Best SEO Affiliate Programs Now – 15 Ways

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Updated on the 14 November 2022

Top SEO Affiliate Programs



I bring you The Best SEO Affiliate Programs Now – Guide.

1. First, what is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programmes entice clients online. 

Affiliates receive a referral link to share with potential customers. 

You get a commision when someone buys through your link.

Promoting others’ products is Affiliate Marketing.

The Affiliate recommends a product they enjoy and earns commissions.


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2. Seeking an SEO Affiliate Programme?

SEO ImageThis article covers many SEO tools and techniques.

We’ll discuss niches and affiliate marketing SEO.

This article has fantastic 2022 SEO Affiliate Programs for passive revenue.

SEO underpins all digital marketing (Search Engine Optimisation).

70% of Affiliates think SEO generates more organic traffic and income than PPC.

High-quality SEO platforms…

High-quality SEO platforms drive hundreds or thousands of SEO Affiliate Programs.

They promote businesses on SERPs.

SEO affiliate marketers promote their programmes to potential customers.

Earn commissions on SEO customers.

This affiliate area has several SEO experts.

Everyone wants an affiliate platform/website.

SEO affiliate marketing is a highly effective way to monetise your website.

All internet retailers want affiliate programs/networks.

They want bloggers and webinars to grow and sell their businesses.

SEO Affiliate Programs help marketers earn more.

Referrals pay affiliates.

The best SEO affiliate networks/programs for quick money.

3. How Do SEO Affiliate Programs Work?

Hand-Holdig-Affiliate-Programs-LabelAffiliate SEO links your website.

You’ll get paid if a customer buys from the company’s website using your link.

Bloggers may host promotions, events, and campaigns to boost sales.

You’ll get paid regardless of how well your partner’s website performs or how you refer new clients.

4. SEO Affiliate Programs Make Money?

Experts say the most fantastic SEO Affiliate Marketing Networks/programs can make you money online.

5. How can I make money online and boost sales and traffic?

This section shows how to use affiliate networks and SEO to get quality visitors.

These great methods can enhance your website’s readership and business.

1. Website:

First, construct a website with Wealthy Affiliate or elsewhere. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers free domain names and WordPress websites.

That’s it—five to six posts. Create a keyword-rich webpage.

2. Tags:

You need Google-searched keywords.

Wealthy Affiliate has Jaaxy Keyword and Google Keyword Planner.

Do niche-relevant keyword research.

3. Conversions:

If clients don’t click your link, you won’t make money.

Test standard keyword advertising for conversion.

SEO offers over 700 keywords to rank pages.

Internal links are preferable.

The page should include social interaction keywords.

4. Social signalling:

Social networking is crucial to success.

Deals are good without social media.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can connect viewers.

Nowadays, social media can drive customers to your website.

Residual SEO Affiliate Networks:

SEO LogoSuccessful SEO strategies include affiliate networks.

They boost backlinks and SEO.

There are so many SEO Affiliate Networks that choosing one can be difficult.

This post will examine some of the most popular SEO affiliate networks and their affiliate programmes.

SEO Affiliate Programs:
  • SEMRush Affiliate Program
  • Nitropack affiliates.
  • LinkoDy Affiliate Program
  • SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program
  • NinjaOutReach Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program
  • affiliate programme
  • Serpstat Affiliates
  • RankMath Affiliate Program
  • MoneyRobot Affiliate Program
  • Surfer SEO Affiliates
  • Mangools KWFinder Affiliate Program
  • GeneratePress Affiliates
  • Accuranker Affiliate Program
  • Cloudways Affiliates

1. SEMRush Affiliate Program

SEMrush is the most extensive digital marketing brand.

It has 310 million adverts and 20 billion keywords.

17 billion daily URL crawls provide information.

The database has 40 SEO tools for backlink research and Google Ads development.

With so many options, Apple, Nike, and Tesla use SEMrush.

This plan costs $119.95 monthly.

Affiliates get $200 for each subscription purchase, $10 per lead, and $0.01 per sign-up.

Commissions are paid 27 days later. 120-day cookie. $200.

2. Nitropack:

Page Speed PicturePage speed matters most for SEO.

Slow websites aren’t indexed by Google, and users leave.

Website owners spend effort and money to speed up.

NitroPack helps.

PageSpeed tools speed up 72,000 websites.

Customers/users will increase average speed by 69% and index speed by 383%.

