program:

Affiliate marketers should use web hosting forums. Aside from SEO, the Cloudways affiliate network is noteworthy.

In all, Cloudways has over 250,000 successful managed sites with a 94.7 per cent customer satisfaction rate.

Cloudways LogoIt offers Google Cloud Engine and Amazon Web Services as a cloud hosting forum. Now for good.

The Cloudways affiliate programme offers two commission options.

For monthly sales of 46-80, the price pays up to $125.

It pays $30 per sale + 7% upfront for your monthly membership.

The client uses Cloudways. Affiliates may earn up to $125 per sale with 90-day cookies.


Even though hundreds of SEO affiliate programmes are available online, I chose just the best.

This post detailed how to leverage visitors to enhance sales and the best SEO affiliate networks.

So, pick the best SEO software for your demands.


SEO products are in great need that SEO affiliate networks are top-rated and lucrative.

A solid affiliate network offers high rates, lengthy life, and exceptional support.

My favourite SEO affiliate networks give a reasonable monthly commission.

If you want to generate an income, use blogging, use WordPress, affiliate marketing, or SEO.

New bloggers and website owners are increasingly promoting these initiatives.

Test them first before releasing your SEO goods or services to the public.

That way, you’ll know the product’s primary benefits and drawbacks.

Promote only valuable items. Building trust is essential in affiliate marketing.

I hope that Best SEO Affiliate Programs – Guide was helpful.

Please Leave Questions and Comments Below and I will be glad to answer them.

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  3. You put a lot of information in this article which makes this great for an unknowledgeable person to make an informed decision. I noticed somewhat of a trend on the choice of the best in 2022. The trend is getting someone else to sign up and purchase a program product. They do have some higher payouts individually than what we do with niche-based affiliate marketing. My question here would be how are those programs better than the Wealthy Affiliates program, or what makes them so different that wealthy Affiliates would not be included in this type of Affiliate program review?

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