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How to Find Jaaxy the Best Keyword Research Tool Now 11 Points

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Updated on the 14 January 2023

I want to have a closer look at:

How to Find Jaaxy, the Best Keyword Research Tool.

Let’s get right into it now.

Review Jaaxy 

Jaaxy finds low-competition keywords quickly. 

1. It can help rank for keywords. 

2. Includes affiliate programme and domain search. 

Below is a breakdown of the software’s keyword research capabilities. 

Hit or Miss: Jaaxy Keyword Research 

Jaaxy keyword research works well. 

Plug a seed term into their keyword research tab to get similar keywords. 

You get friendly keywords right away. 

It suggests low-competition keywords after a manual SERP review.

Resource: How to write a Perfect Article for Your Affiliate Website Now

Keywords Jaaxy 

Jaaxy-Keyword-Tool-ImageJaaxy keyword research helps you locate low-competition keywords. 

Many Jaaxy recommendations are low-traffic after some time.

Jaaxy is an excellent keyword tool for beginners. 

Ahrefs and SEMRush are faster at detecting competitive keywords.

(Read our Ahrefs vs SEMRush comparison if you’re unsure which tool to use.) 

Monthly search estimates are also significant. 

Jaaxy estimates keyword volume and lowest position traffic.

Free trial without signup. 

How hard it is to use Google’s Keyword Planner. 

Then you must rank for those keywords. 

You need Jaaxy to defeat the competition. 

Try some keyword suggestions and move on. 

Jaaxy’s services include affiliate programmes and domain names. 

Bloggers and specialised site developers will like them. 

Examining Jaaxy’s features, usability, and value. 

Resource:  Jaaxy Keyword tool Try it Now

Jaaxy offers low-commission 

Jaaxy swiftly finds low-competition keywords. 

This tool should help with two searches. 

1. Keywords 

SEO keywordsJaaxy’s keyword search is easy to use. 

Find low-competition keywords 

I googled “best garden shears.” 

2. Keywords.com 

This tool provides keywords and data to help you use them. 

Wealthy Affiliates members get Jaaxy for free. 

Wealthy Affiliate gives you 30 free searches. 

Also, I list here the Pros and Cons: 


• Shows how competitive it is to rank 

• Includes domain name search and affiliate systems for speciality research. 


• The free version only permits 30 searches. Therefore you must pay for more (plenty of clicks). 

3. To top Google, you must know: 

  • Monthly search volume (gives you an idea of competition) 
  • Jaaxy checks for keyword-containing domain availability.

Resource: How to Improve Your Google Rankings Fast Now – Guide

What’s your reaction? 

google-keyword-plannerGoogle lowered keyword traffic (e.g. images, carousels, knowledge graph etc.)

Then it calculates keyword ranking likelihood.

I discovered a great one: 

They list keywords and “similar” keywords. 

Easy to use, lots of keywords, and straightforward competition! 

Alpha-Soup (Like Google Suggest) 

Ubersuggest, Keyword Shitter, etc., have “suggest” capabilities.

“Alphabet Soup” is Jaaxy’s “Suggest” feature. 

4. The Alphabet Soup Approach: How Does It Function?

It goes something like this…

Google a word, phrase, and letter.

Gather all of the autocomplete responses.

Repeat until you get a spreadsheet with Google’s predictive keywords.

From experience, I can tell you that it works.

Google likes material that focuses on results.

It’s a free and easy way to brainstorm keyword ideas.

It makes sense because the tool searches alphabetically. 

A Google search for “garden shears” illustrates. 

The first part shows “a” terms. 

This method finds new keywords. 

Then you can receive the search volume.

Create keyword lists by clicking “Add.” 

Below, we’ll discuss lists. 

5. Top 10 Search Engines 

search-enginesFinding keywords requires checking competition. 

Jaaxy provides needed info (colour codes and SEO value). 

See what the top 10 (or 20) have planned.

Look at their content, keywords, and domain authority. 

Jaaxy’s Search Analysis includes this. 

Type a keyword to see the top 10 results. 

6. Jaaxy Pricing

Jaaxy’s service is… wrong. 