After a customer clicks and buys, it pays a beautiful 20% commision for 18 months.

Buyers receive a 5% discount on $88.

A 30-day cookie life commision is roughly 20%.

3. LinkoDy:

Amsterdam’s 2011-founded firm.

It’s a top SEO affiliate platform.

Monitoring, locating, and analysing links helps consumers make substantial commissions.

This powerful SEO affiliate programme lets you track your website’s performance.

LinkoDy rewards affiliates with 30% monthly nett commissions.

30-day Oberlo cookies.

The programme only allows PayPal and wire transfers.

LinkoDy Affiliate Program payments start at $100.

4. SEO PowerSuite:

Amazon BagsSEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one SEO platform with over 2 million customers.

IBM, Nestle, and Amazon.

Backlink analysis, rank trackers, website auditors, and more.

This SEO outrace tool is powerful.

Two-minute setups automate most takes.

SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program?

Sales average $197, and commissions can reach $230.

SEO PowerSuite pays $230 for each sale.

5. NinjaOutReach:

NinjaOutreach helps promoters locate influencers and partners.

You can easily create and manage many influencer marketing programmes.

Ninja Outreach is a top SEO affiliate network.

For life, you can get a 20% commision with a 6-month cookie.

SEO affiliate networks exclude PPC ads due to competition.

NinjaOutreach analyses millions of social influencers and company portfolios.

Affiliates love NinjaOutreach. 20% lifetime commision.

Marketers get paid monthly after sales.

60 days authorise affiliate sales. Requires $100 withdrawal.

6. Authority Hacker Affiliate:

Authority HackerAuthority Hacker provides important information but isn’t an SEO tool.

It boosts search engine traffic.

Over 6,000 people build authoritative pages.

Affiliates with an EPC of 10 have sold premium courses for $990 each.

Their marketing solutions help you increase sales.

Read Authority Hacker’s affiliate criteria before applying.

Authority Hacker’s 60-day cookie-life affiliate programme pays $990 per purchase.

7. Affiliate Program

Hunter finds professional emails in seconds.

After 25 free emails, there is a 34-279 monthly subscription.

Hunter Affiliate Platform pays 30%.

Payments last 12 months, unlike specific programs/networks.

Adobe, Google, and Microsoft advertise in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and The Guardian.

Hunters sell better with “freemium.”

12-month commissions are possible at 30%. 45 days.

8. Serpstat Affiliate:

serpstat-logoSerpstat helps SEO (search engine optimisation).

This tool is versatile, from SERP analysis to keyword research and link development.

Serpstat affiliate programmes appeal beyond their features.

G2’s top-rated tool has over 400 reviews.

Appsumo’s best-selling product is Serpstat’s affiliate network.

You get paid by Serpstat for referring new customers.

The first five instalments are 5%, then 10%, 20%, and 30%.

The Serpstat Affiliate Program pays a 30% lifetime commision with a 30-day cookie.

9. Affiliate Program:

Rank Math is WordPress SEO’s Swiss Army Knife.

User-controlled SEO boosts website search traffic.

Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush have rated Rank Math 4.9/5 in over 3K reviews.

Starting at $59 a year, it’s cheaper than some of the other tools.

The 60-day cookie window Rank Math Affiliate Network gives 30% commissions.

Affiliate apps don’t require a website.

Join if you like sponsored search, email marketing, or guest blogging.

The rank math affiliate network pays 30% and has a 60-day cookie.

10. MoneyRobot Affiliate Program:

Robot with Money in its handMoney Robot sends content to hundreds of websites and receives backlinks.

This link-building tool may benefit SEO, small business owners, and website administrators.

So, selling this gadget is not challenging. 

Money Robot’s website says software licences cost $100.

If a fan or visitor becomes a monthly member, you get $20.

Use Money Robot to distribute your material to thousands of sites to earn critical backlinks.

Money Robot Affiliate Program offers a $100 commision, lifetime licence, and $25 registration incentive.

We educate tools to use.

11. Surfer SEO Affiliate:

surfer-seo-logoSurfer SEO is the best instrument for content marketing-driven organic traffic.

It creates Google-friendly content. It works and is pretty simple.

Over 4,500 SEO and digital marketers are Surfer SEO Affiliate Program members.

Surfers’ monthly expenses range from $29 to $649.

So, here’s something for little, large, and everyone in between.

It broadens your affiliate sales audience.

Surfer SEO affiliates receive 25% monthly commissions.