KWFinder and Ubersuggest are cheaper. 

  • Pricing Jaaxy 
  • Although, Ahrefs costs $99 a month. 

It includes more functionality than KWFinder or Ubersuggest (theoretically). 

It’s not worth the money when tested. 

I wouldn’t suggest it even if it was free. 

Free trial? Yes. 

You have 30 searches in total. 

You couldn’t utilise the gadget with the free plan. 

It Starts with 30 searches only.

You can get around this problem by joining Wealthy Affiliate. 

If you join the paid membership with WA, it is included. 

You will get Jaaxy light with your WA membership.

How much does the paid Wealthy Affiliate Membership cost? 

wealthy-affiliate-bannerWealthy Affiliate costs $0/month ($19/month for the first month) or $359/year.

Annual plans are the cheapest.

Free Plan: BASIC training.

The Free Plan costs you 0.00 Dollars. 

No credit card is needed.

Report Jaaxy 

Optimise title, URL, Meta Description, links, and text.

It’s a good start. 

Moz, Majestic, and Ahrefs rate Domain and Page Authority highly.

It’s not KWFinder (my favourite keyword tool).

Check Your Keywords 

Jaaxy offers this added tool. 

Enter a term and website to view its Google rank. 

It’s an excellent tool for comparing keyword rankings.

Keywords increase ranks. 

7. Jaaxy’s Tools 

Jaaxy offers more useful features. 

  • Dictionary 
  • Mention only. 
  • Keep track of keywords when searching. 
  • Jaaxy agrees. 

The top menu organises both keyword lists.

This tool gives page or post keyword ideas.

Keywords for Jaaxy 

Yes, export keywords. 

Other tools are similar. 

8. Affiliates 

Blogging-Bloggers-ImageBloggers and website builders should find niche-specific affiliate programmes… 

Affiliate Programs can assist with Jaaxy. 

It allows keyword affiliate programme searches. 


  • ClickBank 
  • Linkshare 
  • Amazon 
  • CJ 
  • Digistore24
  • Wealthy Affiliate

They offer essential info and affiliate links.

Jaaxy Affiliate 


To locate the right keyword tool, test several.

Look at: 

9. Semrush. 

Semrush is unlike the other tools I’ll show you.


Scrape many sources for keyword suggestions.

  • KeywordTool.io
  • SECockpit
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • Google Search Console
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • Jaaxy is all useful tools

You can easily find the right keywords with Jaaxy’s tools. 

The best? Unsure. 

Verifying Google’s top 10 separately is one drawback.

Be honest, and you’ll succeed.

10. Is It Time to Invest in Jaaxy?

We advise against that right now. 

Jaaxy isn’t as good as its competitors. 

Many endorse it online. 

It may be their affiliate programme: 

Commissions Jaaxy 

Not from us. 

Someone left the platform unupdated years ago.

Jaaxy is a flawed keyword tool that occasionally helps. 

If you’re free, try the free version. 

Upgrade if you observe results. 

11. Cheaper and better solutions exist. See below

Resource: Ahrefs Review

Resource: Ahrefs Alternatives

Resource: Kwfinder Review

Check out Wealthy Affiliate for Free – Includes Jaaxy For Free

No Credit Card is Needed.

Free Domain Name, WordPress and Support

It costs you 0.00, so why not Try it Now? Click Here


How much does it cost to use Jaaxy?

Wealthy Affiliate’s premium members may purchase Jaaxy Pro ($19/month) and Enterprise ($49/month) for 50% off. Jaaxy Enterprise is included at no additional cost for Premium Plus, members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Jaaxy good?

User-friendly. Jaaxy’s simplicity is another plus. Switching tools is easy. It’s easy to insert a term into the Keywords tool from site rankings, SERPs, or alphabet soup.


Here are free and paid keyword research tools in this article. 

Your turn: 

Have I missed any good tools? 

You may have questions regarding the tools I examined. 

How’s the free version? (Jaaxy)

Free (or Starter) Jaaxy offers unlimited time but limited searches.

Thirty keywords, 20 sites, a website analyser, and two keyword lists.

Please leave comments and questions below.Elke Robins