Surfer SEO’s 60-day cookie provides 25% recurring commissions.

12. Mangools KWFinder Affiliate Program:

Mangools is like SEMrush for SEO.

KWFinder is the most used function.

Users can find simpler long-tail keywords easily.

Mangools has the brand power of a big SEO business at $29.90 per month.

Affiliates also get a 10-day trial.

You will still get paid if someone uses your affiliate link for a trial and upgrades.

Mangools affiliates earn $487 per month.

Since it pays consistently, it’s excellent for supplementing income between employment.

Affiliate cookies last 30 days.

13. GeneratePress:

generatepress-logoTop WordPress plugin GeneratePress.

WordPress makes unique websites easy.

3.5 million downloads and over 80,000 5-star ratings.

Affiliates love 30% commision.

Promote GeneratePress without joining.

The platform’s Affiliate section has a simple form to sign up.

GeneratePress offers firmness, quickness, and availability.

The platform accelerates workflow.

Block-based theme design and a starter website are supplied.

GeneratePress offers free affiliate network membership.

14. Accuranker:

AccuRanker boasts the fastest keyword rank checker.

25,000+ SEO firms, consultants, and brands, including Havas, iProspect, and WPP.

Accurancker values customers.

It offers free one-on-one best practice courses and a comprehensive self-help guide.

Like most of these affiliate networks, AccuRanker pays recurring commissions.

AccuRanker pays 20% of monthly rewards to affiliates.

We provide a 14-day free trial and a broad 120-day cookie window.

The Accuranker Affiliate Program gives a 20% lifetime commision and 120-day cookie.

15. Cloudways:

cloudways-logoAffiliates should use hosting web forums. 

The Cloudways affiliate network is notable beyond SEO.

Cloudways manages over 250,000 sites with 94.7 per cent customer satisfaction.

Google Cloud Engine and Amazon Web Services are cloud hosting options. Finally.

Cloudways affiliates have two commision possibilities.

Monthly sales of 46–80 earn $125.

$30 per sale + 7% upfront for a monthly membership.

The client uses Cloudways. 90-day cookies earn affiliates $125 for each sale.


Exactly how can search engine optimisation benefit affiliate marketing?

SEO optimises web material for search engines’ organic results. 

Affiliate marketing SEO optimises affiliate pages so they’re seen when users search for connected items.

Are affiliate links helpful for search engine optimisation?

Overall. Affiliate links aren’t considered endorsements by Google, therefore they won’t help your SEO. 

You gain exposure from them (offline awareness and potentially direct traffic).

Exactly how can I merge my affiliate marketing and search engine optimisation efforts?

Target long-tail keywords for SEO and affiliate marketing. 

Create material around keywords to encourage search engine visitors. 

In your post, insert affiliate links to earn commissions.


I picked the most fantastic SEO affiliate scheme from hundreds.

This post used visitors to boost sales and the top SEO affiliate networks.

Select the most suitable SEO software.

SEO affiliate networks are highly profitable since SEO products are in demand.

A good affiliate network has high rates, longevity, and great support.

My favourite SEO affiliate networks offer fair monthly commissions.

Blogging, WordPress, affiliate marketing, or SEO can create cash.

More bloggers and website owners are promoting these projects.

Before launching your SEO products, test them.

You’ll understand the product’s pros and cons.

Promote only valuable products. Affiliate marketing requires trust.


Get a Free Domain Name, WordPress and Support.

Basic Training Included.

Chance of earning a Commission.

No Credit Card is Needed.

Instant Access >> Click Here

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  1. Hi Elke

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    1. Thank You for your comment, Dan,

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  3. You put a lot of information in this article which makes this great for an unknowledgeable person to make an informed decision. I noticed somewhat of a trend on the choice of the best in 2022. The trend is getting someone else to sign up and purchase a program product. They do have some higher payouts individually than what we do with niche-based affiliate marketing. My question here would be how are those programs better than the Wealthy Affiliates program, or what makes them so different that wealthy Affiliates would not be included in this type of Affiliate program review?

    1. Thank You For Your Comment, Alex,

      You are right I should have included Wealthy Affiliate in this article and may go ahead and rewrite the article to include Wealthy Affiliates as well. I have used those Affiliate Websites because they are very lucrative and I have already written many Wealthy Affiliate Reviews in the past and don’t want to double up.

      But by saying that I will go ahead and include Wealthy Affiliates Now.

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